B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 4, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam and Steffy commisserate about Finn going to Sheila’s memorial service. Steffy asserts that nothing will come between her and Finn (especially not Sheila). She hopes he can get closure at the service. She’s shocked to hear that Hope is also going to be there.

Deacon, Finn and Hope prepare for Sheila’s memorial service (no sign of Hollis or any of the other employees). He talks about the effect that Sheila had on his life – making him want to be a better person. Then Finn speaks about how, despite Sheila shooting him and Steffy, he feels for her.

Lauren visits Donna and Eric while in town for a business meeting. They’re glad to see her, and she’s grateful that Eric got through his health scare. She also tells them how glad she is that Sheila is finally dead.’They discuss how Steffy is doing (since she had to stab Sheila). There are some nice flashbacks to fights between Lauren and Sheila, and a few clips with Eric and Sheila. Lauren and Eric toast “good riddance” to her.


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