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Steffy: You can do this, thomas. You can take douglas and you can leave. Get out of here. Make a life with your son. A good life. A happy life. You’re not gonna have that with hope. She doesn’t want that kind of future.

Thomas: Steff, I thought she did.

Steffy: Well, hope is extremely manipulative. She tries to make you believe that it’s gonna happen. It’s the constant push and pull. Like, who does that to someone they supposedly love? Thomas, she had to know it was gonna break your heart when you– when you proposed to her again and she turned you down. But she did it anyway. Why? Because she’s a logan. And that’s what they do. I mean, look at brooke. Look at the way she treated our father. All the pain and the chaos she brought into his life. And hope is doing the exact same thing to you. Where’s your pride? Where’s your dignity? Don’t let hope do this. You need to go. Go with douglas. Take your son and get away from hope. You’re just going to end up heartbroken again. Leave her once and for all.

Hope: I know you want to believe that steffy is only looking out for thomas, but I am telling you, ridge, there is more at play here. Steffy is using this situation–

Ridge: To what? So you two can start fighting again? Come on, man.

Hope: I get that you are her dad and you don’t want to see it, but steffy has been agitating from the sidelines ever since she found out about thomas and me.

Ridge: You know what I see? I see steffy is trying to protect her brother. She doesn’t want him to be hurt by you, which, to be fair, is exactly what happened.

Brooke: Hope didn’t intentionally set out to hurt thomas.

Ridge: I’m not saying she did it intentionally. I’m not saying that at all. I wanted this relationship. I wanted the two of you to find happiness together.

Hope: And I wanted it too. I still do. But to hear the way steffy talks about it, like I’m using him like thomas is just a plaything to me? It is insulting. It’s not only insulting to me, it’s insulting to thomas as well. Look, I– I get that you think part of steffy is doing this because she’s being a protective sister. Sure, that might be a part of it. But there is another part there as well, and that is because of past resentments.

Brooke: Okay, hold on–

Hope: No, mom, it is. We have a complicated history. I understand that. And that by getting involved with her brother, it wasn’t just gonna make it disappear. But I’m just not going to sit here and allow steffy to paint me as the bad guy because of past things that have happened between us, because of her insecurities. I’m not gonna have it, ridge. And so I’m going to call her on it. And I’m going to continue to call her on it because I am not steffy’s personal punching bag.

Ridge: Are you done? ‘Cause, uh, I would love to say something.

Hope: Okay, and now starts the defense of steffy. Let’s hear it.

Ridge: You knew it was coming. I mean, you’re attacking my daughter right in front of me, so you knew there was gonna be some pushback, right?

Hope: I was just hoping you might try to see the other side of things.

Ridge: I am seeing the other side of things. I listened to every word you said. And I get that you’re upset. I get it. But blaming steffy for that, that just doesn’t seem fair. I know you feel like you’re being attacked. What about thomas? How do you think he feels right now? That boy loves you.

Hope: I know.

Ridge: I know that because he tells you every five minutes. He tells me. It’s all he talks about. All he wants is to make you happy. All he wants to give you is a better life. He gave you a ring, which you accepted, by the way. But you didn’t wear it on your finger. You wore it around your neck, which is very strange.

Brooke: And hope told you why.

Ridge: She did tell me. And I get it. I– I do. I, uh, I understand. It just doesn’t change the fact that I’m hurting for my son because of what you put him through.

Hope: I have been honest with thomas from the start.

Ridge: Honesty is good. I like that. But have you been honest with yourself? What did you want out of this relationship? What did you want, really? And were you ever even remotely close to what you knew he wanted from it? You knew his intentions. He didn’t hide them from you. Well, what about you? That’s my question. What were your intentions? Because right now, I’m worried about that. I’m worried that you just thought this was some kind of diversion for you.

Hope: My gosh, this is not even remotely true.

Ridge: How do I– do you know that? I don’t know that at all. The only thing I know, hope, is that my son is in pain. And what, are you asking me to feel sorry for you? Because I can’T. I’m concerned about my boy because of what you did to his life.

