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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Finn, what is it?

Finn: I can’t stop seeing her.

Steffy: Who?

Finn: Sheila.

Bill: Thank you.

Liam: Ah, thank you. What are you in the mood for?

Bill: I don’t know. Pizza, pasta. You buying?

Liam: Well, technically, if I’m buying, you’re buying, so yeah, I’m buying.

Bill: Good boy. Well, this I know for sure. It’s going to be a lot more enjoyable eating here now that sheila is permanently out of commission. And out of our lives.

Thomas: I hope you saved some room, because I whipped up something special.

Hope: Oh, well, your whipping-up skills have certainly been impressive thus far. I mean, you sure know how to order well.

Thomas: No, no, no. This time I actually made it myself. I want you to guess.

Hope: Um… brownies.

Thomas: Brown– brownies. You thought that I– special date night, I made brownies?

Hope: Douglas says that he loves making brownies with you, and it’s not exactly like you have all the free time in the world to study puff pastry.

Thomas: Okay, you do make a point, but this is something a little different. Okay, do you remember that little cafe off of imperiali? We had coffee, and…

Hope: You made panna cotta.

Thomas: I made panna cotta. It’s actually not that hard after the 11th try. Let me know what you think.

Hope: Gladly. Thomas, thank you. All of this has been so sweet. The wine, the music, the food.

Thomas: Look, you love italy, right? And italian food? So do I. And it also reminds me of that wonderful time that we’ll never forget.

Hope: I’ll never forget it either.

Liam: You– listen, you get no argument from me. Sheila’s death was…

Bill: A long time coming. And now that it has, it’ll all be a lot easier.

Liam: Well, not all. I mean, steffy I’m not so sure about yet.

Bill: How’s she doing?

Liam: As you’d expect. On the one hand, she’s relieved not to be living under threat of sheila for the rest of her life. On the other hand, she’s the one who eliminated that threat herself.

Bill: And we’re all grateful for that.

Liam: Yeah, you just imagine what she’s going through, right? ‘Cause steffy’s not a violent person. So, for her to pick up a knife and plunge it into sheila as she was lunging at her…

Bill: Well, it sounds like it was her only option and she was totally justified in doing it.

Lima: Absolutely, it was. 100%. It’s just that from steffy’s point of view, she has to live with this for the rest of her life, having killed somebody, self-defense or not.

Steffy: You can’t stop seeing sheila. What do you mean?

Finn: I– I– I keep seeing flashes of her just– just lying on the floor. And look, I know that it’s not real, but it seems– it seems real.

Steffy: It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything’s all right. Okay, come here. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. The power of a skin filler

Hope: Let me do the dishes.

Thomas: No! Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. That’s not how this works. I don’t invite a wonderful, beautiful, sexy woman over to my mojo dojo casa house and then cook her a wonderful meal and force her to do the dishes. That’s not what happens.

Hope: Well, I volunteered. But, I mean, if you want to do things your way…

Thomas: My way? If we were doing things my way, we wouldn’t be talking about dishes.

[ Both chuckling ] Oh, I love the way you smile. I love the way you make me smile. I just, um, I guess I’m feeling a little guilty right now.

Hope: For what?

Thomas: Steffy. Everything she’s going through, I just wish I could be there to help her.

Hope: You are helping her, thomas. You’ve been such a supporter, loving her and caring for her the way a big brother should.

Thomas: I don’t know. I mean, look, she went through something terrible. She had sheila break into her home. She was just trying to have a night alone, and then she… had to kill someone. That’S…

Hope: Look, as strong as steffy is, taking a life, even if it is justified, that is still a horrifying thing.

Thomas: Yes, and she’s traumatized right now and she deserves to have someone there to help her. I just wish finn could put his stuff aside.

Hope: Finn is struggling too.

Thomas: I know finn’s struggling. I just, I think he can compartmentalize a little bit and help her, and… you know what? We’re not supposed to be talking about them. This night is about us.

Hope: It is. I mean, you brought italy all the way over here to us.

Thomas: Yeah. It’s not the same as being there, though, is it?

Hope: You came pretty close. But you do have a point. There is only one roma.

Thomas: That’s right. The one that we shared together.

Hope: I wanna go back.

Thomas: We should.

Hope: When?

Thomas: There’s nothing stopping us. Let’s go.

Hope: What exactly are you saying?

Bill: You have gotta be kidding me.

Liam: Not kidding you. Steffy’s the one who told me.

Bill: Her husband, the man who supposedly loves and cares about her, walks out on steffy when she needs him most?

Liam: Which, as you can imagine, upsets steffy just a little bit.

Bill: Upset? She should be furious. This guy abandons her at a time like this?

Liam: It’s not that he’s not loyal to steffy. Because he understands that she never would’ve picked up that knife. She never would’ve done what she did if there was any other option. What he’s all messed up about is that it was his wife who killed his birth mother.

Bill: His birth mother was a psycho who was in and out of prison for years. And now she’s dead and he’s developed some kind of bizarre mommy’s boy connection to her?

Liam: Oh, no, but you see, according to finn, it’s “complicated.”

Bill: It’s just nuts. I hope you told him that. You said you went to see him.

Lima: Oh, yeah, well, when i found out that he walked out on steffy, yeah, I did go see him.

Bill: Gave him a piece of your mind.

Liam: I didn’t mince words. Not that the guy gives a damn what I think.

Bill: So, he just got defensive?

Liam: He got defensive because he just thinks I’m– I’m, like, waiting in the wings to pick up all the pieces when, you know, this doesn’t work out with him and steffy.

