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Sally: Thank you. Hi. Come here.

[ Adam sighs ] Did you get any more news from chelsea about connor?

Adam: No, I talked to her earlier. There’s no new news. I just grabbed some of his things to take back to him.

Sally: When are you leaving?

Adam: Well, there is some family stuff going on. Some other family stuff, I mean. Just– it feels like everything is spiraling right now, but I’m going to be going back to minnesota as soon as I can.

Sally: What do you mean, everything is spiraling?

Adam: Well, my son is in deep emotional pain. And my father’s life is in the hands of a mad woman.

Victoria: Nick, where are you? You haven’t returned any of my calls. Please call me back. Adam said that nick would be here soon. I mean, at least that’s what nick told adam, and that was hours ago. So where could he be?

Michael: I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: At least mom agreed to try to get some rest. The last thing she needs is to have to worry about nicholas too.

Cole: You probably should get some rest too. I mean, you gotta be hungry.

Michael: Claire wanted to keep busy, so she’s in the kitchen now, trying to put together some snacks.

Victoria: No, look, I don’t need food or– or rest. I just need to hear from my father and nicholas. I mean, what if something happened to one of them? Or both of them? I mean, god, how has it come to this anyway?

Cole: I know you’re worried, but I am sure they’re both fine. Victor can take care of himself, and nick can handle whatever it is that’s keeping him from answering his messages.

Victoria: Okay, I know, you’re probably right, and maybe nick is not caught up in this whole jordan mess, but this is just unlike him. I mean, he would never do this to us. He knows how on edge we all are.

Michael: All right, look, he will probably have a great explanation once you hear from him.

Victoria: Fine, but I just hate this waiting game. I– it’s like jordan, she has us at her mercy, like we’re being held captive by her again. How much of this woman’s horror do we have to put up with?

Devon: Oh, look, you’re back. That was a short trip, huh?

Billy: Yeah. Did you miss me?

Lucy: You know, prom is still months away, but I was just asked to be on the decorating committee, which is really cool because technically I’m still the new girl. But I can’t be on the decorating committee and show up to prom without a date. And what if no one asks me? Speaking of asking, you know waylon marrs? He’s the kid with the really great hair and he’s really smart. I mean, I wonder who he’s going to take, because I would be a pretty good date.

Daniel: Whoa!

Lucy: What?

Daniel: Hold on there. Waylon marrs? Who’s that?

Heather: You know waylon, babe, the one with the, uh, really good hair.

Daniel: Mm. And are you dating this one with really good hair?

Lucy: Dad, if we were dating, then I would already have a date to prom, which I don’T.

Heather: She did mention that.

Daniel: Hmm. Well, you know… I am going to expect to meet this child before you go anywhere with him.

Lucy: Dad, he hasn’t even asked me yet, okay? Mom, come on.

Heather: Sorry, honey. You’re on your own with this one.

[ Lock clicks ] My dry eye’s made me a burning,

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Michael: Look, I have no doubt your father has a solid plan. Whatever jordan tries to pull, he will be two steps ahead of her. It’s kind of his superpower. He has already calculated every possible move she could make and he has a contingency plan in place for all of them.

Victoria: Michael, how can anyone know what that twisted brain of hers will come up with next? I mean, dad missed something, maybe. Who knows?

Michael: Your father is nothing if he isn’t extremely thorough. Not to mention the fact that he has gotten out of situations much more intense and dangerous than this, by a long shot.

Cole: I just wish that he had pulled us in to help him. I mean, at the very least, just clued us into what his plans were.

Victoria: Dad had absolutely no business doing this on his own. We should have been there.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. Jordan was expressly expecting only myself and victor. If any other member of the family had shown up, she would have been scared off. Look, I am sure that both of you are aware of this, but victor will be victor regardless of what anyone says. He will always do what he deems necessary to keep his family safe. Even at great personal risk to himself. So, there is probably zero chance that any of us could have changed his mind.

Victoria: Cole, what are you thinking?

Cole: It’s nothing that you haven’t already heard. It’s my guilt for the terror that my family has put yours through. My mother was violently deranged and my aunt jordan is too. Their obsession with tormenting you is sickening.

Victoria: How many times do I have to tell you? Stop blaming yourself. You’re not responsible. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing that you could have done to change anything that’s happened.

