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[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: Doesn’t feel real yet. Does it to you?

Steffy: Knowing sheila’s gone? No. Hasn’t truly sunk in yet. I keep double-checking locks. Looking over my shoulder, seeing if she might pop up and do something. But she won’T. Never again. Sheila’s out of our lives for good.

[ Brooke moaning ]

Ridge: Wow. What was that for?

Brooke: Just wanted to thank you. Dinner was fabulous.

Ridge: Uh-huh. You know I didn’t cook it, right?

Brooke: I know, but you made the reservations, so that warrants a kiss.

Ridge: See, now I’m even more upset I’ve got to pick up those papers, but I need them. I’ve got this meeting tomorrow morning.

Brooke: All righty. I’ll just catch up with my email.

Ridge: You know, I’m surprised there’s no one here. I thought thomas would be burning the midnight oil.

Brooke: I thought he’d be here too. He’s so committed to hope’s line.

Ridge: Committed to hope’s line and committed to hope. Thomas and hope love each other.

Hope: Well, if his homework’s all done. Yeah. Of course. Of course you can let him play. All right. I will pick them up first thing in the morning. Thank you so much, donna. Bye.

Thomas: Let me guess. Douglas is begging for video game time.

Hope: Oh, yes. But he does have straight a’s, so…

Thomas: Let the boy play.

Hope: I should give donna a call back and let her know about the one hour.

Thomas: Okay, but we only have, like– we’ve been trying to make this work for a while and we only have one night. Do you want to spend it making calls to donna?

Hope: Well, when you put it like that.

Thomas: You have any ideas for activities?

Hope: I’m sure whatever we come up with will be worthwhile.

Ridge: You’re gonna have to work on that.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: That. That look you get on your face every time we talk about hope and thomas being a couple.

Brooke: This just isn’t easy for me.

Ridge: It wasn’t easy for anybody, but it’s done. They’re together, and… I don’t know. I think there’s something really beautiful about that. Magical, even.

Thomas: You okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: You seem… worried about douglas?

Hope: Uh, no, actually. I know he’s having a blast over at eric’S.

Thomas: Ah, so that means you’re still worried about steffy and finn.

Hope: It’s horrible, what they’re going through. I mean, to think that sheila’s death is now putting a strain on their marriage?

Thomas: Keep showing the kind of person you are. You genuinely care. You’re always empathizing. Especially in this situation. I mean, it’s not like you and steffy are exactly best friends.

Hope: All right, well, that might be true. I don’t want her going through anything like this.

Thomas: I know. That’s what makes you such a wonderful person. However, for tonight, I’d rather focus just on the two of us.

Hope: I do like the sound of that.

Thomas: Oh.

Hope: Will you help me forget?

Thomas: Of course.

Hope: So, checkers?

Thomas: Sure. Yeah.

Hope: Yeah?

Thomas: We can play. Or chess. Whatever.

Hope: Just–

Thomas: Whatever works.

Hope: Yeah?

Thomas: Yeah.

Finn: I wish I could find relief in that. Knowing that the threat’s over. Look, and I understand that it’s a good thing to not have to stress anymore. Wonder if sheila is going to crack and do something. It’s just… it’s just the way that it went down.

Steffy: It was never if she was going to crack. It was when. And she did when she showed up here. When she broke into our home and tried to attack me. Sheila intended on hurting me. I don’t know how, but I know that she had some kind of plan figured out. And that night, it was either her or me.

Finn: I get that.

Steffy: Well, this isn’t easy for both of us. Despite how freaked out we both are, despite how difficult this is, we need to figure out a way to heal. For the sake of our marriage. I want to be close to you again. In every way.

Finn: I want that, too.

Steffy: Yeah. There it is…

Ridge: At the end of the day, what we really want is for our kids to be happy, right?

Brooke: Yes, of course.

Ridge: And that’s how I know that you’re going to come around.

Brooke: To the idea of hope and thomas in a relationship.

Ridge: The same way that my mom came around to it. Look at hope. She’s so happy. We haven’t seen her this happy in a long time. And I think it’s because she’s with thomas. The two of them, they bring out the best in each other. I can see it. You can see it. You can’t see it, right?

Brooke: Okay, okay, yeah. I won’t deny that. But all happiness aside, I still am very worried because of what’s happened before and the lengths that thomas would go to.

Ridge: That’s the past.

Brooke: The past matters.

Ridge: The past matters, but so does the future. And the two of them, they could have a wonderful future together. Maybe the next great logan-forrester couple. Hm?

[ Thomas sighing ]

Hope: Um, sir, you have, uh, really outdone yourself this time.