Thomas: My whole life is here in L.A. And so is douglas’. I mean, to just pick up and leave?

Steffy: It’s not gonna be easy. I know that. But think about what life would be like if you stay here. Working next to hope. Being constantly reminded what could’ve been, but never will be because hope won’t let it.

Thomas: I, uh… I still love her, steff. So much.

Steffy: I know you do, thomas. As much as it hurts me to say this, hope’s just not gonna love you the way you love her. (Vo) compliments build confidence,

Brooke: Maybe we should just let thomas and hope work through this and not interfere.

Ridge: What– what are you asking me? You asking me not to defend my son?

Brooke: No. It’s just– the more people that are involved…

Ridge: It’s my son. This is your daughter. How are we not involved? We’ll always be involved.

Brooke: I know. And we will always love our children. It’s just…

Ridge: All right. I can’t be objective. Neither can you. But can we all agree on one thing? Thomas was all in from day one.

Hope: What, as if I don’t see that? As if it’s not one of the things that I love most about him, that I never have to question his devotion?

Ridge: But it’s not enough, is it? It was never enough. So, what’s holding you back? What is it?

Brooke: Have you not been listening, ridge? She’s just not ready to be his wife.

Ridge: Okay, maybe that’s it. Or maybe there’s something in his past that you can’t forgive. Is that it?

Brooke: Ridge–

Ridge: No, hang on, just talk to me for a second. No one’s yelling. We’re not fighting. I’m asking you, is there something he did that you can’t get past? Something you can’t forgive? Something that’s always gonna be between you?

Brooke: Oh, my god. I mean, can you really blame her after everything that he’s done to her?

Ridge: There she is. Didn’t you say that you thought thomas was getting better?

Brooke: Yeah, I– I do believe that. I do. But we’re talking about hope’s honest answer to thomas, and right now she said she can’t marry him. At least not now.

Ridge: Whatever. That’s my boy. He’s done everything he could. He’s done everything for you. He’s worked so hard on himself.

Hope: And I know that better than anyone. Ridge, I– I– I want, you know what? No. Our relationship is–

Ridge: Your what? Your relationship? I’m sorry, from what I’m hearing and seeing, there’s no relationship. There’s nothing left.

Hope: All right, I appreciate your concern. But this is my life. It’s my relationship, and like my mother said, we’re adults. So, we will handle this alone. Just between us. Without all the interference. And I get that you mean well. I can’t say the same for steffy. Because she is turning this into forresters versus logans. And she will do everything she can to get me out of her brother’s life.

Steffy: I know this is killing you, thomas. You had this vision of how things were gonna be. You and hope married. Raising douglas together. Hope loving you the way you love her. If you don’t wake up, if you don’t face the truth, it’s going to get worse. Hope is gonna continue to use you, and then she’s gonna drag douglas into this. And then he’s going to be disappointed all over again. Like, don’t do this. Don’t do that to that little boy.

Thomas: Steff, I don’t want that. Douglas has been through enough already.

Steffy: You have to protect him. You have to do what’s best for you and your son. So leave. Get out of town. Now. Thomas, look at me. Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you really understand?

Thomas: Douglas is always my number one priority. I hear you, steff. Skin-carving next level hydration?

Hope: I’m not sure when thomas will be back in the office, but once we get a chance to review your proposal, one of us will get back to you. All right.

Brooke: Is there a problem, honey?

Hope: Uh, no, I just– I need to talk to thomas. It’s something we’ve had in the works for hope for the future.

Ridge: Yeah, it’d be tough to talk to him, because he went home. He was upset by something.

Hope: Okay, I get that you blame me for what has happened, but can you just give thomas and me a chance to talk about it first, before–

Steffy: A chance to do what? A chance to get your way again? You only want thomas on your schedule. Your terms.

Hope: That is not true. And thomas knows that it’s not true.

Steffy: Oh, so you’re speaking for him now.

Hope: Only thomas and I know how we feel about each other.

