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Phyllis: How’ve we not heard anything about harrison yet?

Nick: Well, they say no news is good news.

Phyllis: Well, that’s a lie. Who are they, even? No news sucks. Those two whack jobs, they have harrison. We’re– we’re supposed to just sit around and wait.

Nick: Phyllis, there’s nothing I want more than to just go after jordan myself.

Phyllis: I feel so bad. Summer is so heartbroken. Not knowing if she’s ever–

Nick: Hey, don’t say if.

Phyllis: Not knowing when she’s gonna see harrison again. Oh, god, this is so hard. How am I just supposed to sit here? If I have to sit here any longer… my head is gonna explode. I’m gonna lose it.

Diane: Hey, I– I didn’t mean to sleep so long. You were supposed to wake me.

Jack: Honey, you were exhausted with worry. I didn’t have the heart.

Diane: Well, is there any news at all about harrison?

Jack: Your timing is actually very good. There is, in fact, news. And I believe with everything in my heart, it’s good news.

Harrison: Oh, dad.

Kyle: You’re safe now, buddy. I got you. You’re safe. No one’s gonna hurt you again.

Summer: Harrison, baby. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, let me look at you. Are you okay? How are you, my baby?

Kyle: Were you all alone, buddy? Where’s claire?

Harrison: I don’t know.

Kyle: Okay, I’m gonna go take a look around.

Summer: Okay, let’s go outside. We never have to see this place ever again, okay, baby? What’s wrong, sweetie?

Harrison: She told me you and daddy didn’t want me anymore. The witch. She said you gave me away to her.

Victoria: Oh, I thought I smelled something.

Cole: Ah, something good, I hope.

Victoria: It’s impressive, considering I didn’t know I had anything in the fridge or the pantry.

Cole: Well, some canned tomatoes, a little pasta, a little parm, and I give you pasta al pomodoro.

Victoria: Cole, you don’t have to take care of me.

Cole: No, what? No, no, no. Come on over here. Have a seat. I didn’t make this all just for you, all right? I made myself a plate, too.

Victoria: I know you’re suffering through this, too.

Cole: Well, maybe it’s my way of looking after myself. Just staying busy, making sure that you’re okay. Would you deny me that?

Victoria: No, I never could.

Cole: So, what do you say? You willing to give it a try?

Victor: There you are. You all right?

Nikki: Yeah, you– you texted that there was word on jordan. What’s happened? Why weren’t you home when I got here?

Victor: I was in town, in an alley.

Nikki: What were you doing there?

Victor: I was following you.

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Summer: Harrison, that is not true. Your dad and I love you so much. You are our entire world. You’re the best thing that ever happened to us, okay? Don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever let anybody tell you anything different. That woman that took you, she was lying to you. We have been searching for you since the moment she took you. Okay? You are everything to us, harrison. Everything.

Harrison: Why did she say it?

Summer: Because there are evil people in this world and that woman is an evil person. And she wanted to hurt us. And to do that, she tried to hurt you. But you’re safe now, okay? She can never come near you ever again. You understand?

Kyle: Hey, no sign of claire.

Summer: Are we surprised?

Kyle: We don’t know anything for sure.

Summer: Okay, somebody else can deal with jordan and claire. I just want to get harrison home.

Kyle: Well, the cops will be here any second, so if jordan comes back anytime soon, it’s over.

Summer: Then I hope the police lock her and claire up and never let them out. Come here, harrison. Let’s go.

Victoria: This is delicious. Really.

Cole: Well, thank you for not sounding surprised.

Victoria: I was, actually. I was surprised at breakfast. But now I’m just grateful. So, when did you learn how to cook so well?

Cole: Well, it’s been a while since you and I have been in each other’s orbits, so I guess maybe I’ve learned a few things since then. And I imagine that you have, too.

Victoria: Hm. Yeah, I suppose. But mostly just hard life lessons that I could’ve done without.

Cole: But look at you. You’ve come out on the other side. Smarter, stronger, even more resilient.

Victoria: I’m not feeling particularly strong today.

Cole: Well, hopefully knowing you’re not alone helps.

Victoria: This pasta certainly doesn’t hurt.

Cole: Yeah. And you know, there’s, uh, there’s one other thing that I’ve learned. Never try to predict where life is gonna take you. I never in a million years would have ever thought that I’d end up back here in genoa city. And with a grown daughter, no less.

