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Abe and Paulina have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Paulina complains about everything being on her special diet while she’d rather have a bear claw. Abe encourages that she will be able to have one very soon. Paulina says she doesn’t mean to complain as she is very grateful that the treatment exists but she’s dreading the treatment because she hates being away from Abe for even a minute.

Chanel runs in to Johnny in the town square. Johnny reveals the key to the Horton Cabin and announces they are starting their mini honeymoon today which surprises her. Chanel says there’s one problem that she has to work. Johnny guesses it will just have to wait then. Chanel thanks him for understanding as they kiss. Chanel then heads to the Bakery to work.

Kristen walks through the town square, reading the news on her phone and says she can’t believe that Stefan confessed to running illegal drugs through the Bistro and that he’s now behind bars.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ is on the phone, saying the Spectator did not get the exclusive because it’s run by a DiMera and that his office will be releasing a statement today. EJ hangs up as Holly enters the room. EJ knows she’s upset about being punished but says she chose to do drugs and lied to them about it. Holly asks if he’s never lied. EJ says everyone makes mistakes but this needs to be a lesson learned. Holly complains about her and Tate not being able to see each other anymore. EJ says that was Tate’s parents decision and he can’t blame them. EJ knows Holly wants to be with Tate now, but thinks in time that she will see this is for the best. Holly thinks EJ blew everything out of proportion right from the beginning and declares that this is all EJ’s fault.

Tripp and Wendy go to the park. Wendy asks about his first day back to work. Tripp says it felt good to get back to normal and asks if she’s decided when she’s going back. Wendy says she’s not sure as Rafe left it up to her. Tripp feels that’s good. Wendy asks what they are doing out here and worries about a storm coming soon. Tripp informs her that they are going to work up a sweat. Tripp then opens his bag and presents her with boxing gloves and tells Wendy that she’s going to punch him.

Ava gets a phone call from an unknown number. Ava answers and it’s Clyde, calling from the park. Clyde says hello and bets that she thought she was rid of him. Ava asks what he wants. Clyde wants her to listen up. Ava says that Clyde almost killed her son and his girlfriend, so unless he called to tell her where he is, so that she can come slit his throat and watch him bleed, she has nothing to say. Clyde questions her hostility and remarks that he’s heard Tripp is just fun. Clyde warns her to listen to what he has to say unless she wants him to disavow Stefan’s confession to the police. Clyde informs Ava that he just finished reading this morning’s news about Stefan being arrested and that he’s awaiting arraignment while his ex-business partner, Ava, declined comment. Clyde questions her being called his ex-partner and says he doesn’t think so because he has one more little job that he needs Ava to do for him. Ava flashes back to when Clyde first asked her to run his new drug empire. Ava tells Clyde that the Bistro closed because of everything that went down. Clyde instructs her to force her way back in. Clyde doesn’t know or care how she and Harris got Stefan to take the fall, but they both know she is far from innocent on this. Clyde warns that if Ava wants to keep flying under the radar, she will do what he tells her.

Wendy questions punching Tripp as he instructs her to put the gloves on and explains that physical activity is good for working off nerves and stress. Tripp says after what they went through, it’s not surprise that they have PTSD so he thinks it might be good to work their feelings out in a physical way that’s perfectly safe. Wendy says she’s never tried boxing before. Tripp says he hasn’t either but always wanted to try. Wendy was thinking more like jogging but agrees to give boxing a try.

Chanel returns to Johnny in the town square and says her staff was wondering why she showed up when she was supposed to be on her mini honeymoon. Johnny admits he may have talked to them and they agreed to cover. Chanel says it was sweet, generous, and she really wants to go but brings Paulina starting her treatment. Johnny says that’s why he scheduled this now because Paulina is going to have to be in isolation, so she won’t be able to be with her for the next few days due to being radioactive. Chanel acknowledges that’s true. Johnny adds that the Horton Cabin is fairly close if she had to come back but assures that everything will be fine. Chanel admits she can’t say no to that. Johnny promises it will be the best time ever as they kiss.

