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Steve, John, and Ava go to the brewery. Ava prays while John and Steve get the tank open. Ava asks if they are alive. John tells Ava to just stay back as he and Steve head inside.

Tate questions Holly saying she can’t tell the truth, arguing that they are talking about his life and right now, he has no life as he’s stuck in a halfway house for no reason. Tate shouts that he wants his life back. Holly then agrees to tell that the drugs weren’t his but says she can’t say that they belonged to her. Tate complains that they will still think the drugs were his then and asks why she can’t tell the truth. Holly reveals that she overheard Nicole talking to EJ when she thought she was sleeping and she was talking about how disappointed she would be if it was her drugs. Holly talks about what it did to Nicole to lose her baby and then her almost dying. Holly declares that she can’t do that to Nicole and she would never trust her again. Tate questions if Holly is going to sacrifice him and his future so she can keep up appearances. Holly says it’s not like that. Tate asks what it’s like then. Tate pleads with Holly to help him but then EJ enters the room. EJ is shocked as Holly tries to tell him it’s not what it looks like. EJ questions how the hell Tate got in there and says he’s calling the police.

Brady runs in to Sarah in the town square. Sarah mentions heading to work while Brady is going to the gym. Brady stops and asks if she has a minute as he has a medical question for her about comas.

Steve and John try to revive Tripp and Wendy while Ava calls 911. Ava prays while Steve and John are unable to revive them. Rafe and Harris then arrive. Ava cries as Steve and John continue working on Tripp and Wendy. John says they need serious medical help now. Rafe calls for backup.

Brady asks Sarah if a coma can affect Holly’s memory. Sarah responds that she can’t discuss that with him because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Brady asks if a person’s memory in general can be affected by a coma. Sarah says she’s not a neurologist, but she knows there is a potential for that as a coma can cause a wide range of impairments which can include memory loss. Brady questions if it’s short term or long term. Sarah says it depends on the severity of brain damage and how long they were in a coma. Brady asks if the memories could come back because his son’s future depends on Holly remembering what happened the night she overdosed. Sarah says she’s sorry as she can’t imagine how hard that must be. Sarah repeats that it’s not her specialty but from what she knows, memories can come back quickly, gradually, or sometimes not at all. Brady confirms he read that online but he wanted a professional’s opinion, so he thanks her. Sarah hopes everything works out for Tate as she then walks away. Brady thinks back to Tate insisting to him that the drugs were Holly’s and trying to figure out how to prove it.

Holly asks EJ not to call the police because Tate didn’t do anything wrong. EJ argues that he broke into his home. Holly asks for a chance to explain why he’s there so EJ allows it. Tate explains that he has just been so worried about Holly. EJ blames Tate for Holly nearly dying. Tate says that’s not true and that he has it all wrong about that night. Tate swears the drugs were not his. Nicole then comes in and questions what Tate is doing there. EJ says he was apparently breaking and entering through Holly’s window. Tate says he just missed Holly so much. EJ decides he’s calling the police and nothing can stop him this time. Holly asks Nicole to stop him but Nicole says she can’t do that. Nicole tells Tate that she’s going to call his father. Nicole calls Brady and says she needs him to get to the DiMera Mansion right away as Tate broke in to see Holly which shocks Brady. Nicole adds that EJ is calling the police right now so Brady says he’s on his way and hangs up. Nicole then asks Tate and Holly what’s really going on.

Steve and John continue working on Tripp and Wendy while Ava prays for Tripp to come back to them. Rafe checks Wendy and finds that she has a pulse. Steve tells Tripp that Wendy’s coming back, so he has to fight to come back to them. Rafe tells Wendy they are here for her and asks her to squeeze his hand if she can hear him which she does. Rafe exclaims that Wendy’s back as John encourages her. Wendy regains consciousness and asks where Tripp is. Rafe tells her that Steve is helping him. Wendy asks if he’s okay. John says the only way to help Tripp is for her to get stronger. John urges Wendy to focus on him and breathe. Steve checks Tripp and finds his pulse. Ava asks if he can hear her. Tripp slowly regains consciousness and asks where Wendy is, referring to her as his wife. Ava encourages Tripp that Wendy is there and okay which relieves him. Ava points out that Tripp called Wendy his wife. Steve guesses he just hopes that someday she will be, but right now that they are just relieved that they are okay. Rafe gets a call from Jada. Rafe informs Jada that they found Tripp and Wendy and it looks like they will be okay. Rafe tells Jada to stay on top of it and call him with any updates. Rafe hangs up and announces that Clyde Weston escaped from prison. John asks if Jada had any intel on that. Rafe responds that it just happened so he’s sure they are looking at security footage as they speak. Harris wonders if Clyde had help from Goldman. Rafe is sure of it and asks who else would help…