Victoria: It’s impossible to predict, right? And she’s just such an amazing wonderful gift. Isn’t she?

Cole: She has to be. We would’ve never found her after all these years just to lose her again.

Nikki: You followed me?

Victor: You bet. I had one of my men follow you.

Nikki: Well, that was not necessary.

Victor: Apparently, it was.

Nikki: So, you spied on me?

Victor: You bet I did. What do you think I would do? Once I heard that you were gonna meet that jordan woman in an alley? Are you kidding?

Nikki: You went behind my back?

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: And you interfered with my plan. Don’t you understand, victor? I’m the one she hates. I’m the one that has to end this.

Victor: Why the hell did you not tell me about your plan?

Nikki: Because I knew you would do everything you could think of to try to talk me out of it.

Victor: You bet. Because you put yourself in danger.

Nikki: Well, it was worth it because this is my fault.

Victor: What do you mean, this is your fault? What nonsense is that? There’s only one woman to blame. It’s that jordan broad. You are as much a victim of hers as anyone is.

Nikki: Yeah, but at least I can fight for myself.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Nikki: I mean, what hope does harrison have against that beast? And I am to blame for what happened to him. So, I wanted to go to jordan and confront her and save claire and harrison. But it doesn’t really matter what I wanted, does it? Because she didn’t show up.

Victor: She did.

Jack: Kyle called. He has a lead on jordan.

Diane: Well, that’s great. What did he say?

Jack: After he greased a few palms at the diner that jordan went to, they allowed him to look at the security footage. Picture of jordan and the car she was driving. He’s combing the neighborhood right now.

Diane: And what? If he finds the car, then he’ll find where jordan might be keeping harrison and claire?

Jack: Yeah, that’s the hope.

Diane: No, no, no. Jordan is dangerous. If kyle confronts her, god knows what could happen.

Jack: I told him not to act alone. He’s already called victor and his security team, as well as ours. He assured me if he finds the location, he will not act without backup.

Diane: To save his son? There is no way that kyle will wait patiently in his car for help to arrive.

Jack: Sweetheart, we just have to pray he makes the right choice.

Diane: We need to go.

Jack: Go?

Diane: Yes. You have the information. We can help find the car and we can maybe help find where harrison is.

Jack: No, no, no. I am not putting you in danger. I’ll go.

Diane: Jack, I can’t just sit here while our grandson is out there somewhere, terrified and– and confused.

Jack: You’re right. The more eyes that are looking, the better. Come on.

Diane: Okay. Harrison!

Jack: Oh! He’s here.

Diane: Oh. A lot of new dry eye patients

Diane: Oh, I am so glad you’re home. I might never let him go.

Jack: It is so good to see you. Were you hurt?

Summer: We looked him over head to toe. He seems perfect.

Harrison: The witch was mean and told me lies, but she didn’t hurt me.

Jack: Well, we are so happy to have you home.

Harrison: Mommy said you were all looking for me.

Jack: Yeah, we were.

Harrison: I’m glad to be home.

Diane: Aw. We’re glad you’re here. So, um, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? Whatever it is, we’ll get it for you.

Jack: It’s never too late for hot chocolate. Was it cold where you were?

Summer: I think maybe some quiet time would be good. Do you want to go up to your room, see your toys?

Kyle: Yeah, it’s been a long, rough day. But you’re safe now, bud. We’re never, ever going to let anyone take you again, okay?

Summer: Okay. You ready?

Diane: Hey, we will see you in the morning, okay?

Summer: I just might glue him to me for the rest of the night.

Diane: Night.

Jack: Good night. Love you, buddy.

Summer: Let’s go upstairs.

Diane: Oh. He’s home.

Jack: He’s home.

Diane: Thank god. And you. You made it happen.

Jack: So, you found the car.

Kyle: Yeah, sooner than expected.

Diane: You didn’t confront jordan alone, did you?

Kyle: If I had, I would be in jail myself now.

Diane: Well, then I’m glad it didn’t come to that and that you and harrison are home safe and sound.

Jack: I think you and I specifically talked about you not taking her on by yourself.

Kyle: And I didn’T.

Jack: Well, I didn’t get any notice that you asked for backup.

Kyle: Because I didn’t need it. When I got there, I waited until she drove off and then I made my move.

Diane: That’s risky, kyle. She could’ve laid a trap or had an accomplice inside, claire or, for all we know.

