Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Victor and Diane are both angry at Jack. Victor is angry because he thinks Jack put Nikki in harm’s way. Victor tells Jack that if he puts Nikki in harm’s way again he will wish he had died in that hotel room.

Diane tells Jack she feels betrayed that he risked his life and their marriage for Nikki. Diane tells Jack she needs time apart from him to think about things. Diane is angry that Kyle takes Jack’s side in the situation with Nikki.

Claire wants Cole and Victoria to go back to work but they say they want to spend time with her.

Summer tells Phyllis that she doesn’t trust Claire and will never be Harrison’s nanny. Kyle and Harrison see Claire at the park and Kyle lets Harrison feed the ducks with Claire. Summer arrives at the park and sees Claire with Harrison.

Victor goes to Jordan’s cell. Jordan begs Victor to turn her into the police and put her in a regular jail. Jordan tells Victor she will do anything to get out of that cell. Victor tells Jordan that he has an idea of what she can do to get out of that cell.

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