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Roman hangs a “help wanted” sign in the window of the Brady Pub. Harris comes down and tells Roman that they need to talk.

Tripp and Wendy come out of their bedroom where Ava is waiting for them with coffee and offers to make breakfast. Tripp tells her that she doesn’t have to do all this. Ava says it’s the least she can do for letting her stay after thinking they were rid of her. Tripp asks what happened and if she and Harris got in a fight. Ava assures that her and Harris are great, but reveals that it was Roman that put a stop to her staying at the Pub because of her history. Ava promises that she’s not staying for good and this was a one time thing. Wendy asks where she will live then. Ava responds that she always figures something out.

Stefan joins Kristen in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan mentions heading to the Bistro for their soft reopening and suggests Kristen come by, but she declines and wishes him luck in bringing the Bistro back from disgrace. Stefan insists that the Bistro is now clean and free with all new staff and menu. Stefan promises that they will be in the black by summer, with Kristen’s help. Kristen guesses he means when she inherits DiMera which Stefan confirms. Kristen says they can make that happen, only if she proves Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin and getting her out of prison. Kristen admits she’s skeptical of Gabi’s innocence since she did kill someone before. Stefan argues that Nick Fallon was a murderer and had it coming. Kristen questions who else would want Li Shin dead if it wasn’t Gabi. Stefan suggests himself for starters.

Stephanie finds Jada outside the Brady Pub and asks if she saw her messages as she’s been trying to reach her. Jada asks what’s going on. Stephanie tells her that she has some really great news and announces that Everett signed the divorce papers, which thrills Jada.

Everett sits in his room at the Salem Inn, having a drink as he looks over the signed divorce papers which he then tosses aside.

Roman tells Harris to say what he has to say. Harris brings up Ava asking for a key to his room and wishes he was there so they could come to an understanding. Roman argues that Ava was upsetting his sister and they have quite a history, so family is family. Harris acknowledges the bad blood but explains that Ava wanted to give Tripp and Wendy some space, so he told her that she could stay with him until she finds her own place and he’s never seen a “no over night guests” policy in the rental agreement. Roman admits there is no such policy and that it was a knee jerk reaction to tell Ava that she couldn’t say, but he just saw how upset his sister was. Harris notes that Roman has now had some time and asks if he’s changed his mind. Roman agrees to allow Ava to stay, but only if it’s temporary. Harris thanks Roman and says he appreciates it.

Tripp tells Ava that she is always welcome if she needs a place to stay, but notes that they did have plans to meet Stephanie at the Pub for an early lunch. Ava apologizes for not asking and says she’ll clean up the breakfast. Wendy insists that she will do it. Tripp asks where Ava might go from here. Ava says she has a few leads but nothing solid yet. Ava guesses she should get on that and get going. Ava thank them again and says she really appreciates it. Tripp tells Ava to call and let him know where she ends up. Ava agrees to do so as she then exits. Tripp thanks Wendy for being cool about all of this even though they were excited to have the place to themselves. Wendy says she gets that Ava is family and needed one more night. Tripp notes that they should get going too since Stephanie is always on time. Wendy mentions that she didn’t get much sleep and asks if she can just stay home. Tripp says Stephanie will understand if they cancel but Wendy insists that Tripp go without her.

Stephanie tells Jada that Everett signed the divorce papers last night in front of her, so she was the witness and confirms that he signed as “Bobby Stein”. Jada can’t believe it and excitedly declares it is the best news ever. Stephanie can’t believe it took him so long to come around. Jada asks what made Everett change his mind. Stephanie says she kind of talked him in to it and he finally realized it was the right thing to do. Everett approaches and greets Jada, telling her it’s good to see her and he’s just grabbing a coffee. Jada remembers how he likes his coffee. Jada tells Everett that Stephanie just told her that he signed the divorce papers and that’s great. Everett confirms that he did. Jada asks if she can have them. Everett responds that he doesn’t have them on him, but he will get them to her as he then heads in to the Pub.

