GH Short Recap Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Chase tells Brook Lynn that he wishes that his father hadn’t asked to be cremated because once they scatter his ashes tomorrow he will really be gone forever, and he won’t have anywhere he can go to talk to him when he misses him. Brook Lynn helps Chase realize that the best way to honor his father is to live his life and be happy.

Finn tells Elizabeth that he has no desire to drink ever again and what happened only happened once because of the shock of finding his father dead. Finn explains to Elizabeth that his addiction is to pills not alcohol, so he is sure he won’t drink again.

John almost arrests Sonny for shooting Jason but Diane persuades him he needs real evidence not just circumstantial evidence.

Anna hears Valentine pick up the phone and she knows that Valentin hired the hit man to kill Jason and set up Sonny to take the blame for shooting Jason. Anna tells Jason that she thinks Valentin is running Pikeman while Brennan has been in Pentonville. Jason wants to tell John about Valentin but Anna insist she needs solid proof to make sure that Brennan and Valentin won’t be able to get out of jail. Anna tells Jason that she needs to be the one to take down Valentin and she needs his help to do it.

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