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At Salem High, Tate finds Holly at her locker and tells her he’s been looking all over for her and thought maybe they could have lunch together. Holly says maybe another time as it’s been a really busy morning. Tate asks if everything is okay. Holly claims she’s just stressed over having a lot of homework to catch up on. Tate feels there’s something else going on. Holly then admits she’s really embarrassed that he saw the huge fight between her and Nicole earlier. Tate says he just hated to see her so upset and that there was nothing he could do about it. Tate asks if anything changed but Holly says no as Nicole thinks she’s going to do drugs and die if she’s out past curfew, so she is forbidding her from going to prom.

Theresa goes home and is shocked to find the place filled with boxes. Alex comes in, so Theresa asks what all this is. Alex responds that he did a little bit of shopping then admits maybe he overdid it but ask what’s the point of having money if not to enjoy it. Theresa agrees but thought he would be at work. Alex says the beauty of being his own boss is making his own hours. Alex tells Theresa about some of the things he bought and reveals he got them matching diamond watches.

Brady goes home which excites Marlena, who says he’s been missed. Marlena asks about his trip. Brady says it was a lot of work and hardly any downtime plus not a lot of sleep. Marlena suggests maybe now he can get some sleep. Brady wants to make the whole week a work-life balance and says most of his time will be spent on his kids and parents. Brady points out referring to her and John as his parents because Marlena has always been a mother to him. Brady calls her his mom in every sense of the word and says he doesn’t know what he’d do without her since she’s always been there for him. Brady tells Marlena that he loves her so much. Marlena says she loves him too. Brady then surprises her with a late Mother’s Day gift.

At the police station, Jada tells Rafe that she can’t believe Gil’s prints and Li’s blood were both on the black book. Rafe says this changes everything and confirms the lab ran the test twice. Rafe adds that it clearly connects Gil to Li’s murder. Jada asks how they prove it. Rafe admits it won’t be easy but he will do whatever it takes to get to the truth and clear his sister’s name once and for all.

Kristen goes to the Bistro and excitedly tells Stefan that she has some news as she found a lead in Li Shin’s murder and she might have enough evidence to pin the crime on the guilty party which is definitely not Gabi. Stefan asks what she is saying. Kristen announces that Gabi is soon to be released from prison which means Stefan will soon have his wife back as a free woman.

Tate tells Holly that he’s sorry and that it sucks she can’t go to prom. Holly can’t wait until she’s 18 so she can do whatever she wants. Tate relates to how he feels sometimes with his mom. Tate asks if Holly has told Aaron yet that she can’t be his date. Holly says she hasn’t but doubts he will care since he’s totally in to Sophia, who is totally in to Tate. Sophia then approaches them and asks what’s going on.

Alex tells Theresa to wait until she sees the new convertible Ferrari that he ordered and shows her a picture. Theresa comments that it must have cost as much as the two watches. Alex confirms it was a little more but says he’s dreamed of owning a Ferrari like this. Alex adds that not just anybody can buy something like this and that they won’t even let a first time buyer buy a new car. Alex reveals it cost $650,000. Theresa asks if he’s crazy. Alex says probably but he’s okay with that. Alex says if Victor was ever looking for a way to make up for all these years, he definitely found a way. Alex adds that he’s trying to get over the resentment of Victor not acknowledging him until after he was dead. Alex says he’s getting there and talks about how it felt when he first found out he was Victor’s son. Alex recalls being miserable and depressed knowing that Justin wasn’t really his father and his brothers not being his brothers. Alex admits he hasn’t totally gotten over the shock of knowing he was lied to for his whole life and that it still upsets him. Alex states that he’s resilient and a material guy, so buying all this stuff eases the pain a little bit. Alex declares that he forgives Victor.

Brady’s gift to Marlena is her favorite perfume. Marlena guesses that John directed Brady to where to get it in Chicago which Brady confirms. Marlena thanks him and says she was just running out, so it’s a perfect gift as they hug. Brady says he should be thanking her more often as he hasn’t always been grateful but he’s so grateful to her now for everything she’s done for him, his kids, and his dad. Brady says he gets to have Marlena as a mother and she makes his dad so happy, so that makes him blessed. Brady talks about how much Marlena means to people in town as he wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day. They hug as Marlena tells him that she loves him so much.

