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John and Marlena go to see Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie announces to them that she and Konstantin are engaged. Maggie assures the marriage is in name only but they are keeping up appearances for immigration sake. Maggie wants her friends and family to know the truth that Konstantin’s VISA is expiring, so she’s marrying him so that he can stay in the country. Maggie adds that she had a prenup drawn up and he had no problem signing it, so she wanted them to know that. Maggie feels that she owes Konstantin because he was so kind to her after she lost Victor. John asks if it’s also because of what he did to Konstantin’s daughter.

Holly sits in her room and texts Tate that she misses him and can’t wait to see him again. Tate texts back that he misses her more. Holly tries to tell herself to focus on her school work but gets frustrated.

In the town square, Jude wakes up crying as Eric and Nicole watch over him while Sloan watches them from around the corner. Nicole and Eric try to find ways to calm Jude down and they end up touching hands. Sloan then approaches, so Nicole says she was just leaving and quickly walks away. Sloan asks Eric what that was all about. Eric asks if they can get Jude home and says he’ll explain it on the way.

Leo goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and asks what the hell he wants. Leo responds that he wants to tell him a secret for a price. EJ tells him that he’s plastered while unreliable and untrustworthy. Leo admits that he’s intoxicated but he has something for him. EJ tells him to just spill it already but Leo says not so fast as it’s going to cost him but he’s going to want to pay because the dish he has for him is a doozy and will turn his world upside down. EJ demands he spit it out now. Leo repeats that it’s going to cost him. EJ responds that he’s not in to games and orders him to tell him what he came to tell him, warning that it better be good. Leo assures that it is.

Maggie tells John that she understands he was following Victor’s orders and she believes that Victor would want her to do this for Konstantin. Maggie says that Victor and Konstantin had issues in the past but eventually became friends. John says that Konstantin still held a grudge. Maggie points out that Konstantin forgave them and she thinks they need to move forward. Maggie thinks she can afford to be generous and protect the interests of the Kiriakis family. Marlena agrees to support whatever Maggie thinks is best. Konstantin then comes in and greets them. Maggie informs him that she just told John and Marlena about their upcoming wedding. Konstantin says he hopes they will both attend.

Eric and Sloan go home. Sloan questions Eric swearing that he had no idea that he and Nicole would both be working at the Spectator. Eric assures that’s the case and says he knows what it looked like but that Nicole was just trying to be friendly. Sloan mocks them having lust in their eyes. Eric argues that Sloan just walked out the door and he wasn’t sure when she was coming back or if they were going to talk.

EJ asks if Leo needs water to sober up as he steps outside with him. Leo admits he’s a little drunk but claims it’s the good kind of drunk. Leo says all he wants for his secret is some money. Leo informs EJ that it has to do with someone very close to him. EJ guesses Nicole which Leo calls an excellent guess. EJ knows Nicole is now a colleague of Leo’s at the Spectator, so he asks if something happened there. Leo starts talking about The Beatles. EJ decides Leo is wasting his time. Leo then brings up The Beatles song “Hey Jude” and talks about the name Jude. EJ tells Leo to get to the point. Leo asks what if he told him that he’s a father. EJ responds that he already knows he has two children. Leo claims he has three children which EJ questions. EJ realizes Leo brought up Hey Jude and argues that’s not possible.

Marlena assures that they will be at the wedding. Maggie notes that they haven’t set a date yet but they have to do it before Konstantin’s VISA expires. Konstantin says there are first some items of interest that must be taken care of.

Holly continues her homework until Nicole comes in and asks how it’s going. Holly complains about having so much to catch up on. Holly mentions having an energy drink and that her hand is shaking. Nicole asks when she last talked to her therapist. Holly talks about feeling anxious and hating feeling like this. Nicole hugs her and tells her that she’s so sorry.

Sloan questions Eric not thinking she was coming back and if he thought she would abandon Jude. Eric says he was just thinking that she was fed up with him. Sloan argues that she was just hurt as she felt accused of squandering money on Leo when she was just trying to be kind and help him out. Eric says he gets that and apologizes to Sloan. Sloan asks what he’s sorry for. Eric says for not being more trusting and more forgiving. Eric declares that he wants to be a better husband for her. Sloan suggests he start by believing her about Leo and what motives she had behind helping him out. Sloan cries that it’s really hurtful to have her husband think she’s a liar.