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ questions Nicole calling him. Nicole argues that Brady had a right to know what’s going on with his son. Brady checks on Tate, who insists that he just wanted to see Holly and make sure she was okay. EJ argues that Tate just wanted to make sure that Holly would lie for him. EJ adds that he heard Holly tell Tate not to make her do this when he opened the door. Tate argues that he just wanted Holly to tell the truth because he just wants his life back. The doorbell rings so EJ tells him that he can tell his story to the police. Tate pleads with Holly to tell them what happened or else they will take him back to jail. EJ returns with two cops and orders them to arrest Tate for breaking and entering. Brady asks if they can talk about this. EJ argues that there is nothing to talk about. EJ calls Tate a plague on his family and says they’ve all had enough. EJ goes over how Tate left his halfway house without permission and broke in to harass Holly. Brady argues that Tate was falsely accused and is a good, honest kid who wouldn’t have risked everything to break in if he wasn’t telling the truth. Brady declares that all Tate wants is for Holly to tell the truth about how and why she overdosed on New Year’s Eve. EJ complains that they already know how, accusing Tate of pushing drugs on Holly and that he only broke in to try and save his own ass. Holly yells at him to stop and says that’s not true. Holly then faints in to Nicole’s arms.

John, Steve, Harris, Ava, and Rafe go to the hospital with Tripp and Wendy. Rafe calls Jada and informs her that Tripp and Wendy are both awake and they should be able to interview them tonight. Rafe tells Jada to stay on the horn as they will need to interview guards and support staff as soon as possible. Rafe says he’ll see her at the station and hangs up. Harris calls it a hell of a stunt for Clyde to break out of prison. Ava asks Steve and John why they haven’t heard anything yet. Steve encourages that Tripp and Wendy are in good hands, so they need to trust the doctors to do their job. John points out trust and questions Ava, saying they had a plan here. Ava argues that Tripp and Wendy might have died if she hadn’t thought like Clyde. Sarah comes out and informs them that they can see Tripp and Wendy now. Ava asks Sarah if Tripp is going to be okay. Sarah confirms he is resting comfortably but asks her to keep the visit short since they need rest. Ava thanks Sarah as her and Steve go to see Tripp. John asks Sarah if Wendy is up for a visit as well. Sarah thinks she is and sends John to her room. Sarah then sees Harris and asks how he’s feeling. Harris says he’s feeling stronger every day. Sarah says she’s glad to hear that but she would still like to check him out. Sarah sends Harris to Wendy’s room and tells him to then meet her in the exam room.

Ava and Steve enter Tripp’s hospital room to check on him. Tripp says he’s good and just glad to be in an actual bed. Ava doesn’t think she’s ever been that scared in her life but points out that Steve saved Tripp’s life. Steve calls it a group effort and says that what’s important is they found him in time.

Rafe and John enter Wendy’s hospital room to check on her. Wendy admits she’s not great physically but she’s beyond relieved and grateful to be able to breathe. Wendy says they really saved her and Tripp’s lives and thanks them. Rafe asks if he should contact her parents. Wendy says she tried to call her mom but it went to voicemail, so she just let her know she was okay. Wendy asks if Tripp is okay too. John confirms his parents are in with him now. Harris then enters the room. Rafe asks if Wendy feels up to talking about what happened. Wendy responds that what happened was that Officer Goldman found her and Tripp during the geocaching event on Valentine’s Day and told them that Tripp was in danger, so they had to follow her immediately to a safehouse which she said was a direct order from Rafe. Rafe says they just learned she was a bad cop and wishes they had known sooner. Wendy says she was so sure that she was one of the good guys. Rafe says they are just learning of all the criminal activities that she’s been up to. John credits Wendy for the sign language clue. Rafe asks what he’s missing. Wendy brings up the video and guesses Rafe didn’t notice her behind Tripp, signing the word “beer”. John explains that Wendy’s good thinking is what led them to the brewery. Rafe calls that really impressive but remarks that maybe they would’ve found her sooner if Ava just shared the video with them in the first place.

Nicole checks on Holly while EJ rushes to pull Tate back. EJ picks Holly up and orders the cops to get Tate out of there. EJ carries Holly out and upstairs while Nicole follows. Tate asks Brady to do something as the cops arrest Tate.

Wendy pleads with Rafe not to be upset with Ava since Goldman told them that no cops could know about the video or they’d be dead. Rafe argues that Ava knew she could trust him but Harris points out that it was a happy ending since Tripp and Wendy are okay and safe. Rafe knows Harris is close with Ava but warns about if he finds out Ava had anything to do with Clyde’s escape. Harris questions where that’s coming from. Rafe asks if Harris doesn’t think it’s a little convenient that Tripp and Wendy are found at the same time as Clyde’s escape. Harris points out there’s no evidence linking Ava to Clyde’s escape. Rafe responds that they both know what Ava is capable of.