Kyle: Mom, none of that happened.

Diane: Yeah, but it could have.

Kyle: I had to risk it. I knocked on the door and called out. Harrison responded, so I broke down the door.

Diane: And there was no sign of claire?

Kyle: Nothing. When I asked harrison where she was, all he said was that he didn’t know.

Diane: Well, that’s not good.

Jack: Well, I’m just glad you got him out of there before jordan came back.

Kyle: Summer was just a few minutes behind me, but I kind of wished jordan made an appearance so I could tear into her, but she never returned.

Jack: I’m glad she didn’T. What about the police?

Kyle: They got there when we were set to go. They questioned us and then let us leave. Said there’d be more to come.

Jack: Yeah, questions probably only jordan can answer.

Kyle: I wish I could’ve seen that psycho before she was hauled off. Before she got locked in a cell where she belongs.

Phyllis: I– I have to call summer. I can’t just take it.

Nick: Phyllis, don’t do that.

Phyllis: Just sitting here.

Nick: Phyllis, don’T.

Phyllis: No, I’m good.

Nick: Put the phone down. Hey, the last thing our daughter needs is her mother in her ear. Just give her the time she needs to handle this on her own. She will call us when there’s news.

Phyllis: So we’re supposed to just sit here and do nothing?

Nick: Everything that can be done to bring harrison home is being done. You heard summer. My dad is on this, jack abbott, both of their security teams, the police. Movement will be happening soon.

Phyllis: Oh, you don’t know that.

Nick: I know that when my father and jack abbott team up, they will never rest until they bring that little boy home. Can you just imagine for one second what those two could’ve accomplished over the years if they’d actually worked together instead of against each other?

Phyllis: Don’t say something like that to try to disarm me. By the way, you should’ve told me about claire and jordan, those two psychopaths. You should’ve told me that she tried to kill you and tried to hurt your family and that she has a vendetta toward anybody who’s remotely connected to a newman. You should’ve shared that with me.

Nick: You know now.

Phyllis: Well, it doesn’t matter that I know now. I could’ve done something to protect harrison and our daughter.

Nick: Phyllis, it’s not gonna do you any good to spin your wheels, okay? The people best equipped to go after jordan are doing exactly that. Just trust the process, all right?

Phyllis: And don’t– don’t do that, too, all right? Because you know it drives me crazy when you do that calm thing.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

Phyllis: And you know it drives me more crazy because it’s right. I just feel so helpless. I just want to do something to support summer, that’s all.

Nick: Summer knows that we love her, all right? Otherwise, she never would’ve confided in us about harrison. We will be her first phone call when she needs us. And we’ll be ready.

Nikki: Jordan actually showed up? You saw her in the alley? Victor, what happened?

Victor: Well, thanks to some security footage and kyle’s tenacity, he found the motel where jordan was staying.

Nikki: He did?

Victor: Well, apparently he saw jordan leave the motel. And he went in to search for claire and harrison. And I hope that we have some good news soon.

Nikki: But what about jordan? Is she back in custody?

Victor: No. She’s dead. Head & shoulders bare clinically proven dandruff

Nikki: Jordan is dead?

Victor: Yes, my baby, she’s dead.

Nikki: How did it happen?

Victor: Well, she saw me and my team approaching, and she had panicked and tried to escape, run away. Across the galewood river bridge, which is close by the motel there. She panicked and slipped and fell over the side of the bridge.

Nikki: So, she drowned. Jordan drowned.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Are you sure she’s dead?

Victor: Well, there’s no way she would’ve survived a hundred-foot plunge into a dark river. Are you kidding? With that current? She probably was dead upon impact.

Nikki: Well, this is jordan we’re talking about.

Victor: I know. And she’s dead.

Nikki: I hope to god she is. But I won’t be convinced until they dredge that river and I see proof with my own eyes.

Victor: And the police and my team are already on top of that search, all right? They’re searching for her as we speak. But I have a feeling that woman finally met the end that she deserves.

Phyllis: Remember when summer became an instant mom? A wedding and a toddler at the same time. Just to be a mom herself.

Nick: You couldn’t imagine what summer’s being a mom made you?

Phyllis: It made me a granny.

Nick: You said it, not me, granny.

Phyllis: I will say that it made me a super-hot granny, is what it made me. She was incredible. Our wild child becoming a mom, I wasn’t actually sure she could handle it.

