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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo blamed Sloan for why Dimitri dumped him. She wanted to know how it was her fault. He told her that he recommended her and Dimitri ended up in the slammer where he met a new man. Ava wanted Roman to hire her at the pub. Roman allowed her to work there on a trial run. She had one week to impress him. Harris talked to Marlena about putting the past behind him. He was wondering why Marlena was asking him so many questions. She said she cared about him. He let her know that John asked him about his time at Bayview. Harris wondered if John was okay. Ava arrived so Marlena left. Harris wondered if Roman gave her the lease. She said he wouldn’t give her a lease without a job and hired her at the pub. They talked about sneaking into the Bistro. Stefan and Kristen talked about EJ. He told her that Nicole would get upset if she knew EJ could have prevented Holly from getting drugs. Stefan believed EJ would do anything to keep Nicole from leaving. Nicole wondered why Eric brought Jude to the office. She wanted to know if something was wrong. Harris and Ava searched the Bistro. Leo told Sloan that he was upset about Dimitri. He brought up what he did to Gwen. Leo felt like he was blinded by love He was ready to give up on love. Eric told Nicole about his fight with Sloan. Sloan felt like she wasn’t good enough for him. He wondered if that sounded familiar. Nicole said it did. He apologized for making her feel that way. Nicole was sure they would work things out. She realized they probably shouldn’t work together. Stefan wanted to get through to the board. Kristen wanted to do that too. He didn’t think Shin would allow him to be the CEO. Kristen thought EJ was an egomaniac and thought he should have it all. Stefan felt like that would be EJ’s downfall.

Kristen put Stefan on notice that she wouldn’t deal with Gabi running the company when she got out of prison. Stefan gave his word that he would tell Gabi to stand down. Kristen told him that the best way to free Gabi is to find out who killed Li. Stefan said that Li made a deathbed confession. Eric was surprised that Nicole didn’t want to work together. Nicole didn’t tell EJ because she knew he wouldn’t like it. Eric knew Sloan wouldn’t like it either. Leo cried over Dimitri. Sloan tried to make him feel better, but he didn’t want to hear it. She said that Eric was the one who cut him off. Nicole felt like working with Eric would cause friction and thought they shouldn’t do it. He said he needed the job. She needed it too. Leo said he didn’t want to hurt Eric and Jude. Sloan wanted to have an understanding. Stefan walked in on Harris and Ava at the Bistro. He planned to tell the police if they didn’t tell him why they were there. Harris reminded him that he’s the police. Ava said it wasn’t what he thought. Stefan said they were in his restaurant and Harris didn’t have a warrant. Ava told him the truth about the book. Harris said the book was how they could take him down. Stefan wanted to know how he could help. They found the book in a bottle. Leo considered going to EJ to tell him the truth about the baby. Sloan saw Nicole and Eric with Jude. Leo arrived at the DiMera mansion. He wanted to tell EJ the truth for a price. EJ wanted him to talk, but Leo said it would cost him.

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