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well, thanks for the ziti. Delicious. Just like your mom used to make it. Yeah. You liked it? I loved it. Couldn’t tell. You barely had three bites. I wasn’t hungry. Too worried to eat? Well, food tastes like cardboard. I don’t want to offend your mom’s recipe, but…

[ Both laugh ] Come on, I didn’t bring the ziti over so you could praise my cooking. I — I brought it over to keep your strength up. Is that all? I wanted to check in on you, too. Well, you know, I went to the hospital, sat by dante’s bed. I’m trying to be there for olivia. I’m just terrified that my son’s not going to make it.

[ Monitors beeping ]

[ Tapping ] Hi. How’s it going? Do you want the cheerful and optimistic answer? If you’re feeling cheerful and optimistic. I’m scared. I’m confused. Yeah, I don’t blame you. I would be, too. Especially now that mom said jason is the prime suspect in dante’s shooting. Jason: I’m on pier 55.

A man’s been shot twice

in the chest.

Dante! Hey, dante!

He passed out.

Get the paramedics here now. Yeah? Hey. Hi. Do you have a minute? Sure. Come in. My office wants an update on the dante falconeri shooting and how it relates to the shot that was taken at sonny corinthos earlier that evening. Should the individual face separate charges, or do we make the warehouse and conspiracy charges lesser offenses included in the charge of first degree murder? Well, the individual in question is jason morgan. Uh, but I’m not convinced that he tried to murder anyone. God, I hope you’re right. Drew. Come in. I saw your light was still on. I was, um — I was just hoping to catch michael. Oh, he had to run an errand. I’m not sure how long he’ll be. You might want to text him. Yeah. This isn’t really something that I want to say in a text. Carly and I broke up.

[ Knock on door ] What time is it? Can I come in? Do you have a warrant? No. I just want to speak to you. Come in. Okay, agent cates. What do you want to say to me? I need your help.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] Hey, it’s me. Wait, no, no, do not try and stand. Willow said you need rest. I’m okay. No, you’re not, but you will be. Okay? Just let us take care of you.

