Days Short Recap Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and John talked about Maggie giving Victor’s money to his family. They thought Konstantin wasn’t going to like her giving the money away. Steve and Kayla met with Jada at the pub. They talked about her living with Rafe. Kayla talked to Jada about her divorce. Jada was thankful Bobby signed the papers. She hoped he didn’t break Stephanie’s heart like he did hers. Kayla informed her that Steve would go after Bobby if he did something to Stephanie. Steve assured Jada that he would go after Bobby if he hurt her too. She appreciated it. Kayla wanted to see her more. Jada wanted that, but she was getting pulled in different directions. Alex let Konstantin know that he planned to move back to the Kiriakis mansion. He didn’t know if Konstantin was going to be in the section he was staying in. Konstantin backed down when he was talking to Alex. Maggie met with Marlena and John. Marlena discussed Maggie distributing Victor’s money to his family. Maggie said she planned to give Victor’s money to his family before she found out the truth. John told her they needed to get Konstantin to commit a crime. Maggie said she had a plan for Konstantin. She was going to let Alex help them. Maggie felt like it would get rid of Konstantin completely. She explained her plan to Marlena and John. Maggie planned to make it look like Konstantin was embezzling money from the company account. Marlena realized Maggie wanted to expose Konstantin for the thief he is. Konstantin wanted to know what Theresa was doing with Alex. She said she got back into his bed and believed she could get in the mansion.

Jada told Steve and Kayla how they found the Gil’s book. He offered to help decode the book. Jada told him that Harris was on top of it. She told them they were investigating Li Chen’s murder. Kayla thought Gabi did it. Jada implied that Clyde was responsible for his murder. John was impressed with Maggie’s plan. Steve wanted Jada to keep him and Kayla in the loop about Clyde. He was upset that he killed Abby and almost killed Tripp and Wendy. Steve wanted him to be stopped once and for all. Maggie met with Konstantin to ask him a favor. She wanted to start a trust in Victor’s honor. Maggie wanted to put him in charge of the foundation. Konstantin said he’d be honored to do it. Marlena told John he wasn’t the person who worked for Konstantin. She let him know that he’s kind and strong.

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