Rafe suggests he and Jada go to the evidence room to pull everything they have on both Gil and Li’s murder cases, since now that they know they are connected, maybe they will see something they didn’t see before. Jada agrees and they head to the evidence room.

Stefan asks Kristen what happened. Kristen explains that she invited Ava over to see if she could jog her memory to remember anything about Li’s murder. Kristen says that while they were there, Ava got a call from Harris who reported a bloody fingerprint on the black book. Stefan questions that having something to do with Li’s murder. Kristen reveals that after they analyzed it, they found Gil’s fingerprint and Li’s blood. Stefan can’t believe it. Kristen then tells him that they found Gil’s fingerprint in Li’s blood on the black book. Stefan declares that means that Gil is likely Li’s murderer, not Gabi.

Tate tells Sophia that he was just asking Holly to help him with Spanish. Holly says she’s no good at it but Sophia offers to tutor him which Tate goes along with. Sophia suggests they could meet after school today but Tate says he promised Roman that he would help at the Pub. Tate asks about Sophia’s nose. Sophia says it’s thankfully not broken and just a little sore. Tate apologizes again. Sophia understands it was an accident and says she’s so looking forward to prom since Tate is taking her.

Theresa asks if Alex is just going to spend all of his money and not open a trust fund for future heirs. Alex responds that he’s not even sure he’s going to have kids or he’s never considered himself the father type but more the private jet, yacht type. Theresa asks about carrying on Victor’s legacy and name. Alex doesn’t want to put that pressure on himself, pointing out that Philip is still out there along with other Kiriakis members. The doorbell rings with another delivery. Alex excitedly tells Theresa that this is his new drone. Theresa doesn’t think he can fit much more stuff here. Alex then reveals that none of it is staying as it’s coming with him when he moves in to the Kiriakis Mansion which leaves Theresa speechless.

Marlena asks Brady about his trip. Brady says it was mostly work business aside from his stop to buy her perfume. Marlena hopes he enjoys Chicago and doesn’t just stay in his hotel. Brady admits he got out once or twice but points out last time he was in Chicago, he was with Rachel on a school trip which he preferred. Marlena knows how much he loves Rachel. Brady calls it amazing how much Rachel can change in a week and talks about how smart she is. Marlena wishes he had more time with Rachel and shared custody. Brady admits it’s driving him a little crazy that Alex is getting to spend all this time with Rachel. Marlena doesn’t think Alex and Kristen are serious. Brady responds that he didn’t think so either, but he’s beginning to wonder unless it’s a pure act because they are really demonstrative with each other. Marlena jokes that’s a bad visual. Marlena asks what Theresa thinks about it. Brady responds that she doesn’t like it at all and he doesn’t either.

Stefan asks Kristen why Gil would want to kill Li since they didn’t even know each other and Li wasn’t part of the drug ring. Kristen goes over Gil showing up at the apartment not long after Li died, to attack Ava which is when Ava shot him to death. Kristen wonders if that wasn’t the first time that Gil wanted to get his hands on Ava and that Li just happened to show up. Stefan wonders the possibility of Gil looking for Ava but killing Li because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sophia reminds Tate that she will see him for Spanish tutoring as she heads off to her next class. Tate tells Holly that he feels terrible about telling Sophia that he would take her to prom. Tate says he’s not thrilled as he doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea by him pretending to be in to her. Holly says he’ll just have to be honest with her and she didn’t really give him a choice. Tate says unless they come clean about them, Sophia is going to be really hurt which they agreed is not the smartest move. Holly admits that she’s actually glad he’s going to the prom with Sophia which Tate questions. Holly says this isn’t fair that they are sneaking around just to have 5 minutes alone while he should be able to hang out with a girl with no restrictions. Tate doesn’t understand what she is saying. Holly suggests maybe Tate should give Sophia a chance. Tate calls that crazy and refuses, insisting he wants to be with Holly. Holly says she does too but it’s starting to feel like maybe it’s not meant to be.