Yeah. Nice. I gotta hand it to mom. She gave me and molly a heads up before the invader ran the story on dante’s shooting. What did she say? Everything that the article said, just more personalized — that jason is still alive and that he’s the prime suspect in dante’s shooting. It was so confusing to me then, and it’s still confusing. I don’t know how you’re holding up. This must be hitting you really hard. Yeah, I’M… still trying to process it all. Okay. “Okay” what? Well, nothing. I just — I expected you to say that this was all a big mistake, and there was no way that jason could do this. Okay, well, if that’s what you want to hear, then go talk to carly. I was just listening to the 911 call, which ids jason’s voice. I’ve heard it. Even without the tech, I knew it was jason. Yeah. Coupled with that, we have the dna evidence from the sweatshirt used to bandage dante. Jason’s blood — appears he was shot while wearing the sweatshirt, then took it off and tied it around dante’s wound. So we know that he tried to save dante. Did he also shoot him? Our preliminary theory is that dante was pursuing jason and a second individual. Jason shot his pursuer, and then upon realizing that it was dante, tried to save him. Well, that certainly fits the evidence we have so far. But you don’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. That is something else entirely. Olivia says you’ve been a rock. Well, I’m glad she thinks that. Hey. You’re doing something wonderful for her, you know. You’re allowing her to pour all her love and her hope into your son. But you know you have the right to your feelings, too. Olivia may not be in a place to hear them or share them, but — but I can. It’s just not fair. Oh, come on. You know what I mean? I do, I do, but, you know, what’s fair, right? Well — listen. I love you. You know that. God forbid, situations were reversed and it was my child in a hospital bed fighting for her life, you would be the first person I call. So I want you to lean on me. You can tell me anything. You know I’m not going to judge you. If jason was the one who shot dante… I will never forgive him and I will never forgive myself. Why would I help you? You seem convinced jason morgan is innocent. He is. Help me prove it. Look, the last thing I want to do is waste bureau resources by chasing the wrong suspect, so help me out. Tell me why you’re so sure that jason didn’t shoot dante falconeri. Because jason isn’t reckless or stupid. He wouldn’t shoot at someone without knowing who they are. He wouldn’t shoot a cop, any cop, and he would never shoot dante. Why never dante? Because he’s sonny’s son? That’s part of it. But the other part is that dante lives with jason’s ex-wife, and they’re raising jason’s son. You know, for some men, that would be a motive for murder. Can I make you some tea? Or you know what? Forget that. Can I pour you a glass of wine? If you join me. Absolutely. Oh. [ Sighs ] It has been quite a day. How did michael react to the news about jason? Oh, he’S… thrilled that jason’s alive, you know, of course. And convinced he didn’t shoot dante? Yes. Yeah, so was carly. All evidence to the contrary, she’s sure that jason is innocent, and nothing and nobody can shake her faith in him. And that — that’s why we broke up. Willow also says you need to change into clean clothes. Yeah, when did willow get so bossy? Oh, she’s always been bossy. She used to be a teacher, remember? Now she’s a nurse. The secret is she’s — she’s very subtle about it. She’s so sweet and reasonable that you don’t even realize she’s ordering you around. She’s a good nurse. Like your grandmother. Your mom told me about bobbie. I’m sorry. Yeah, it happened on new year’S. She was in amsterdam sorting through, uh, luke’s affairs, and she — she passed away in her sleep. We were — we were all devastated, especially my mom. Man, you know what’s crazy? Um… the first time that I held you, bobbie put you in my arms. She did? Yeah. Yeah. You were, um — you were a little premature, and you had to be in the incubator. And then bobbie, she brought me into the nursery. She gowned me up, she — she sat me in this rocking chair, and she put you in my arms. And she taught me how to hold you, and how to support your head, and then… she let go. That was the scariest moment in my life. Hey, I don’t blame you. I felt that exact same way the first time I held amelia. Jason, I cannot wait for you to meet her. She is so beautiful. She — she looks like willow. Actually —

[Clears throat] Well, she — she wants you to get into clean clothes, so let’s, uh — let’s get on it. Yeah.

[ Groans ] You need help? Yeah. No. I’m good, I’m good.

[ Grunting ] What happened to you?

It’s not like I stopped loving carly. It’s just that I recognize that — that there’s no future there. I’m so sorry. Yeah, so am I. She’s an incredible woman, and she made me very happy, and I hope that I made her happy, too. Obviously, you did, drew. Come on. You’ve been incredible. Generous, supportive, beyond forgiving. Well, not always, not today. I came down pretty hard on her for — for something that I honestly, I don’t know if she can help. Not that she would want to, like… carly’s first loyalty is always to jason. He means more to her than anybody else, other than her kids. And when we all thought that he was dead, she was — she was free to pursue other relationships, but now that he’s back… she’s not. Alright, I’ll burn these. No, no. No, don’T. I need those. Jason, there’s a bullet hole through your shirt. No, when I leave here, I need to be wearing those clothes. There can’t be any evidence that somebody helped me. Definitely nothing that tracks back to you, willow, or danny. Okay. Whatever you say. So when you leave, where are you going? I haven’t figured that out yet. Can you at least tell me where you’ve been? Okay, clearly that line about me helping you help jason was just bs to get in the door, right? No, I’m just pointing out that some men might have a problem when their ex-wife moves on and their kid’s being raised by somebody else. Okay, so now instead of jason shooting dante to avoid arrest, he now lured him to the pier and shot him out of jealousy. It’s just a theory. Well, it’s a ridiculous theory. Well, it’s my job to entertain every possible scenario in the course of an investigation. Really? Because I thought it was your job to keep an open mind, to go where the evidence leads you. Is there any proof at all that jason’s guilty? Because I’m pretty sure there’s evidence that jason tried to help dante. How would you know that? When ava showed me the freeze frame of jason’s face from the drone, I couldn’t believe it. Ava? She went with me to the warehouse, and I knew something was going to happen, so I had spinelli put cameras all over the warehouse. So I went to dante’s, ava went to spinelli’s, she came back, and there was the picture of jason on the roof with another shooter. Sonny, I’m so sorry. That must have been surreal. When I first saw it, I thought it was fake, but it was legit. And, you know, uh, I just — I just couldn’t believe it. Well, it seems impossible. Well, for you, because you have history, but, you know, ava is more objective. So, wait, where is ava right now? She’s dropping off avery at school. Okay. Alright, so let me get this straight. Ava, she shows you the picture, right? You see that it’s jason. Right. And he appears to be working with the sniper. No, he is working with the sniper. Okay, and you realize you’re the target? Yeah. Why is jason trying to kill you? I don’t know, lois, but maybe it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other or anything. Maybe he’s just forgotten what it’s like to be loyal to me.

