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Billy: What do I really want from chancellor-winters? Almost sounds like you’re interviewing me for the job, lily. Am I going to have to express my biggest weaknesses here? Let me see. I’m a perfectionist, okay? And I often love to bring my work home with me.

Lily: Billy, come on, come on. I’m being serious.

Billy: I want to do a good job. I want to bring value to the company that katherine loved, okay? And I want to do it in a way that earns trust for my team. And I want to be a good example for my kids.

Lily: Okay. What else?

Billy: That’s it. That’s not enough for you?

Lily: I think there’s more. I mean, that’s a great answer for your fortune 500 profile, but this is me you’re talking to. So what else?

Billy: I want to protect my mother’s position and her legacy. But I’m also not here just to be a placeholder for her.

Lily: I’m asking what’s in it for you, billy. And don’t lie to me, because I will see right through it.

Nick: Hey, how’s it going?

Sally: Oh, good. How about you?

Nick: Hanging in there. Have you heard from adam?

Sally: Uh, we have traded a few brief phone calls, but I– I don’t know much. As of last night, he and chelsea and connor were in baltimore, scheduled for some sessions today, coming up with a treatment plan.

Nick: Poor little guy. It’s got to be so scary for him. And I cannot imagine what adam and chelsea are going through.

Sally: Yeah, adam was so relieved to see how happy connor was to get home to genoa city. He thought maybe the nightmare was over, but it really didn’t make a bit of difference with his ocd symptoms. The last thing adam wanted to do was to send connor away, but he finally had to agree with chelsea that the only thing that matters is the best treatment possible.

Nick: He’s right. I’m glad adam and chelsea are on the same page and they’ve come together to do whatever they can to get their boy the help he needs.

Chelsea: Before I forget, please thank victor for letting us use the newman jet.

Adam: Will do.

Chelsea: He didn’t have to do that.

Adam: Well, for family, he wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re checking to see if connor called, don’t bother. The doctors said we shouldn’t expect to hear from him today. You remember?

Chelsea: I know. I just thought if there was a problem…

Adam: “If there’s a problem?”

[ Adam scoffs ] If there’s a problem.

Billy: So you want the truth?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Lily wants the naked truth, huh?

Lily: Yep.

Billy: I see it, okay? It’s all become very clear. It took me a while, but I get it. I understand this company better now than I did before.

Lily: How so?

Billy: I don’t know. But I have a new perspective. And I’m not gonna get bored the way devon predicted, okay? So you can feel free to go tell him that there’s zero chance that I’m moving on. And you’ll never guess why.

Lily: Oh, god, I don’t like when you say that. Why?

Billy: Because I see a future where chancellor-winters soars to new heights.

Lily: And how are you planning to accomplish that?

Billy: Not me. We. Me and you. Side by side, running the whole damn place. The way it was meant to be. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

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Adam: “If there is a problem?” There is no “if” here, chelsea. There is a problem. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in genoa city, and our son is all alone in baltimore. Probably scared to death and confused, surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

Chelsea: Stop, adam. Stop it. Enough. We’re both very stressed. We’re both trying to process this. Don’t make me the enemy. I didn’t send him there to make him miserable. I hate this, too.

Adam: I’m sorry. Okay, you’re right. That was not helpful. When I get home, I’ll go online, and I will set up connor’s petty cash fund.

Chelsea: Thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he’ll find something in their commissary he likes to eat. Or isn’t afraid to eat.

Adam: And don’t forget to send his lucky jersey, number 7, in case he wants to play again.

Chelsea: Yeah. That was nice of them to let us tour the sports facilities.

Adam: Yeah, they seemed okay. Not what connor hoped they’d be, but they were– they were okay.

Chelsea: Yeah, okay is better than nothing, and it’s– at least it’s warmer there than it is here.

Adam: Yes, that is true.

Chelsea: This is me. Um, just call me if you hear anything, and I’ll do the same.

[ Car door shuts ]

Sally: It’s such a miracle to see you guys finally acting like brothers.

