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Tate (now played by Leo Howard) greets Brady at home. Brady tells him it’s a great morning because Tate is finally home. Brady tells him he’s got coffee ready and is making him breakfast. Tate mentions sleeping better than he has in months. Brady credits finally being in his own room again. Tate can’t believe it’s already April and it’s like he wasted 3 months. Brady declares that he’s finally free again and asks if he had fun at Buddy’s house. Tate claims he just hung out with a couple friends who caught him up on the viral videos he missed while locked up. Brady says it’s good that he’s reconnecting with his friends and making up for lost time. Tate comments that reconnecting was great…

Nicole talks with Holly at home about her physical therapy going well. Holly asks if that means she can stop going soon but Nicole tells her that she still has a few more sessions. Nicole tells Holly that she is really proud of her hard work. Holly asks if she’s proud enough to give her phone back and let her leave the house by herself but Nicole says not yet. Holly remarks that at least she can be alone in her room then and storms off upstairs.

EJ is in the living room on the phone with Mr. Shin, relating to the loss of a son. EJ confirms that Stefan has been put in jail because he was in cahoots with Clyde Weston and his drug ring. EJ assures that it will be dealt with and hangs up as Nicole appears in the doorway.

At the Spectator office, Leo talks to Chad about his daily horoscope as they are both pisces. Leo reads that pickles will be a great source of joy for him this week and tantric is not a cuss word to be used around the office but says he’ll leave that part out. Everett arrives and greets them. Chad questions what he’s doing there. Everett says considering what’s been going on lately, he’s been working from home but he came to share news with Chad in person because it directly affects him. Everett reveals that his sources at the Salem PD told him that Stefan is in jail which Chad questions as he hasn’t heard anything about that. Leo asks why Stefan is in jail and asks if Chad is alright. Chad says he’s just a bit shocked but guesses he shouldn’t be. Chad asks what Everett knows about why Stefan is in jail. Everett then reveals that Stefan confessed to running drugs for Clyde Weston.

At the Brady Pub, Sloan tells Eric that she has to go for several client meetings. Eric comments on her working hard. Sloan mentions the expenses piling up since they have a kid now. Eric comments on his photography business not taking off yet. Stephanie comes over and greets them. Stephanie tells them not to hesitate if they ever need a babysitter as she misses being around kids, especially Thomas and Charlotte. Stephanie mentions going through a rough time. Eric asks if something happened with Everett. Stephanie confirms that something did and she was totally blindsided.

At the police station, Jada brings a box to Rafe in his office. Jada says it’s from her storage with all her divorce documents from her awful time in Seattle with Bobby. Rafe tells Jada that he’s sorry for what was found. Jada tells him not to be and insists that she is not still legally married to Bobby Stein and that somewhere in the box, there will be proof.

Tate and Brady finish breakfast at home. Brady asks if Tate has any plans for spring break. Tate says he thought he’d still be locked up in the halfway house so he didn’t make any plans. Brady suggests they go to the Cubs vs. Dodgers baseball game. Tate agrees that sounds fun. Brady brings up that he knows Tate recently felt like nobody believed him about the drugs and like no one was in his corner. Brady understands how rough that must have been but he’s proud of the way Tate handled it. Tate brings up how he stole Theresa’s phone and broke out of the halfway house. Brady talks about how they all make mistakes but it’s how they atone for them that builds character. Brady encourages Tate to put the past behind him. Tate admits he’s nervous to go back to school and now that he has a phone, he can see what all the kids are saying about him and what happened. Brady points out that his real friends stood up for him. Tate asks if he can go hang out with them. Brady says sure and asks which friends. Tate says he and his friends were going to go to the mall. Brady offers to give him a ride but Tate says he will walk. Tate thanks him as Brady tells him to have fun. Tate heads to his room while Brady looks concerned.

Rafe and Jada look through Jada’s box until she finds her divorce decree and presents it to Rafe. Rafe jokes that he’s relieved to not be sleeping with a married woman.

Stephanie sits with Eric and Sloan to fill them in on Everett being Bobby Stein, but having no memory of being married to Jada or seeing her before meeting in Salem. Sloan calls that strange and complicated. Sloan asks Eric if Jada ever mentioned much about her marriage to Bobby. Eric says she didn’t much. Stephanie says it was obviously a very tough time for Jada and now she finds out that she was the other woman while Everett doesn’t remember being married. Eric and Sloan hope Stephanie finds forgiveness for her own peace of mind. Sloan guesses they’ll never really know what Everett was going through and feels that no one should judge unless they walk in someone’s shoes. Sloan wishes she could stay and hear more but she has to go meet a client. Sloan wishes Stephanie luck and then exits the Pub. Eric tells Stephanie that he’s really sorry for what she’s going through. Stephanie is sorry for the way she handled it since every time she tries to talk to Jada, she just gets more upset with her. Stephanie explains that Jada blames her for not knowing that Everett was married when they got together and wonders why she didn’t do a background check or find it odd that she never met his friends or family. Stephanie adds that now that she knows Everett cheated on Jada and blew up their marriage, Jada is furious that she hasn’t turned her back on him.

