Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Claire starts her first day as Harrison’s nanny and a nervous Summer goes to Crimson Lights with Kyle to have coffee before going to work.

Diane argues with Jack about him agreeing to be Nikki’s sponsor and Diane tells Jack she will leave him if he becomes Nikki’s sponsor again. Jack tells Diane he will tell Nikki she has to find another sponsor so Diane won’t leave him but it is clear that Jack doesn’t want to stop helping Nikki.

Tucker arrives in Paris to tell Audra to stay away from Glissade because she won ‘t be able to take the company. Tucker pleads with Audra to give him one more chance, but she says that she is done with him and asks him to leave her room.

Ashley struggles to not let her alters take control. Ashley remembers that she called Alan after her argument with Tucker. Ashley tells Alan that she doesn’t remember the date that she called him but he told her that he would come pick her up so they could talk about what happened with Tucker. Tracy remembers that call must have taken place the first week in September. Alan tells Ashley that he couldn’t have spoken to her because he was in Florence, Italy the first week in September.

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