EJ walks through the town square, on the phone with Mr. Shin, saying he has everything under control as he walks past Kristen. EJ promises Mr. Shin that he will handle it as he hangs up. Kristen complains about finding out their brother is in jail from the Spectator. Kristen questions nobody telling her. EJ tells her to get a grip. Kristen argues that Stefan was running the company, so she questions where the hell that leaves DiMera Enterprises. EJ assures that there’s nothing to worry about and he has to run. EJ walks off as Kristen shouts about the family business going under. EJ runs in to Johnny, who informs him that he and Chanel are going out of town to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. EJ tells him that’s great and long overdue but says he’s in a rush. Johnny stops him and says he also wanted to know about Stefan being in jail. EJ questions if he even cares. Johnny insists that he does since Stefan is his uncle. EJ points out that Stefan was supplying the drugs that nearly got Holly killed and assures that everything is under control. EJ tells Johnny not to worry and to go enjoy his honeymoon as they both deserve some time off. EJ then hurries off.

Wendy worries about hurting Tripp with a punch but Tripp assures her that she did good and they joke about it. Wendy mentions being a brown belt in taekwondo but says she’s never punched someone. Wendy takes off her gloves and tells Tripp it’s his turn but Tripp decides jogging doesn’t sound like a bad idea, so Wendy says she’ll race him.

Ava tells Clyde that she doesn’t care about flying under the radar so he can go ahead and tell someone that she was just as involved as Stefan. Ava says she’d rather park her ass in jail than do anything for Clyde again. Ava declares that she’s hanging up and tells him not to call back. Clyde asks what would Harris say if he knew how he got out of prison. Clyde guesses that got her attention and says he’s only asking for one small favor. Ava refuses to launder his money. Clyde says this job is easy. Clyde reveals that Gil hid a little black book at the Bistro and inside that book is all the information on his suppliers and dealers. Clyde says there is no digital trail on him as everything is in that book. Clyde declares that Ava is to get him that book and it is not to be placed in anyone else’s hands. Clyde points out that he’s not asking Ava to kill anybody or kidnap anybody or even betray her friends. Clyde says that book is the only trail back to him, so if she gets it to him, he will pick up and move his operations elsewhere so she’ll never have to hear from him again. Ava then tells Clyde that this is the last thing she will ever do for him and then she’s out.

Abe and Paulina talk about her upcoming treatment. Chanel arrives and says she brought some treats that are made to be on her approved foods list which excites Paulina. Chanel says she has to go but will have her phone on if they need her to come back as she reveals that she and Johnny are going to the Horton Cabin for a mini honeymoon. Paulina calls that wonderful and insists on them going.

Holly sits at home and thinks back to being with Tate. Johnny comes in and greets her, then asks what’s wrong. Holly complains that she has no life. Johnny has no idea what she’s talking about. Holly informs him that she and Tate are no longer allowed to see each other which Johnny says sucks. Holly adds that she’s not in love with Tate in case anyone tells him that, but she does really like him. Holly says it doesn’t matter because Nicole and EJ decided they are toxic for each other. Holly remarks that she thinks EJ and Nicole are a total mismatch. Johnny says he’s sorry that she and Tate can’t hang out. Holly blames herself for making such a mess out of everything. Johnny says they all mess up and she’s paying the consequences, but soon it will just be a bad memory. Johnny mentions that he and Chanel are getting away for the weekend, so he has to go pack. Holly says she’s really happy for them and hopes she finds that one day. Johnny tells her not to rush as she has loads of time. Johnny says when he gets back, if she still wants to talk, there will be no judgment. Johnny heads upstairs and then Rachel comes in and greets Holly. Rachel suggests they go paint their nails which Holly agrees to.

Wendy and Tripp return home as they finish their jogging. Wendy pulls out her phone and sees the Spectator article about Stefan being in jail after confessing to running drugs out of the Bistro. Tripp asks if it says anything about his mom. Wendy says just that Stefan’s ex-business partner declined to comment. Ava then comes in and greets them, asking if they are okay. Tripp responds that he’s fine but she has some explaining to do as he shows her the article. Tripp asks Ava what’s going on and why Stefan would do that. Ava claims not to know. Tripp thought they were both forced in to this shady stuff and threatened by Clyde. Ava guesses that Stefan felt so guilty about what happened to them. Tripp feels that doesn’t sound like Stefan but says who cares since it’s great news and Ava can finally put all of this behind her. Ava declares that she’s going to make a fresh start and she has started by quitting the Bistro since it’s too much bad luck and bad memories. Ava adds that her fresh start includes finding a new place to live.