Steffy: Oh, please.

Hope: I love him, steffy. And he loves me. And he wants me to be in his life.

Steffy: Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.

Hope: Okay, I am finished debating this with people who clearly have no understanding about what we share, so I’m going to talk to him myself.

Steffy: Good. He’s in the building. He’s actually in the design office.

Hope: Hm.

Steffy: I think he wants to talk to you too.

Hope: Stay out of my relationship with your brother.

Steffy: Ooh. I feel like she’s in for a rude awakening.

Thomas: Yeah, tell him I’ll explain when he gets here. Okay, thank you. Together, we can do anything.

Hope: Salute.

Steffy: I know you love her, thomas. But you need to cut her loose. And then end your relationship with hope once and for all.

Hope: Thomas, I feel terrible.

Thomas: You do?

Hope: I mean, of course I do. I also know that steffy’s talked to you. Please don’t listen to her. She’s trying to come between us. She’s playing that forrester versus logan card. Do not let steffy do it. ( )

Steffy: So the jet is fueled and ready to go if need be? Wonderful. Thanks so much.

Ridge: Didn’t know you had a trip coming up.

Steffy: Oh, no, I don’T. I just like to check in now and then. You never know when something unexpected might come up.

Brooke: What did you mean earlier when you said hope might be in for a rude awakening?

Steffy: Oh, it’s just– just a feeling.

Brooke: I know that you have thomas’ ear, steffy. You’ve been whispering things to him. Like, it’s time to leave hope.

Steffy: That’s odd. I thought you’d be happy about that. I mean, you’ve been against hope and thomas’ relationship from the very beginning.

Ridge: All right, that’S… she’s been working on it. She’s been coming around.

Brooke: I do see that thomas has made some strides. But this is hope’s decision whether or not she can have a life with thomas.

Steffy: Okay, but if hope truly loved thomas, then she would’ve accepted his proposal. Instead, she turned him down. Twice.

Brooke: Yes, and that is her decision, not yours.

Steffy: Okay, yeah. No, I– I get it. I get it. You’re her mom and you’re gonna support her. It’s what logans do. You guys gotta kind of circle the wagon to protect their own. I get it.

Brooke: Yeah, well, hope is a– a tough lady. You know, she can handle herself. She doesn’t need her mother. So, whatever she decides, she decides.

Steffy: Well, I don’t think hope and thomas are gonna get married, if that’s what you’re thinking. I think it’s over for them.

Brooke: And why do you say that? I mean, you sound so certain. You must know something. Whatever it is, I think we should let them work this out on their own. Otherwise, I feel like there’s some kind of vendetta you have against my daughter.

Hope: I know you love your sister. And she loves you. And she claims that she is trying to help you.

Thomas: Is that so wrong?

Hope: No. But when she’s trying to turn this into something it’s not, I mean, thomas, this isn’t– this isn’t about them. It’s not about steffy. It’s not about my mom. It’s not about my dad. It is about us. And there have been so many people opposed to our relationship in the past, and we haven’t let that stop us before, and so we shouldn’t let it stop us now.

Thomas: I proposed. Again. And you turned me down. Again.

Hope: That is… I thought I explained. It’s because I am not ready for that level of commitment yet, thomas. I am still trying to just–

Thomas: No, I understand. You’re trying to process your marriage with liam. And the divorce.

Hope: I’m also trying to be a good mom. I’m trying to focus on the kids. What’s best for them and their well-being. Thomas, they have been through so many huge adjustments in the past few months. I’m trying to be the best mother that I possibly can be. Thomas, just because I didn’t say yes to you doesn’t mean that I don’t want to spend every day with you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to laugh with you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna make love to you. We have something special. You make me feel a way that I have never felt with any other man before, thomas. I feel valued. I feel appreciated. I feel seen. And that’s because of you. You know how you’re always saying that you’re a one-woman man? I understand that I am so lucky to be that woman. And in spite of– in spite of what steffy may think, please, thomas, please don’t let her undermine us. I love you. And I don’t wanna lose you.

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