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Stephanie goes to the hospital and surprises Kayla. Stephanie mentions bringing gifts for Wendy and Tripp. Kayla says she has their discharge papers so they can go give them everything together.

Tripp and Wendy sit together in their hospital room, talking about being excited to go home to their own bed. Wendy tells Tripp that she’s never felt closer to him than now because of what they went through and because of how brave Tripp was. Wendy talks about how safe he made her feel. Tripp says she did the same for him. Wendy recalls that they were both dizzy and weak, but she remembers accepting Tripp’s marriage proposal and then exchanging their vows. Wendy points out that she asked after if he would marry her for real if they were rescued, but she doesn’t remember what his answer was so she asks for an answer now.

Abe and Paulina talk about being so glad to be home together. Paulina talks about always believing she would be okay because someone was looking out for her, either God or a guardian angel. Paulina says part of her knew that was wishful thinking but says she needed to believe that so she could keep on. Abe admits he has comforted himself that way too. Paulina tells him that they know someone is taking care of them, so it’s not just wishful thinking.

Brady goes to the Titan office and finds Alex leaving a note. Alex says he was heading home but Brady says they have to talk now about his relationship with Kristen.

Theresa goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Kristen and asks what the hell is going on between Kristen and Alex, questioning what her endgame is.

Paulina tells Abe that she thought she was hallucinating and wasn’t sure if Lexie was taking her upstairs or down, but once that fear disappeared, it was just an overwhelming sense of peace and she knew everything would be okay. Abe says that what they experienced that night was beyond a miracle. Paulina tells Abe that she loves him with all her heart as they kiss. Paulina calls Lexie their guardian angel.

Wendy tells Tripp that she knows the proposal was under really strange circumstances but they get interrupted by Stephanie and Kayla coming in. Kayla asks how they are feeling. Tripp says they are ready to get out of here. Stephanie reveals that Joey has been checking in with her nonstop as he’s been worried, so he sent them gifts which she hands to them.

Kristen tells Theresa that there is no endgame and that she and Alex are just dating and getting to know each other better. Theresa argues that Kristen had never shown interest in Alex before. Kristen says that’s because he wasn’t available before and mocks Theresa for letting Alex go. Kristen calls Alex fascinating and witty. Kristen questions what possessed her to give all that up.

Alex tells Brady that his relationship with Kristen is none of his business. Brady responds that anything involving his daughter is his business. Alex questions what he means. Brady asks what his intentions are towards his child. Alex tells him to slow down as he just started dating Kristen. Alex admits that being a stepdad to an 8 year old girl is not on the immediate to-do list for him. Brady brings up that Alex was dating the mother of his son and now he’s dating the mother of his daughter. Brady calls it a pattern. Alex asks what exactly he’s accusing him of.

Wendy and Tripp open their gifts from Joey of a tea kettle and beer. Jada arrives and says she hates to interrupt but she has follow up questions for Tripp and Wendy.

Paulina tells Abe that she has something to admit to him and that is that she’s a little bit jealous of Lexie. Paulina knows it’s not rational or fair to her memory to want to be the love of Abe’s life. Paulina guesses it’s her want to be special to him and asks if that’s greedy of her. Abe calls it human and assures that she is the one he loves now and he loves her with all his heart for the rest of his life. Paulina comments on how lucky that makes her as they kiss.

Alex says clearly Brady hasn’t been listening and repeats that he and Kristen are just getting to know each other. Brady brings up Theresa despising Kristen. Alex asks what that has to do with him. Brady argues that he knew damn well that Theresa would blow a gasket over Alex and Kristen kissing. Alex says that Theresa went bye bye. Brady questions that being it and argues that he saw how Alex reacted when Theresa was high, so he knows he cares about her. Alex says he cared in past tense. Brady isn’t buying it and thinks he’s making a mistake if he’s just trying to make Theresa jealous. Brady warns that Theresa and Kristen are like fire and dynamite, so it might just blow up in his face.

Theresa tells Kristen that she did not give Alex up and his proposal was out of pity. Kristen asks why she even cares about her and Alex since she’s shacking up with Brady these days. Theresa argues that she’s temporarily staying at John and Marlena’s in her son’s room. Theresa assures that there is nothing going on between her and Brady and that they are just working together to help their son through a crisis. Kristen tells her that she will tell her what she’s really doing with Alex then.