Sally: I’m sorry for everything that connor’s been going through, and you and chelsea too. And I know that this jordan woman has been a threat to your family, but what is this latest thing about victor? What happened?

[ Adam scoffs ]

Adam: The woman is a lunatic. Okay? She tried to poison the whole family first. Then, she burned down the prison facility where she was being held in hopes of escaping so she could terrorize them again. And now, she has burned down victoria’s house too. This is the woman that victor made some sort of deal with.

Sally: How could anyone make a deal with someone like that?

Adam: Have you met my dad? He offered to give her some life-changing sum of money and a new identity if she would flee the country and she never came back.

Sally: Yeah, but why would he do that? Why wouldn’t he just turn her in to the police?

Adam: Because he had to smoke her out. That’s why he made her the offer. And she would only accept the deal if she could take him hostage so she could make a clean getaway. But it’s pretty clear that the woman is insane. And he may be in a very dangerous position.

Sally: Oh, my god, I cannot believe how far victor’s gone.

Adam: Well, she threatened our family.

Sally: Okay. Look, victor is way too savvy to let anyone get the better of him.

Adam: That’s what I keep telling myself. But it doesn’t lessen the fear. You know, my dad would go to any lengths to protect the people that he loves, but I’m afraid for him. I’m afraid for my son too.

Sally: I understand. Look, here. You do not have to go through this alone, okay? I’m here for you. I want to help.

Devon: Actually, you know what? If I’m being honest, it was kind of peaceful here with you gone.

Billy: Yeah? Is that right?

Devon: Yeah. No one was trying to change the name of the company. Or exert their power inappropriately. It was great.

Billy: Oh, that’s funny. What about aunt mamie?

Devon: What about aunt mamie?

Billy: Amanda informed jill of mamie’s latest proposition. How she would like to split the company in two and keep it merged together in name only. I mean, if that’s not an attempt at exerting inappropriate power, devon, I don’t know what is.

Devon: I think that was just a suggestion though, right?

Billy: Right. A suggestion. Like I suggested we add “abbott” to the company name. Except with you, devon, there’s always this accusation that I’m trying to orchestrate some sort of power grab. Which I’m not. But I think it’s very clear that mamie would love nothing more than to split this company into two.

Devon: Hm. Well, you make it sound like she’s trying to destroy the company. Is that what you believe?

Billy: Mamie hates jill. She wants to run her out of the company completely.

Devon: Okay. I don’t know how she would do that though because chancellor belongs to jill. It’s her company. And she hired lily. So, mamie’s not going to run your mom out of her own company.

Billy: Okay. Fine. Then let me ask you this. What’s your opinion on mamie’s proposition? Would you be happier in full control of your side of the company? And we keep this company merged in name only?

Daniel: Hey. Welcome back. Uh, I’ll take those. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back today?

Lily: Well, I was, um going to surprise you. I was going to make us some lunch and figure out a way to get you here. I thought you were at the office and, you know, give you a surprise. But it looks like I’m the one getting surprised. Hey, lucy. Hi, heather. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Michael: How are you holding up?

Victoria: I’m good. I’m just trying to stay strong for my mom and for claire. It’s just that jordan’s, um, relentlessness is starting to get to me.

Michael: Hm. Yeah. It’s an ordeal. It’s a lot of weight for one person to bear. You found your daughter, lost your home, worried about both your parents, now your brother too. It’s fortunate that cole came into your life.

Victoria: Yeah, honestly i don’t think I could have gotten through any of this without him.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Well, even once jordan is dealt with, and I believe your father will see to it, there’s still a– a long road ahead for claire. For the three of you. I hope cole has planned to stay indefinitely. He’s good for you. And for claire.

Victoria: Are you trying to say something without saying it, michael?

[ Michael chuckles ]

Michael: No. Yes. Look, anyone can see how close you two seem to have gotten. And it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if something positive for you two came out of all this trauma.

Adam: Look, I’m not– I’m not shutting you out. I swear. I’m just– I’m not thinking clear enough yet to even know what kind of help I need.

Sally: I get it. No pressure. I’ll be here whenever you do know.

Adam: You make a good point, though. I mean, no one ever gets the best of victor newman. So, I’m going to stay as optimistic as I can where he’s concerned. He is the savviest and most determined man that I know.