Multiple conflicts ofinterest when it comes to jason. A few years back, he saved my life. And that’s when I got to know him a little better than I had previously. He is — was — is remarkable. He’s cool under fire and a clear thinker and someone that I instinctively trusted. Then, of course, my daughter loves him. He made a crucial difference in robin’s life. All of which makes me want to believe that he did not shoot dante. But of course, I cannot be in this job wanting to think the things I want to think. I have to remain impartial and assemble the evidence, and trust the system. I think that’s why I’m really here — to see how you do it. Stay impartial. Because I don’t know that I can. Which would mean I’m in the wrong job. It’s not exactly a shock that carly thinks jason is innocent. Don’t tell molly I’m telling you this, but carly told me that jason showed up at her place the night that dante was shot. Well, again, that’s not really a surprise that he would go to carly. But why don’t you want me to tell molly? ‘Cause molly’s an ada, and she would have to notify the cops, and the cops could get a search warrant for carly’s house. And then if they did find any proof that jason had been there, carly could get charged with something like aiding and abetting. Yeah. Right. Hey. Mom would be proud. Daughter of a lawyer. I’ve got to be honest with you. I really can’t stand the sight of carly right now. I mean, I don’t want her to go to prison or anything like that, I just really want her to leave me alone. Did carly say jason said he didn’t shoot dante? Carly told me that jason showed up in her living room, they had a big reunion, the cops showed up, and not a word was mentioned about dante. But, I mean, he’d come from the pier. So even if he didn’t shoot dante, I mean, he was just there and he saw it and he called 911. You’d think that’d be top of mind, right? And that he’d mention it to carly. Yeah, you’d think. Classic jason — never says anything. Sam, you really think he did it? Every minute that goes by, I am afraid that he did it. I’m so sorry, sam. I just — I can’t believe that jason would do that. Especially since he’s wanted in connection to the rifle shooting at the warehouse. My dad has as a rip in his coat that pr– hey, danny morgan, what are you doing here again? I didn’t get killed when the tunnel collapsed on cassadine island. Well, that much is obvious. The tunnel was blocked. I couldn’t — I couldn’t get to britt and the others. So I followed the tunnel out. It led me to the beach, and I was heading toward the main house. But there were two guys there waiting with guns. Who were they? That part I can’t tell you. But they took me prisoner. They flew me out of greece, and, um, eventually I ended up in a room with no windows, talking to a man who wanted me to do a job. And he had the leverage to force me to agree. And you can’t tell me what that leverage was. No. What was the job? I’ve been working as a private military contractor. A mercenary. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t seen jason. He didn’t fill me in on his version of events. If you check your records, you will see that one of the people who found dante at the pier was my daughter, josslyn jacks. Yeah, I remember her name from the report. Yeah. And when she and her friend, dex, showed up to the pier, they found dante bandaged with a sweatshirt with a cellphone lying next to him with an open line to 911.

