Days Short Recap Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa saw Stefan at the Bistro. She happily let him know that she was moving into the Kiriakis mansion with Alex. There’s a shot of Alex and in bed with Kristen. Alex got a call and he assumed it was from Maggie wondering where he was. Kristen informed him that EJ is waiting to find a chink in the Titan armor. Alex wasn’t worried. His phone went off again and he realized he was late for an appointment. He got out of bed. Harris let Ava know that the ISA cracked the code in Clyde’s book. The ISA was tracking the dealers they uncovered. There were local dealers involved. Harris was confident they would find Clyde. Ava wanted to go with him, but Harris refused to let her go.

EJ was with Jude and he introduced him to Alex and Kristen. Alex rushed off. EJ told Kristen about Sloan kidnapping Jude. She didn’t believe Sloan kidnapped Jude alone. EJ just told her what he knew about it. He wanted to use his resources to track her down. Kristen reminded him that his sources didn’t find Clyde. She wondered if he was losing his magic touch. He didn’t want to hear that from her. Ava told Lucas that Harris wanted them to stake out the post office to watch Goldman. They wore disguises while they waited for Goldman. Ava wore a big hat and glasses while Lucas dressed as a monk. He didn’t think he blended in. Ava thought people would talk to a monk before they talk to a cowboy. She wanted him to look out for Goldman while she went around the post office. Lucas bumped into Goldman. Harris saw a man named Snake and showed his badge. Snake ran off. Ava came out of the post office and saw Lucas with Goldman. He sprayed Goldman with bear spray. They took Goldman away.

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