Marlena questions Brady thinking Alex is a bad influence on Rachel. Brady thinks Alex is shallow and a womanizer that thinks he’s God’s gift. Marlena disagrees since she’s spent a little with him and she doesn’t find him shallow. Brady says in any case, he doesn’t want any guy hanging around his daughter that isn’t him and if Alex starts spending more time with Rachel than he’s allowed to, that’s going to make his head explode.

Stefan asks Kristen how they prove that Gil is Li’s killer since they aren’t living. Kristen suggests maybe reasonable doubt is all they need. Stefan jokes about her watching Law & Order. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Rafe tells Stefan that they need a list of everyone who worked at the Bistro when Gil did, starting with when Li was killed. Stefan tells Rafe that if it has to do with the blood on the book, he can have whatever he wants. Rafe questions how he knew about that. Stefan reminds him that he’s the one who found the book and turned it over to the police, so he says Harris filled him. Stefan adds that this is what they want, for Gabi to be free, so he and Rafe are finally on the same side. Stefan agrees to help in any way he can. Rafe wants to start with the personnel records. Stefan agrees to bring them to the office.

Theresa questions Alex moving out. Alex says as soon as the Hortons move back home since it’s a little bit crowded now there with Doug and Julie plus Chad and the kids. Alex adds that it’ll be bad enough to have to deal with Maggie and her new husband. Alex asks if Theresa is going to miss him and says if she’s worried about having to find another place to live, she can stay as long as she wants and he’ll continue to pay the rent. Theresa complains that he doesn’t get it. Alex asks what she is talking about. Theresa says her living alone in the apartment while he moves in to the mansion. Theresa complains that she doesn’t want to live here without him and asks if that surprises him. Alex says it sort of does as he thought she would enjoy having more room to herself. Alex points out that they don’t see each other that much as it is and she could have Tate over whenever she wants so he thought she would be happy about it. Theresa insists that it does not make her happy as she likes being with him and living with him. Theresa tells Alex that she wants to be together with him. Alex says now he’s genuinely confused. Theresa knows she was giving him mixed signals and made him think that she wanted to keep the relationship platonic. Alex asks if now that’s not what she really wants. Theresa confirms that it’s not ever what she wanted.

Marlena thinks Brady should have an honest conversation with Alex about his concerns. Brady informs her that he did and that Alex assured him that he does not want to be a father figure to Rachel. Brady says he wasn’t surprised and he believes him. Marlena feels that Brady sounds threatened by Alex spending time with Rachel interfering with his time with her. Brady agrees but decides to chill about the whole subject. Brady says that Marlena always told him not to borrow trouble. Brady adds that Rachel hasn’t said much about Alex which leads him to believe they haven’t been spending time together, but he shudders at the idea. Brady doesn’t like it but agrees to backburner the whole issue. Marlena thinks that’s a good idea. Brady asks Marlena what he missed while he was away. Marlena informs him that Tate got his tux for the prom which Brady looks forward to seeing. Brady says he’s very happy that Tate is moving on from Holly. Marlena guesses Tate is going to prom with someone named Sophia. Brady doesn’t know much about her but that Tate said she’s smart and fun. Marlena thinks Tate is having a hard time being away from Holly, but he’s glad that he’s trying to move on. Brady brings up Nicole and Holly having a big fight outside the Bistro over Nicole not letting Holly go to prom which Theresa told him about. Marlena is sorry to hear that but understands Nicole being reluctant to let her go after what happened on New Year’s Eve. Brady talks about the peer pressure at prom. Marlena points out it being an all night event. Brady recalls when he was asked to chaperone at the Last Blast Dance at Victor’s request and he left thinking he’d never have kids which they laugh about. Brady is glad he broke that promise because he loves his kids. Brady tells Marlena that he wants to set up a trust for Rachel and Tate, so he hoped Marlena would sign the documents as a witness which she agrees to. Marlena looks at the documents and notes that it guarantees they will be very well provided for. Brady reveals that Maggie was generous enough to share some of the wealth from Victor’s will to the relatives that were seemingly cut out of it. Marlena repeats that it will take very good care of Rachel and Tate’s future. Brady says he has everything he needs and now so will they, assuring his kids and future grandkids will be set for life.

