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what the hell is wrong with you?! Noth– there’s nothing wrong with me. Okay, so if someone says something to you that isn’t flattery or — or groveling, you’re just gonna take that as betrayal? And now you’re putting your trust in ava now? What am i supposed to do? At least ava didn’t pay somebody to spy on me like you paid traitor dex! What about jason?!

[ Scoffs ] He risked his life for you! He took beatings and bullets for you. He ran your business when you couldn’T. Hell, he went to prison to protect our son! Your son. That’s another one I can’t count on. Oh, so we’re just gonna add michael to that list, huh? Pretty much. You know what, sonny? When people you trust are turning against you, maybe they aren’t the problem. Maybe you are! And who am I supposed to trust — you, carly? For all I know, you and jason… are working together. Hey. Everything okay with scout? I let her watch a half-hour show before bed on her tablet. Think that’s alright?

[ Chuckles ] Not a chance. Sam won’t like it. You know what? I’ll take the hit and say it was my idea.

[ Cellphone rings ] Come on. Let’s play. Oh, honey, it’s your mom. Hey, sam. He’s awake! What?! Sam: Dante! He’s awake! Oh, my god! Elizabeth and the doctors are in there with him now. Thank god! He’s awake! Oh, thank god! -For real? You’re sure? -Is he okay? -Yeah. Yeah, yeah. -Your dad’s alright. He’s coming back to you. Olivia? I’m here. I’m here. He’s gonna be okay.

[ Exhales heavily ] As exhilarating as it is to get out of pentonville, I wouldn’t mind knowing where we’re going. Ah. The strong, silent type, I see.

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Door closes ] Hi, jack. Ahh. You’re looking well. For a prisoner. Valentin. You know, val, I was starting to think you’d abandoned me. Oh, I got here as soon as I could. You left me a few fires to put out, jack. Are they out? Or are you letting pikeman burn down around you? Jason. Frank.

[ Sighs ] Sonny home? I’m under strict orders not to let anybody in. But the boss would make an exception for you. Welcome back. Thanks. Go ahead.

[ Door opens ] I wish that instead of spending the last three years missing and grieving for jason…

[ Door closes ] …That I was secretly calling him and conspiring against you.

Jason: I can come back. -No. You shouldn’t have to answer this, but for some reason, sonny needs to hear it. Did you shoot dante? No. How is he? He hasn’t woken up. You out on bail? $5 million. Michael paid it. Of course he did. It’s jason. You want to tell me where you’ve been and how come you haven’t reached out? Does she really need to be here? Yeah, she needs to be here because she was at the warehouse when someone took a shot at me. Jason was on the roof. You’re not gonna deny that, right? I was there on the rooftop that night. And, what, you — you didn’t mean for me to die? I made sure you didn’T. Can you tell me why I should believe you? Care to explain what the hell went wrong with the op to take out sonny corinthos? Well, for starters, his oldest friend was assigned to the sniper team. “Alan jacobs” — that was an alias being used by jason morgan. Now, I wasn’t at the shooting, and we can’t ask the sniper because he’s dead, but I guess that jason morgan sabotaged the operation. Did nobody at pikeman realize we had jason morgan on the payroll? Well, at any given time, pikeman employs upwards of 15,000 mercenaries deployed to our various clients around the world, so forgive me if I don’t vet each one personally. Well, he didn’t just make it past the vetting process. He worked his way up to the asset group. What can I say? We only promote the best. Jack, how about in future we only promote the best a hell of a lot more carefully? Well, you make sure you do that. Institute a whole new policy. What are we doing right now to fix it? Okay, jason morgan may have derailed our latest attempt to get rid of sonny, but he’s gonna be joining you in pentonville very soon for shooting a cop, dante falconeri — sonny’s son, no less. This is like an oil slick. Just keeps spreading. So not only was the op a failure, but a cop gets, what, winged, injured? He’s probably gonna die. A dead cop. Even better. And the icing on the cake is that our operative is now in custody. So was it really morgan who shot falconeri? It’s impossible to say. It could have been our sniper, but like I said, he’s dead. Extraction team was able to get the body and the weapon off the pier before the first responders got there. So the only way to prove it wasn’t morgan is if the cop id’s the shooter. What about you? What about me? Well, the only prayer morgan has is if he — if he gives up pikeman. Could he know… you’ve been running the company since my arrest? I can’t believe dante’s actually awake! You know what? All those prayers we sent up, they did the trick. Yes, they certainly did. Mm-hmm! Okay. If you need me, I will be at the hospital. -Okay. -I’m coming with you. Me too. Oh, honey, you know, y-your dad is in the icu, and they don’t allow a lot of visitors there. That’s okay. We can wait outside. As long as we can just look in and see him. Ahh. Honey, your dad’s wounds are very serious. I-it might be kind of hard for you to see him like that. And it might be hard for him, too. I — dad said there was never a wrong time for me to come to him… that he would be there for me always. Of course he said that. And it’s true. I — hey. Hey. Take them to G.H. Yeah? They can handle it. Can’t you, boys? Look. Not knowing is way worse than seeing him for ourselves. And plus, I’ll — I’ll sit with rocco the entire time. Okay. Go get your coats. I’ll see you in the foyer.