EJ accuses Leo of lying and calls him an obnoxious drunk trying to provoke him which Leo argues against. Leo reminds EJ of when Nicole kept insisting that Jude was her baby and everyone else thought she was crazy. EJ calls that a terribly painful time for them. Leo informs EJ that his son didn’t die. Leo says he tried to tell them and he came before Christmas, but he got beat down so now it’s going to cost him. EJ grabs Leo and calls him a lying dirtbag, threatening to give him more than a black eye. Leo insists that he has to believe him that his son is alive and swears that it’s the truth.

Marlena gets a call from a patient and has to go. Maggie says she has to go to a meeting with Theresa as well. John guesses they are all out then and congratulates them again. Konstantin invites John to stay for a drink, saying he would love the company so John accepts. John tells Marlena that he will see her at home. Marlena and Maggie then exit. Konstantin calls Maggie a real dear. John tells him that he’s a lucky man to have a woman like that in his corner as she really cares about him. Konstantin questions if she does since if you care about someone, you want to take care of them in all ways. John asks what he means. Konstantin explains that he’s talking about the prenup and says he has a plan. Konstantin thinks now is a good time to put that plan in to motion.

Leo swears on everything he holds dear that he had nothing to do with the baby switching. EJ questions Leo knowing this whole time that he and Nicole’s baby is alive and yet he said nothing and did nothing. Leo argues that he tried to tell him and that he blackmailed Sloan but the gravy train has run dry. EJ guesses now Leo has come here trying to extort him. Leo claims he’s not trying to extort him since he just told him. Leo then says now EJ has to pay him. EJ tells Leo that he can see that payment in Hell and heads back inside to the DiMera Mansion, leaving Leo disappointed.

Eric tells Sloan that he doesn’t think she’s a liar but he’s not buying that she was paying for Leo’s hotel room just to be nice. Sloan can’t believe they are still talking about this. Sloan complains about her headache and wants to put an end to this. Eric gets upset and shouts that she’s trying to avoid the conversation because he doesn’t buy for a second that her paying for Leo’s hotel room was out of the goodness of her heart. Eric then thinks back to overhearing Leo saying he was blackmailing someone on the phone. Eric then guesses Leo was blackmailing Sloan.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion where Nicole thanks her for coming on short notice to see Holly. Holly tells Marlena about feeling overwhelmed with so much studying and homework to catch up on, so she doesn’t know what to do. Marlena encourages her to take deep breaths and take breaks every so often. Marlena suggests that Holly go to bed early tonight and get some rest, then she can get up early and go back to her studies when she’s rested. Marlena adds that she will send a note to her teachers to remind them of what she’s been through. Holly and Nicole thank Marlena, who says she is glad to help. Marlena tells Holly to go ahead and get some sleep. Marlena advises her not to worry about catching up with everything and just catch up at her own pace. Holly agrees to try to get some sleep and heads upstairs. Nicole tells Marlena that she can’t thank her enough for saying exactly what Holly needed to hear. Marlena hopes it helps and says she should get going. Nicole then asks her to stay because she needs some help too.

Sloan admits that Leo was blackmailing her and claims that Leo did some research to uncover a lot of things from her past that were humiliating. Eric questions what it is. Sloan doesn’t want to talk about it and says it will just be more painful for her. Sloan cries that she offered Leo cash to keep his mouth shut and worried that she would lose her law firm and that Eric would leave her if the truth came out. Eric says he would never leave her over something like that and hugs her as she cries. Sloan tells him that she’s so sorry for letting Leo take advantage of her. Eric can’t believe he took Leo on as a client and says there’s no way he’s going to let him get away with this. Sloan asks Eric not to confront Leo and argues that he didn’t mean to hurt her as he was just a troubled child. Eric declares that he’s going to kill him. Sloan tells him that the issue is dead but Eric repeats that he’s going to kill him and storms out of the apartment. Sloan gets worried and rushes to get her phone.

Marlena asks Nicole how she can help her. Nicole tells her that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to stop blaming herself for Holly’s problems and feeling it’s because she wasn’t there for her and that Holly felt abandoned. Marlena encourages that Nicole did the best she could in the moment and that’s all any of them can do. Nicole wants to try to not feel guilty and to just be there for her daughter. Marlena states that they can’t keep their children from going through bad times, disappointment, sadness or heartbreaks as that’s just part of living. Marlena adds that all they can do is love them and be there for them. Nicole agrees that it’s all they can do.

John tells Konstantin that he thought they were just going to have a night cap. Konstantin tells John that he’s going to get to work and presents him with the card which turns John in to The Pawn. John then asks Konstantin what he needs from him. Konstantin instructs John to break in to the safe and steal the prenup.