Nick: Wanna hear another miracle?

Sally: Please.

Nick: Adam actually listened to me when I told him that he needed to be the one to tell dad about connor.

Sally: I am so glad you did that. Apparently, victor has been great. He even said to use the newman jet, which I know you suggested, but victor was insistent.

Nick: Of course he was. Connor’s his grandson, and the family gets what the family needs, as far as my dad is concerned. I’m just sorry that adam couldn’t convince him to go along with his idea of bringing your business into newman.

Sally: Don’t be.

Nick: Why not? You and chloe must be disappointed.

Sally: We were, until we found out the idea might not be so dead after all.

Lily: Sorry, you and me? Running chancellor-winters? I know you’re joking.

Billy: Think about it. It’s the smartest option.

[ Lily laughs ]

Lily: “The smartest option.” Oh, my god, this is classic billy abbott. Go big or go home.

Billy: Yeah. Go big or go home. People think that’s a novel idea. It’s not. It’s logical to me, okay? We can do this.

Lily: You do remember that you’re not calling the shots here, right?

Billy: Not yet.

Lily: Uh, okay. You know what? How about– let’s have some fun. Um, what happens to devon and nate and chance and– oh, your mother.

Billy: Nothing. They’re all here, okay? I’m not gonna clean the deck. They all have a seat at the table. Chance, nate, devon. Based on their experience and their expertise, with devon getting the biggest piece of the pie.

Lily: Oh, yes, of course. At your discretion.

Billy: No, our discretion. 50-50 decision making.

Lily: Devon is not gonna go for that. He fought very hard to preserve the integrity of our father’s company.

Billy: Yeah, I understand that. Okay, there’ll be some adjustments. But the truth is, devon’s passion is music. This is his golden opportunity to lean into that. And he’ll spend more time on the artistic divisions. It’s a win-win.

Lily: He is not gonna see it that way.

Billy: Once he stops tripping over his ego, he’s gonna love it. In fact, he’ll probably end up thanking us.

Lily: You are delusional. Um, okay, what about jill?

Billy: Why do you think she put me in this position in the first place?

Lily: Why?

Billy: Because she wants to groom me to be her replacement.

Lily: Wait, she said that?

Billy: No, not exactly. But she’s my mother, okay? And I know how to read her.

Lily: I know how to read her too. And she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Billy: Lily, why do you think she hired you as ceo back when chancellor-winters was chance comm? Look, if it’s not me as the heir apparent, it’s because she wants us both at the helm. She handpicked us back then, and she handpicked us now. You and me, we’re ready to take the reins, and that could happen very easily.

If you have wet amd,

Nick: So adam still thinks there’s a chance dad will bring your design business into newman?

Sally: He is convinced that victor can be persuaded to change his mind.

Nick: I’m not convinced of that. But when it comes to my dad, you never know what you’re going to get.

Sally: Yeah, I’m not completely sold on the idea anyway.

Nick: But you didn’t ask adam to just drop it.

Sally: Yeah, he’s just got a lot of other things to focus on, and all I want to do right now is support him with that.

Nick: Well, I’m sure he appreciates your support. So what about you? I know you love to feel like, uh, you know, you’re productive and that you’re busy. You doing okay?

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: I’ve just been wondering if making the transition to interior designer was a mistake. I don’t know, maybe I should have just stuck with what I really know. Fashion.

Nick: Well, you should not sell yourself short, sally spectra. You’re amazing. You have a lot of talents. You know, you, uh, you’re obviously a very creative thinker. You’re a hustler. You do the work. You’ve made a lot of contacts, and you stand up for what you believe in. Those kind of skills will translate into any field you want. And I hope you know that I’m always here for anything you need.

Sally: Nick, really, you’ve done more than enough. One way or another, I will be okay.

Nick: I’m sure you will.

Sally: You know, come to think of it, there is actually one thing that you can do for me.

Nick: Oh, all right. Name it.

Sally: Stop talking about me. And tell me how you’re doing.