[ Sighs ] Are you sure you’re okay to stay with scout? Of course I’m okay. Don’t worry about it. And you tell dante that I was praying for him, okay? And that I was praying in italian. The language of the popes. Well, most of the popes.

[ Laughs ] Yeah? I love you. Thank you. Bye!

[ Exhales heavily ]

Grazie mille. Well, how is he, dr. Park? Can I see him? You can. The breathing tube’s out. But dante will still have some trouble speaking. Okay. He’ll want some water. Don’t give him more than a sip at a time. And if he starts coughing, use the call button. I’ll order something to coat and numb his throat. That should help. Thank you. What else? Oh, oh. We took his chest tube out when his lung re-inflated, so be careful ’cause he’s gonna be really sore. Okay. -Go. He’s waiting for you. -Okay.

[ Monitor beeping ] Welcome back, detective. Don’t you dare ever scare me like that again.

[Weakly] Get… get what? Are you thirsty? Do you need some water? Get… over here. Hey. Does it hurt?

[ Grunts ] You lie. I’m sorry. No, don’T. Don’t you dare be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry for. I… I love you. Now, that you can do.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, you know me, jack.I’m all about discretion. I do know that. All these years, you’ve been instrumental in pikeman’s expansion, and no one had any idea you were involved. But now you’re running the place. Eh, I’m not holding shareholders’ calls. I’m dealing with supervisors through encrypted communication. There’s nothing to be traced to me. You hope. Jack, you got sloppy — coming to port charles personally, getting involved with carly. No, I don’t know if I’d call it “involved.” Diverted, maybe. Interested? Certainly. Just my bad luck that her ex is the very man that had to be removed. Speaking of… what does corinthos know? Well, he knows enough to not show his face where we can get a clear shot at him. I’ve left some breadcrumbs, some misinformation. He thinks he’s being targeted by a mysterious enemy named “stone.” Stone. Who’s stone? Somebody that sonny was very fond of, but he’s been dead for decades. And if sonny thinks he’s being targeted by a dead man, that will probably take his attention off of pikeman. There have been far too many misfires, jack. That has to change now. Sonny corinthos has a stranglehold on port charles, and if he’s not willing to do business with us… yeah, no matter how much we offer him. Then we need him gone. So…what’s the plan? You do have a plan, right? I mean, we have colleagues in the wsb eager to make sure that the right supplies get into the right hands. We have very lucrative contracts to fill and very volatile customers to satisfy. We need a reliable shipping terminal. And port charles is ideally situated. Corinthos is in the way. It’s on you… to get him out of the way. Yes. Of course I have a plan. Well, don’t leave me in suspense. How do we take corinthos down? We don’T. Sonny does it for us. So, when the cave collapsed in greece, I found a tunnel outside. And that’s when I got picked up by the fbi. Carly: The fbi was in greece? Yeah, they had peter august under surveillance. That’s why they were watching cassadine island. They picked you up. Then what? I’ve been an informant ever since. You were an informant for the fbi? Why the hell would you do that? I had no choice. You’re an — an informant for the fbi?! You must be protecting someone. Who? Who are you protecting, jason? Myself. It’s true. You’re awake.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, mom. Oh, oh!

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh, god, honey. Don’t ever do that to us again, okay?

[ Dante groans ] I read him the riot act already. Oh! Good! Good. Oh, sweetheart. I love you so much.

[ Groans ] How could — uh… how could you not? Right?

[ Laughs ] You’re cracking jokes already, huh? It’s probably a good sign, huh? I think so. I think so, too. Oh, sweetheart. I love you so much. Looks like you brought some tagalongs. Oh. They wouldn’t take no for an answer. I hope it’s okay. Is it okay if they come in and just say a quick “hi”? There are a lot of things that happen around here that I have no idea about.

