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Rj: Who the hell do you think you are sleeping with my girlfriend?

Zende: You deserve to be angry, but I did not, I did not take advantage of luna.

Luna: Rj’s gonna kill zende.

Poppy: Let’s try to take a deep breath.

Luna: No, rj won’t pick up. I– I keep trying, but he won’t, he won’t text me back or answer my calls.

Poppy: Honey, I am sure he’s really upset.

Luna: They’re cousins, mom. They’re family. I just– I don’t want him to do anything that he’ll regret.

Poppy: The night that you spent with zende, the misunderstanding, I understand you needed to tell rj. You had to tell him the truth.

Luna: Rj deserved to know.

Poppy: I just wish… well, maybe I can explain to him.

Luna: No, mom, I– I told him exactly what happened and… I’ve never seen him so hurt.

Hope: I just sent the one of you and beth at the gorilla exhibit.

Liam: Oh, good, with my eyes closed. That’s great. Look, see, it looks like I’m trying to take a nap, standing up. Why? And of course, beth is the cutest she’s ever looked in her entire life, so that’s perfect.

Hope: Well, I mean, she is very photogenic, so.

Liam: Yeah. You know, it’s funny, I was gonna say she gets that from her mother, except check out that disaster.

Hope: Oh, no. I mean, what– I– I think I was trying to impersonate a wombat here, maybe, just a little.

Liam: You were, because we would literally do anything to make our daughter laugh. There it is.

Hope: And beth was smiling the entire time.

Liam: So, success. There you go. We made a good one, didn’t we?

Hope: Yeah, the best. It was nice having the three of us together. Although, she does miss douglas. And her grandpa deacon.

Deacon: Are you alive or are you in trouble? And who the hell is sugar?

Finn: Deacon.

Deacon: Finn. Uh, were we supposed to meet?

Finn: No, I’m just– I’m picking up some takeout.

Deacon: Oh.

Finn: Well, has it hit you yet? Have you finally accepted sheila’s gone?

Poppy: Well, what did he say when you told him?

Luna: He was in shock. He felt so betrayed by me, zende, you. I mean, he accused zende of taking advantage of me, and i told him that that wasn’t the case, but…

Poppy: You’re worried he didn’t listen.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, he ran out of here so fast. I’m afraid he’s gonna go confront zende.

Zende: I know you’re pissed, rj.

Rj: You can’t even begin to know how I feel, zende.

Zende: I just need to know that luna’s okay.

Rj: Shut up. I don’t wanna hear you say her name.

Zende: Look, man, it’s my fault. It’s not hers. Don’t blame luna. Yes, it’s your fault, ’cause you’re family. And I trusted you.

Zende: I’m sorry, rj.

Rj: Stabbed in the back by my own cousin.

Liam: Well, you had to put some distance between the two of you, right?

Hope: Yeah, but it wasn’t easy. But as soon as I realized that my dad was involved with sheila, I mean, it just– it felt like the responsible thing to do.

Liam: No, it was. I mean, I’m– I’m glad that you kept beth away from deacon as long as sheila was around, but now she’s not. So, where does your relationship with deacon stand?

Finn: Obviously, you really cared about sheila.

Deacon: You know I did, finn, and so did you, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.

Finn: You’re having a hard time letting go of her. Why else would you think you saw ten toes at the crematorium? My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Poppy: Still no word from rj?

Luna: He doesn’t wanna talk to me.

Poppy: I feel horrible. I hate seeing my baby hurting so much. How could I be so irresponsible? But if I could only go back, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for me, and those– those damn mints. The drugs are gone now, sweetie. I threw them all away. They caused too much damage. I’m never buying them again.

Luna: What’s done is done, mom. I mean, there’s no going back.

Poppy: I am so sorry. Your heart is breaking, and all I wanna do is fix it. I wanna make everything better. Now, I know that’s not possible, but I can talk to rj. I can try to make him understand.

Luna: Oh, my god, I can’t– I can’t take it. I– I– I need to head over to forrester.

Zende: What? Do you think I’m proud of what I did?

Rj: You got what you wanted. That’s all you’ve ever cared about, zende.

Zende: No, no. I thought that she was into it. I thought she was into me.

Rj: She was high.

Zende: I clearly didn’t know that at the time.

Rj: Yeah, right.

Zende: No, I swear. She didn’t either. It was a huge misunderstanding.

Rj: Shut up!

Zende: Please, man, let me explain.