Nick: I’m, uh, I’m cool, you know? Christian’s doing great. The broader newman family is hanging tough, like we always do. Work’s awesome. I have everything I need.

Connor: And you won’t make me go to that place. I want to go home. I’ll be good. I’ll do everything I’m supposed to. Please, dad. Can I come home?

Adam: Sir, uh, there’s been a change of plans. Uh, I’m not going to be heading straight home, after all.

Lily: O– okay, let’s just pretend, for fun, that jill passes the baton and devon steps aside, okay? I can still think of a million reasons why this would never happen.

Billy: It’s because you always think of the practical course of action, which is the correct one most of the time. And that’s a good thing, but lily, I’m trying to get you to dream just a little bit more. Lily… you and I are ready for this. We’re stronger. We’re smarter business people than we were before. We have learned a lot. We know each other’s weaknesses, and we know each other’s strengths. Most importantly, we know when to call each other out when the other one is wrong.

Lily: Yeah, which I’m clearly not doing a good job of right now.

Billy: Look, I get it, okay? I understand the instinct is to be reluctant. And I do appreciate your loyalty to your brother. But devon is a lone wolf. He always has been, he always will be. He can’t seem to learn how to play well with others.

Lily: You’re just using that as an excuse to move him out of the way.

Billy: Lily, he’s holding this company back. He’s conservative, okay? He’s not a dreamer. Not like I am. Not like you are. And I know you are because you proved it when you had the idea to bring these two companies together.

Lily: Yeah, an idea you thought was untenable when mamie wanted to split chancellor and winters.

Billy: Sure, but let me clarify that, okay? It was only untenable because of the current regime. Chancellor and winters butting heads, that’s not good. With you and me in charge, we can bring this company to new heights. I know we can. We can do it, lily. We can do it together. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer…

Chelsea: Hey, you two.

Billy: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey. I didn’t– I didn’t know you were home. When did you get back?

Chelsea: Uh, just a little while ago. Um, I– I tried calling you, but your phone went to voicemail. I thought I could find you here.

Billy: Yeah, sorry, I was, uh, I– I turned it off. Lily and I were just having a spirited discussion about the future of the company.

Chelsea: Oh, good. You know what? Well, I don’t want to interrupt, so I can go.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no, no. You’re fine. You’re fine. Uh, we were done anyway.

Billy: Yeah, we were done, but we’ll, uh, we’ll pick this up later, yeah?

Lily: Um, chelsea, good to see you. Hope your trip went well.

Chelsea: Thanks, lily.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Come here.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nick: Thanks, man. Lily. Hi.

Lily: Hi, nick. How are you?

Nick: Good. Um, I didn’t know you were back from california. How’s everything? How’s mattie?

Lily: Um, she’s good. Thank you for asking.

Nick: Good for her and for you. Uh, I’m sure it made all the difference in the world knowing that she can still lean on you.

Lily: Yeah, it was nice. I mean, she’s an adult, but she wanted her mom, so I had to be there.

Nick: Once a parent, always a parent.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, it’s nice that they grow up, they have their own lives, but they still want you around, you know? I don’t take that for granted at all.

Nick: I feel the same way.

Lily: Um, are you meeting someone?

Nick: No, just, uh, grabbing lunch by myself.

Lily: Well, I am too. Should we have lunch together?

Nick: Yeah, let’s do it, especially since you’re buying. Come on.

Lily: Oh, oh, okay, um, that’s presumptuous of you.

[ Nick laughs ]

Nick: I mean, you gotta admit, as big of a pain in the ass as the business world could be at times, sometimes it’s unpredictable.

Lily: “Unpredictable.” That’s a good word. I’m sure chancellor-winters has newman beat, though, on unpredictability, that’s for sure.

Nick: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

Lily: Okay, try me.

Nick: All right. Try this one. Uh, right now, my dad has me and adam working very closely together, like, every day, while victoria’s taking a break.

Lily: Oh, okay. You and adam are working together? Well, clearly it’s going well.