[ Door opens ] Sam: Come on in. Come on. It’s okay. Hi, dad. Hey, pal. It’s okay. I… I won’t bite. It’s a little hard for your dad to talk right now, but he could use a hug. It won’t hurt him? Just be gentle. Okay. I missed you so much. Me too, bud. Hey, you.

[ Olivia chuckles ] We’re all really happy you’re okay.

[ Olivia exhales sharply ] Me too.

Been in the paperevery day since you got hurt, and today you’re on the front page because of the hearing. Hey, um, maybe we can show your dad that tomorrow. Olivia: Yeah. He just needs to rest right now. -Hearing? -He means arraignment. Whatever. Look, a-a lot of people think that my dad’s the one that shot you, and how that you’re awake… you can tell them it wasn’t him, right? Sam: You know what? I think olivia’s right. I think it’s time for dante to get some rest. Yeah, you heard the woman. Let’s, uh — everybody out. Everybody out. Dad doesn’t want us to go. Yeah, well, sometimes dads don’t know what’s best for them. Come on. Everybody. Uh… just for a minute. Alright?

[ Door closes ] Can I get you anything? Anna. It’s no secret that sonny suffers from bipolar disorder. Ah. He’s certainly managed to turn it to his advantage. Apparently, even a crime boss can get good press for being, uh, “openly afflicted.” He’s managed his condition through medication. Yeah. I have made contact with his source for bipolar meds. Let’s just say that we’ve come to an agreement. He’ll be filling sonny’s prescription at one-quarter strength, three-quarters placebo. So corinthos will believe he’s medicated per usual. He’ll become increasingly erratic, paranoid. Removing him will become child’s play.

[ Sighs ] Well, don’t underestimate the man. That was my mistake. I thought he could be bought — just like we bought all the others — and then eliminated once we were done with him. But corinthos hasn’t survived this long by being stupid. No, he’s survived by being medicated. Now he won’t be. He’s already derailed. He’s not covering his tracks. He tried to beat an old man to death with his bare hands.

[ Chuckles ] No, we’re not gonna have to go through the trouble of killing him, not if he gets himself arrested and convicted first. So that’s it? That’s all you’re gonna give us? You’re an informant for the feds? Jason would tell us more if he could. Of course you’re defending him, carly. The question is, why aren’t you? Why? Because he let us believe he was dead for two years! He had his reasons, sonny! Oh, his reasons. I don’t care about his reasons right now. Since when?! Why are you ignoring your history with someone who has always been loyal to you? Right. Until now, carly. Jason had his reasons! He’s working for the feds. He was there the night someone took a shot at me. And look at you — standing here just fine, thanks to jason. We don’t know that for sure! You don’t know that! I do! You know why? Why? Because he just told us, sonny! Oh. Oh. How about we just table this discussion for a while, right? Until cooler heads prevail. Can you please shut up?! This has nothing to do with you! Don’t — don’t speak to her that way. What has happened to you?! I’m not the one who has changed. This is my survival instincts kicking in. And it’s telling me… if you’re working for the feds, jason, and you’re not gonna tell me why… that means I can’t trust you… and I can’t trust carly. You’re both traitors to me. Do you hear yourself, sonny? Get out of my house. Sonny! I’m not gonna say it again. We need to go. This is crazy. We need to go.

I’ll be right back. Anna: Hi. Hi. Thank you for coming so late. Oh, god. I’m happy to get this call if it came at 3:00 A.M. He pulled through. Ohh. Thank god. I know. I’m so glad. I’m so glad for you and the boys and me and the department and… without dante, I… he’s just such a good friend, you know? And he’s my mvd. Mvd? Most valuable detective, obviously. I love it. I know he’s gonna love it, too. Okay. We’ll be right back. Okay? Sam: Hey. You got a visitor. Ohh… hey. Good to see you, detective. You too. Speaking is a little rough for him, so… yeah. Don’t strain yourself, okay? Anna: Alright. I’ll give you guys some space. Thanks, olivia. Guess what. You have a new nickname. Anna: [ Laughs ] Oh, yeah? Yeah. Um… mvd. Most valuable detective. You like it? Chase won’t, but I do. I’m relieved we didn’t lose you. Me too. Yeah.

[ Breathes deeply ] Is he all caught up? Um. Uh, some. He knows about the arraignment today, but I wanted everyone else out of the room before the discussion went any further. And dante wanted you. Yeah. Dante, I-I gotta ask you. Um, do you know who shot you? I never seen him before. It’s okay. Take it slow. Can — we can get you a pen and paper or something or… dante? Not…jason. Jason didn’t shoot you? No. Okay. But you saw him, yeah? Yeah. He’s, uh… it’s okay. Take it slow, baby.

