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[ Upbeat music ]

Hope: Thomas has left me. He’s taking our son to paris. You’ve gotten your way, and yet you are still standing here, rubbing my face in it.

Steffy: You hurt my brother. This is the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Hope: You just couldn’t leave us alone, could you?

Steffy: You had your chance, but you couldn’t commit. Now it’s time for you to learn a lesson. Do not mess with me and my family. Brooke may have stolen my father, but you will not steal my brother.

Brooke: Thomas didn’t even take a second to think it over.

Ridge: This has been brewing for quite some time. He proposed to hope again, she turned him down again. He hit his breaking point.

Brooke: Yeah, well, for him to take douglas and fly off to paris without even– barely discussing it with his mother.

Ridge: You heard douglas. He wanted to go.

Brooke: Oh, ridge. He’s a child. He doesn’t understand the enormity of this situation. And he doesn’t know how hurt hope is. I mean, her whole world is turned upside-down.

Ridge: This all happened pretty quickly. It did.

Brooke: Yes, it did.

Ridge: And I’m sorry, and, uh… hope must be in shock, but… she was never gonna marry thomas. So he moved on.

Luna: Rj loves me and– and trusts me, and this is what I do to him?

Zende: It was definitely mutual. It’s something that we both wanted.

Luna: How could– how could I do this to him?

Zende: Hey, luna?

Luna: Zende. I– I didn’t realize you were coming.

Zende: Rj didn’t get my text? We have some stuff to go over for hope for the future.

Luna: Uh, yeah. He just went out for a run.

Zende: Ah. Well, I, um– I guess that gives us a moment to catch up. So, how is everything? You look like you just went for a swim.

Luna: Earlier. Yeah, it was nice.

Zende: Cool. Listen, luna, I hope you’re not still stressed out over our night together.

Zende: Are you okay? I really hope you’re not stressing out over that night together.

Luna: I wish I could say I wasn’t, but… look, it’s nothing personal, okay? I mean, I like you, zende.

Zende: No, I get it. You and rj are a couple.

Luna: Yeah, I never meant to betray him.

Zende: I know.

Luna: It’s just– it’s not who I am.

Zende: I am assuming that you still haven’t told him?

Luna: He still has no idea.

Brooke: Hope wasn’t ready. Okay, what if she let thomas put that ring on her finger and then she changed her mind?

Ridge: That wouldn’t have been good either.

Brooke: Exactly! Because she’s honest. She’s real. She’s truthful. And now she’s being punished for it.

Ridge: No one’s being punished. What did you want thomas to do? Just wait around, see if she changes her mind? Just put his whole life on hold?

Brooke: You’re starting to sound like steffy.

Steffy: You never truly wanted thomas. He was like a plaything to you, something you possess.

Hope: I wasn’t stealing thomas, steffy. I love him.

Steffy: Love him or leading him on?

Hope: Why are you so cynical?

Steffy: Because I know you, hope.

Hope: You went too far, steffy. You’ve crossed a line.

Steffy: Hope, he’s my brother. I was tired of you messing with his emotions, treating him like some kind of sex toy.

A year after a heart attack,

Zende: Are you still considering telling rj?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, I think about it every day. Every second that I don’t say anything feels like a lie.

Zende: Try not to look at it like that.

Luna: I mean, it’s been so hard keeping this from rj. He’d feel so betrayed, zende. If he knew what you and I– even though it was a mistake, he’d still be crushed.

Zende: Yeah.

Luna: And look, I’m not doing this to protect myself. I’m– I’m doing it to protect you and your relationship with your cousin. I mean, you guys are like the next generation of forresters.

Zende: I appreciate that you’re concerned about me and rj. I am too. I don’t wanna hurt him either. But I’m also concerned about you. I can’t stop thinking about you, how you’re doing. And… I think a lot about that night together. Part of me is mortified. But another part… it’s no secret, luna. I’m crazy about you.

Ridge: Well, let’s face it. Hope and thomas, they’re in different stages of their lives. Thomas wanted to try something new, and she didn’T.