Nick: Why would you assume that?

Lily: Well, you know, there’s no, like, black eyes or bandages, scratches.

Nick: Well, clearly you haven’t seen adam in a while.

Lily: Oh, okay.

Nick: Not really. It’s been cool, uh, relatively injury-free, and honestly, neither adam or i want to deal with that if we can’t make this work.

Lily: Yeah, that would be motivation for me as well.

Nick: All right, your turn. What does chancellor-winters have that can top that? I bet nothing.

Lily: Uh, yep. Nothing.

[ Lily laughs ] Uh, for now. Time will tell. We’ll see.

Nick: All right. How about you and daniel? How’s that going?

Lily: Um, it’s not. We broke up. He and, uh, heather are back together.

Billy: Wasn’t expecting you home so early. How’s everything with connor? Did you get him all settled in?

Chelsea: We did. We did. We brought his stuff to his room, and I made his bed the way he likes it. But things are more complicated than we expected.

Sally: Weren’t you planning to be gone for, like, a week or so?

Adam: Uh-huh.

Sally: What happened? Why are you back already?

Adam: They, um, they made us leave. I’m jonathan lawson,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chelsea: Thank you.

[ Chelsea sighs ] The facility is– is very impressive. It’s bigger than I expected, kind of like a– a campus. Somewhat imposing from the outside, but as we walked through the doors, it felt more, um, welcoming than I imagined. And there were boys there connor’s age that seemed, um, they seemed at home there.

Billy: Sounds like so far, so good, then, right?

Adam: Well, the residential facility is just what the website promised. It’s all polished, upscale. It’s inviting on the surface. And then you look past it, and you see it for– for what it really is. It’s a big, shiny package to help sell their elite brand of therapy for top dollar.

Sally: Their reputation seems stellar.

Adam: Oh, come on, sally. You can pay for a reputation. That’s what pr is for.

Sally: Okay, can you tell me why they made you and chelsea leave?

Adam: I’m not even sure that I want to get into it.

[ Sally sighs ]

Sally: Yeah, I mean, if you need time, I understand. You’re just so upset, and I– I can’t help you… if you don’t tell me what happened.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: Okay. So, connor had his first session with the main ocd therapist. Chelsea and I, we met with him briefly. You know, he had certificates, diplomas all over the wall, which may as well be forgeries for all I know.

Chelsea: After connor’s initial session with the highly educated, highly decorated ocd specialist, we met with the doctors and the family therapist, and they briefed us on the specialists’ conclusions. They were– they were very kind and– and knowledgeable. It was encouraging. At first.

Billy: What do you mean? “At first”? What– what happened after that?

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Mm, after speaking with the ocd specialist, the doctors strongly encouraged us to allow their team to take over for the next few weeks… without either one of us around.

Billy: I don’t understand. Why would they do that?

Chelsea: Because, um, according to them… adam and I are two of the triggers for connor’s ocd.

Adam: They blamed everything on us. According to them, we did this to our son.

Nick: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Lily: No, that’s fine.

Nick: You know, it’s okay to be angry. I mean, take it from someone who has been on both sides of the equation, as recently with adam and sally… it can be tough. You know, for a while there it really stung.

Lily: Yeah, well, I mean, it’s your brother, so, you know, it’s like not only do you work together, but very awkward family gatherings.

Nick: Yeah, it was real fun in the beginning.

[ Lily laughs ] But I’m good now. Um, things have gotten better. They seem happy. Things are what they are. And I’m moving forward. I don’t expect you to embrace that yet, but at least look at it this way, you don’t have to deal with those family gatherings. It’s like salt in the wound.

Sally: How can they blame you and chelsea for connor’s ocd, and diagnose that so quickly?

Adam: Well, they didn’t declare it an official diagnosis. But, I mean, even if they had, who cares? I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

Billy: Did the therapist explain why they think that you might be a possible trigger for connor?

Chelsea: Because that’s what connor told them. Apparently, my psychotic breakdown caused him all of this trauma and all of this guilt, and his ocd, um, has convinced him that my suicide attempt was his fault.