Sally: That’s right. And he’s going to get through this.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: And so will connor. He is so fortunate to have the love and support of two strong and dedicated parents. You, I know, will move heaven and earth for him. You and chelsea will do whatever it is necessary, no matter what it takes. Just like victor will do the same for him and his family.

Lucy: Welcome home, lily.

Heather: Yes. This is such a surprise.

Daniel: Yeah, um, how’s mattie doing? I mean, she must be doing better that you felt like you could come back, right?

Lily: Uh, yeah. Yeah, she’s doing better. You know, it just took her a while to kind of get over everything, right? Like the fire, her teacher dying and, you know, it was a shock, but, um, she’s tough.

Daniel: Yeah, just like her mother.

Lily: Yeah, she comes from a long line of strong women. But, um, I set her up with a therapist, too, to kind of help guide her through everything.

Daniel: That’s good. I– I’m glad to hear that.

Heather: Yes, that’s– that’s wonderful news.

Lily: Um, yeah, so, uh, once she felt good enough to go back to classes, I thought it was good to come home.

Heather: Hey, luce, why don’t you and I go for a walk in that park that we love?

Lucy: Or we could go shopping, look at prom dresses. Just look, not buy. Not yet.

Heather: Okay, come on.

Lucy: Yes! I got you.

Heather: The both?

Lucy: Yep.

Heather: Okay. All right.

Lily: What’s going on?

Devon: You know, billy, why don’t you tell me if you would be happy if we restructured the merger to be in name only?

Billy: 100%. At this point, I think the merger was a mistake.

Devon: A mistake, he says. Really? And why didn’t you say that to us while we were merging and you were working alongside of us? Because you thought the idea was great back then. Is it because things don’t suit your ambitions now that you think it was a bad idea?

Billy: There was a lot more trust back then. A lot’s changed. So, has my perspective.

Devon: I mean, I think the only thing that’s changed is you don’t work for lily anymore. You work for your mom.

Billy: No, it’s the power dynamics. They’ve shifted underneath my mother. Not surprising. She feels outnumbered and isolated.

Devon: Really? That’s how she feels? Well, this is the first I’m hearing of that. Is that why she brought you in? To shift the power back to her side?

Billy: It’s to make sure that her best interests are represented and that her voice is heard.

Devon: So, that’s a yes.

Billy: Devon, you’re not subtle in your want for autonomy, okay? And I don’t think my mother is either, so… let’s split the company up. You do what you do. We’ll do what we do.

Devon: Wow. Okay. You’ve been pretty quiet, chance. What do you think about all this? If advanced lung cancer I would really love to hear your opinion about this. Do you think splitting up this company is a smart business decision?

Chance: Look, fellas, I think this is above my pay grade.

Devon: But I’m sure you have an opinion about this, and I would love to hear it.

Chance: All right. If you really want to know.

Devon: I’d love to.

Chance: I think that there is no room in a corporation, especially one of this size, for petty infighting and saber rattling. I mean, you don’t have to be a corporate executive to know that ego is the biggest, most destructive obstacle to success in any business.

Billy: Is that it? That’s profound. Who exactly are you directing these comments to, me or devon?

Chance: Look, you shouldn’t have asked me if you didn’t want to know. And you know what else? I think both of you need to take a deep breath and chill out.

Michael: I like cole. He’s a good guy. He’s, you know, solid and trustworthy.

[ Michael laughs ] I like how strong and caring he is with claire. And with you too. You know, a lesser man would have been flattened in a heartbeat by everything that happened.

Victoria: I agree. Cole is one of a kind. He always has been.

Michael: So, do you think there was some kind of karma or maybe destiny that ended up bringing him back into town?

Victoria: No, michael. No. The only thing that brought him back to town was our daughter, claire. And this hateful madwoman who’s out for revenge. Michael, am I wrong right now or are you trying to play matchmaker? Because if that’s what you’re trying to do, then you’re wasting your time. Because I have too much going on in my life right now. The last thing that I need or want is a relationship.

Sally: This maniac, jordan, has caused so much damage.

Adam: Yeah, normally that would be the only thing on my mind, what the family’s up against. When your kid is suffering, all I think about is the times that I wasn’t there when he needed me.

Sally: Adam. Look at me, please. I wish that you could see you the way I do instead of the way that you do.

Adam: Well, that’s because I’ve lived through the things that I have done. You have mostly just heard vague rumors.