Tripp thanks Steve and Ava for not giving up on them. Tripp admits that towards the end, he and Wendy were sure that they were going to die in the tank. Steve informs him that Wendy’s sign language saved them. Tripp says they didn’t have time to plan anything but Wendy thankfully acted on her own. Ava calls Wendy a brave woman. Steve is thankful that Goldman didn’t notice what Wendy was doing. Steve admits they almost didn’t catch it at first. Ava credits Steve and John for being relentless on the video and not giving up. Ava tells Tripp that she’s counting on him coming home real soon, so she tells him to just relax. Ava offers to stay, so Tripp tells her and Steve both to stay as long as they want.

Sarah checks on Harris and tells him that he’s very lucky as his stitches were not meant to be put through the ringer. Harris points out that he’s still standing. Sarah gives him an antibiotic to take and pain medicine to take if necessary. Sarah admires his dedication to his job. Harris says the same to her. Sarah hopes that Harris gets to the bottom of his own case, pointing out that Xander has been held in jail without bail ever since Harris was shot. Harris says he’s sorry about that and he’s sure the officers were just following the evidence. Sarah comments on it pointing directly at Xander. Sarah says she knows Xander is innocent and now that Harris is up and around, she thought maybe he would remember who did shoot him. Harris responds that so far, he doesn’t. Sarah hopes he remembers soon because Victoria really misses her dad and Xander is missing a lot of firsts. Harris repeats that he’s sorry. Sarah thanks him and says she does understand, but points out that he’s a really experienced detective so she has every faith that he’ll continue investigating who did shoot him so that she and Victoria can bring Xander home where he belongs.

Steve and John talk at the hospital about Tripp and Wendy seeming in good spirits. Steve guesses when they are feeling stronger, they can get more information from them. John is not sure that time is on their side. Steve asks what he’s talking about since no one knows they were involved in Clyde’s escape. John informs him that Rafe is suspicious of Ava based on past experience with her and he got the vibe that Rafe is about to start digging. Steve worries that Rafe’s digging could lead straight back to them. John worries that they made a serious mistake in letting the devil loose, so God only knows what’s going to happen next.

Rafe joins Harris in a room at the hospital. Harris fills him in on getting checked out. Rafe says he’s heading to put a task force together as this investigation is going to be massive. Harris responds that he’ll be right behind him but Rafe says no. Harris questions what he means. Rafe orders Harris to go home and get some rest because he needs him healed up and he can’t take the chance of losing him.

Sarah goes to Tripp’s hospital room to check on him. Tripp says he would feel better if he could see Wendy and asks if he could be taken to see her. Sarah then brings Wendy in to see Tripp. Tripp says he’s so excited to see her. Wendy says they couldn’t keep her away from him for long. They talk about making it through and say they love each other as they kiss.

Nicole and EJ get Holly back in her bed. Holly assures her that she’s fine. Nicole offers to call Sarah but Holly promises she doesn’t need to do that. EJ says they will be right down the hall. Holly asks him not to send Tate to jail, promising that he didn’t do anything wrong. Nicole says they can talk about it in the morning as she needs to rest. Holly argues that she doesn’t understand but EJ insists that Nicole knows what’s best for her. EJ and Nicole then exit the room. Holly thinks back to New Year’s Eve and Tate trying to talk her out of using the drugs and then to Tate asking her to tell the truth earlier.

Tate asks Brady to check on Holly. Brady is sure that EJ and Nicole are taking care of her while right now, his focus is on him. Tate asks what’s going to happen to him, promising he won’t leave the halfway house again. Brady says his hands are tied and he can’t help him after he broke in to the district attorney’s house. Tate asks him to talk to Nicole but Brady says she won’t turn on her husband right now. Brady tells Tate that he’s sorry. The cops say it’s time. Brady says he’ll talk to Justin about getting him out of this. Tate apologizes, admitting that he really screwed up this time. The cops then escort Tate out of the mansion.

Harris and Ava embrace at the hospital. Ava thanks him for everything he did for her son. Harris states that Tripp is going to be okay. Ava says Harris is too. Harris knows that Ava was there for him a lot when he was unconscious as Rafe told him. Harris is sure it helped his recovery to sense that she was around him. Ava isn’t sure how much it helped but she was definitely around him. Ava asks how he’s feeling. Harris says he’s glad he’s not staying here tonight as he’s looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. Ava asks what about her bed since Harris is still recovering from a gunshot wound and she knows he’s not recovered fully yet so he will need someone to help take care of him and she’d like to be that someone if he’d let her.

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