Kristen asks if Stefan is confessing to the murder of Li Shin. Stefan says not at all but he had every reason to hate the guy even though he is partially responsible for keeping him alive for years. Kristen talks about Li regretting that when Gabi realized Stefan was the love of her life. Kristen reminds Stefan that she saved his life. Stefan brings up that Kristen also rewired his brain to hate Gabi and love Chloe so that she could sink her claws in to Brady again. Kristen tells him to stop whining since he ended up with Gabi in the end. Stefan says that’s no thanks to Li which is why he would’ve had every reason to kill him but he would never let Gabi do time for a crime that he committed. Kristen goes over that Gabi and Stefan didn’t do it while Stefan adds that the police couldn’t figure it out and he hired private investigators who came up cold. Stefan questions how Kristen will be able to figure out what the rest of the world can’t. Kristen responds that she’s a shark and she will sense any blood in the water.

Harris meets Ava in the town square and asks if everything is okay. Ava says she just left Tripp and Wendy’s after they let her stay. Harris wishes she would’ve waited for him as he would not have let Roman give her the boot. Ava feels she caused enough trouble for him and didn’t want to stir up anymore. Ava says she’s going to look for an apartment right now because she doesn’t want to go back to Tripp’s tonight. Harris reveals that Roman came around and said she can stay at his place until she finds her own place. Ava tells him that she’s so relieved and kisses him as they joke about being roommates with benefits again. Harris reminds her that they just have to find Clyde’s black book.

Stefan hosts the Bistro reopening and finds Rafe seated at a table. Stefan tells Rafe that he’s honored which Rafe doubts. Stefan assumes Jada will be joining him. Rafe confirms that she is on her way. Stefan tells Rafe about their new menu items. Rafe says he’ll order when Jada gets there, but he’ll take some bread and water which he remarks is the same meal that Stefan should be eating behind bars right now. Rafe warns Stefan to keep his nose clean, because if he screws up again, he’ll be ready for him.

Stephanie questions Jada about Everett being so distant with her and responding to Jada calling him Bobby. Tripp arrives and greets Stephanie, who asks about Wendy. Tripp informs her that she decided to stay home. Jada says she has to go meet Rafe and tells Tripp and Stephanie that it was great to see them as she hugs Stephanie. Jada thanks Stephanie for the news and walks away. Stephanie asks Tripp if Wendy is sick. Tripp responds that she’s not really feeling herself these days.

Everett sits in the Brady Pub with his laptop, wondering if he will write about the Smith Island Snowstorm or a profile on Officer Goldman living two separate lives. Everett then starts typing about the Smith Island Snowstorm. Stephanie and Tripp enter the Pub, so Everett greets them and says it’s good to see them. Stephanie points out that she just saw him outside. Everett asks how Tripp is hanging in. Tripp says he’s good. Everett says he can’t imagine what Tripp and Wendy been through. Everett asks how Tripp and Wendy would feel about an article about it. Tripp thanks him but says they aren’t really in the mind space for that and he’s just here to have a nice lunch with his sister. Everett says he totally understands and to let him know if he changes his mind. Stephanie and Tripp go to get a table while Everett looks confused.

Kristen shows up at Wendy’s door and asks if she has a minute.