Nick: Hm. Just between us, I was worried too.

Phyllis: You were?

Nick: Yeah. I mean, our daughter is extremely headstrong. You know, got into a lot of trouble. She stole cars. She married inappropriate guys. Acted out. Always, it seems, with reason. And she always believed she was in the right.

Phyllis: Hm, even when she was wrong.

Nick: But I think she really learned a lot, you know? And somehow, when we weren’t looking, she grew up.

Phyllis: She’s incredible.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Wild child to a mom, right? And between baths and story time and co-parenting with kyle after the divorce, I mean, she’s handling it like a pro, isn’t she?

Nick: I gotta hand it to her. As freaked out as she is about harrison being kidnapped, she really kept her head level, you know? So she could be strong for when harrison comes home.

Phyllis: Yeah. He’s gonna come home, right?

Nick: He’s coming home. A happy ending is the only way this story ends.

[ Phone rings ]

Nikki: If kyle found jordan’s hideout, he must’ve found harrison and claire there, too. Shouldn’t we have heard something by now?

Victor: Well, if there are good news, I’m sure I’ll hear about it immediately.

[ Phone rings ] It’s jack. Hello, jack, I hope you have good news.

Jack: Harrison is home.

Victor: That’s wonderful. Harrison is home.

Nikki: Oh, thank god.

Victor: What about claire?

Jack: Kyle said he didn’t see any sign of claire at the motel.

Victor: Are you sure?

Nikki: What about claire?

Jack: Victor, I’m sorry, my team is there at the motel room with the police. Jordan has not returned and we can’t get the answers we need until she does.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, um… she won’t return, jack. She died.

Jack: What? Wait, she’s dead?

Victor: As my team and I were encroaching upon her, she got panicked and tried to escape across the galewood river bridge. Then she slipped and fell over the side.

Jack: I suppose that’s justice of sorts and a relief. Listen, if my people can do anything to help you find claire, please let me know.

Victor: I certainly shall. Thank you. Thank you, jack.

Nikki: Well, at least harrison is home. Can’t wait to give him a hug, the poor little guy.

Victor: I know. But you know he’ll be all right. We’ll see to it.

Nikki: But where could claire be? I mean, where do we look for her? Jordan took those answers with her. I’m jonathan lawson,

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Victoria: I’m gonna clean.

Cole: Hey, that’s not how this works.

Victoria: No, you cooked. You cooked.

Cole: No. No, I got this. It’ll only take a minute.

Victoria: I can’t sit, all of this waiting. I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin.

Cole: Okay. Well, do you want to just head up to the main house and wait there?

Victoria: No, no, this is claire’s home. She may not have had a chance to get used to this place yet, but I want to be here if she walks through the door. I… am I being irrational?

Cole: No. No, no, no. Not at all. Listen, our daughter is smart. She’s resourceful. And who knows jordan’s tricks better than claire does? I know that she’s doing everything she can to protect harrison and get them both back home safe.

Victoria: You’re right. She’s strong, and she’s– she’s kind, and she’s just– she’s warm to everyone. I just– I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t see that. It’s another reason that I don’t want to go up to the main house, because summer will be there, and summer thinks that claire had something to do with harrison being missing.

Cole: Well, listen, obviously I don’t agree with summer. But in the heat of the moment, people just jump to conclusions.

Victoria: Yeah, but she thinks that our daughter is some deranged kidnapper.

Cole: Because she’s a mother. And she’s afraid, just like you. And I know that her child and yours are both gonna come home safe.

Victoria: God, I hope you’re right about that. But this waiting it’s just– I mean, why haven’t we heard something by now, cole? We should’ve heard something.

Phyllis: He looks so sweet, harrison. Tired, but he looks healthy. He looks good, right? Right?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, snuggled up in his bed, surrounded by his favorite toys. Summer was so sweet to send that. She must’ve known we really needed to see it.

Phyllis: You know, but is it enough to just see this? I mean, shouldn’t we go there?

Nick: Summer said he needs some time.

Phyllis: All right, but we wouldn’t bother them. I mean, we’d just kind of go in and out and just– just– that’s– that’s not true. It’s a lie. I’d want to stay all night.

Nick: Yeah, I know. Summer said she’ll call us when he’s ready.

Phyllis: All right.

[ Nick sighs ] Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. I was just afraid that, uh, you know, it took everything in me not to go and track jordan down myself, and… yeah.

