GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Finn tells Heather she has a weakened heart muscle and he has been asked to run more tests to determine the cause of the heart problem. Heather is heartbroken when Laura tells her she is being transferred to San Quentin and she can never see Ace again.

Sam has mixed feelings about Jason’s return. She asks Dante to wake up so he can help her make sense of the situation.

Drew and Carly have a talk about Jason. Carly tells Drew that she loves him and the fact that Jason has returned doesn’t change her feelings for him. Drew tells Carly that she has loved him, Sonny, and Jax but none of them holds the place Jason does in her heart.

Danny goes to the Quartermaine stables to vape and is stunned to find Jason. Jason swears on Danny’s life that he didn’t shoot Dante. Danny goes to the main house to get Jason a first aid kit. Jason asks Danny not to tell Sam that he saw him or his whereabouts.

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