Sloan joins Rafe and Jada in Rafe’s office. Jada thanks her for meeting with her. Sloan informs her that she coincidentally just ran in to Stephanie at the Pub and she filled her in on everything with Everett, Bobby, and how upset Jada is with her. Jada tells Sloan that she’s sure Stephanie played the victim. Sloan says that Stephanie seemed extremely sad about the whole thing but she didn’t let her know that Jada called and let her believe she didn’t know anything about it. Sloan assures that she takes client confidentiality very seriously. Jada says she appreciates that and then presents Sloan with the divorce decree that she found. Sloan reveals that she spoke to Rafe’s friend and more details are coming to light. Sloan informs them that the divorce decree was not signed by Bobby so she is technically still married to Robert Stein.

Chad finishes a call with EJ and informs Everett and Leo that EJ confirmed Stefan confessed and was arrested but he declined to comment further. Chad recalls the last time he saw Stefan, he was really drunk and an emotional mess. Chad guesses it makes sense now knowing he was working under Clyde and maybe it was a cry for help. Leo gets a text and says he has to go as he has a lead on a story, so he quickly exits. Everett informs Chad that he wrote up a story and asks if they are going to post it. Chad says of course. Everett asks Chad if he’s sure, reminding him that last time he was going to write about Stefan being involved in the drug ring, he asked him to look the other way so maybe he wants him to cover this up too. Chad thinks back to ordering Everett to remove everything about Holly’s overdose at the Bistro from their paper.

EJ informs Nicole that the DiMera Board got wind of Stefan’s arrest, the stocks are way down, and they are furious so now they want to kick Stefan out. EJ doesn’t blame the board since they have been working hard to recreate the image and Stefan being connected to a drug ring is the last thing DiMera needs. Nicole wonders if Stefan is responsible for the drugs that put Holly in a coma. EJ admits that he could be but says all he knows is that Stefan helped Clyde distribute drugs through the Bistro because Clyde threatened to kill Gabi if he didn’t fall in line, so he was trying to protect his wife. Nicole argues that doesn’t make it right. Brady walks in and declares none of this is right. EJ tells Brady that this isn’t a good time. Brady argues that his son lost three months of his life, so they are going to listen to what he has to say. Nicole asks what he wants. Brady responds that he wants what he’s already demanded and that’s a public apology from EJ to Tate and for EJ to admit that he was wrong to accuse Tate of a crime that he did not commit. Brady declares that’s what he wants and what he will get for his son and his son’s family. Brady asks if EJ has a problem with that.

Jada doesn’t understand how the divorce decree isn’t valid. Sloan repeats that Robert never signed it. Jada argues that the error never would’ve been discovered if not for Rafe’s friend. Rafe says he was just trying to help. Sloan feels it would’ve come out eventually and she needs the paper to be legit if she ever wants to get remarried. Sloan encourages that it’s not an insurmountable problem as all she has to do is get Robert Stein to sign the papers. Jada declares that she will do that right now.

Chad tells Everett that when the raid at the Bistro turned up nothing, he chose to believe his brother and now he owns that it was a mistake. Chad tells Everett to write his damn story and they aren’t covering anything up. Stephanie arrives and says she hopes she’s not interrupting as she came to announce that she decided to stay on as the Spectator’s PR person. Stephanie thinks it’s best if Chad is her primary point of contact which Everett says makes sense. Everett then gets a call from Jada, who says she needs him to meet her at the Pub right now. Everett says he can’t because he’s at work but Jada says it will take five minutes so Everett agrees to meet. Everett tells Chad to take a look at what he wrote and see if he likes it. Everett says he’ll be back and exits, leaving Stephanie wondering what that was about.

EJ tells Brady that he would have no problem issuing a public apology to Tate. Brady says he didn’t think that he would consider the hell Tate has been through due to EJ’s bias and Holly’s deceit. Holly then comes downstairs and tells them that she’s going to take a walk around the garden, so she exits through the side door. Holly goes around the corner and meets Tate at the front door. Holly informs Tate that Brady is inside which surprises him. Tate assures her that Brady didn’t know he was coming here. Tate then surprises Holly with a burner phone and says now they can talk anytime but she’ll have to keep it hidden. Holly calls him a lifesaver as they hug.

