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Sarah checks on Paulina in her hospital room. Paulina says she’s groggy and can’t seem to focus. Paulina adds that she misses her family. Sarah says that’s normal. Paulina mentions the nurse giving her medication. Paulina asks how long before she can be released and get back to the real world. Sarah says it’s a minimum of two days but could be up to four and as soon as it’s safe to release her, they will. Sarah adds that she will have to take precautions for about a week before she can fully enter the public life. Paulina complains that means there’s no end in sight.

Johnny returns to the Horton Cabin with the firewood. Julie asks what happened. Johnny says the wood was wet so he had to go further to find some. Julie asks where Chanel is. Johnny thought she was here with her. Julie explains that she went out looking for Johnny. Johnny responds that he hasn’t seen her so Julie questions where Chanel is. Julie notes that it’s been about ten minutes so Johnny says she couldn’t have gone far. Johnny decides he will call her and let her know that he’s back but they find out that Chanel left her phone in the cabin.

Harris helps Ava pack her things at Tripp and Wendy’s apartment. Harris jokes about moving it in to his place as they kiss. Ava says she’s glad to be getting out of here as she doesn’t want Tripp and Wendy caught in the line of fire again now that Clyde is still in her hair. Ava can’t believe Clyde wants another favor with his black book. Harris wishes he was there when Clyde called her. Harris mentions trying to track Clyde’s location but he hasn’t left any trail. Ava calls Clyde a reptile waiting to strike. Harris argues that he’s had more stealth training than Clyde and that Clyde has definitely underestimated who he is dealing with in both of them. Harris declares that he’s going to bring Clyde to justice.

Nicole confronts EJ in the town square and questions his half-hearted apology where he didn’t even mention Tate and his family. EJ claims that he did right before they got there. Nicole questions him as she thought he was genuine about this. EJ argues that he did exactly what he said he would do, no more and no less. Nicole feels it was a lot less since the press barely arrived. Nicole guesses that EJ wants to bury this and questions if he’s even sorry that he locked up Tate. EJ argues that he has a very busy day and they were lucky to get an apology. EJ adds that he just met with the judge over the whole Stefan fiasco and the judge said they will take the plea under advisement, so he has no idea if they will accept or reject the deal. EJ repeats that it’s a very busy day so he has to go as he doesn’t want to deal with the press. EJ tries to walk away but Xander and Chad arrive. Xander announces they are the press and they are here while Chad tells EJ that he hopes he’s hungry because he’s about to eat crow.

Ava tells Harris that for him, justice is putting Clyde behind bars but for her, it’s a little different. Ava mentions that she swore to slit Clyde’s throat after he tried to kill the two most important men in her life. Harris assures that he won’t let Clyde hurt Tripp again or her. They kiss until Ava worries about what if she can’t find Clyde’s black book and says she doesn’t even know where to begin looking. Ava says she worked at the Bistro for months and knew every inch of the place but she never came across it. Harris says they have to have a plan as they can’t just bust in and tear the place up. Ava is glad she’s not doing this alone. Harris is glad she told him about Clyde’s call right away this time and thanks her for trusting him. Ava says there’s no one that she trusts more. Harris says now they can beat Clyde at his own game, so they are going to find Gil’s black book, give it to him, and then take his ass down.

Sarah tells Paulina that she knows isolation is a drag but she will be back with her family soon and this whole ordeal will be over. Sarah knows Abe, Chanel, and Johnny are missing her. Sarah mentions Johnny and Chanel being at the Horton Cabin for their honeymoon, but she doesn’t think they were expecting a snowstorm. Sarah hopes they didn’t lose power and that they have enough firewood. Sarah adds that they have plenty of blankets and clothes, so she’s sure they will be just fine but Paulina looks worried.

Johnny realizes they can’t call Chanel so Julie asks what they are going to do. Johnny decides he’s going to go find her. Julie worries about Johnny looking for her while she’s looking for him. Johnny says he will have his phone and tells Julie to call if Chanel comes back. Julie goes to prepare cocoa for when he finds her.

