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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told Rafe and Jada that Everett had two personalities in his head. Chanel told Johnny that she was feeling excited about the baby. She was ready to tell everyone that they were having a baby. Nicole got a text from Holly apologizing to her for what she said. After she responded to the text, EJ showed up. When he was seemingly upset, she wanted to know why. Sloan told Eric that Jude wasn’t their son. Eric wanted to know what she was talking about. She told him the baby was Nicole and EJ’s. Sloan said the baby wasn’t dead. Eric said it was impossible, but she said it was true. When he wanted to know why she lied, she said she didn’t want to lose him. Chanel asked if Johnny wanted to tell people about the baby. Johnny said he wanted to tell people. Chanel thought he wanted to wait until they found out if the baby was healthy. He said he wanted to wait, but she convinced him that they should tell people. Johnny said he was concerned about telling people because of what happened with EJ and Nicole’s baby. Chanel said the news of their baby might help them heal. Nicole wanted to know why EJ was so upset. EJ said he hoped Paulina would change her mind about firing him. Nicole thought Paulina should change her mind. EJ said Paulina would regret crossing a DiMera. Eric asked Sloan if she took another woman’s child because she was afraid of losing him. Sloan said she was grieving over the miscarriage and the idea of being infertile. She said she thought he would leave her. Sloan said she wanted a family after losing hers. While she was talking, she told him about the snag that happened when they tried to adopt a baby. She told him the other parents didn’t want a horrible person like her raising their child. Sloan told him Dimitri showed up with the baby. Eric said Dimitri was supposed to take the baby to the hospital. Sloan said he couldn’t take the baby because of the police. She said she decided to keep the baby when she saw it. It was their last chance at being parents and holding on to him. She said she decided to keep the baby and keep it as theirs.

Marlena told Rafe and Jada that she thought Everett had DID. She said it was rare and misdiagnosed. It happened because of early childhood trauma. She thought Everett lashed out at Eric because of something that happened in his childhood. Jada said his behavior explained a lot. She called Stephanie to ask if she saw Everett. Stephanie said she didn’t see him. Jada said there was information that came to light and wanted her to come down to the police station to explain. Johnny and Chanel showed up at the mansion to talk to EJ and Nicole. While they were talking, they told EJ and Nicole that Chanel was pregnant. Eric wanted Sloan to tell him it wasn’t true. He asked about the test results that proved EJ wasn’t the father. Sloan said the results were tampered with. Eric asked if she did it. Sloan said she was heartbroken and wished she didn’t have to tell him now. Eric asked why she was telling him now. She flashed back to EJ threatening her. Sloan lied and said he was getting closer to the truth. She said Leo knew the truth. Eric realized Leo was going to tell the truth when he and Nicole found him. He ripped into her for accusing Nicole of kidnapping her child. Sloan said she did what she did because she loved him. Eric told her not to tell him she loved him. He said anyone who loved him wouldn’t have done what she did. While Marlena, Jada, and Rafe were talking about Everett, Stephanie showed up. Nicole was excited about Chanel’s pregnancy. She wondered if what happened to her was why they didn’t tell her sooner. Sloan told Eric that she did what she did because she loved him. Eric told her he was taking the baby back to Nicole and EJ. Jada talked to Stephanie about Everett’s DID. Stephanie wanted to know how they were going to help him. Marlena said he had to realize he needed help. Stephanie said she discharged him. Marlena said he discharged himself. Stephanie realized he lied to her. Marlena said he needed help, but he was resistant. EJ wanted to talk to Johnny privately. He confronted Johnny about the baby. Johnny said Chanel wanted to be optimistic about the baby no matter what. EJ asked if he believed that too. Johnny said he did. He said he was trying to be optimistic. EJ said Johnny was having misgivings about the baby. Johnny said it wasn’t his choice to say anything. EJ said it was his baby too. Johnny said Chanel was his wife. When Sloan wanted to say goodbye to Jude, Eric told her she didn’t have the right to do it. He didn’t want her to say another word. After he told the baby goodbye, he warned her not to leave because she was going to pay for what she did. Stephanie said she wanted to help Everett. Marlena said it would take therapy for him to get help. Stephanie asked if she wanted her to talk Everett into getting therapy. Marlena said it was the only thing that would help. Stephanie agreed to do it. Eric went to see EJ and Nicole to tell them Jude was their son.

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