Roman asks Tripp how he’s holding up. Tripp says people keep asking him but he’s not exactly sure how to answer. Roman says they care about him and he went through quite an ordeal. Tripp says he appreciates that and he’s doing okay, noting that he’s back at work and hanging in. Roman tells Tripp to take care of himself and Wendy. Stephanie mentions that Wendy was supposed to join them for lunch today. Tripp thinks that Wendy just needed some time alone after Ava spent another night. Roman mentions that he and Harris talked and cleared things up, so Ava will be staying there and he doesn’t have to worry. Tripp tells him that’s good to know. Roman tells them to let him know when they are ready to order and walks away. Stephanie asks Tripp about Wendy needing time alone. Tripp talks about Wendy really struggling with PTSD so he’s really worried about her. Tripp adds that he feels like there is more going on with Ava as well. Stephanie hopes that Ava stays out of trouble. Tripp thinks Harris is good for Ava as they seem happy. Stephanie says he’s worried about Wendy and Ava while she’s worried about him, pointing out that he told Roman he’s not 100%. Tripp asks who would be after being locked up and thinking he was going to die. Tripp says he either can’t concentrate or he’s hyper focused but he can’t explain it. Tripp talks about seeing a female cop and causing panic because of Officer Goldman.

Harris tells Ava that they need to come up with a plan to search the Bistro. Ava mentions that she had to give Stefan back her keys so they can’t break and enter. Harris points out that it’s a restaurant, so they have every right to be paying customers. Ava says they can’t just walk in and start scouring the joint. Harris suggests one of them can search while the other is at the table the whole time. Harris points out that Ava knows the ins and outs of the Bistro while he will be looking at it from a wider perspective. They agree to find the needle in the haystack and head to the Bistro. Rafe greets them upon entering. Harris claims they are just there to grab a bite. Rafe figured this is the last place they’d want to go. Ava says the food was always good. Jada arrives to join Rafe and greets them. Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry she’s late and that she’s almost packed up to move in. Harris comments that she’ll be in good company. Ava starts talking about Rafe’s house and advises Jada about the stove. Ava and Harris then go to grab a table. Harris wishes Ava wouldn’t push Jada’s buttons by reminding her that she lived with Rafe first. Ava argues that she couldn’t help herself because Jada obviously doesn’t think she’s good enough for Harris. Harris says she’s wrong and that he knows Ava is perfect for him. Harris points out that Jada is moving out of her room at the Pub, so that room could be Ava’s and all they have to do is twist Roman’s arm.

Kristen tells Wendy that she’s here to make her a very generous offer. Kristen informs her that she’s been speaking to her father about the upheaval at DiMera and he is very concerned about the impact on the company’s image and also very heartbroken about Li. Wendy says they all are as it was very hard on the whole family. Kristen says that’s why she’s here. Kristen suggests an MBA scholarship at Salem University in Li’s honor. Wendy calls that a very generous idea but questions why she would be thinking about that. Kristen explains that Mr. Shin has had a long standing relationship with DiMera, so she thinks it’s the least the company could do in Li’s honor. Wendy thinks her parents would appreciate that. Kristen suggests they go over the details as she sits down on the couch.

Harris tells Ava that he will search first, so Ava wishes him luck as he exits. Stefan comes out from the back and approaches Ava. Stefan guesses she couldn’t stay away. Ava says she had to check out the food and calls the crab cakes dry. Jada asks Rafe what he thinks of Harris and Ava coming here for lunch. Rafe calls it not as creepy as Stefan staring at them the whole time. Jada bets Stefan is sweating through his suit with three cops in here. Jada then informs Rafe that she has big news and announces that Bobby finally signed the divorce papers. Rafe calls that great news and asks why the sudden change of heart. Jada says she doesn’t know or care, but she can’t wait to get the papers so she can file them immediately and finally get him out of her life for good.

Stephanie tells Tripp that she knows it can’t be easy after going through Hell. Tripp talks about being more worried about Wendy and she’s missing her parents with how fragile they’ve been since Li died. Stephanie suggests they take a vacation and get away together. Tripp says he’d like that but he has work and looking after his mom. Stephanie thinks it might be good for him to get some distance from Ava while Salem has too many reminders of what they’ve gone through. Stephanie thinks Tripp and Wendy need a serious break out of town for awhile.

