GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Jason’s family and friends take sides about whether Jason shot Dante. Jason’s two sons get into a physical fight because Jake thinks Jason is guilty, but Danny thinks Jason is innocent.

Jocelyn thinks Jason is innocent while Trina thinks Jason was the person who might have shot Curtis. The best friends agree to disagree about Jason and then gets Trina to talk about her trip to Paris with Spencer.

Molly thinks Jason is innocent until proven guilty and she is upset she has to persuade a judge not to grant Jason bail.

Kristina thinks Jason is guilty. Kristina thinks Molly should do her job and put Jason in jail.

Brook Lynn brings Jason a letter from Monica telling him that she doesn’t think he shot Dante.

Sam talks to Jason. She believes he didn’t shoot Dante, but she tells Jason to stay away from Danny when Jason tells him that Danny brought him a first aid kit when he was hiding in the boat house.

Anna asks Dex to work for the PCPD as a way to stay in Port Charles and be safe from Sonny.

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