Rachel and Holly paint their nails. Holly asks Rachel about school. Johnny and Chanel come in. Johnny announces they are taking off for their honeymoon. Holly tells them to have a great time. Johnny and Chanel then exit together.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s going to miss her. Paulina says she’s going to this procedure, knowing he will be at home waiting for her. Paulina says it comforts her knowing that he remembers their history and loves her as Abe hugs her.

Tripp questions Ava moving out. Ava jokes that newlyweds need their space. Wendy says they aren’t exactly but Ava says she heard they exchanged vows which Tripp and Wendy flash back to. Ava asks if they are going to make it official. Tripp says maybe, but for now their vows are on the backburner. Wendy agrees that they are just happy being together. Ava feels they still need their space. Tripp says she doesn’t have to do this. Ava argues that she nearly got them killed. Ava says they have been too generous and let her stay way too long. Ava thinks moving out on her own will be best for everyone.

Abe brings Paulina to the hospital where she prepares for her treatment. Abe encourages that it’s only for a few days. Tripp enters and greets them. Paulina says it’s good to see him. Abe adds that they are so relieved that Tripp and Wendy were rescued. Tripp thanks him. Paulina calls it a horrifying ordeal. Tripp says it was but they are okay now and feeling very lucky. Tripp mentions hearing they had an ordeal as well but with a really happy ending. Abe says they are blessed. Tripp tells Paulina that they will get started and explains that she will be taken to a special room to take the radioactive pill. Paulina asks if she and Abe can have a minute before she goes. Tripp agrees to send a nurse for her in ten minutes and exits the room. Abe then hugs Paulina.

Johnny and Chanel arrive on Smith Island as Johnny carries her in to the cabin. They talk about the place being private and cozy. Johnny jokes that they can be as loud as they want, unlike at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel wonders when anyone was last there. Johnny guesses it’s been awhile and decides he will get some firewood for them as he then exits.

Rachel tells Holly that she doesn’t like boys and is never getting married. They talk until Kristen walks in and orders Rachel to go upstairs, so she exits. Kristen questions what the hell Holly is doing. Holly responds that they were just hanging out. Kristen says not anymore and tells Holly to stay away from her daughter. Holly argues that they were just doing manicures like they used to. Kristen argues that Holly used to not do drugs back then. Holly says she’s not doing drugs now. Kristen questions if she’s lying now like she was before when she let Tate take the fall. Kristen complains that Tate is like a son to her and he’s also Rachel’s half-brother. Kristen asks how Rachel is going to feel when she finds out what Holly did to Tate. Kristen warns that if she finds her with Rachel again, she will regret it. EJ walks in and screams at Kristen that’s enough and that she will not talk to Holly like that anymore. Kristen complains about Holly and Rachel. EJ mocks her asking if they were doing their nails or listening to Cannibal Corpse. Kristen argues that Rachel is her daughter, so she will decide who she hangs out with. EJ brings up Kristen’s villainous history with Brady, Theresa, Marlena, and Eric to name a few. Kristen tells EJ to get off his high horse and storms out of the room. EJ remarks that Kristen makes his blood boil and says he’s sorry for losing his temper, but Holly thanks him for having her back. EJ tells her to let him know if Kristen gives her any more trouble as he then exits the room.

Wendy asks Ava if she needs help looking for a new place. Ava says she can manage. Wendy repeats that she doesn’t have to go. Ava admits that she’s been really good to her and she appreciates it as she then heads to her room.

Abe exits Paulina’s hospital room.

Johnny lights a fire at the Horton Cabin and tells Chanel that it should start to warm up soon. Chanel has an idea on speeding that up as they start kissing. They say they will love each other forever as they continue kissing.

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