Kristen tells Wendy that she’s sure she can get the scholarship set up at the school. Wendy says it sounds great and means so much to her family as she thanks her. Kristen asks if Wendy finds it difficult living in the apartment where Li was killed. Wendy points out that he was attacked here but he was alive when she found him, then he died later at the hospital. Kristen brings up Ava killing a man here as well. Wendy explains that Gil was threatening Ava, so she shot him. Kristen remarks that Gil got what he deserved, but Li never got justice. Wendy points out that Gabi is still in prison. Kristen questions if Wendy believes that Gabi killed Li. Wendy confirms that Li identified Gabi as his killer before he died and they spoke a few hours before about how Gabi betrayed him. Wendy adds that later on, she and Tripp came home to find Gabi and Stefan standing over Li with Gabi holding the knife, so Li’s blood was literally on Gabi’s hands. Kristen says that must have been so devastating for her to see. Kristen suggests that Gabi could have just found Li and stupidly picked up the knife but Wendy doubts it. Wendy questions who if not Gabi. Kristen suddenly realizes she has an appointment and promises to talk to her about the scholarship as she quickly exits. Wendy locks the door and holds back tears.

Harris rejoins Ava at their table. Ava says she checked the women’s room top to bottom but found nothing. Ava wonders if they should let Stefan in on this since he hates Clyde as much as they do and has full access to the Bistro. Harris argues that he can’t trust Stefan after he shot him and tried to kill him while he recovered. Ava agrees that it was a bad idea. They declare that they have to find it themselves and then get rid of Clyde once and for all.

Tripp goes home but finds the door is chain locked. Wendy comes in and lets him in while on the phone with her father. Wendy says she loves him and will talk to him soon as she hangs up. Tripp asks how her parents are. Wendy responds that for her whole life, she’s never heard her father cry and now he’s crying all the time. Wendy comments that while her parents are still grieving their son, they almost lost their daughter. Tripp then surprises her with tickets to Hong Kong. Wendy excitedly hugs him and says she always wants him with her.

Stephanie approaches Everett at the Pub and questions his 180 earlier, arguing that he wouldn’t give her the time of day outside and then was all friendly when she came in. Everett claims he didn’t know he did that and suggests he was distracted. Stephanie feels he was evasive with Jada and questions why he didn’t give her the divorce papers. Stephanie asks if he changed his mind or something. Everett responds that he’s sorry but he has to go as he then hurries out of the Pub, leaving Stephanie in shock.

Kristen returns to the DiMera Mansion and calls Mr. Shin, telling him about how she saw Wendy earlier. Kristen says they came up with the best idea and claims she admired Li very much, so she wanted to do something special in his memory to honor his legacy.

Wendy asks Tripp if he’s sure he wants to go with her to Hong Kong. Tripp assures that he is and he wanted to go last time too, but now Ava is free of Clyde and Harris is there to keep an eye on her. Wendy asks about his job at the hospital. Tripp says he already told Kayla that he needs a leave of absence and she completely understood. Wendy notes that Rafe did say she could take as much time as she needed. They agree on going to Hong Kong. Wendy tells Tripp that this means the world to her. Tripp responds that she means the world to him as they kiss.

Ava and Harris leave the Bistro and return to the town square. They talk about searching the Bistro everywhere they could, but not having access to so many areas. Harris jokes about disguising himself as a health inspector. Ava brings up breaking and entering. Harris says either they do and they are felons or they don’t and they suffer the wrath of Clyde. Ava asks if a felony is worse than what Clyde’s going to do, so Harris agrees to breaking in to the Bistro.

Everett returns to his room at the Salem Inn and retrieves the divorce papers from the trash. Rafe and Jada show up at his door. Jada says she came to pick up the divorce papers now that he signed them. Everett confirms that he has them inside. Rafe asks if he’s going to get the papers. Everett says he absolutely will as they walk inside. Everett then hands the divorce papers to Jada. Jada looks over the papers and says she will get them filed right away. Rafe tells Everett that he did the right thing. Jada thanks him as she and Rafe then exit. Everett then pulls out his phone and looks at the old photo of he and Jada.

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