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Phyllis: I’m sorry. I– I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be in your way. That’s accidental. I didn’t do it on purpose, but don’t, you know, say that to anyone in this town. They won’t believe you. [ Phyllis chuckles ] Hello. This is a surprise.

Nick: What’s, uh, going on?

Phyllis: Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you.

Nikki: Victor, evading my question only makes me more suspicious. Now, I’ve asked you, where are you going at this hour?

Victor: And I have told you.

Nikki: But you didn’t give me a straight answer.

Victor: Because I don’t want to worry you.

Nikki: You don’t think it worries me that you won’t answer a simple question?

Victor: All right, I’ll tell you.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: Have a seat. So… I’ve heard from jordan.

Nikki: And?

Victor: She took my bait.

Nikki: What does that mean?

Victor: I want to meet with her.

Nikki: Oh, victor, no.

Victor: Yes. Don’t worry. Everything’s under control.

Nikki: So that’s where you’re going right now? To meet jordan?

Victor: Yeah.

[ Jordan humming ]

[ Jordan chuckles ]

[ Jordan sighs ]

Marshalls buyers have a very

particular set of skills.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Victor: Yes, send him in.

Nikki: How do you know that jordan’s not planning a trap of her own?

Victor: I’m sure she is. But I have it under control. I have the upper hand, okay?

Nikki: We have thought that before, victor, but look where we are.

Victor: Sweetheart, I promise you, this time will be successful. This is the last stage of a plan I have to make sure that woman will not cause pain to our family again.

Michael: Okay, I’m here. What’s the emergency? Oh.

Victor: All arranged?

Michael: So, this is it, huh? This is really happening tonight.

Victor: Yes.

Michael: Well, uh, yeah, everything’s arranged as ordered, uh, but I want to tell you that I’m not crazy about this. I don’t like the legal risks you’re taking or the legal risks I’m taking.

Nikki: All right, well, one of you please tell me what is going on? What is happening, and where did this last stage of your plan come from?

Victor: Sweetheart, the less you know, the better, all right? I have this under control. I’ll be back and tell you everything. Um… I adore you. You know that. You’ve gotta trust me now, all right? Let’s go.

Claire: Nikki? I didn’t expect to find you up at this hour. Are– are you okay?

Nikki: Oh, yeah, yeah. I’ve– I’ve just been handling some things. Uh, I’m too keyed up to go to bed yet.

Claire: I think I have the perfect solution.

Nikki: And what would that be?

Claire: Let me distract you again. Only this time, you tell me a story.

Nick: Nah, drink’s not gonna happen for you. I feel like you’ve had plenty already.

Phyllis: Sometimes you just need to annihilate the darkness.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Okay, phyllis.

Phyllis: I had an epiphany. Do you want to hear it?

Nick: Sure.

Phyllis: Don’t try to change. Ever. It’s a waste of time.

Nick: You know that’s not true, phyllis. I’ve admired the way you’ve tried to change.

Phyllis: It’s true. Oh, what good has it done? I mean, my kids… still walk around me like they’re walking on eggshells.

[ Sighs ] My friends… I don’t even have any friends, that’s for sure. And, uh, then… I thought I really had a chance at happiness. That just blew up in my face. It was crushed under… the history… that I have that I will never, ever escape from. So, why try?

Did you know you waste

200 hours a year

Nick: I don’t suppose this “second chance at something” has anything to do with a certain rock star that we were talking about at society the other night?

Phyllis: It doesn’t matter.

Nick: All of a sudden, danny romalotti doesn’t matter?

Phyllis: Oh, don’t say his name, please. Don’t say his name. Uh, why did I even try?

Nick: Well, when we were talking, you gave me the impression that things were on the upswing with you two.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, I was wrong. He told me who he really wanted, and it’s not me.

Nick: He actually said that?

Phyllis: Yeah. He actually said that.

[ Nick sighs ] You know, when I was standing there, humiliated and rejected… you know what my first impulse was?

Nick: Well, I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m guessing it was revenge.

Phyllis: It was revenge. That’s what my first impulse was. See? I can’t change. It’s like my default. It’s just my tiger stripes. I’ve been trying to change this whole time, and I can’T. It’s just obviously who I am.

[ Phyllis sobbing ] So why should I even try to change?

Nick: Okay, don’t– don’t do that.

Phyllis: Do what?

Nick: This “you can’t change” garbage, and that’s what it is. All right? We both know that’s not true.

Phyllis: Yeah, how do you know that?

Nick: Because we’ve all watched you do it for months, and do it very well, by the way. You can change. You did change.

Phyllis: Oh, I haven’t, nick. I haven’T. And even if you think I have, so what? So damn what? Where’s my drink?

Nick: No, we’re not gonna do that, all right? I’ve got a better offer for you.

Phyllis: What is your better offer?

Nick: Instead of a drink, why don’t you let me buy you some dinner? Junk food. All you want, whatever you want.

Phyllis: What kind of junk food?

Nick: Name it.

Phyllis: Um… how about, uh, room service junk food?

[ Laughs ] I mean–

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, it is the best, because no one will see me eating.