Rj: No, I told you to shut up. I don’t want your– I don’t want your excuses.

Zende: Listen.

Rj: What?

Zende: For a second, okay? When I got back to the guesthouse, she was in my bed. I never expected her to be waiting for me.

Rj: She wasn’t!

Zende: I didn’t know that! I didn’t know that!

Rj: She thought it was me. She was out of her mind on her mother’s drugs! What the hell were you doing?

Zende: There was no, no indication that she was stoned or impaired at all. If there had been, then I would have never–

Rj: You would’ve never what? You would’ve never what, zende? You would have never slept with the woman I love? The woman I’m in a committed relationship with! You wouldn’t have done that!

Zende: I’m sorry, rj. I’m so sorry.

Liam: Listen, no offense to your dad, but I really question his judgment sometimes.

Hope: No, I– I do hear you. My father does have a tendency to make some troubling decisions.

Liam: Yeah, like falling for a psychopath.

Hope: To put it lightly. But I did hate shutting him out of my life.

Liam: I know, but your hands were tied. I mean, you were just trying to keep beth safe.

Hope: Boundaries had to be established, and I wasn’t about to put her at risk.

Liam: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I’m just glad we can put that ugly chapter behind us, and now my dad and I have a chance to start over.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, how possible is that, given everything that’s transpired?

Hope: I like to think that we have a good chance, especially now that sheila is out of the picture.

Finn: You haven’t been yourself lately.

Deacon: I lost the woman I love.

Finn: Well, there’s typical grief, but then there’s this.

Deacon: There’s this. And people like me, right? You know, we’re nuts, off the rocker. Yeah, I get it.

Finn: Look– look, sometimes, it’s normal to think that we’ve seen someone that we’ve lost. It’s a fleeting moment of hope, but it quickly fades once our brain realizes it’s impossible.

Deacon: You know what? My brain isn’t exactly getting the message, doc, because I am more and more convinced about what I saw at the crematorium.

Finn: Deacon, the way that you were talking, implying that sheila isn’t dead, it’s– it’s–

Deacon: Listen, okay, enough talk about the ten toes. All right, fine. All right, you can think I’m crazy for all I care. Let me ask you a question. Did sheila ever mention anyone else?

Finn: What do you mean?

Deacon: Like friends or, uh, I don’t know, family?

Finn: No.

Deacon: Enemies?

Finn: No, I– I mean, not anyone that you wouldn’t already know.

Deacon: Did she ever mention someone named sugar?

Poppy: Okay, just slow down.

Luna: I have no idea what could be happening between rj and zende right now.

Poppy: Hey, I get it. It is tough to sit back and wait. Your first instinct is to head over to forrester–

Luna: We didn’t even get to finish our conversation, mom. He just– he ran off and he probably won’t ever want to speak to me again.

Poppy: No. No. Rj loves you. He will realize that this was not a conscious decision, that you would never intentionally betray him or hurt him.

Luna: I can’t lose rj, mom. I– I have to get through to him.

Poppy: And you will. You will have another opportunity. But is heading over to forrester the best idea? Rj needs a little time.

Luna: I can’t just sit here and do nothing.

Poppy: Be patient. Rj will come back eventually. But if you walk in on them together, your being there could upset him even more.

Luna: I need to take that chance, mom. I have to tell him how much I love him.

Zende: I had no idea luna wasn’t herself that night. She was already in my bed. I thought she was making the first move.

Rj: She thought it was me, her boyfriend. You don’t have an excuse. Because you, you knew damn well what you were doing. ‘Cause you’ve never respected me or her or our relationship. You cannot stand here and justify to me sleeping with my girlfriend.

Hope: I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to understand what drew my father to sheila.

Liam: Not for nothing, he still seems pretty drawn to her, even after the fact.

Hope: Yeah. I think he’s just struggling to let her go, you know? I think he’s just lonely.

Liam: She must have, like, filled a void for him or something.

Hope: Well, let’s hope that’s all it was. I might have a little more sympathy for that, maybe. I mean, my mom did turn him down.

Liam: Yeah, a bunch of times. Sorry.

Hope: She always was the one that got away.

Liam: That’s what– that’s what’s so funny is like, ’cause you’ve got– you’ve got brooke logan, it’s like, up here, right? And then you’ve got sheila carter, who’s all the way, oh look, six feet under.

Hope: Okay, fine, yes. I just– all I wish is for my dad to move on. I mean, he could do so, so much better.

