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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Everett told Chad that Stefan was in jail. Chad and Leo wondered why Stefan was in jail. Everett said Stefan confessed to running drugs for Clyde. Stephanie ran into Eric and Sloan and talked about Everett. Jada brought her divorce documents to the police station to prove to Rafe that she divorced Bobby. Rafe apologized for finding out that she was married to Bobby. Jada told him not to be sorry because she was going to prove that she and Bobby were divorced. She checked through her box and found the divorce papers. Rafe was relieved to know he wasn’t sleeping with a married woman. Stephanie told Sloan and Eric that Everett didn’t have any memory of being Bobby. Sloan asked if Eric if Jada ever talked about her marriage. Eric said she didn’t say much about him. Stephane said Jada thought she was the other woman. Sloan sympathized with Jada but didn’t think people should judge Everett until they knew what he was going through. When Sloan left, Stephanie talked to Eric about Jada being upset with her. Sloan met with Rafe and Jada at the police station. She let Jada know she ran into Stephanie at the pub. Jada showed Sloan her divorce papers and said she and Bobby weren’t married. Sloan said she spoke to Rafe’s friend Vincent and found out that Bobby never signed the divorce papers. She said they were still married. Chad talked to Everett about the last time he saw Stefan. He said it was a cry for help. Everett said he finished the story and asked if he wanted him to publish it. Chad told him to publish it. Everett said the last time he wanted to write the story he wanted him to bury it. He wanted to make sure Chad wasn’t going to bury it again. EJ talked to Nicole about the board finding out about Stefan’s arrest. He said the board was going to get rid of Stefan if he didn’t leave on his own. Nicole asked if Stefan was responsible for the drugs that put Holly in a coma. EJ said he could be. He said he was doing what Clyde wanted in order to save her life. While they were talking, Brady showed up. Brady said he wanted a public apology for Tate. He said he wanted EJ to admit to being wrong for accusing Tate of doing something he didn’t do. Brady said he wanted it and that was what EJ was going to do.

Jada wanted to know why her divorce decree wasn’t valid. Sloan said Bobby never signed it. Jada said no one would know about it if it weren’t for Rafe’s friend. Rafe said he was trying to help. Sloan said the problem was fixable. She said Vincent gave her the divorce papers for her to sign. Jada wanted to take care of it right away. While Chad and Everett were talking, Stephanie showed up and told them she was going to continue representing the paper. She said she wanted Chad to be the person she contacted. Jada called Everett and asked him to come to meet with her. He agreed to meet her. EJ told Brady that he didn’t have a problem making a public apology for Tate. Brady said he didn’t think he would after what he said about Tate and Holly’s deceit. Holly showed up and said she was going for a walk. When Holly went outside, Tate was there. She told him his father was there. Tate gave her a burner phone. Holly asked how he was doing. He said he was glad to be out of the halfway house. She apologized for what she did. They talked about their parents not keeping them apart at school. Nicole told Brady that she told Holly to apologize to Tate and Theresa. Brady told her to tell her husband that as well. EJ said he went by the evidence for why he went after Tate. Brady said EJ did it because of his hatred of him. Nicole pulled EJ aside and told him everything happened because Holly took drugs. She said they should do the right thing. EJ agreed with her. He apologized to Brady and was going to issue a letter of apology as soon as possible. Everett met with Jada and Rafe at the pub. Sloan mention the divorce papers, but Everett didn’t know what she was talking about. Jada said she asked him for a divorce. Everett asked why he would remember a divorcing her when he didn’t remember marrying her. Jada told him they were still married. Brady, EJ, and Nicole caught Tate and Holly together. Chad told Stephanie that he was an idiot for trusting Stefan. While Chad was talking, he noticed that Stephanie was distracted. She said she was confused about Everett and didn’t know if he meant to hurt her or Jada. Sloan showed Everett the divorce papers. Everett signed the papers. Sloan asked him about his signature. Brady told Tate that he warned him to stay away from Holly. Holly said she wanted to see him. Brady said Tate shouldn’t be around her because she accused him of drugging her. Nicole agreed that they should stay away from each other. Tate said he forgave Holly. Brady said they had to stay away from each other. Chad told Stephanie to let Everett lean on someone else. She said Everett didn’t have anyone else in Salem. Chad said Everett could lean on him. Stephanie thought that was nice, but Everett wouldn’t open up to him. Sloan told Everett that he signed the wrong name. She told him to sign Bobby. Everett said he wouldn’t sign the name Bobby because he wasn’t that man. He told her to find another way to get the divorce.

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