Leo walks through the town square and runs in to Eric with Jude. Leo shows Eric his new scarf and talks about the sale at the store. Leo offers to watch Jude if Eric wants to go do some shopping. Eric calls it a kind offer but says he and Sloan are budgeting right now with a lot of expenses. Leo tells Eric that he was honored to be included in the Christening. Eric thanks him for his kind words.

Holly asks Tate if he’s adjusting to life on the outside. Tate says he’s doing so much better and he’s relieved to be out of the halfway house as it was beyond horrible. Holly says she’s really sorry. Tate says it’s okay as he’s out now and gets to hang out with her. Tate calls spring break a waste and says he’s not ready to go back to school. Holly guesses they have no choice. Tate points out that their parents can’t keep them separated while at school. Holly suggests they agree to find each other in between periods, hold hands in the hall, and find a private space to be together at lunch. Tate says he has the perfect spot under a tree. They kiss until they hear the gardener. Holly decides they should say goodbye before Nicole sees them.

Nicole tells Brady that she told Holly to apologize to Tate but also to Brady and Theresa. Brady wants that made clear to EJ as well. EJ says he will issue a public apology but argues that he only went where the evidence pointed and the law. Brady argues that the evidence only pointed towards Tate because of EJ’s bias against Tate and his hatred for him. Nicole tells them both to stop. Nicole tells EJ that none of this would’ve gotten out of hand if Holly didn’t do drugs in the first place or told them the truth when she woke up and Tate screwed things up by covering for her. Nicole states that the truth is out now and the kids need them to be united, so they need to set a good example. EJ agrees that they all need to take the high road. EJ apologizes to Brady for accusing his son of a crime he did not commit and says his office will issue a statement as soon as possible. Brady says he looks forward to that as they shake hands.

Everett goes to the Brady Pub and meets Jada, Rafe, and Sloan. Everett asks Jada what this is about. Jada responds that it’s a personal matter and informs him that she’s hired Sloan as her lawyer. Jada informs Everett that she asked him for a divorce when she found out he was cheating on her. Everett repeats that he doesn’t remember her so he doesn’t remember being married or divorced. Jada informs him that they never got divorced, so under the law, they are still married.

Nicole and EJ walk Brady out of the living room. After they leave, Holly and Tate sneak in through the side door but Brady comes back and catches them, questioning what the hell Tate is doing here. EJ and Nicole come back in as well. Nicole tells Holly that she can’t believe this.

Chad complains to Stephanie about letting Stefan use him and how every time the DiMeras start to rebuild their image, something like this happens. Chad notes Stephanie is distracted and guesses it’s about Everett. Stephanie says it’s all such a mystery if he’s Everett or Bobby and if she should hate him for deceiving her and Jada or if she should stand by him. Stephanie states that she doesn’t want to believe he meant to hurt either of them.

Everett questions still being married since he doesn’t remember being married in the first place. Jada says what he remembers isn’t relevant at this point and tells Sloan to show him the papers. Sloan gives the papers to Everett and he signs them. Everett declares that’s it but Sloan looks at his signature and questions what the hell this is.

Eric finds an envelope from the landlord, revealing that Sloan has not paid the rent.

Brady tells Tate that they are leaving now, reminding him that he told her not to see Holly. Holly responds that she wanted to see Tate too. Brady doesn’t care and says he doesn’t want Tate around her after she let him take the fall for her drug overdose and almost jeopardized his future. Brady is surprised Tate even wants to be around her. Tate declares that he forgives Holly but Brady says he shouldn’t. Nicole agrees with Brady that Holly and Tate shouldn’t hang out together for the time being. Holly argues that they can’t do that to them. Tate complains that they aren’t angry with each other and only the adults are angry. Brady announces that the adults agree so Holly and Tate are not to see each other anymore.

Chad tells Stephanie that she has to take care of herself first and she does that by distancing herself from Everett. Chad knows she’s hurt and confused. Chad doesn’t think it will be good for her to stand by Everett and suggests letting him lean on someone else. Stephanie points out that he doesn’t have anyone else in Salem. Chad offers to lend an ear when Everett needs it but Stephanie doesn’t think he will want to open up to him. Chad jokes that he can branch out and join a softball league, go to church, or find some way to meet new people. Stephanie doesn’t think those would interest him. Chad feels there’s plenty of other ways to meet people. Chad doesn’t want his advice to come across as sounding jealous because that’s not it. Chad says that Stephanie is his friend and he cares about her a lot, so he doesn’t want to see her get hurt any more than she already has.

Sloan points out that Everett signed the papers as Everett Lynch but she needs him to sign as Bobby Stein because that is who is married to Jada. Everett argues that he’s not that man and declares that he’s sorry but he can’t sign for him because that would be forgery. Everett tells Jada that he’s sorry but she’s going to have to find another way to get her divorce.

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