Bill: Well, is that what you’re doing, liam?

Liam: Well, it is like you said. At this moment, finn’s focus should be on steffy and his family and being exactly the man that steffy needs him to be. And… if he can’t do that, it’s like I told steffy. I can.

Steffy: Finn, this is a really traumatic time. It’s not gonna be easy, but we’re gonna get through it, okay? So tell me, what’s– what’s going on with you?

Finn: I just, um, oh, when I– when I got the fire going, when you went to change and I moved the gate, and– I don’t know, I– I felt, like, this presence. But then I– I turned back and it was nothing. But then I– I felt it again. But only this time, I saw it. It was– it was my mom. She was laying there bloody. And as soon as I saw it, it disappeared. And I don’t know if it was just, like, what I imagined she looked like, but then you came back and we were on the couch and I saw it again. Only this time, she called out my name. And as soon as I saw it, it was just like a flash and it was gone. It was just– it was just like my dream. Only this time I was awake, right here, like, right on the floor. I don’t– what’s happening to me? If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Hope: Oh, you wanna whisk me away to rome?

Thomas: I would like nothing better.

Hope: Me too.

Thomas: Really?

Hope: Really. I miss it. You know, I miss the people and the places. The history. Ugh, the food. And as delicious as this meal was… I don’t know, there was still that amazing meal that we had at our favorite restaurant down by the spanish steps. Remember?

Thomas: How could I forget? How could I forget anything we shared in rome? This is where it happens, hope. Your vision brought to life.

Hope: This dream wouldn’t be a reality if it wasn’t for you.

Hope: Rome is where all of this started for us.

Thomas: The love, the romance, the beauty. Rome will always be with us.

Bill: I’m impressed, son.

Liam: With what?

Bill: With steffy, that she can always count on you.

Liam: Oh. Well, she can always count on me. That’s not just words.

Bill: I know. Just like I also know that you will always love her.

Liam: Well, we do share a beautiful daughter together.

Bill: Yes, you do, but this isn’t just about kelly. Your feelings for steffy will never go away.

Liam: No, they won’T. She’s a part of me. Always will be.

Stefy: Finn, I know this isn’t easy to hear, but… sheila is gone.

Finn: No, I– I know. It’s just… I think my mind is just playing tricks.

Steffy: It’s just gonna take some time to process. Make sense of it all.

Finn: Yeah.

[ Phone ringing ]

Steffy: Hold on. It’s liam. I don’t have to take this.

Finn: Answer it, ’cause it might be about kelly.

Steffy: Hey, liam. Is kelly okay?

Liam: No, no, kelly’s fine.

Steffy: Okay, thank god.

Liam: Everything all right?

Steffy: It will be.

Liam: Are you, uh– are you alone?

Steffy: No, I’m with finn right now. It’s a bad time. Let’s talk later.

Liam: Okay, all right, but–

Bill: Steffy okay?

Liam: I hope so.

Bill: Couldn’t tell?

Liam: I– no, but I’ve got a bad feeling it’s got something to do with finn.

Steffy: I feel awful that you’re going through this.

Finn: I mean, look, so are you.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: I mean, everything that’s happened.

Steffy: We make quite the pair, huh?

[ Finn chuckles ] And no matter how difficult this is, and yes, we are both having different reactions to this, we are gonna get through it. We’re gonna overcome this. Tell me you understand that, finn. Bipolar 1, I got help to push back.

Hope: I agree that the romance and the spirit of rome just never left us. And I don’t ever wanna lose sight of that.

Thomas: We won’T. I mean, you know, there’s a place that I remember above all else, a place that has so much history, especially for us.

Hope: Could it be… colosseum? Where I finally gave in and kissed you?

Thomas: Mm-hmm. That’s where our future began. A future that still awaits us.

Bill: Well, well, well. The good doctor finally finds his way back home.

Liam: It’s about time.

Bill: Considering the hell that steffy’s been through, he should be there for her.

Liam: Yeah, well, he will if he gets his head on straight. The woman’s dead. He needs to let her be dead. Not just for his sake, but for steffy’S.

Steffy: And you have a beautiful mind. You’re smart and you’re analytical. It’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with you. Okay, so why don’t we just talk about this as facts, all right? Sheila died. She died here, in our home. And now you’re getting these, like, flashes. And you weren’t there when it happened, but these flashes are taking you there, like… I’m just– I’m trying to make sense of this all. I’m trying to help. I really am.

Finn: Yeah, yeah.

Steffy: Well, she’s been taken to the morgue.

Finn: Hey. I appreciate what you’re doing. You’re so sweet. I mean, look, I agree, but I– you know, I know all this. It’s not like I’m confused or not believing what happened. The fact of the matter is, I’m having these flashes of sheila lying on the floor, and I just… I don’t know what’s going on with me. I mean, it’s just– I know it sounds crazy, but maybe I am going crazy.

Steffy: Finn, you’re under a lot of stress right now. Sheila’s death has taken a toll, and your mind’s just trying to catch up with you.

Finn: You’re the best. I’m sorry. I just– the last thing you need right now is me like this. I’m your husband. I should be your rock, but instead you’re… being that for me.

Steffy: It’s okay. It’s what I signed up for. Don’t sell yourself short. Having you here is just as important to me. I don’t wanna go through this alone. And I know you don’t want that either. We will overcome this, okay? We will. As long as we’re together. We’ll get through it.

Finn: That’s right.

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