Jada tells Wendy that she’s glad they are okay as the whole department was worried and credits Wendy for knowing sign language. Jada brings up Wendy’s statement from the night she was rescued and asks if she’s remembered anything else since. Wendy is pretty sure she covered everything. Jada asks if Wendy remembers Officer Goldman giving any indication of where she and Clyde might be headed.

Tripp sits in the hospital lobby with Stephanie and Kayla. Tripp asks Stephanie what’s been going on with her but Stephanie says it’s nothing he needs to hear about right now. Tripp then gets a call from Ava and steps away to answer. Kayla asks how Stephanie really is since she saw the icy look between her and Jada. Stephanie is sure Steve filled her in on everything. Kayla confirms he did but says she’s there if she wants to talk. Tripp comes back and says that Ava has been calling him nonstop since the rescue as she wants to be waiting to pick him up. Kayla understands and says she and Steve will be hovering more than usual since they almost lost him. Tripp says that’s fine with him.

Theresa asks Kristen what’s going on between her and Alex. Kristen talks about being a single parent and it being a long time since she had companionship. Kristen calls Alex a gem and says she really loves being with him. Kristen adds that she thinks Rachel will benefit from a positive male influence. Theresa calls that Brady’s job. Kristen says in a perfect scenario, Rachel would have her parents together but Brady is not open up to that idea. Theresa argues that men and women can co-parent without being together. Kristen remarks that it’s usually best for a child to be with their parents together in a loving relationship. Kristen says as much as she’s enjoying being with Alex, if someone helped Brady with the idea of a relationship with her then Alex wouldn’t stand a chance. Theresa decides she will see herself out and exits.

Alex tells Brady that resenting him playing games with his exes is hypocritical as he brings up walking in on Brady and Theresa kissing. Alex accuses Brady of playing games then and trying to make him jealous. Brady argues there was nothing to be jealous of as he was just there for her and it meant nothing. Brady asks why he’s bringing that up again. Alex says it’s because he doesn’t believe him. Brady is happy that Alex gave him the real scoop about what’s going on with Kristen, but warns that he’s dealing with two women who are a lot of work and who can make him miserable as he exits.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Kristen that they need to talk. Brady says he’s not staying long but he had a really enlightening conversation with Alex. Kristen asks how her boyfriend is. Brady responds that Alex is perplexed and views their relationship as purely fun and games while he had no idea he was a candidate to be a stepfather to Rachel. Kristen thinks Alex would make a great stepdad and maybe will even give her a baby brother or sister. Brady stops her and says that Alex said in no uncertain terms that they are not serious, so she’s never going to get a commitment out of Alex. Kristen responds that she thinks Brady is actually jealous.

Wendy tells Jada that she doesn’t recall Officer Goldman saying anything about where she was heading. Jada goes back to when Goldman kidnapped them from the park during the geocaching event. Wendy recalls her saying that they were in danger and that she needed to escort them to a safe location. Wendy adds that they got in to the back of an unmarked van and drove for awhile. Wendy says they remembered hearing airplanes and then Goldman locked them up in the beer tank by the airport. Jada tells her to continue whenever she’s ready. Wendy talks about how Officer Goldman would show up randomly with food and water. Wendy says they had no way to tell time and heard the vents close, so they thought that was it. Wendy adds that in those last moments, they exchanged wedding vows and held each other until they stopped breathing. Jada thanks her for sharing that as she knows it was very hard for her. Jada asks if Wendy considers herself married now. Wendy doesn’t know but says it felt right at the time. Jada says if they have a real marriage, it will last.

Stephanie tells Tripp that she keeps thinking about he and Wendy being locked up all that time and asks how they survived. Tripp says the food and water kept them going until Officer Goldman tried to kill them. Tripp talks about using their imaginations to keep from going crazy and mentions even getting married which Stephanie and Kayla both question.

Theresa goes to Alex’s apartment. Alex asks if she came to pick up the stuff she left behind when she bolted. Theresa says was just stopping by. Alex mentions not seeing her around the office lately. Theresa says she’s been working remotely and seeing Tate a lot. Alex says that makes sense. Theresa brings up seeing Alex with Kristen earlier and says it really got her thinking that she needs to dig deep and think about their relationship. Theresa admits that maybe she overreacted when she packed her bags.

