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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen and Alex met to talk about their plan. She wanted him to get back together with Theresa while she went after Brady. Alex let her know that he tried his best to get Theresa back. She let him know that Theresa is sleeping in the next room from him. Alex let her know that their plan wouldn’t be easy. He told her what happened with Tate. She was upset because she thought Tate’s troubles would bring them closer together. Kristen thought she had a way to keep them apart. John felt like people manipulated him in the past. He wanted Steve to let him do what he needed to do. He knew Konstantin wouldn’t forgive him. Konstantin arrived and said he would forgive him. John couldn’t accept his forgiveness. He wanted to go to Greece and turn himself in for what happened to his daughter. John felt like that was his path to forgiveness. Marlena agreed to stand by his side, but she wanted him to think about it first. Steve didn’t think he should turn himself in for a crime he wasn’t sure he committed. He wouldn’t let John do it. Theresa wanted Holly to come clean and tell everyone that Tate didn’t give her the drugs. Brady reminded her that Holly didn’t remember anything. She hoped Sloan could help Tate. Brady noticed Alex and Kristen kissing at a table. They approached Alex and Kristen. Kristen played up their flirtation. Theresa wasn’t happy about it. She thought it was a random kiss. Kristen said they were dating. Brady warned Alex about being with Kristen. He walked away from the table so Kristen went after him. Theresa wasn’t happy that Alex moved on so quickly. Kristen approached Brady, and he told her that he didn’t care that she was seeing Alex. He assured her that he didn’t care that they were together. Brady hoped she didn’t scar Alex for life. John told Steve that he did kill the girl. Steve reminded him that he didn’t know that he pulled the trigger. Maggie warned John that searching for answers would take him away from his family. Marlena offered to try hypnosis. He reminded her that it didn’t work. John wanted to go to Greece and pay the price. Kristen warned Brady that he would regret being dismissive of her. She thought he would want to know more about her relationship with Alex. He didn’t care about it. Kristen praised Alex and reminded Brady that Alex was in charge of the company. She thought Alex would make a great step parent for Rachel. Theresa reminded Alex that he didn’t propose to her. He said he still wanted to be with her. Theresa thought he blamed her for what happened. Alex said it was in the past and he wondered why she cared that he was with Kristen. Theresa said she didn’t care. She wanted to know how they got together. Alex said she had her chance to be with him, but she didn’t want to talk to him.

Maggie wanted John to remember that he wasn’t the same man he was when he was in Greece. Marlena agreed that he wasn’t the man Victor made him become. Maggie acknowledged how wrong Victor was when he controlled John and Steve. She said that Victor changed just like John did. Maggie didn’t want him to throw his life away over a mistake that was beyond his control. Theresa continued to berate Alex for being with Kristen. Kristen continued to gloat about Alex being her man. Konstantin decided not to get revenge anymore. He couldn’t go on living that way. Konstantin asked John not to go back to Greece. He wanted him to go home. Marlena tried to talk John out of punishing himself. John didn’t know how to get past it. Marlena offered to get through it together. Theresa gave Alex her blessing to date Kristen. She warned him not to come back to her when Kristen breaks his heart. Alex didn’t expect Theresa to see him kissing Kristen. Later, Alex and Kristen met up and talked about Theresa and Brady’s reactions to their plan. Maggie was proud of Konstantin for forgiving John. He felt it was time to forgive. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about what John did as the pawn. Konstantin explained why he didn’t say anything. She wanted to apologize for Victor’s actions. Marlena and Steve were glad that situation was done. John knew they wanted him to move on, but he couldn’t move on that easily.

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