GH Short Recap Friday, May 24, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Cody tells Tracy that Gregory died in his sleep and she tells Cody that he is a lot like Gregory. Tracy talks to Stella and shares her grief about Gregory and she tells Stella that Gregory changed her for the better and that is why she doesn’t want to let him down because he was a good man.

Tracy tells Stella that she wants to take care of Gregory’s medical bills without the family knowing she took care of the bills for them.

Elizabeth tells Portia that Finn had a momentary slip and has been drinking ever since he found Gregory’s dead body. Elizabeth asks Portia to keep it a secret because she is sure he will get back on track again. Portia promises to keep Elizabeth’s secret about Finn’s drinking.

Chase and Finn share memories of Gregory and share how much they will miss him. Finn tells Chase to get rid of the vodka bottle and later Finn decides to go to a meeting.

Fergus Byrne tells the court that Alexis is responsible for the death of both his brothers and she shouldn’t practice law because she likes to manipulate the law when it suits her. Alexis tells the court that she was disbarred because of a vendetta and she deserves to practice law again. The court tells Alexis they will notify her of their decision in thirty days.

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