That was jason. And no, not because he told me, but because I know jason. And why the hell aren’t you going with the theory that this other unidentified suspect was the one who shot dante, and jason was the one who saved him? Well, if you know jason so well, then maybe you can tell me why he ran away instead of waiting for the first responders.

I remember when jason started working for you. The quartermaines, oh, they were so upset. Especially alan and monica, but, you know, jason wouldn’t listen to anyone as far as he was concerned, he liked and respected you, and no one was going to stop him from being your friend. There was a point where I didn’t trust anybody more than jason. Or maybe — maybe I trusted him too much. What does that mean? When I was in nixon falls, him and carly got together. Yeah, I heard that they got married. But olivia told me that you showed up on the same day, and then they got it annulled. Right? I thought it was like a friendship thing, that they were helping each other out. That’s what I thought. Um, you know, maybe I thought wrong. Are you saying that you think they were cheating on you — look, I’m not saying they slept together, but they were in love. I was the last one to know. And it — and it — I just felt like it broke some trust. Is that why you divorced carly the last time? I thought it was because of nina. I’m not going to deny I had feelings for nina, but I really wanted to make my marriage work. I tried, I tried, but carly made it impossible. I’m so sorry. No, you know, it doesn’t really matter right now. My son could be dying, and the cops think that jason is the one who shot him. I don’t know why jason ran. Maybe it’s because he didn’t want to be arrested for something he didn’t do or locked up by the fbi, who already has presumed that he’s guilty. And I think it’s because he wanted to remain undetected. I don’t know, you’re going to have to explain that one to me. Well, it is clear that jason and the other suspect didn’t know there were surveillance cameras in the warehouse or a drone hovering the roof. They made no attempt to hide their faces. Which means at the time dante was shot, jason was under the belief that his presence in port charles remained undetected. He had no idea there was footage of his activities on the roof or that his picture was already in the hands of the authorities. Maybe you should be grateful to whoever shot him. If they hadn’t, he’d already be long gone. It’s hard for me to believe that carly would just let you go. I mean, you’ve been through so much together. You went to prison for her. Oh. Well, no, taking the plea deal to protect carly, that was the right thing to do. I would do that again in a heartbeat. I don’t regret that. It’s just that I would never want her to — to stay with me out of — out of obligation. Because at this point, that’s kind of all it would be. Okay, I think you’re really underestimating yourself and carly’s feelings for you. No, I know she loves me. She does, but… not the way that she loves him. And I didn’t want to drag it out, and I didn’t want to have to turn it into a test where she’s constantly having to prove that she’s choosing me over jason, because we both know the second that there’s a crisis, she’s going to run straight to him. I’m sorry. I really am, you know, you — you deserve so much better. I agree with you there. And I intend to find it. Michael: So how long have you been back in port charles? I mean, since yesterday. I was — I was working with a sniper. Hamish — I already told you about him. But when I found out the target was sonny, I made sure hamish missed. And then hamish and I, we were heading to the waterfront to leave by boat, and that’s when dante caught up with us. And you know the rest. So — so if you weren’t sent to shoot sonny, would you have come back at all? I don’t know. And I thought about it every single day. But the job the man gave me in the room with no windows isn’t done. Well, what happens if you don’t finish? Something I can’t live with. I have to finish. I can’t believe you snuck out for a second time. I didn’t sneak out this time. Yuri drove me. What is wrong with him? Doesn’t he realize that you are too young to be ordering him around? I lied and said you wanted to see me. Danny, I do want to see you. I love seeing you. But you have to realize I am going out of my mind with worry right now. And the only thing that is keeping me calm is knowing that you, scout, and rocco are safe at the quartermaines. You know, just a thought, but maybe he’s here because his father, jason, is alive and is a suspect in dante’s shooting.

