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Liam: How can finn show up for sheila?

Steffy: It’s important to him.

Liam: Yeah, no, I know. I’ve heard it. She’s his birth mother. But she’s also his attempted murderer.

Steffy: Okay.

Liam: And yours.

Steffy: Trust me, liam. I feel the same way you do.

Liam: Then how… are you so calm?

Steffy: I left it up to finn. It was his decision to attend sheila’s memorial or not.

Finn: Well, I imagine it’s just gonna be the– the three of us.

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: It’s pretty sad so few people in the world cared about sheila.

Hope: Well, she did make more enemies than friends.

Finn: Yeah, still, it’s just… well, it’s a shame.

Deacon: Well, we can’t dwell on that now that she’s gone. We have to do our very best to pay tribute to the one and only sheila carter.

[ Knocking on door ]

Donna: Lauren! Hi!

Lauren: Is now a good time?

Donna. It is always a good time.

[ Eric laughs ]

Eric: Oh, don’t be silly. Come in, come in. I– I didn’t– I didn’t realize you were gonna be in town.

Lauren: Oh, I just flew in for a quick meeting. Gotta hug you. Oh, because I am so grateful to see you alive and well.

Eric: Thank you.

[ Lauren laughs ] Thank you.

Lauren: I have been so worried about you. I didn’t want to impose, so ridge has been keeping me updated on your condition.

Eric: Yeah, he told me. Thank you. Thanks for being so concerned. And– and the flowers, they were wonderful. Thank you. Huge flowers. My goodness. I could feel your encouragement all the way from genoa city. Thanks.

Lauren: Aw.

Eric: Speaking of which, please tell victor and nikki um, how sorry we are not to be able to come to their party. Uh, we’ll see them again soon.

Lauren: Okay.

Donna: Oh, and say hello to nick, their– their– son, please, for us.

Lauren: Of course, absolutely. I will give them your regards.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: But he’s– he is just looking fabulous, isn’t he? I mean, he’s getting stronger and stronger by the day, and–

Lauren: Yes. Eric, you are vibrant and handsome as always.

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Now, you see, this is why I’m getting better.

[ Donna laughs ]

Donna: Oh, uh, we’re so glad that you stopped by. I hope that you can stay for a little, at least.

Lauren: Well, there is another reason I stopped by. Sheila is finally dead.

Liam: What is your husband thinking?

[ Liam laughs ]

Steffy: Liam, I’m trying to see his side of things. But it is nice that someone sees my side too.

Liam: He realizes why you’d be upset, right?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I was shocked when he announced that he wanted to go to sheila’s memorial. But… like it or not, I mean, this is a woman who brought him into this world, and finn did say he has this…

[ Groans ] …This connection to her. So, I said I wouldn’t stand in the way if he wanted to go today.

Finn: Gosh, I felt the– the need to show up and pay respects.

Hope: Well, I’m surprised steffy even let you come.

Finn: Well, she wasn’t exactly pleased, but… she’s trying to consider my feelings and understand my perspective.

Deacon: Glad she’s not giving you too rough a time.

Finn: Well, it’s complicated for steffy, obviously, but–

Deacon: Yeah. Well, I guess we, uh, can’t put it off any longer. We should get the service started and say farewell to sheila. What is cirkul? Cirkul is the fuel you need to take flight. Cirkul is the energy that gets you to the next level. Cirkul is what you hope for when life tosses lemons your way. Cirkul, available at walmart and drinkcirkul.Com.

When you see what

it’s really like

Lauren: I can’t believe everything that steffy has gone through. Thank god she’s okay.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: How is she coping?

Donna: Uh, well, you know, the memories of the night still haunt her. I mean, imagine stabbing someone to death. You know, honestly, we’re just– we’re grateful that there were no children in the house or no pets got hurt.

Lauren: Yes.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah.

Donna: I mean, yes, the whole situation is very unfortunate, but it could have been a lot worse.

Lauren: Yeah, um, I mean, now steffy has to live with what she did.

Donna: Yeah.

Lauren: To take a life, even a life not worth living like sheila, it’s deeply unsettling.

Eric: She’s doing her best to put it behind her.

Lauren: And now the saga is finally over.

Eric: Well, except for today. It’s being punctuated by, uh– deacon sharpe is hope’s father. And he and sheila have been living together recently. They’ve gotten– they had gotten very close. And so he’S… he’s giving a memorial service for her today.

Steffy: Well, what am I supposed to do, liam? Am I supposed to just forbid him from going? I mean, there’s already just so much tension between us. I don’t want to add more to it. I just don’T.

Liam: Yeah, I hear you.

Steffy: Obviously, he has this connection to sheila, but I don’t know– I don’t know what it feels like to be in his shoes. I’m just–

Liam: Yeah, okay, but he doesn’t know what it feels like to be in yours either. I mean, you– you’re just constantly victimized by this… this psychopath. Actually, here’s something you have in common. You both almost lost your lives in the alley that day because of her.

Steffy: But it– I guess it impacted us differently.

Liam: Steffy, it’s a miracle either of you are still alive.

Steffy: I just don’t want to think about her anymore.