Sally: Okay. You know, you act as if you’re like this ultimate black sheep bad boy. I will have you know that I was quite the troublemaker.

Adam: Oh, I know. You’ve told me.

Sally: Yeah, then you should take all that seriously. Because, you know, I’m not always to be trusted. And I can be conniving. You know, I’m a creative thinker driven by emotion to epic extremes.

Adam: Well, you should know, if I was on one of these dating apps, that would be exactly what I’m looking for.

Sally: Hmm. Well, then we would be matched in a heartbeat. Either that or both of us would be blocked for being too much of a risk.

Adam: Hm.

Sally: Yeah. Anything’s possible when the two of us are involved.

Adam: I wish I hadn’t met you years ago.

Sally: Me too.

Daniel: It’s, uh, really great to see you. I mean, you look fantastic. You were gone for way too long.

Lily: Yeah, thanks for the compliment. But what is going on? I mean, it was very, very awkward when I walked in here. And I feel like heather was giving me some look like she was caught or something.

Heather: Again, welcome home, lily.

Lucy: I’ll see you later, dad. It was good to see you.

Lily: Yeah. So sorry, what– what did I interrupt? Because I feel like I walked in on some warm, fuzzy family moment.

Daniel: Just the three of us were just having breakfast, and you weren’t interrupting anything. But we do need to talk.

Lily: Yeah, seems like clearly we do.

Daniel: Can I get you a water or a coffee?

Lily: Can you just tell me what’s going on? You and heather got back together while I was gone, didn’t you? I’m jonathan lawson,

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Daniel: Yes, it happened, but not intentionally.

[ Lily sighs ]

Lily: And by “it,” I’m assuming that you two slept together.

Daniel: We did.

[ Lily sighs ]

Lily: That’s all you’re going to say? You’re going to make me drag it out of you?

Daniel: The pull was there. It– it was just too strong.

Lily: Oh, yeah, I can imagine. Especially with me gone so long, right? I mean, way too long, that’s what you said, right?

Daniel: Heather and I finally had to admit that we wanted to get our family back together. That we wanted to try and get back what we lost.

Lily: Right, and I was out of sight, out of mind.

Daniel: No, no, it wasn’t like that. That had nothing to do with what happened between the two of us. It wasn’t like that at all.

Lily: I’m sorry, what was it like? Because I mean, you were calling me, and texting me and checking on me, and you didn’t say anything. As if nothing had changed.

Daniel: And I’m sorry about that. Look, I wanted to tell you as soon as it happened, but I didn’t want to pile anything else on top of what you were already dealing with and I didn’t want to take your attention away from mattie. I didn’t want to do it long distance over a phone. That’s for damn sure.

Lily: Oh, yeah.

Daniel: I wanted to do it face to face with you, I figured I at least owed you that.

Lily: Well, thank you. That’s so considerate of you.

[ Lily laughs ] Oh, my god. How long has this been going on for? Like, the whole time? Or since I left? I mean, is heather here every night making you and lucy breakfast in the morning?

Daniel: No, it was one time a few weeks ago. Once. That’s it. But after it happened, we realized that it wasn’t just a mistake that we were both going to regret, and… it felt right, it– it felt like we had found our way home.

[ Lily sighs ]

Lily: You know, there’s a happy medium between me dragging it out of you and tmi.

[ Daniel sighs ] God. I guess, I should appreciate you being honest with me, but… oh, my god. This really hurts.

Daniel: Lily, you have to believe me when I say that that is the last thing that I ever wanted to do.

Lily: Yeah. That’s exactly what people say right after they hurt you the most.

Victoria: Thank you, michael. But you can stop.

Michael: Stop what? Annoying you?

Victoria: Yeah, that. I know you’re just trying to distract me from worrying about dad. Actually, it worked. You took my mind off it. At least for the last few minutes.

Cole: Okay, so claire made sandwiches, and I managed to talk her into getting some rest, too. She and nikki were up most of the night.

Victoria: You know, it’s just so strange. It’s also kind of comforting to know that my daughter and my mother were able to keep each other company. At least through the worst of this. Ah, god, they must be so exhausted from the anxiety of waiting for word.

Michael: No, it’s not claire I’m worried about, it’s nikki. The last thing she needs is all of this stress. Victor’s not going to be pleased if it turns out to be too much for her.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: This is the part that I hate the most. The waiting. And the worrying, it’s grueling.

