GH Short Recap Friday, May 31, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Portia pledge to fight to stop Laura from having Heather’s case reopened because they are worried she will be releases because of her metabolism.

Chase talks to Elizabeth about the grief he and Finn are going through over Gregory’s death. Chase tells Elizabeth Finn has been going to meetings and is determined to stay sober. Chase also invites Elizabeth to the memorial service they will have for Gregory at the park.

Portia refuses to let John take Brennan back to Pentonville because his surgeon hasn’t cleared him to leave the hospital.

John questions Brennan. After questioning him, John thinks Anna is the head of Pikeman while Brennan is in prison.

Molly asks Carly to tell her what Jason told her about what happened with Sonny and Dex at Brook Lynn’s and Chase’s wedding.

Molly decides not to tell TJ what happened with Kristina or talk to Kristina about it.

Sonny offers to buy Jason’s half of Corinthos Coffee but Jason refuses the deal because he wants to strengthen Sonny’s legitimate business so he can be protected against Rico charges. Jason warns Sonny that he is in trouble and he should accept his help. Sonny tells Jason he wants him out of his life. Sonny tells Jason that since he refused the deal, he should prepare for the consequences. Jason later senses someone is in his room and shots are fired by Jason to defend himself agonist someone who isn’t seen on camera.

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