Adam: Somehow the doctors, after spending a minute and a half with connor, by the way, have determined that he sees himself as a bad son, and he blames himself for all of his parents’ problems.

Sally: This all sounds so wrong, I–

Adam: Right?

Sally: And it’s a brutal conclusion to come up with after meeting with him so quickly. Unless–

Adam: Unless what?

Sally: That didn’t come from connor, did it?

Adam: Well, they claim that it did. But then again, they don’t have any credibility with me, so I’m not buying it. And it’s also– it’s poor business policy when you think about it.

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: Who pays their salaries? I mean, who puts on this big deal, prestigious, overpriced treatment center? The same parents that they are trying to blame. Or, you know, maybe that is a scam, maybe it’s the guiltier that they can make us feel about screwing up our kids, the more money that we will just pump into their facility to fix them. I mean, no wonder they are so successful.

Sally: Adam… you know as well as I do that you will be happy to pay whatever it takes if they can help connor. This is not about the money. This is about you hurting.

Billy: Look, I can only imagine how devastating this must be. I don’t even want to think about… how I would feel if this were johnny or katie going through what connor is going through. But I think it’s important to remember that this current moment is– is temporary. This right here, right now, this is where it starts to get better.

Chelsea: You really believe that?

Billy: I do. I mean, you had a good feeling about the facility, right? You think connor’s in good hands?

Chelsea: Yeah, I do.

Billy: Okay, good, so let’s trust their reputation and trust your instinct. And I think it’s understandable to want to separate connor from a possible trigger. I mean, maybe they’re trying to give connor some space, and separate him to rule out that you are a trigger.

Chelsea: Yeah, maybe. I didn’t think of it like that. Maybe. Thanks, I’ll– I’ll hold onto that. Because I have to be honest with you, it’s breaking my heart to think that my son is in so much pain because of me.

[ Chelsea sighs ] ( )

Nick: I know, it’s, uh– it’s easy for me to sound all wise and philosophical about my breakup with sally. I’ve had time to get over it. It’s getting easier for me to see her with my brother. Whereas you and daniel and heather, it’s raw and new. Lily, the heart has an amazing ability to be resilient, and to heal itself if you can just let the past be the past, and look forward. And I’m going to shut up now.

[ Laughs ] I’m sorry.

Lily: What do you mean? Sorry for what?

Nick: You don’t need to hear this from me, you have dealt with your own heartbreak. You know the drill.

Lily: No, but I mean, it’s good to hear, right? It’s a good reminder, I mean, I don’t know, I’m not going to let this hold me back this time. I just want to focus on chancellor-winters, making myself better, you know? It’s like I’m given this opportunity, I just want to run with it and not waste it, right?

Nick: That is exactly what I’m trying to do with newman. And it’s great. And good for you for not wallowing like a lot of people would.

Lily: Well… [ Laughs ]

Nick: What?

Lily: Uh, no, I was just thinking about something that billy said earlier about my fighting spirit. And it was good to hear. I needed to hear it.

Nick: All right, billy abbott’s got some wisdom. We’ll get some points for him.

Lily: Yeah, he’s got some insane ideas, too, so…

Nick: I don’t doubt it. Anything can sound crazy until you’re ready to hear it.

Billy: So what’s next? What did they say is next for connor?

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Chelsea: Um, among other things, they’re going to start him, um, on this thing called erp treatment.

Billy: I don’t know what that is.

Chelsea: I didn’t either. Uh, erp stands for exposure and response prevention. So they put connor in a controlled environment, and slowly expose him to his fears. Not all at once, of course. Um, they’ll add things as he gets stronger, but they teach him how to deal with it.

Billy: So the thought process there is… build up his toolkit so the ocd isn’t in control of his compulsions?

Chelsea: Under a doctor’s guidance, yeah. So the compulsions become only some of his thoughts, not all of his thoughts.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Sounds pretty intense.

