Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie told Jada that Everett signed the divorce papers. Everett tossed the divorce paper. Roman and Harris talked about Ava staying at the pub. Harris didn’t understand why Ava couldn’t stay there. Roman told him that he didn’t want her to stay there because of the way Kayla reacted. Harris hoped he changed his mind Roman decided she could stay there temporarily. Stephanie continued to talk to Jada about Everett signing the papers. Jada was relieved by the news. She felt like she could breathe again. Jada wondered why he changed his mind. Everett arrived while they were talking. He was about to leave when Jada stopped him. She talked to him about signing the divorce papers. He didn’t have them on her. Kristen thought Stefan killed Li. He didn’t admit to anything. She reminded him that he was the one who saved him when he was shot. He threw up in her face that she brainwashed him to fall for Chloe. Kristen didn’t want to hear it. He said he had a reason to kill Li, but he wouldn’t let Gabi go to prison for his crime. She realized he didn’t do it. Stefan hired private investigators to figure out what happened. Harris ran into Ava and he told her she could stay at the pub for now. They wanted to figure out how to find the black book. Stephanie was confused that Everett didn’t acknowledge her, but responded when Jada called him Bobby. She went into the pub and ran into Everett. He acted like his old self.

Harris felt like he and Ava had to come up with a plan to get the book. Ava wanted to break in, but Harris didn’t want her to do it. He thought they could walk in as customers. Rafe saw Ava and Harris walk in the restaurant. He was surprised to see them. Jada arrived there too. Rafe wondered if she was ready to move in. Ava made a comment about staying with Rafe. Harris told her not to rub it in that she lived with Rafe first. He decided to search the restaurant first. Stefan ran into Ava. She let him know that she wanted to check out the food. Ava kept him distracted from seeing Harris. Jada had big news for Rafe. She told him that Bobby finally signed the divorce papers. He wondered why he changed his mind. She didn’t care. The important thing was filing the paperwork so she could move on with her life. Stephanie confronted Everett about his 180 when she saw him with Jada. She wondered why he didn’t give Jada the paperwork. He just told her that he had to leave. Later Rafe and Jada went to see Everett. She wanted the papers. He said he had them in his room. Everett handed her the papers. She planned to get them filed right away. Rafe told him that he did the right thing. She thanked Everett for signing the papers. Jada and Rafe left the room. Everett looked at the picture of him and Jada together on his phone.

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