Tripp tells Stephanie and Kayla about he and Wendy exchanging vows and how they planned to get married for real if they were rescued. Stephanie says they are obviously in love and she’s so happy for them. Kayla says she’s happy for them too and she thinks Wendy is a great girl, but worries that they are both so young and were in a very intense situation. Kayla thinks maybe they should wait to think about marriage. Kayla says if they’re meant to be together, they will be and advises them not to rush anything. Jada comes over and says she just finished talking with Wendy so now she has to talk to Tripp. Kayla and Stephanie decide to go check on Wendy.

Paulina jokes with Abe about staying home all week. Abe suggests they start planning a nice, long and relaxing vacation.

Alex questions Theresa thinking she overreacted. Alex agrees that her moving out was a major overreaction, especially since he was just being honest about his feelings. Theresa says maybe she didn’t want to hear his feelings, but now that she’s had time to think, she thinks she should re-evaluate her decision. Theresa tells Alex that she’s missed him and she knows he’s missed her. They almost kiss but Alex thinks back to talking to Kristen about their plan to make Theresa jealous. Alex then tells Theresa that this isn’t a good idea and she needs to go now.

Jada asks Tripp if he picked up any clue as to where Officer Goldman and Clyde were going. Tripp says no as Goldman didn’t say much. Jada asks if anyone was ever with her. Tripp confirms she was always alone. Tripp gets a text from Ava, asking if he’s almost ready. Jada tells him that this is an open investigation, so she will need to speak with them again. Tripp says they want to help catch Goldman and Clyde any way they can, but right now he thinks it’s time for he and Wendy to go home.

Kayla and Stephanie go back to Wendy’s hospital room. Kayla asks how it went. Wendy guesses it was okay. Stephanie mentions that Tripp told them more about what they went through. Kayla calls the vows beautiful. Stephanie hugs Wendy and says she’s so sorry they went through all that but she’s happy Tripp wasn’t alone.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s not jealous of her and Alex. Kristen asks why he’s here then and why he cares who she’s with. Brady brings up that they have a daughter. Kristen argues that their daughter would be better off with both her parents. Brady questions her going down this road again and disagrees since they are awful together. Kristen argues that they loved each other once. Brady says it was in a very obsessive, destructive way. Kristen argues that they brought out the best in each other. Brady says maybe for five minutes. Kristen says maybe Brady doesn’t want to admit it or he’s suppressing the memories. Kristen brings up when they were alone in the bedroom as she grabs Brady and kisses him. Brady pulls away and questions what she’s doing. Kristen says it’s what they both want but Brady calls it the last thing he wants as he asks what the hell is wrong with her. Kristen questions how he can say that and says she kissed him because she was drawn to him. Kristen argues that he knows there’s an attraction between them. Brady states that they are a trainwreck and then storms out of the mansion. Kristen remarks that Brady’s mouth says no but his lips say yes, so it’s just a matter of time.

Theresa asks Alex if he’s sure this is what he wants. Alex confirms it is, so Theresa agrees to go but hopes she’ll see him again soon. Alex says they will see as Theresa then exits the apartment.

Paulina comments on her heart beating fast. Abe asks if she’s okay. Paulina assures that she is and that Kayla didn’t say anything about limiting their physical activity, so they head to the bedroom.

Wendy and Tripp talk about getting discharged. Tripp gets a text from Ava that the car is outside waiting. Wendy says she’s more than ready. Tripp tells Wendy that he loves her so much and after what they went through, his love only grew stronger but they need to take their time. Wendy agrees to making life altering decisions not when they are about to die. They agree to take things one day at a time and that they will get there as they kiss.

Theresa joins Brady in the town square. Theresa says she thought she had something simple and easy with Alex but seeing him with Kristen makes her wonder. Brady encourages her not to go too hard on Alex as he’s sure that when Kristen shows her true colors, Alex will go running for the hills.

Alex sends a text to Kristen that Theresa stopped by but he stuck to the plan and played very hard to get, warning that she better be right about this.

Kristen texts Alex back that Brady was there and assures that their plan will work.

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