B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

At his beach house, RJ is rocked by the news that Luna slept with Zende. She’s very sorry and tells him how much she loves him. At first, RJ assumes that Zende took advantage of her, but she assures him that wasn’t the case. RJ gives her a little bit of a hard time for lying to him all this time, but it appears that he mostly blames Zende. He rushes out. She calls after him, upset.

Carter and Zende continue to discuss the situation at Forrester. Poppy walks in and is shocked that Zende told Carter about it.

Also at Forrester, Liam and Hope return from the zoo with Beth. They talk about the fun time they had. They talk about Thomas a little bit. She tells him how Thomas did change and get better, but she can’t understand why she couldn’t say yes to his proposal. She tries to explain to Liam about why she was attracted to Thomas but didn’t meant to hurt either of them. Now she just wants to focus on Beth. He agrees and feels the same way. He’s done with trying to find his identity through a woman.

Poppy visits Luna and is surprised that RJ isn’t there. Luna tells her how upset he was.

RJ walks in to the office and punches Zende. Zende says to blame him, not Luna, but RJ retorts that he does blame him.


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