EJ tells Chad and Xander that they are too late as he just wrapped up this press conference, offered his apology to Brady and claims he was just talking to Nicole about how well it went. Chad says that’s bull and they all know it. Xander calls EJ unbelievable by starting the press conference early to avoid the press. Chad calls it not a good look for EJ. EJ tells them to get out of his way but Xander stops him and says EJ is a civil servant and the press have more than a few questions. Nicole steps away with her phone while Xander tells EJ to start by telling them what he missed and asks if he even apologized to Tate and his parents. EJ states that an apology was given, the family was there, and the matter was resolved. Xander argues there has to be more to it and asks what exactly was said. Chad walks over to Nicole and asks if she doesn’t want to stand by her husband while he’s getting grilled. Nicole claims that’s not her job and he has his own office. Chad questions why EJ would start the press conference early and if he didn’t want the press there. Nicole says she has no idea and she was only there for the end. Nicole adds that she’s not interested in talking about this. Chad asks how Holly is doing. Nicole says she’s okay and goes back to school today, so she hopes it all goes well. Chad says he hopes so for both of them and asks how Nicole has been holding up. Nicole thinks she’s at a crossroads after taking care of Holly for almost a year and now she doesn’t know what to do with herself as she thought she would be raising her son. Chad says he’s sorry. Nicole states that God has other plans for her but she doesn’t know what they are yet. Ava and Harris enter the town square as Xander asks EJ if the family were satisfied with his apology. EJ claims they were completely and now he must get going. Xander stops EJ and asks if there’s any progress in finding out who shot Harris and set him up. EJ talks about the police investigation and claims his office have offered their full support. Xander then notes Harris and Ava walking through, so he asks Harris if there are any leads in finding the actual shooter. Harris says a public statement should come from the police commissioner. Xander asks where they are in the search for Clyde Weston. EJ responds that they have initiated a nationwide manhunt for Clyde which Xander questions. Ava suggests to Harris that they go grab a coffee and walk away.

Paulina checks her laptop and sees that her office just sent her a transcript of EJ’s press conference. Paulina reads it and questions EJ being so smug and sleazy, arguing this is not the way to apologize to a wrongly accused teenage boy. Sarah warns Paulina about her heart rate rising and suggests she finish work a little later. Sarah encourages her to think happy thoughts for now.

Chanel’s phone rings with a call from Paulina so Julie asks if they should just let it go to voicemail. Johnny says then Paulina will start to worry and just keep calling, so he answers it. Paulina questions where Chanel is. Johnny claims she’s in the shower and he saw it was her calling so he didn’t want her to worry. Paulina responds that she is worried because she heard about the storm, so she asks if everything is okay there. Johnny claims everything is great and asks how isolation is. Paulina says it’s boring but she’s fine and will get through it. Paulina apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon and says she just wanted to check in. Johnny says it’s no problem and he will tell Chanel that she called. Paulina tells him to tell Chanel to call her after her shower. Johnny agrees to do so and hangs up. Johnny tells Julie that he will go find Chanel and then Paulina will never know and won’t have to worry. Julie warns Johnny to be careful as he exits the cabin. Julie then prays to St. Anthony to help Johnny find Chanel. Julie thinks back to talking with Chanel and telling her about the time capsule before she left to go help Johnny. Chanel’s phone then rings again with a call from Paulina. Julie answers so Paulina questions why she’s at the cabin. Julie explains that she came for an overnight getaway to get out of the house but she had no idea that Sarah had told Johnny and Chanel they could use it for their honeymoon. Paulina guesses that Julie had to stay because of the snow which she confirms. Julie says the roads are blocked and nobody can get out. Paulina asks where Chanel is since she told Johnny to have her call after her shower. Julie says they decided to take advantage of the weather, so they are out playing in the snow. Paulina hopes they dressed warmly. Julie assures that she bundled them up. Paulina tells Julie to have Chanel call her. Julie says she will and hangs up.

Ava and Harris walk through the town square with their coffee. Ava tells Harris that she’s sorry he had to be put on the spot with questions. Harris understands that Xander wants to know who set him up. Ava says she’s sorry for all the trouble she brought his way. Harris argues that Clyde did that, not her. Ava says she made things complicated and he still covered her. Harris says he used Stefan to help her and he would do it again. Harris calls Stefan a weasel but says he was under Clyde’s control like Ava was, but not for long. They look over where Chad and Xander are still trying to interview EJ. EJ tries to say he has to go but Chad asks how much time the district attorney’s office is recommending that Stefan serve in his plea deal. Chad says any nepotism or conflict of interest would be interesting for the readers. EJ asks if Chad interviewing him isn’t conflict of interest. EJ states that there was a hearing this morning but the outcome has yet to be decided. EJ says that Stefan’s attorney gave it her best go, but he is quietly confident that Stefan will serve justly for his role in the distribution of tainted narcotics throughout Salem. Stefan then interrupts and announces he actually already has which surprises Harris and Ava as they watch.

