B&B Short Recap Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Thomas’ place, Steffy keeps urging him to leave town and dump Hope. He doesn’t want to uproot Douglas.

Back at Forrester, Hope, Brooke and Ridge discuss how Thomas is feeling and the things that Steffy has been saying and doing. Hope thinks Steffy isn’t just protecting her brother but trying to break them up and start another Logan-Forrester Feud. Ridge has a hard time being objective because Thomas is his son. He wonders if Hope will ever want to settle down with Thomas. Brooke and Hope appeal to him to let Hope and Thomas figure it out for themselves. Steffy comes in and tells Hope that Thomas is back at work. She suggests that Hope may not like what he has to say. She also mentions that she’s keeping the Forrester jet fueled, just in case.

Hope visits Thomas in his office and pleads with him not to let Steffy come between them. She tells him that she still loves him. She reminds him again why she turned down his proposal.


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