Phyllis: Hm. So, all the stay calm, all of that, and victor will handle everything, that– that was– what was that?

Nick: It was just talk. Just talking to myself.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Ger

Phyllis: That’s nice. So– so I was the calm one for you, right? I was the voice of reason for you. I was your hero.

Nick: Sure. We can go with that. I’ll say this. Jordan better hope she ends up in prison for what she’s done. Because if not, I will hunt that woman down and make sure she never hurts my family again.

Diane: It must have been hard for the newmans to hear that claire wasn’t with harrison.

Jack: Victor had some news of his own.

Diane: Oh, does he have information about claire?

Jack: How is harrison?

Summer: He’s asleep. He was– he was exhausted. He was just happy to be in his own bed with his toys.

Diane: Is he okay?

Summer: I don’t know. I mean, he’s been through a lot, but he seems physically okay, yes.

Kyle: Yeah, we’ve already planned to get him checked out by the pediatrician tomorrow. Just in case.

Summer: I’m really worried about the emotional toll on him. I mean, can you believe that that demon told him that we didn’t want him anymore? That we just gave him away to her?

Jack: That is pure evil.

Summer: I had to reassure my own son that I love him and that we were all looking for him this whole time.

Kyle: I mean, what kind of a monster tortures a child like that?

Jack: According to victor, that can never happen again.

Summer: Did they catch her?

Jack: Jordan is dead.

Diane: What?

Kyle: How? When?

Jack: Victor’s men tracked her down, gave chase. She plunged to her death off the galewood river bridge.

Diane: Oh, my god.

Summer: Good. I’m glad she’s dead. I hope she rots in hell for what she did to harrison. But this– this isn’t over. Where’s claire? She still on the loose?

Nikki: You know, I hate to say this, but is it possible that jordan got a hold of claire and claire was an unwilling accomplice and now she’s run off to avoid arrest?

Victor: No. No. There’s no way claire would do that. I have seen the joy in her eye when she realized that she was a part of victoria’s family and our family. There’s no way she would stand against us.

Nikki: Well, then where is she? What– what did jordan do to her?

Victor: I don’t know, sweetheart, but we’ll find out.

Nikki: When will it end, victor? I mean, we’re finally free of jordan, and yet we’re still in the nightmare, which is just what she wanted. It ain’t my dad’s razor, dad.

Nikki: So, how are we going to tell victoria and cole that claire wasn’t found with harrison?

Victor: You and I will go to the tack house and we’ll tell them.

Nikki: No. No, finding claire is the priority. You do what you need to do. I’ll– I’ll tell them.

Victor: You sure?

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: Look, my baby, once and for all, do not ever do that again without letting me know what you’re up to. You can’t meet a woman like that in a damn dark alley. But having said that, it showed guts on your part, very courageous on your part.

Nikki: Even though I didn’t tell you about the meeting with jordan?

Victor: Yes, because when I think about it, I realize that kyle would never have found harrison. Alone. Without your plan to meet jordan. She left harrison alone in that motel to meet you. So, in a sense, you are responsible for harrison being with us now.

Nikki: Well, let’s hope that claire is safe as well.

Victor: Come here. My baby, jordan will never hurt you again. And we shall find claire. I promise you.

Jack: Victor’s men have seen no information about claire, no sightings at all.

Summer: Well, she’s just as guilty as jordan. She needs to be caught and punished.

Jack: We don’t know that she was involved in this kidnapping.

Kyle: Dad’s right.

Summer: How can you believe that? They were obviously working together.

Kyle: Okay, summer, I admit, in the beginning, I needed to believe that claire was innocent, so I didn’t feel guilty about harrison being taken on my watch. But that doesn’t mean she is, in fact, guilty.

Diane: Wait, kyle, you can’t blame yourself for harrison’s abduction.

Kyle: I do. That’s why I would stop at nothing to bring our boy home.

Jack: Which we are all very grateful for.

Summer: Jordan has paid the price for what she’s done to harrison, and claire needs to be held accountable, too.

Kyle: When I asked harrison about claire, where she was, he didn’t blame her, he didn’t say anything against her.

Summer: That’s because he was terrified. He barely spoke at all. She might have threatened him to stay quiet.

Jack: Maybe we should slow all this down until we have some facts.