Julie calls Doug and tells him that Johnny is out looking for Chanel and as soon as they come back and the roads are plowed, she is going to get the hell off the island. Chanel’s phone rings with another call from Paulina. Julie questions her not giving it a rest. Julie tells Doug that Johnny said she has to pick it up or it would be much worse if it went to voicemail. Julie answers the call as Paulina questions what is going on out there and where Chanel and Johnny are. Julie says to let her check and puts her on hold. Julie tells Doug that she needs an excuse for why Chanel is not answering Paulina. Julie says she can’t tell her the truth but accidentally says in to Chanel’s phone that Paulina will panic if she finds out Chanel is missing which Paulina hears. Julie tells Doug that she will call him back and hangs up. Julie then goes back to her call with Paulina, who questions her daughter missing. Julie realizes she heard her. Paulina demands Julie tell her the truth and asks how long Chanel has been missing and where Johnny is. Julie informs her that Johnny went out to get some firewood and he was gone awhile, so Chanel went out to find him and then after ten minutes, Johnny came back with the firewood but not Chanel, so now Johnny has gone back out to find Chanel. Julie apologizes as she didn’t want to worry her as she’s sure they will walk through the door any second. Johnny then returns without Chanel. Julie asks him where Chanel is.

Stefan asks EJ if he’s surprised to see him and says he’s sorry to steal his limelight. EJ asks how this happened. Stefan reveals that the judge followed the law and agreed to time served, announcing he is now a free man. EJ angrily declares that they are done here and that’s all for questions. EJ storms off as Chad calls out to him that they aren’t done yet and Xander questions if EJ advocated for Stefan’s release. Chad realizes EJ won’t answer and suggests they go talk to Stefan. Xander says he has somewhere else to be and asks Chad to handle it. Chad agrees and thanks Xander for showing up. Xander admits his motivation was to grill EJ about who set him up but that EJ didn’t seem too eager to find out who is behind it or who shot Harris. Chad tells Xander that he’ll let him know if he finds anything. Xander warns Stefan that he’ll see him later as he walks by. Nicole calls this unbelievable as Chad questions how Stefan pulled off worming his way out of prison. Nicole calls Stefan a son of a bitch and demands he start talking now.

Xander joins Sarah at the Brady Pub. She asks how the press conference went. Xander calls it a joke as EJ called the conference before the press even arrived, so they missed most of it. Xander adds that there’s no news on his case and he doesn’t expect any change there. Xander calls the whole thing bizarre, revealing that Stefan showed up. Sarah is shocked and questions that with Stefan being in jail but Xander says not anymore.

Harris and Ava confront EJ in the town square about letting Stefan go. Harris asks how he could be so reckless. EJ argues that Harris is the one who covered up his own shooter to protect Ava. EJ remarks that someday, Harris will regret that. Ava asks EJ how his mother Susan is doing these days. Stefan asks Nicole what her problem is. Nicole responds that Stefan helped put the drugs on the street that almost killed Holly. Nicole gets that Holly is not a DiMera, but argues that they are family. Stefan says he feels terribly about that and he never intended on anyone getting hurt. Stefan says he only let the drugs be picked up and dropped off under the threat of bodily harm to his wife. Stefan says Nicole has to believe him when he tells her that he had no idea the drugs were laced with opioids. Stefan states that he only did it to protect his wife and he’s so sorry. Nicole tells him that he should be apologizing to Holly, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near her. Stefan says that might be difficult since they live in the same house. EJ interrupts and says he wouldn’t be so sure about that. Nicole storms off in tears while Chad goes after her to ask if she’s okay. Nicole doesn’t understand how Stefan could be free after what he did. Nicole knows Clyde was putting screws to him, but argues that he could’ve told the police or EJ. Chad says that Stefan thinks he can handle everything on his own. Chad tells Nicole that he’s sorry. Nicole asks why since he didn’t do anything. Chad says it’s his family and that should’ve never happened.