[ Exhales heavily ] He’s the reason I’m alive. It’s official, folks. He’s still diabolical. Yeah, well, apparently that isn’t a character trait one easily grows out of.

[ Inhales sharply ] So how are you doing in pentonville? Ah, it’s a regular vacation. Otherwise no problems? Well, just the occasional sleepless night where I wonder if you’re up for this. Gift for logistics doesn’t necessarily translate into a gift for leadership. Well, you’re a natural-born leader, jack. Hmm. I know ’cause it says so in your psych eval.

[ Laughs ] And look where it’s gotten you. In a prison jumpsuit in a maximum-security. Right. Giving control over to me and hoping I can handle it. I can handle it. Is that confidence or ego speaking? I think we’re done here. Uh, not quite. I need cash. Oh, yeah? Still bribing your way through the system, I see. Well, how else do you get through it? Fair enough. Here. That should suffice. Thank you, daddy warbucks. Oh. One more thing. How’s anna devane? Why do you ask me that? Gives a whole new meaning to, uh… “careful what you wish for,” doesn’t it? You’ve finally achieved your undying dream of getting anna to love you… only to watch it…

[Pops lips] …Go up in smoke. You done? Uhh…yeah. I suppose. Because if anna finds out my involvement with pikeman, this van is gonna be the last you see outside the prison walls. Don’t worry! Your secret’s safe with me. You really are a bastard, aren’t you, jack? Yeah, and so are you. Two of a kind, eh? Boy, that was something else, huh? That’s one way to describe it. What’s yours? Uh, I don’t — I don’t — you know, this is — I don’t want to talk about this right now. Okay. I just want to say one more thing. I just want to say thank you for defending me to carly like that. You’re welcome. I knew it would piss her off. Still. Doesn’t happen very often, and I appreciate it. I can’t believe I ever loved carly. I mean, we raised a family together, and I thought, you know, she would stick by me till the end, no matter what, you know? Whether we were married or not. You know what I’m saying? Right. Whatever the relationship, you thought she’d always be loyal. But there was always jason. They were always… together. I mean, they got married. It’s been a hell of a day. Why don’t I fix you a drink? God knows

i could use one. Thanks. I’ll be right back. Okay? Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone dings ]

Hey. Your turn. -Oh. Thank you, honey. Yeah. Sam. Hey. How’s he doing? It’s definitely a struggle for him to talk, but other than that… you must be letting out the biggest exhale right now. I honestly didn’t know, elizabeth. I’m really happy for all of you. Listen. Um… dante confirmed that it wasn’t jason who shot him. I thought you would want to tell jake. I know that danny will definitely be comforted to hear that. Yeah. Yeah, so will jake. I like the new name. Ohh. Elizabeth made the sign. It’s a great tribute to your mom. Yeah. I-I feel her here. I mean, I feel her everywhere, but… this place was special to her. So were you. Hey. I saw you at the arraignment today. Yeah, I was hoping that wouldn’t happen. I could tell. Well, I don’t think anybody noticed. Everyone was pretty distracted. I had to be there because I knew he was innocent. You really believe in your dad, don’t you? Of course. Well, he’s lucky to have you in his corner. Yeah. To bobbie. To bobbie.

[ Glasses clink ] I’m sorry I wasn’t — I wasn’t here for you. You would have been if you could. I know that.

[ Breathes deeply ] It’s crazy to me that sonny doesn’t see that. I-I just — what the hell’s wrong with him? I’m used to him acting like that with me, but… with you? I mean, it’s you! And you’re back. And I-I still can’t believe it’s real. Well, I know you have questions. Oh! About a hundred and one. Yeah. You know I can’t answer most of them. I know. But instead of us, um, talking about… where you’ve been, why don’t we just stay in the here and now? How’s your gunshot wound? Thank you. Uh, it’s sore. But, you know, I’m healing. What did diane say? What are your chances?

[ Sighs ] Uphill battle. Unless dante exonerates me. Okay, then we just have to believe that that’s going to happen, that he’s going to come to and he’s gonna tell everybody that you didn’t shoot him. Carly, I just — I just want him to pull through. Me too. But I want it for a lot of reasons. Is that all you got for me?