Summer: The facts are that claire befriended harrison and made him trust her. Claire is mentally unwell. She tried to kill my grandparents and my dad and my aunt. Claire was the one upstairs in harrison’s room alone. And then they disappeared. He right to believe that she is just as guilty as jordan.

Kyle: Look, I only saw jordan drive away from the motel. Claire wasn’t with her and claire wasn’t in the motel.

Jack: To kyle’s point, yes, all of the texts were from claire’s phone, but all of the demands, all of them, were about jordan’s safety and getting her out of the country. No mention of claire.

Summer: It proves nothing. If claire was really a victim in all of this, why wasn’t she locked up with harrison, grateful to be rescued?

Diane: Because, and this is awful to think about, maybe jordan did something to harm her.

Jack: Oh, god.

Kyle: It’s a possibility. I mean, think about it. Harrison served a purpose. He was a means to an end. Money, freedom. Claire… I mean, jordan groomed her for years, brainwashed her, demanded complete loyalty. To see her become part of the newman family, it’s a complete betrayal. She would never forgive that, and clearly, she’s capable of anything.

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: I’ll get it. Hey, come on in.

Phyllis: Hey. Oh, where’s summer? Oh, baby.

Nick: Where’s our guy?

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Summer: He’s upstairs sleeping. The second his head hit the pillow.

Harrison: Mommy! Daddy!

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: Mom. Oh, my god. Thank god you’re okay.

Cole: Nikki, are you all right? Come on in here. Come on.

Victoria: Come in. You went to meet jordan, didn’t you?

Nikki: What matters most is that harrison is home safe and sound. Jack just called your father.

Victoria: He’s home?

Cole: Oh, that’s wonderful.

Victoria: Where’s claire?

Nikki: My darling, I’m afraid we don’t know where claire is.

Victor: Are you settling in? How do you do? My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis held me back…

Diane: How is harrison? Is– is he all right?

Kyle: He had a nightmare. Probably won’t be his last.

Phyllis: You know, that jordan person, I could kill her.

Jack: Too late for that.

Nick: What does that mean?

Jack: You haven’t spoken to your father?

Nick: Not lately.

Jack: His men found her, went after her. There was an accident on the galewood river bridge. She is dead.

Nick: Wow. Well, after all the misery she has caused my family, that is good news. But I’m gonna need to see a body first to believe it.

Phyllis: And that claire person? I definitely have words for her.

Jack: We have no information on her whereabouts.

Diane: Yes, all that matters to me right now is that harrison is home safe.

Phyllis: Well, I agree with that, of course. We agree. You know, um, kyle, you were a hero today.

Kyle: Thank you.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Hey.

Summer: Who’s here. See.

Nick: There he is. Up top, man.

Phyllis: Hey, you come here. Oh, my goodness. It’s so great to see you. You were very, very brave. I’m very proud of you.

Kyle: What was your dream about, buddy?

Harrison: About the witch lady. She was mean.

Kyle: Jordan will never be able to hurt you again.

Summer: And neither will claire.

Harrison: Claire didn’t hurt me.

Kyle: She didn’t?

Harrison: The witch hurt her.

Summer: What do you mean, sweetie?

Harrison: Claire’s in trouble, mommy. We have to save her.

Victoria: No one knows where claire is? Come on, this can’t be happening.

Nikki: Darling, don’t worry. We will find her. Your father’s security team is doing everything they can.

Victoria: But what if jordan has hurt her? Or she’s trapped somewhere? Huh? I mean, you don’t think that…

Nikki: Victoria, don’T.

Victoria: How can I not, mom? How can I not? She was furious at claire. She had so much hatred for her, for betraying us, and for becoming a part of our family.

Cole: Okay, all right, nikki is right, all right? Until we have more information, we’re gonna expect claire to come home to us.

Victoria: But if jordan is dead, then how are we gonna find claire? How are we gonna know what happened to her? It’s an unknown caller. Hello? I’m sorry, I, uh, it’s a bad connection. I can’t understand you. I’m sorry? Hello?

Claire: Mom.

Jordan: You bastard.

Victor: I’ve been called much worse.

Jordan: Help! Help! Get me out of here! Help!

Victor: You can yell all you want. No one can hear you. I have seen to that many years ago.

Jordan: You can’t do this to me.

Victor: I can. I have. There’s no way out for you. No poison to take. No fire to set. No way out. Except through me. Now, you tell me where I find my granddaughter.

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