Thomas: Oh, well, thank you. I try very, very hard. Did you know that this bottle of chianti is actually from the year that douglas was born?

Hope: Yeah. And was it a particularly good year for the grapes?

Thomas: Oh, well, you should know that this vintage, specifically, actually carries notes of blackberry and plum. And on the nose, you might have hints of– I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I thought you might think it was cute.

Hope: I– I definitely think it’s cute.

Thomas: Good, good, okay. Well, either way, what I do know about this wine is that it pairs very well with the special from il giardino.

Hope: Is that what I smell coming from the kitchen?

Thomas: That is, and I thought we could start with a little bruschetta.

Hope: Oh, well, don’t mind if I do.

Thomas: No worries. Um, aurora, could you play my italian playlist?

[ Classical music playing ]

Hope: Italian music? Am I, uh, sensing a theme here tonight?

Thomas: A little bit. Salute.

Hope: Salute.

Steffy: Oh, I miss this. Our connection. We can’t let what happened overshadow our love for each other.

Finn: We won’t want it to, but–

Steffy: No, we won’T. We won’t let it. Baby steps. We just need to try to get back to us. The two of us. Tell you what. Why don’t I get some clothes on and we could finish the bottle of wine, you get the fire going, and we can hang out? It just feels so good being in your arms.

Finn: We are better together.

Steffy: We are.

Finn: Thank you.

Steffy: I love you.

Finn: Baby steps.

[ Creaking ] Schwarzkopf

Hope: Why is this so good?

Thomas: You know, I don’t know. Like, your dad, for some reason, he thinks that pizza is their thing, but for me, it’s the parpadella.

Hope: It’s the parpadella.

Thomas: It’s the parpadella.

Hope: Okay, so, what brought upon this theme for tonight? Anything in particular?

Thomas: I don’t know. History, I guess. I’ve been thinking about our history, everything we’ve been through, and all the places we’ve been, and how we’ve gotten to where we are right now. And one place, above all, stands above the rest. Roma.

Brooke: So, I’m just wondering, how did you get so confident in them, this idea of hope and thomas’ future?

Ridge: Well, it’s the kind of guy I am. I pay attention. You’ll get there.

Brooke: But lately, you’ve been worried about steffy’s future. And me, too. It’s horrible what she had to go through with sheila.

Ridge: She’s struggling. She’s gotta be okay, but she killed somebody. In self-defense, but… she killed someone.

Brooke: She’s gonna be okay. She’s a brave, courageous woman and she will get through this.

Ridge: I know. I’m not worried about her. I’m worried about finn.

Steffy: Honestly, I don’t even know if I need the wine. Just being with you, touching you, knowing that we’re together, that’s all I really need.

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Thomas: I’ll never forget what we shared in rome.

Hope: Me neither. I mean, that trip changed everything.

Thomas: It’s just so beautiful. The landscape, the architecture, you. This is a place so full of history. I feel like actually you and I made some history today. So grateful for the time we had there and the impact it had.

Hope: It will always be our place. To roma.

Thomas: To roma.

Brooke: I can see how worried you are about steffy and finn.

Ridge: Of course I’m worried because I don’t know what finn’s doing. He’s got these misplaced feelings about his mother. He should be worried about his wife right now. He should be worried about his kids. He should be a husband and a father. Instead, he’s got this fantasy about who sheila could have been to him. Her getting killed is the best thing that could have happened to him because now, he doesn’t have to find a place for her in his life. She’s dead. It’s over. It’s done.

Finn: It feels good to be home with you in my arms.

Steffy: This is where you belong.

Finn: You’re right. Tonight, it’s about moving forward. And new beginnings. Because we don’t have any reason to look over our shoulder any longer. No one, nothing threatening our happiness or our family. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I got caught up with what happened to sheila and not prioritizing you and what you went through. I should have been more reassuring and supportive right from when I found out.

Steffy: Finn, it’s okay. I understand.

Finn: Well, I want to move on from it. Concentrate on us, on our family, and this beautiful life we have together. I just… love you so much, steffy. Never forget it, okay?

Steffy: No, I won’T. I know how you feel. You show me every single day. Look, I know we’re traumatized by what happened, but it is a trauma that we’re going to heal from. We will. The two of us, we can do it. Sheila’s no longer a threat to us. We don’t have to think about her. We don’t have to talk about her anymore. And honestly, I’d rather not talk about her tonight, because I just want this. I want you, I want to be wrapped up in your arms. Come here. I miss this. I love you.

[ Sheila gasping ]

[ Sheila coughing ]

Sheila: Finn.

Steffy: Whoa, finn. What’s wrong? Tell me.

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