Sally: It’s the results of a brilliant mind. Coming up with too many scenarios. But, you know, worrying never changes the outcome. So, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about you, since we mostly talked about me before. And I know talking about you always cheers you up.

[ Adam chuckles ]

Adam: Oh, I feel so understood.

Sally: We could talk about what an amazing dad you are. And how you’re working to be an even better son.

Adam: You are too good to me, you know that? And you’re too good for me.

Sally: Don’t you dare start with that.

Adam: Yeah, we both know it’s true, I don’t need to say it, okay? But I don’t want this to be a one-way street. You need some tlc too.

Sally: Hey, you opening up to me is more than enough for me right now.

Adam: No, well, not for me, okay? Well, hopefully once things stabilize with victor, I can make good on the pitch to get your company under the newman umbrella, that is, if you’re still interested in coming on board with that.

Sally: Seriously, that is the last thing you should be worrying about right now, okay? We will figure all that out when the time is right. But right now, I want you to go back to the ranch and be with your family. And then, go be with your son.

Adam: I love you.

Sally: I love you.

[ Sally scoffs ] So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Nate: Hey, man.

Chance: Hey.

Nate: How’s it going?

Chance: Oh, good.

Nate: Good? Come, sit down.

Chance: I appreciate you. Yeah, just, uh, stopping by to get some fuel. Had to get out of the office.

Nate: Oh, yeah? What’s– what’s going on at the office?

Chance: Just another tense meeting between devon and billy, you know.

Nate: Ah, sounds like devon’s up to his usual. Working like hell to make it seem like billy isn’t getting to him.

Chance: He’s trying, but you can tell he’s getting a little fed up.

Nate: And meanwhile, billy stays true to his nature, and keeps on pushing. Which only annoys devon even more.

Chance: You know, I got a feeling the two of us are a lot alike. Neither of us want any part of that conflict. Am I reading that correctly?

Devon: Well, do you think chance’s take on this situation was a result of your crackerjack mentoring?

Billy: Oh, I don’t think chance was entirely wrong. He did make one good point.

Devon: I agree, and he gave some good advice, too, that you should take, and chill out.

Billy: I was referring to the ego part and how it can be so destructive in the workplace.

Devon: Oh, I see. And whose ego do you think he was referring to? Mine or yours?

Billy: Devon, why don’t you tell me why you don’t agree with mamie’s proposition? Because the way I see it, we could divide this company into two and there’d be no more infighting. No more saber rattling. Just like that. Sure, lily, she started at chancellor, but I’m sure she’d be more than happy to go with you over to winters, and take over the world there with you in control, of course. And look at it this way, we wouldn’t be at each other’s throat anymore.

Devon: That’s funny, because I wasn’t even aware that we were.

Lily: I knew this was going to happen, I knew it. It was so obvious what heather wanted. She kept using lucy as an excuse to show up here, always finding herself in some warm little embrace with you.

Daniel: I don’t think that heather planned for how this turned out.

Lily: Of course she did. And I’m sure she really turned it up as soon as I left, didn’t she?

Daniel: That is not what happened at all. Look, I don’t want you blaming heather for any of this. This was a spontaneous, one-time thing. And it took us both by surprise, but it was a consensual moment of clarity that happened just that once.

Lily: You keep talking about the sex as if that’s the only way that you can cheat. Every day that you knew something that I didn’t, every time that you told heather that you wanted to be with her, but you just had to wait to break it to poor little lily, that is cheating.

Daniel: Look, anything that I say is just going to sound self-serving or like an excuse.

Lily: I mean, you probably wanted to be with her the whole time, didn’t you? Like, my god, what does that say about what we shared? Like, was any of it even real?

Daniel: Yeah, of course it was. It was to me. As far as heather goes, I had given up hope a long time ago that she was ever going to forgive me. It was the furthest thing from my mind, thinking that we were ever going to get back together again.

Lily: Oh, please, don’t kid yourself. You are not the kind of guy that would betray me randomly. There had to be something significant pulling you two together. Have you fallen back in love with heather?

Daniel: Honestly, um… I don’t think I ever stopped loving her.

Adam: Any word? Is dad still missing?

Michael: I’m afraid so, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

Victoria: What about nick? I can’t imagine why I haven’t heard from him. He hasn’t returned any of my calls, any of my messages. Where did he say he was going? Did he tell you?