I’ve got my own conflictsof interest with jason. Sam was married to him. They have a son together. Although it’s ironic, I think sam has more doubts about jason’s innocence than I do. You believe he’s innocent? Look, three years ago, if you’d asked me, I would have known he was, and no amount of evidence could have convinced me otherwise. I mean. I worshiped jason. I just thought he and sam had the most romantic love story ever. And even after they broke up, jason was somebody that sam — that our whole family could count on. You know, jason was an unconventional father, but he loved danny. He was willing to do anything sam thought was best for their child. Plus, he literally saved kristina from a cult. Yeah. So that’s another thing in the bonus column. I mean, why wouldn’t I give jason every benefit of the doubt? We don’t know where jason’s been or what he’s been through. What we do know is there is footage of him acting like a spotter for a sniper, taking aim at sonny. Hence the conspiracy charges. You don’t just accidentally wind up on a rooftop next to a man with a high powered rifle, helping him set up the shot. I mean, if he was willing to participate in sonny’s murder, why wouldn’t he shoot dante? But the anomaly is the 911 call. I keep thinking that dante was shot by the other individual and jason tried to help him. So why wouldn’t he stick around for first responders? All this could be a moot point because there’s been no sign of jason since he jumped from the bridge. Danny, I’m so sorry. I should have sat you down and talked to you. Mom, it’s okay. No, it’s not okay. I have been so focused on dante, I didn’t stop for a second to think that maybe you might have some questions yourself. I am not a little kid anymore. Dante’s been shot, so of course you need to be with him. Besides, it’s not like you can tell me anything about my father. Can you? All I know is what I saw in the invader — that jason is back and he’s a suspect in dante’s shooting. Okay. You’re right. You are not a little kid anymore. And, danny, to be completely honest with you, I have no idea where your father’s been or why he thought it was okay to let us think that he had died. But jason doesn’t think like other people. What do you mean? Your father. He is — he’s drawn to danger. He chases it. Actually, anyone else would have been trying to get home. But not jason. Maybe — maybe he has a reason. Yeah, I’m sure he does. But jason’s reasons aren’t like anyone else’s either. You know, I’ve been quoting your grandmother a lot today. And she’s taught me a lot about law over the years, both of us. But one of the most important things she taught me is that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. So at the moment, it seems like all the evidence is pointing to jason being the one who shot dante, but he’s not guilty unless and until he is charged, tried, and a jury says so. I know you have a lot of questions, and I don’t know where your dad was or why he stayed away. Your dad is the only one who can really give you those answers. Hi, uh — drew. Michael. Hey. Willow said that you were out running an errand. Yeah. Like, uh, ten of them, actually. Well, what can I do for you? Ah, I will let willow fill you in. I’m suddenly feeling kind of exhausted. I’m going to go back and check on scout, probably go to bed. So thank you so much for the wine, and thank you for the sympathetic ear, willow. Any time. And just to be clear, no one will ever be better to her or better for her than you are. That means a lot. Thank you. Thanks. Okay, man. Good night. What was that about? Your mom and drew broke up. Wow. Uh, that’s too bad. Yeah. Yeah. Are those jason’s? Oh, yeah. Oh, give them to me. I’ll wash them. Willow, are you — are you sure you’re okay with this? It’s nothing I would have chosen, but it’s where we are. All we can do is see it through. Right? You know, the thing that I feel really bad about is the regret I have because of the distance between us. What? Distance between you and dante? Come on. You two have a beautiful relationship. I saw it the second I got back to port charles, you know, which is a little surprising, seeing as how he’s a cop, and you… do what you do. Obviously, you’ve been able to surmount those obstacles. Sonny, the bond you have with dante is — it’s full of — it’s full of love and mutual respect. Can I tell you something? For the last two years, dante is the only one I could go to. He’s the only one that I could talk to that doesn’t judge me, that believes in me, that helps me, that does everything for me. You want to know what the last thing I said to to him was? What? “Stop being in my way.”