[ Chuckles ] One more. Obviously you’re back. I-I don’t know… for how long. You’re here until the trial starts, right? Yeah. Where you gonna stay? I have the most incredible news.

[ Sonny sighs ] Yeah? Am I gonna have to guess? Dante’s awake. Are you kidding me? No, I just called the hospital for an update. They said that he’s awake a-and he’s even speaking. Thank god! A miracle, right? So, uh, I should go to G.H., Right? No. You know, they told me that he’s in with the doctor and they can’t be disturbed, so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see him. Well, I have to call olivia and sam. Where’s my phone? Oh, you know what? I’m sure that the hospital’s already done that, sonny. Really. Just — sonny, why don’t you just sit down and relax and rejoice in dante’s good fortune… and put what carly a-and jason put you through out of your head? Honestly. That whole ordeal was so exhausting. Yeah, yeah. Exhausting… but necessary. I finally, you know, see the truth about those two. I mean, it’s been staring me in the face for years. Can I get you anything else? Yeah. Why don’t you have a seat? We can rejoice… in the good fortune of my son. Happy to.

I’m trying to figure out how long I’ve known that man I just met with. We came up in the business together. Unlike most in our line of wor k,we were never true believers in anything other than getting the job done. You know? Pragmatists. And that’s why we rose to the top together. Although, I’m sure this hardly looks like the — the top, seeing as you’re returning me to my prison cell. Not that I’m complaining. Anything to get a break from this place. Home sweet home. Sorry if I bored you. Clearly, I don’t get out much. Valentin. Val, val, val. Damn, you’re good. Uh , I know the hospitalsaid that dante woke up. Did they say anything else? Like, um, does — is he gonna have to have surgery or…? I mean, is he in the icu? I-I was so happy about the update that I didn’t even ask those questions. Should I call back and ask? No, no, no. That’s okay. That’s alright. Life is amazing. Yeah? In what respect? The constant balancing the scales. Just a few hours ago, I-I lost my best friend. But I also gained my son back. I’m so sorry about the first… and so happy about the second. You know, um, I know that I haven’t been in play nearly as long as — as carly or jason, but… …I’m here, sonny. You can count on me. You know…

[ Exhales heavily ] …It’s amazing that… …out of everything that’s happened to me, you’re, like, the only one… that’s been here for me. Well, I… probably not the only one. Well, I mean, you know, pretty much.

[ Chuckles ] Good night. Night. You have to stay somewhere. Yeah. No. I’m gonna figure it out. Do you have any money? Do — I mean, not at the moment, I don’t — I have money. Carly. I don’t need money. I have money. I just have to get access to it tomorrow. But you don’t have enough money to pay for a place to stay, so I want you to come and I want you to stay with me. No, that’s not happening. People could be looking for me. Well, then you stay at the metro court. You know the security is great there. No, that’s not happening. Oh, jason!

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god. Do you remember the room that I had here? When you lived above jake’s and I lived here. Do you remember that? Y-yes, I r-remember. The room’s available! I mean, it’s nothing fancy or anything, but it’s clean. You’ll be safe, and you’ll be fed. Y-you can use the entrance for the delivery people. You can come and go as — as often you want. Come on. What do you say? I say it — it sounds perfect. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] God. It’s just so funny. I… I had that room painted after the last tenant left, and I went up there to inspect, and I walked around the room. And I was hit right between the eyes… with how I used to feel when I lived there… how I came up with every excuse to go to jake’s just so I could see you and… I stood in the middle of that room missing you so much I could barely breathe. And now I don’t have to miss you anymore because you’re here. You’re home. You’re home. Oh, my god. Do you think I’m psychic? Do you think I had that room painted because I knew you were coming back? No.

[ Laughs ] Oh, probably not. But you have to admit — it was really great timing. It was. That’s always been the case with us, huh? Either perfect timing or… the worst.

[ Cellphone rings ] Uh… oof. Anna.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Hello? Hi. Carly, it’s anna. Is jason there? No. Why? Okay. Um… well, when you “see” him, would you let him know that dante’s awake… and, um, he made it very clear that not only did jason not shoot him, he saved his life.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. Anna, that is amazing. That is — that is so amazing. I, um — thank you for calling me. I-I will tell jason when I see him. When you “see” him? That’s right. And will you also tell him… “thank you” for me? Because if it wasn’t for him, I’d be down a friend. I will. Ohh! You heard that, right?

[ Sighs ] Dante woke up. That’s right, and — and he told everyone that you did not shoot him and that you saved his life. You okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] Better than I was. Me too. Me too.

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