Chelsea: Yeah. It’s overwhelming.

[ Sniffles ] Because it means connor has to be in pain. He has to be scared. He has to suffer, and I hate it, and I want to scream. I just want to scream, because my kid has to be in agony in order to get better.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Billy: They’re specialists, okay? These are trained specialists. They know what they’re doing, and they’ve helped so many people.

[ Chelsea sighs ] And they’re going to go slow. They’re not going to give connor any more than he can handle. Chelsea, he’s going to be okay. He’s gonna get through this, okay? He’s not only going to get through this, he’s going to come home safe and sound, and he’s going to amaze you, and he’s going to be better equipped. I think right now it’s important to make sure that we get you through this waiting period. And I’m not going to let you go through this alone.

Adam: It was all that I could do not to ask those doctors, if they had children… how they would feel if they were banned from seeing them when they were going through the scariest, most painful times of their life. And then for them to sit there in their– their quiet, condescending voices, and tell us that it’s better for our own son if we stay away from him. I mean, the whole ride back, I was planning to pull connor out of there, and I was gonna sue them all into bankruptcy.

Sally: Which you won’t do. You know why? Because as good as you think it would feel to go ballistic, all of your energy and your focus needs to be on your son, not on some lawsuit that connor would probably blame himself for, too.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I mean, sitting in that office, and listening to what they were telling me, chelsea was a wreck. I could see connor was already on edge, just trying to make sense of another would-be solution just so we would stop worrying about him. I don’t mind how much– I wanted to– I just wanted to explode, I couldn’t do it.

Sally: No, you couldn’T. And you didn’T. You should be proud of yourself for proving that you can control your impulses when you need to.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I don’t know what to do, sally.

Sally: No. Not yet. You’ve never been through anything like this. Which is exactly why you need to give yourself a chance to calm down. To let everything settle in, and do nothing until you’ve given your mind a chance to clear.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: I need to ask you a question. And I need you to tell me the truth. Am I wrong here? Am I angry at the wrong people? Is that what’s going on here? Is there a chance that they could be right?

Sally: I’m not really qualified to answer that, but–

Adam: Listen to me, I need to know for sure. What if they’re right? What if I failed my son?

[ Sniffles ] What if he is really better off without me? Huh? (Vo) dan made progress with his mental health…

Chelsea: You’ve already done so much for me, it’s not fair for me to ask for more.

Billy: No, you can do that, but then you’re definitely gonna have a fight on your hands.

Chelsea: Well, then I’ll just say thank you.

Billy: I’m a little afraid to ask, but how’s adam been in all of this?

Chelsea: He kept it together. Barely. But then I was busy worrying about connor, and also a nervous wreck over if and when adam was gonna lose it.

Billy: Hmm. But you got a good vibe from the facility, right? And you got good reason to trust and believe that he’s in good hands.

Chelsea: Billy, I’m being told the only way I can help my son is by staying away from him. It’s devastating.

Adam: The one thing that I know for sure… is that if I caused what connor is going through, then I– then I should be out of his life, okay? For his own protection. I mean, I was out of his life for a long time, and– and maybe he was– he was better off, you know? Because I will be damned if I’m gonna be responsible for causing him more pain than he is already going through, okay? You know what? Maybe I was never meant to be a father.

Sally: Hey, hey, adam. Adam. Look at me.

Adam: No, I’m not doing it.

Sally: Look at me, please. Adam, look at me. Adam.

Adam: You were meant to be a father. You were meant to be connor’s father. Who else could love him more or be more fiercely protective of him than you? No one. And everyone knows that. Even people that aren’t your biggest fan know that it is a fact that connor is your heart and soul.

[ Adam sniffles, sighs ]

Adam: I would die for him, okay?

Sally: Then live for him. Continue to be his champion, and give him anything and everything he needs to fight this.

Adam: But how does he fight this, sally? How will he manage this? What if he can’t? I want to fix it for him. I want to take it away. Something. Anything. But the thought that he’s gonna have to live with this… for the rest of his life…

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