Adam: No, I assumed that he would be here by now. He got a message on his phone, but he didn’t give me any specifics, I thought it was about christian.

Victoria: Sounds like a classic jordan move. What if she concocted some story about christian being in trouble so she could set a trap for nicholas?

[ Sighs ] What if she has him too? Schwarzkopf

Lily: There it is. You’re in love. I knew it too. I knew that you hadn’t gotten over your feelings for heather. I mean, you were devastated when you found out she was seeing someone in portugal.

Daniel: I was the one who ruined our relationship by being a jackass. When she left, I knew that i needed to get my act together. And I moved on, lily. I moved on without heather in my life, and then she moved back to town.

Lily: Yeah, just don’t, okay? I already know. I watched the whole thing happen. And I still thought that you were someone I could have faith in.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my gosh. This is not how I pictured my homecoming.

Daniel: I’m sorry. I am truly sorry and I know that that probably sounds pointless.

Lily: Yeah, it really does.

Daniel: You want– you want to yell, you want to hit me, go ahead, I deserve it. I– I expect it, I mean, that’s why I wanted to do this face-to-face, so you could tell me exactly how you feel.

Lily: I’m not going to yell.

[ Sniffles ] Or attack you. And why would I, right? Because I am so reasonable, aren’t I?

Daniel: You don’t have to be. If you want to let it out, let it out.

Lily: I have to get out of here.

Daniel: Should I have told you right away? With everything else that you were dealing with in california, should I have told you right away, because I struggled with that, you know?

Lily: Are you kidding right now? You want me to feel better about your timing of telling me? Yeah, sure, daniel, you know what, I– yeah, I’m– I’m so happy that you didn’t, because you know what? Mattie needed all of my attention.

Daniel: Yeah, devon thought that might be the case, too.

Lily: I’m sorry, my– my brother knew about you two? For how long? Like, from the beginning?

Billy: I really do appreciate your calm demeanor, but I suspect this is exactly what it looks like when you’re at someone else’s throat. Mine in particular, because you’re not that subtle. You don’t trust me. And you resent the fact that I’m here.

Devon: I think “resent” is a little strong.

Billy: Okay, look, we can pretend to play nice. Pretend to find some sort of work balance, but we won’T. We’re two powder kegs ready to blow, I can admit that, even if you won’T. But we don’t have to let it get that far. We don’t have to let it explode. We can fix this right now. One agreement with a few signatures, and that’s it. It’s a done deal.

Devon: Hm, you see, the problem with that, billy, is your mother won’t let that happen.

Nate: Hey, look, I’m not taking sides here. All I want is to work peacefully and productively.

Chance: Exactly, I mean, I’m right there with you, man. I– I figure there’s got to be some safe space between these two, no?

Nate: Sounds like maybe your mentor isn’t being as supportive as he once was. Does this mean you’re officially off team billy?

Chance: From the day i started, I’ve been on one team and that’s chancellor-winters, okay? I get the sense you’re on the same team.

Nate: You could say that.

Chance: So, I think it’s time for us to step up and be the adults in the room. Because I have a feeling if we leave it up to those two, this whole thing could go off the rails.

Michael: You are letting your imagination run away with you. We have no evidence whatsoever that jordan has taken nick too.

Cole: You know what, michael’s right. Nick probably got caught up in some sort of problem with his son. Having nothing to do with this whole jordan mess.

Adam: We should call christian’s school and find out what is really going on. You know, if there was a crisis that pulled nick away, then we’ll know for sure. But if not, we’ll have reason to suspect that there’s a much bigger problem.

Victoria: Yes, I think that adam’s right. I think that’s a call we need to make because I need to know whether or not I should be worried about my father and my brother. Please, god, I hope they’re okay.

Victor: Don’t worry much, sweetheart, we are.

Victoria: Oh, god. We were so terrified.

Nick: It played out exactly the way dad thought it would. He had all the bases covered.

Victor: I really am sorry we had to do it this way, okay? But in order for the plan to work, there was no other way.

Adam: So nick was in on the plan all along?

Michael: How did that happen?

Victor: Well, we have reason to believe this is all over now. This nightmare is finished.

[ Door banging ]

[ Jordan grunting, panting ]

[ Door rattling ]

Jordan: Oh, god.

[ Jordan panting ] Oh! Damn you, victor newman!

[ Jordan panting ]

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