Stefan tells Kristen that Rafe and Jada are still searching. Kristen hopes that they don’t find anything else to pin on him. Stefan assures they won’t because he runs a clean business now. Stefan hopes they will both get their clean starts soon. Rafe and Jada return with a box of files. Rafe says they’ve reviewed the files and most people don’t work there anymore but they will track them down as someone is bound to remember something. Stefan asks how long that will take. Rafe says he doesn’t know but the case is top priority since it could lead to freedom for his sister. Stefan repeats that’s what they want for Gabi to be free so he’s all in on whatever he can do.

Tate doesn’t get it and asks if Holly is saying she wants them to break up. Holly says it’s not that she wants to but maybe it’s for the best. Tate disagrees and calls that the last thing he wants. Holly tells him not to make this harder than it has to be. Tate doesn’t understand why she’s suddenly giving up on them because he doesn’t want to be with anyone else but her. Tate says he has feelings for her that he’s never had for anyone. Tate then kisses Holly.

Alex questions Theresa saying she never wanted to break up in the first place. Theresa assures she never wanted that. Theresa explains that she was really hurt when she thought he was going to propose and he didn’t, so she overreacted and tried to act like she didn’t want anything to do with him by rejecting him. Alex remembers her not answering his calls for days. Theresa admits she was really stupid and she regrets it. Alex questions why she rejected him and pushed him away instead of just talking it out. Theresa admits she was trying to play hard to get and really wanted him to just miss her, hoping that he would see the errors in his ways and beg her to come back to him, but that didn’t happen. Theresa states that she played a really risky game and it totally backfired in her face. Alex asks if she’s saying she pushed him away when she was trying to do the obvious. Theresa says exactly, but now she knows that was a really big mistake. Theresa promises not to play any more games and asks Alex if it’s not too late.

Marlena wonders when Maggie made the decision to share Victor’s fortune so generously. Brady thinks she decided as soon as the will went to probate and asks why she asked. Marlena says she’s just curious. Brady is curious how Konstantin is going to feel about Maggie distributing all this wealth. Marlena asks why he would say that. Brady asks if she doesn’t think Konstantin is just trying to position himself for a big pay day. Marlena admits that she does but she hopes Maggie is smarter than that. Brady notes that Maggie has always been smart and not easily manipulated but he doesn’t like Konstantin. Brady suggests maybe it’s just him but Marlena informs him that she doesn’t like Konstantin either.

Rafe tells Stefan that the nightmare isn’t over yet but they are closer than ever to freeing Gabi. Stefan asks what they do next. Jada says what they have so far is circumstantial and not conclusive but that’s okay. Jada adds that they just have to reopen Li’s murder case and cast doubt on the conviction. Rafe is optimistic that this will be enough.

Tate tells Holly to stop worrying about what’s best for him because this is what’s best for him, being with her. Holly feels the same and just hates how complicated it’s gotten because of her. Tate tells her not to talk like that as he doesn’t care if it’s complicated. Tate swears that as long as he has her, he can handle anything. Holly says she has to get to class so they will finish this later. Tate says to himself that maybe there is a way…

Theresa asks if Alex has anything to say as she’s pouring her heart out and he’s just standing there, staring at her. Theresa needs to know that he still wants her and that he misses being with her. Alex responds that he’s just thrown by what she said and he’s feeling confused. Theresa tells him to shut up and make love to her as she then kisses him and he begins to undress.

Brady tells Marlena that it looks like he’s going back to the office since Alex has decided to take another day off again. Marlena tells him to do what he needs to do and thanks him for the perfume and the talk. Brady thanks her as they hug. Brady wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day again as he then exits. Marlena then grabs her phone and calls John, saying she needs to talk to him about Maggie.

Stefan can’t wait to tell Gabi about this as it will really lift her spirits. Rafe thinks they should hold off until they know more since they still have to convince EJ to reopen the case. Stefan mentions EJ hating Gabi with a passion. Jada argues that EJ will have no choice but to follow the evidence and the law. Stefan hopes he sees it that way.

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