Y&R Short Recap Friday, May 17, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Cole suspects that Victor is keeping something from everyone about Jordan’s death.

Cole decides to give Claire riding lessons. Claire tells Victor that she has never eaten Brussell sprouts because Jordan wretch because of the smell.

Victor has a good time watching Jordan beg to get out of the jail cell he has in the wine cellar. Victor gives Jordan Brussel sprouts for dinner.

Nick persuades Phyllis not to plant a virus in the Chancellor -Winters computer in retaliation for them firing Daniel.

Harrison has another nightmare about the witch trying to take him away. Harrison also tells Kyle and Summer the witch told him she put Claire in a dark scary place and if she didn’t obey her, she would take him to the dark scary place with Claire. Kyle and Summer, once again, argue about Claire being Harrison’s nanny. Summer doesn’t want Claire to be Harrison’s nanny but Kyle thinks Harrison and Claire need each other to heal from their trauma. Kyle asks Harrison how he would like Claire to be his nanny. Harrison raises his arms in the air and says yay.

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