Julie tells Johnny that Paulina called again and knows Chanel is missing. Johnny instructs Julie to call 911 as he takes the phone to talk to Paulina, who asks if he found Chanel. Johnny says not yet, but Julie is calling for help. Johnny apologizes for not telling her sooner. Paulina asks how long she has been missing. Johnny guesses 30 or 40 minutes. Paulina worries about Chanel freezing to death in the snowstorm. Johnny tells her not to panic and vows to find her even if he has to search the whole island. Paulina says he better as she hangs up and worries about Chanel being out there, cold and alone. Paulina declares that she can’t just sit here and do nothing, so she makes a phone call and says they need to connect her to the Salem Public Works now.

Xander tells Sarah that it looks like he won’t be visiting Stefan at the jail today after all. Sarah brings up Stefan confessing to helping Clyde run drugs through the Bistro and questions how the hell he’s out of jail. Xander guesses he made a deal with the judge and maybe there’s blackmail involved, pointing out that he’s a DiMera so they can’t be surprised at him playing dirty. Sarah complains that this is so wrong and talks about the amount of overdoses that she’s seen come through the hospital and lives being destroyed. Xander calls it unbelievable as Stefan helped poison the whole town. Sarah suggests maybe EJ finagled a deal for him and wonders if he got him out. Xander says it doesn’t seem like they care much for each other but the DiMeras are shady. Xander argues that Stefan was up to his neck in the mess with Clyde, so he wonders if Stefan played a role in making it seem like he was guilty in shooting Harris. Sarah asks what if he did. Xander declares that if Stefan was involved in throwing him under the bus, there will be hell to pay.

Nicole tells Chad that he is not his family, so he bears no responsibility for what Stefan did. Nicole brings up that Chad wrote the article that put out what Stefan did. Chad credits Everett for writing that story but Nicole points out that Chad published it when he didn’t have to and put his family’s dirty laundry in the headlines which says so much about his integrity. Chad argues that he’s made his share of mistakes. Nicole says they all have. Nicole encourages that Chad did the right thing. Nicole remembers when she was a TV reporter having decisions hard to make. Chad questions her being a reporter. Nicole calls it a really long time ago and says she loved chasing after a story and figuring out how to tell it, saying every day was exciting. Stefan warns EJ about reneging on his deal this morning. EJ asks what deal since Stefan signed over everything to him. Stefan argues that he agreed to give back half. EJ asks how to give back half a house. EJ says to forget the house, but they go back to running DiMeras co-CEOs. EJ argues that the board and shareholders will not want that since Stefan is a convicted felon and they made it very clear they don’t want that. Stefan says fine to EJ being CEO but says he gets everything else. EJ refuses. Stefan looks back over at Chad talking to Nicole and asks if EJ told Chad or Kristen about their deal. EJ says he didn’t. Stefan says that’s good because he would hate to see anyone else try to get their paws on what is rightfully his. Stefan brings up EJ saying his blackmail was better than his but says he was wrong. Stefan then threatens that if EJ doesn’t give back what is his, then he will tell Nicole that EJ knew about the drugs being distributed through the Bistro and that he came to him for help but he refused. Stefan warns that if Nicole finds out that EJ could’ve prevented Holly’s overdose, she will never forgive him.

Julie tells Johnny that help is on the way and the first responders will be there as soon as they can get through. Johnny questions where Chanel could be as he’s looked everywhere. Julie suggests she could’ve slipped on the ice or got turned around in all the snow. Johnny admits the visibility is pretty bad so she could’ve just lost the trail. Johnny decides he has to get back out there and find his wife.

Paulina complains on the phone about being told it will be hours before they can clear the bridge. Paulina says she realizes the snow is still coming down but that is not acceptable. Paulina declares that she is the Mayor of Salem and tells them to have the head of their company call her immediately. Paulina thinks back to Chanel yelling at her to stop talking about leaving the planet during her cancer treatment and then promising to get through it. Paulina gets out of the hospital bed after getting dressed, grabs her things, and declares that mama’s coming as she exits the room.

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