Kristina is right, and your father is innocent until proven guilty. We’re just going to have to hope that there is some sort of explanation for all this. And then when dante wakes up, he can tell us what happened. The doctors know when he’s going to wake up? Oh, there’s no way to predict that. It could be today or a while from now. I’M… sorry I came and worried you. Oh, don’t be sorry. I’m sorry I snapped at you. I love you. Okay? I need your help. I need you to promise me that you’re going to go to the quartermaines, and please, please, please, danny, stay out of trouble. I’ll stay out of trouble, mom. Guess you won’t have to worry about the other two. What are you talking about? I worry about all of you. I love all of you. Can you give scout a big hug and kiss from me, okay? Okay, I will. Can you take him where he needs to be? Yeah. Yeah. Of course. So is yuri downstairs waiting for you? No, he — he dropped me off. Oh. Okay. Well, then I guess you’re looking right at your ride, huh? Funny. I just got a sudden craving for a maple old fashioned. You want to stop by eckert’s all-night donut window on the way home? I could go for a chocolate with sprinkles. Oh, yeah? Chocolate sprinkles kind of guy? Love them. Sounds pretty good. Might change my mind. Agent cates was at one end of the bridge and I was at the other, and, um, cates told him to keep his hands where we could see them, which he didn’t really comply, but he didn’t pull a weapon. And I told him to turn himself in so that we could sort it all out, and that’s when he jumped. But I tell you, he did not look desperate. He looked determined, like he knew that he could survive the drop into the river, and I think he did. Have the search parties turned anything up? No. But then, according to the csi, it’s something to do with the currents in the river. Like, if jason were dead, he would have washed ashore by now. And he hasn’T. Ergo, he’s almost certainly still alive. So where is he now? I don’t know. We’re continuing the search, and we’re proceeding with the theory that jason’s injured and holed up somewhere in the area, or maybe just slightly, that he rendezvoused with the other individual and he got out of port charles. Hell, he could have got out of the country by now, for that matter. He could be anywhere. You really think that’s just as likely? Yeah. I mean, I worked for the wsb for years, you know that. And I used to see these sniper teams operate, and they were professional. They get in, they set up, they make the kill, they get out. That does appear to be what was happening on the warehouse roof. In which case, jason is long gone. He could be almost impossible to trace. I mean, I guess I should be relieved. It means I wouldn’t have to prosecute jason. But disappearing is basically an admission of guilt. No? I’m not so sure. And the more I look at the evidence, the less sense it makes to me. Something else is going on here, something that I’m not seeing yet. Come on. You think dante hasn’t said a bunch of things about you in the last few years that he wishes he could take back? But you still love him, right? Always. Always. Yeah. So why don’t you cut yourself some slack? It’s just difficult, lois, because he only went to the warehouse because of me. He was telling me about the cops. If I had listened, he’d still be home. Okay. I’m about to rock your world, sonny. You are not god. You’re not responsible for dante’s choices. Or for jason’s, for that matter. You cannot control the outcome of events. But it doesn’t mean you’re powerless because you’re a parent, and there is nothing stronger than a parent’s love. That is what dante needs right now, and I know that he can feel it. I know it like I know my own name. Well, I’ve known you long enough. I’m not going to argue with you. Oh. That’s good.

[ Laughs ] This conversation’s over. I want you to leave. I didn’t mean to offend you. Yes, you did. And you succeeded. Well, for what it’s worth, you offended me, too. The fbi doesn’t presume anyone’s guilty. We follow the evidence where it leads. My only goal here is to find the truth. Great. I can’t wait for you to find the truth and clear jason’s name. But until then, I want you to get out of my house. And don’t come back unless you have a warrant. You know what’s funny? Every time I mention jason’s name, boy, does it get under your skin. Cates: Mr. Morgan. Special agent john cates. Welcome to quantico. I hope your flight was enjoyable. I have nothing to say without my attorney. You don’t have to say anything at this point. Just listen. You’re about to hear incontrovertible proof of rico violations. Those are federal crimes that carry a 20-year sentence.

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