Brooke: She explained why she was hesitant.

Ridge: Yeah. Kids, divorce, all that stuff. Or maybe she didn’t think that thomas was marrying material.

Brooke: I’m starting to believe that she can’t forgive thomas for that baby beth debacle.

Ridge: Maybe. Who knows? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. If you have to talk someone into loving you, then… it’s never gonna work. I mean, this part of their life, they should be ecstatic about where they are, who they are. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They– dizzy, right? Just loving each other all day.

Brooke: Is that how you feel– or felt– about me?

Ridge: Feel or felt? I feel this way now. I never stopped feeling that way. I’m– I’m dizzy myself. I can’t– you’re blurry to me. I can’t even see you. That’s how much I love you. It’s always been that way. I’m an expert. Having loved someone like you for so long, I know that if it’s not there in the beginning, it’s never gonna be there. Whether steffy’s gonna interfere or not.

Brooke: Well, she did interfere. She was really mean to my daughter.

Ridge: All right, let’s– let’s not do that. Let’s not blame steffy for everything.

Brooke: Ridge, how could I not? She has it out for hope. She even admitted it herself.

Ridge: She was protecting her brother. She was concerned about him. So was I. And I think taking his son and leaving is the best thing he could’ve done.

Brooke: How can you say that?

Ridge: How can I say that? He’s devastated. Your daughter broke his heart.

Hope: You are so wrong for that. What thomas and I share is more than just physical.

Steffy: I don’t believe you. You were really just in it for the high and the attention.

Hope: Well, I don’t really owe you an explanation, steffy, but you should know I do love your brother.

Steffy: Yeah, I think you were just pretending. You were stringing him along. I mean, you even wore his ring as a stupid necklace.

Hope: Okay, fun fact, that was thomas’ idea.

Steffy: Okay, hope, if you felt uncomfortable with it, then why wouldn’t you say something? Why wouldn’t you say, “hey, I don’t know, I don’t “think I wanna marry you.”

Hope: You weren’t there. You don’t know how I feel. And I was open to the possibility of heading down that road with him.

Steffy: Yeah, the possibility. Maybe, eventually. I personally think it was never gonna happen. You were just using him as some kind of, like, casual hook-up.

Hope: Mmm? [ Scoffs ] Are you, uh– are you really trying to shame me right now? I mean, steffy forrester, the morality police? Wow.

Steffy: If you were straight with thomas, if you wanted to have your fun, that would’ve been the honorable thing to do. But you didn’t do that. No, you wanted to play with his emotions, put him on a leash. Control him with sex, the same way your mother did with my father and my grandfather.

Hope: How dare you?

Steffy: Don’t even try it. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Zende: I know that night didn’t go the way I thought it did. We can both agree it was a very weird situation.

Luna: Definitely.

Zende: I thought you were into me. I was happy about it. I thought that we were starting a relationship.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, that entire night was just– it was crazy. Like, how were you supposed to know that I had accidentally taken my mother’s special mints and mixing them with champagne would make me hallucinate?

[ Sighs ] Those damn mints.

Zende: Had I even known that you were remotely… I would not have let us do that.

Luna: I’m not mad at you, zende. I don’t blame you for this.

Zende: I’m glad about that. That you don’t blame me. But… do you ever think about me? I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything, but… putting aside everything else, is there a part of you that thinks about us? That wonders whether we might be good together?

Brooke: I just wish thomas hadn’t run off like that.

Ridge: I’m gonna miss him too. But he had no choice. He had to go. Seeing hope every day would be too painful.

Brooke: Running away doesn’t solve any problems. And it only makes it worse for those that are left behind.

Hope: I don’t need to defend my character to you.

Steffy: The truth is, hope, you never valued thomas the way he deserves. That’s why he’s gone. Not because of me. Not because of anyone else. He is tired of proving himself to you.