Leo returns to his room at the Salem Inn and rambles to himself about how he told EJ the secret and then tried to ask for the money. Leo gets a text from Sloan but says he can’t read it and collapses onto his bed. Eric then pounds on his door. Leo hopes it’s EJ to give him some money as he answers the door. Eric storms in and calls him a son of a bitch, asking why he’s blackmailing his wife and who else he’s blackmailing. Leo says no one else has the sort of secret that Sloan does. Eric grabs him and tells him that Sloan told him that Leo was blackmailing her to keep secrets from her past out of his column. Leo claims not to remember much of anything right now as he then passes out in Eric’s arms.

Sloan holds Jude as he sleeps until EJ pounds on the door, waking Jude up. Sloan questions what he’s doing waking up her baby. EJ screams at her that it’s not her baby and calls her a lying bitch. EJ tells her to tell him that’s not his baby in her arms. EJ asks if she has any idea what he’s put his wife and family through. EJ declares that he’s taking the child and after he proves that he is his son, he will call the police and have her arrested for kidnapping, leaving Sloan in shock.

Eric puts Leo onto his bed. Leo drunkenly rambles about the kindness of strangers and notes that Eric is not a stranger, but he is being kind to him. Eric asks how much Leo had to drink. Eric then grabs him the trash can in case he has to throw up. Leo talks about how many times he dreamed of having Eric in his bed and now here he is, but all he wants is Dimitri who left him. Leo cries that Eric would have no idea about that but Eric says actually he does.

Marlena asks Nicole how EJ feels about her working with Eric. Nicole admits that she hasn’t told him yet and says she was going to earlier, but she didn’t want to upset EJ because she thought he might turn it in to something in his head and then Sloan saw her and Eric in the town square with Jude and she reacted badly when it was innocent. Nicole guesses Marlena is skeptical. Marlena says it’s none of her business but Nicole wants to know what she’s thinking. Marlena says she already knows. Nicole guesses that Marlena is thinking that she and Eric still have feelings for each other and how she told Marlena in their first session that she might leave EJ for Eric if her baby was Eric’s. Marlena asks what that means to her.

John works on the safe while Konstantin is startled by a noise. Konstantin instructs John to stay there while he goes to check the door and finds Maggie. Konstantin thought she left. Maggie explains that she forgot a chip for her AA meeting. Konstantin offers to get it for her from the study and suggests Maggie go outside for some fresh air. Maggie says it’s no trouble and she can get it herself but Konstantin tells her that she can’t. Maggie questions that she can’t go in to her own study. Konstantin claims that he spilled some tea on her carpet and hasn’t had time to clean it up but Maggie doesn’t care and heads back in. Maggie notes that John left. Konstantin claims John went to call Marlena and wanted some privacy. Maggie retrieves the sobriety chip and tells Konstantin that she will see him later and exits, leaving Konstantin confused as he calls out to John. John then emerges behind him with the prenup in hand which thrills Konstantin.

Marlena asks Nicole what it tells her that she would’ve gone back to Eric if her baby was his. Nicole admits that it tells her that she still has feelings for Eric that she’s been trying to suppress for a long time. Marlena asks if she still loves Eric. Nicole says she’s feeling tired now and thanks Marlena for listening. Marlena says she will let herself out and hopes to see her soon as she exits. Nicole replays in her head Marlena asking if she still loves Eric and says “always”.

Leo tells Eric that sometimes he does things that are messed up, like blackmailing Sloan who did not deserve that. Leo tells Eric that he’s truly sorry and he would not do anything like that again. Eric responds that he should hate him for what he did, but the truth is Leo seems lonely, sad, and genuinely contrite, so now he has some compassion for him. Leo thanks Eric and asks for forgiveness. Eric tells him that he’s not a priest anymore and this is not a confessional. Leo tells him that he might want to become one again because he has something to confess to wipe away his sins and cleanse his soul. Eric remembers that Leo said something like that at Jude’s Christening. Leo says Jude’s name but then passes out.

Sloan tells EJ that he’s out of his mind for threatening to have her arrested for kidnapping. EJ tells Sloan that Leo told him everything and that Jude is his and Nicole’s baby. Sloan responds that Leo is only half right. EJ questions what the hell she’s talking about.

Eric tries to wake Leo up and find out what he wanted to say about Jude but he has no luck.

EJ asks Sloan what she means by half right. Sloan reveals that it means Jude is Nicole’s baby, but not EJ’s.

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