Liam: Whoa, hey, look, now you don’t have to, right? Because sheila’s taken her last breath.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, we just got to get through the day, okay? Let finn say his goodbyes. Yeah, and then we’ll just move on with our lives. No, we’re determined to not let anything come between us. Certainly not sheila. Especially now that she’s dead.

Deacon: I wasn’t looking for sheila when she showed up in my life. And it was unexpected. Next thing I know… man, I’m in deep. There was, uh… a flame that ignited between the two of us and I… man, I was hooked. Um… you know, sheila and I, we, um… we had something special. It was rare. Definitely unique. I– I can’t remember… if I read this or if I heard it, but… someone said that love is when two people… each have a hole in their heart… and when the wind blows through, it plays the same sad song. I don’t know if that’s true. I do know that sheila and i were more alike than i sometimes cared to admit. And she– she just got me, man. She got me and I got her and… I know this is going to sound ironic, but… she brought out the best in me. She kept me on the straight and narrow. She pushed me to achieve all of this. Made me want to be a better man. Turn my life around. And I thought she was doing the same thing. You know, she was– she was doing everything the right way. Right up until that night. And finn, I just do not understand why she went to your place that night. And I guess I never will. And so all I’m left with is that… that hole in my heart that I talked about. Because I got to figure out a way to say goodbye to sheila. I got to figure out and let her go. File 100% free with turbotax free edition.

Lauren: A memorial service is a time for loved ones to express nice sentiments about the deceased. Who on earth would have anything nice to say about sheila?

Eric: Well, uh, deacon was very enamored with her.

Donna: Uh, yeah, somehow he, uh, cared about her and wants to give her a nice send-off.

Eric: I don’t imagine he expects a very large turnout.

Donna: No, no. I mean, you weren’t planning to make an appearance or–

Lauren: Oh, god, no. No, I would have a hard time holding back about all the horrible things that she did to me over the years.

Eric: It’s quite a list.

Lauren: I actually wouldn’t know where to begin. The blackmail. All the times she tried to kill me. Or the times she tried to drown me in a hot tub.

Sheila: Bitch!

Lauren: Sheila! Sheila! Sheila!

Sheila: Look what you just–

Lauren: Bitch!

[ Both grunting ] You wouldn’t dare! Sheila was a menace. She was dangerous. You never knew what she was going to do next. Thank god steffy finally ended her, once and for all.

Steffy: I didn’t ask for this. I never wanted to be put in this position.

Liam: Of course, you didn’T. Sheila put you there. And I’m really impressed with your restraint. I don’t think I could be so cool about it.

Steffy: Well, I’m trying. I just hope that finn gets some closure somehow.

Liam: Is that even possible?

Steffy: Honestly, I don’t even know. I hope he finds peace and clarity. But, uh… he’s just such a kind human being. He really is. He’s compassionate, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. And his grace for people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Liam: Well, sheila has done nothing to earn any grace from anyone.

Steffy: Honestly, the only people I think are going to be there are just… deacon and finn at the service.

Liam: Uh… yeah, they’re not the only ones. Hope is going.

Finn: I don’t really know what to say. Um… what am I supposed to say? Um… you, um, you s– you showed up at– at my wedding. And… introduced yourself as… as my birth mother. And… yeah, that was one of the happiest moments that I had known. To… get to finally meet the woman that I had dreamed about and– and connect with you. And… you know, hearing the… hearing you… call me your son. But… then in an instant, you turned my life upside down. You shot me. You shot my wife. Which is why I… I have no idea what I am doing here. Because sheila wasn’t a mother to me. But, um… yeah, she did… she did give me life. And… there must be something innate in me, something that defies logic, to have any reason to feel anything for you. But I do. Mom, I do. At dot’s an ordinary pretzel just isn’t enough.

Eric: I think that everybody has been a victim of sheila at one time or another.

Lauren: But if memory serves, things weren’t always bad between the two of you.

Eric: No, no. It started out beautifully. I was… I was enchanted by her the first time she came into the office.

Sheila: I’d love to watch your child, mr. Forrester. And I promise you, he’ll be in very good hands.

Eric: Thank you, sheila.

Sheila: He wants me, he really wants me.

Eric: I regret very much introducing her into our– into our lives, into our family.

Donna: Eric, come on. You can’t blame yourself.

Eric: Yeah, I do.

Donna: You had no way of knowing who she really was.

Lauren: The important thing is that she is no longer a threat to any of us, thanks to steffy.

Donna: Oh, yeah.

Lauren: Good riddance to sheila carter.

Steffy: Hope’s at the memorial? I’m surprised she even wanted to go.

Liam: Well, she says she didn’t, that she’s only there to support her dad. Apparently, deacon is really broken up about sheila dying.

Deacon: So, this is it, babe. Yeah, I don’t know how to say goodbye to you. You… were a hell of a woman. Gorgeous. Tough. Wild. And tender. And I feel like a part of me is missing. I hope… wherever you are, that you’ve… found the peace… and the happiness that you always wanted. And know that… we’ll be together again someday.

Steffy: Goodbye and good riddance, sheila.

Eric: So long, sheila. May you finally be at peace.

Deacon: Goodbye, my love.

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