Hope: You must be blind, steffy. How have you not seen how happy we are together? Are you really that selfish that you had to go and destroy your brother’s healthiest relationship that he has ever had? You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? Just spewing accusations about me. That, what, I’m– I’m a logan? Out to destroy a forrester man? Really?

Steffy: I don’t know. Would you?

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Wow, you really are unbelievable. Steffy, not everything is about you. This was not about us or our history. I’m not out to get– wh– what do you think it is? Revenge?

Steffy: I wouldn’t put it past you, hope.

Hope: You really are heartless. Thomas and I were working through things. And it took me a while to find forgiveness, to trust your brother again. And we were growing together, steffy. I haven’t forgotten the things that he has done to me in his past, and yet I gave him a chance. Because I love him. And we were building something together, steffy. For us. For hope for the future. For our families. And now we will never know what that future looks like because of you.

Steffy: Yeah, okay. Go ahead. Blame me. Okay.

Hope: Oh, I– I will. Because you know what, steffy? You are just a sad, human wrecking ball who had to go and destroy something beautiful that your brother and I were building together.

Reese’s eggs are back

Ridge: Thomas had no choice but to say goodbye.

Brooke: But to not give hope any say in the matter? Douglas is her son too. They have joint custody.

Ridge: I know. But he felt he had to go, and he now has the tools to deal with what he’s going through. And douglas, he asked his mom. He wanted to be with his dad.

Brooke: But hope adores that boy. She loves him as if he were her own.

Ridge: I know all that, and– and I’m sorry for her. It’s– it’s awful.

Brooke: It’s such a mess.

Ridge: I didn’t want it to end this way. Or not at all. If only hope could– I don’t– I don’t even know.

Brooke: Hope did the best she could do, ridge, under the circumstances. She wasn’t toying with thomas. She really does love him. She just wanted to wait till she was ready. And it– you would think that steffy being a wife and a mother would understand that and give some empathy to hope, but no. No, what does she do? She waited for that first opportunity to attack my daughter.

Steffy: You try to paint this picture of you and thomas like some great, big love story. And maybe thomas thought it was. But I know you didn’T.

Hope: You don’t know what’s in my heart, steffy, because you have never really made an effort to get to know me. You just always assumed the worst.

Steffy: Hope, all you did was give my brother false hope. He loved you. He would’ve given you everything. He would’ve given you the whole world. But you didn’t care. You know what? I don’t care about your feelings. I’m never gonna buy it.

Hope: Okay, well, ridge did. Oh, is that news to you? Your father was actually rooting for us. He even told me that he wanted me to be his daughter-in-law.

Steffy: Right. Okay, maybe my father fell for the whole logan propaganda, but I’m not. I see you for who you are. You’re disgusting. You’re trash. You really are. You just think about yourself. It’s all “me, me, me, and I just “wanna sleep with whoever “I want, and I don’t care.” Look at all the things that happened with you and liam. Liam told you not to mess with thomas, and you did. Why? Because you’re a pathetic little slut.

Hope: [ Gasps ] Oh! There it is. Are you trying to be stephanie now?

Steffy: Maybe I am.

Hope: Well, that was cute, but I’m not going to take the bait and stoop as low as you. Is your life really this sad and pathetic that you have to go and destroy something beautiful? And, oh, by the way, you did it to your own brother? And now thomas is leaving, and he is taking my son, and that is only because you turned them against me.

Steffy: Thomas was tired of the uncertainty. And I heard douglas was over it too.

Hope: Enough! I’ve had it. You’ve torn my life apart. Congratulations. But you’re only doing that because you are so unhappy in your own life. And now my relationship is over. My family is being split in half, and you are just standing here, reveling in it? The fact that you have destroyed your brother’s family. You’re smiling. And that is sick. Mark my words: You are going to regret this. And I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but you’re gonna regret it.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Nikki: Sheila carter.

Eric: No longer a threat.

Deacon: I’m gonna be having a memorial service for sheila. Please try and stop by.

Liam: You don’t have to do it. Nobody else is gonna go to this thing.

Steffy: She shot us. How can you even consider going?

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