Liam: Yeah, like literally anyone without a 10-page rap sheet.

Hope: Yeah, that would be a nice change of pace. That would. And I– I get it. I– I– he thought they had something in common. But he couldn’t be more wrong. I mean, yes, my dad has messed up. But nowhere near the horrible things that sheila’s done.

Liam: You know, I told him the exact same thing. It’s not even close.

Hope: Thank you. But also, why are we wasting our time talking about this?

Liam: Good point.

Hope: Thanks. Yes, she’s dead. Sheila is buried. And hopefully, she will never be an issue in our lives ever again, so…

Finn: Sugar? That’s quite a name. I think I’d remember that. Why?

Deacon: All right, a while back, I was looking at sheila’s text messages. I wanted to see if there was anything unusual.

Finn: Deacon, geez. You, listen, sheila, she’s gone. You have got to start coming to terms with it.

Deacon: Just please hear me out, all right? Look, I get it. You think I got a screw loose.

Finn: No, I just think you’re wasting your time looking for signs of life. Steffy killed sheila. I mean, I saw her blood on the floor with my own eyes.

Deacon: I don’t need to hear all the gory details. Just listen to me. So a while back, sheila, she kept sneaking off, right? And when I called her on it, she said she was meeting someone from her past. And now, I find this text conversation from sugar.

Finn: Okay, what– what did they say?

Deacon: It didn’t sound friendly.

Finn: I don’t know anything about anyone named sugar. And frankly, deacon, it doesn’t matter. Sheila is dead.

Hey! Asthma’s

got you going through it?

Zende: Yes, I admit that. What I did was wrong.

Rj: If it was wrong, then why did you do it? What, was it because of me? Because you were jealous of me?

Zende: No, no, man. I didn’t do it to get back at you or anything like that. Like I said, I care about luna. If you two weren’t involved–

Rj: I know. I’ve seen you trying to flirt with her for months. I– I see you, zende.

Zende: It’s my bad.

Rj: Oh, your bad? It’s– it’s your bad now?

Zende: Luna never reciprocated. We’ve just been friends.

Rj: Exactly! You both have been keeping this secret behind my back.

Zende: She was afraid of hurting you, man. You know luna. She’s the sweetest, kindest, most honest person there is. She didn’t want to lose you. Dude. Hey.

Rj: What?

Zende: She thought she was with you. I know this must be messing with your head right now. But you’ve forgiven luna, haven’t you?

Luna: Rj, we need to talk. Okay, there’s– there’s so much more that I need to say. And I– I don’t want what I did to affect your relationship. Okay, I don’t want you two fighting.

Rj: It’s too– too late.

Luna: Oh, my god.

Poppy: Zende, are you okay?

Zende: I’m fine. I was just telling rj that everything that happened was my fault.

Poppy: No, and mine.

Rj: How could you drug your own daughter?

Poppy: It was an accident. My mints got mixed up with luna’S. I had no idea she took them.

Zende: None of us did. Rj, it was a huge, huge misunderstanding. And things got out of hand. But you can’t blame luna. Look at her. Can’t you see how much she loves you? Can’t you see how lucky you are? Tell her, rj. Tell luna you forgive her.

Liam: Yes, yes, exactly. Why are we even uttering her name?

Hope: It’s because sheila’s still haunting us from the grave.

Liam: Oh, my god, I hope not. And if she is, clearly we’re not the only ones. How about we make a deal? We just never speak of her again?

Deacon: Had chef throw in an extra order of meatballs.

Finn: Oh, well, thanks.

Deacon: Look, man, I’m really sorry about talking your ear off. I just– I thought maybe you could help me.

Finn: Okay, look, I have no idea who this mysterious sugar is. And frankly, it sounds like a dog’s name.

Deacon: Dogs don’t text.

Finn: Look, you’re gonna be doing your health a favor if you let this go. Stop obsessing over sheila and going through her text messages and her emails and playing private investigator. For what? Deacon, it’s pointless. You’re never gonna see sheila again, ever.

Deacon: Isn’t there just like a little part of you that wishes your birth mother was still alive?

Finn: It doesn’t matter how I feel. Just enjoy the memories. Miss her all you want. Think of her fondly, whatever. But get on with your life. I’m serious, deacon. It’s time. It’s over.

Deacon: What the hell? I saw your face. Your face and ten toes. Are you out there, sheila? Baby, are you still alive?

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