[ Phyllis laughs ] And I want to change out of this dress. I feel embarrassed, so…

Nick: Okay. Let’s do it. You lead the way. Hey, let’s, you know, just– let’s leave that.

[ Phyllis laughs ]

Phyllis: Ooh.

Nick: Okay, o– okay.

Phyllis: Yeah, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s all right.

Nick: You’re doing great.

Phyllis: It’s okay.

Nikki: It’s sweet of you to try to distract me, but… I’m afraid I’m just not up to telling stories tonight.

Claire: Not even the legendary story of how nikki reed met victor newman? I read about a million versions of it, and jordan spoon-fed me more dirt on all of you than I ever wanted to know.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: I can only imagine. Well, all right. But you asked for it, so… fasten your seatbelt.

Michael: I don’t feel great about this location, victor.

Victor: Why?

Michael: I think it was a mistake not to bring police back up. If jordan shows up to meet you, they take her into custody. It’s over. End of story.

Victor: She would have noticed that a mile away.

Michael: I do have one favor to ask you.

Victor: What’s that?

Michael: Don’t make me a liar to my wife. No heroics, no surprises. Look, I promised lauren I’d be home in a couple of hours, safe and sound.

Victor: Lauren has nothing to worry about, okay?

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Victor: Now you have given yourself an impressive advantage. I mean, look at those rooftops. No way I could position the sniper. Not that that thought ever occurred to me.

Jordan: No, because that would be so unsportsmanlike. So un-victor newman of you.

Victor: I said I would come with my lawyer. No cops, just one man. I kept my word.

Jordan: Well, that’s funny, because my sister never said that about you before she died. But that was decades ago. People do change.

Victor: Well, some do, and some don’T.

Jordan: You are beginning to bore me. So let’s get right to the point, okay? Mr. Man of his word, tell me about this restitution.

[ Michael clears throat ] What have we here?

Victor: It’s your new life.

Jordan: Oh. You’ve got my attention. Tell me more.

Victor: It’s a bank account with 10 million bucks in it.

Jordan: Nice.

Victor: And a new passport, new identity, new birth certificate. Ball of wax.

Jordan: Go on.

Victor: And keys and a deed to a new house in the south of france.

Jordan: Oh. With or without a pool?

Victor: Well, what do you think? Imagine. You can start a new life. Beautiful home, beautiful country. Don’t have to worry about a damn thing.

[ Jordan scoffs ]

Jordan: Sounds so very tempting.

Victor: Just think. You no longer have to be on the run. No cops on your tail. No worries about prosecution. All you have to do is leave the united states. Never look back.

Nikki: I guess the best place to start would be my late teens. Not a part of my life that I’m particularly proud of.

Claire: Why? What was going on with you?

Nikki: Oh, I was very naive and a bit promiscuous. Kind of a wild child. I took every wrong path I came across.

Claire: Like what?

Nikki: Well… I signed on to a modeling agency that turned out to be a front for prostitution. And then I joined a commune that turned out to be a cult.

Claire: I’m so sorry, nikki. I didn’t know any of that.

Nikki: Then I got a job dancing at a club called the bayou. I’m certain you heard about that.

Claire: It was one of jordan’s fixations, yes.

Nikki: Well, in the meantime, a very handsome, successful older man named victor newman was going through a rough time. His first wife had left him, and he was depressed. So one night, his best friend, douglas austin, decided to cheer him up by taking him out to a club.

Claire: The one where you were working?

Nikki: Exactly. So victor was sitting in the audience when I came out on stage that night. It was the first time we ever laid eyes on each other.

Claire: Did he ask you out?

Nikki: Um, no, not exactly. It was more like he took me under his wing. He was determined to transform this mess, street-smart, punk kid into a sophisticated young lady. Uh, he arranged for etiquette lessons, and I learned how to dress, learned how to carry on proper conversation at a cocktail party.

Victor: We’ll have to make time for music. The piano you have at home probably isn’t very good, so I want you to come here and practice for about an hour or two every day. And then you’ll need some coaching, and I’ll arrange for that.

Nikki: Well, those lessons are gonna cost a lot of money.

Victor: Well, I can afford to indulge my whims, and right now it just suits me to give you some music lessons.

Nikki: And what do you want in return? I mean, nobody takes the time and money to do this sort of thing for a person if they don’t want something back.

Victor: Well, the finished product will be my reward. I mean, when I’m done with you, you’ll be ready to go anywhere and meet anyone. You’ll be an accomplished and cultured woman. So now, play again. And this time with more legato.

Nikki: Oh, you– you know about music, too?

Victor: I know something about almost everything, and so will you.

Claire: And in the process, the two of you fell in love?

Nikki: Oh, well, I did. He didn’T. Not– not yet.

Claire: Jordan said that the two of you were married several times.

Nikki: Well, that is true, uh, to each other and to other people. We’ve both been through a lot, but, um, we always managed to find our way back to each other. And I guess that’s a testament to the devotion we have for one another and for our children, our grandchildren. Family is very important to us. You see, victor was raised in an orphanage.

Claire: I had read that, but jordan said that that was just a phony publicity story manufactured by newman enterprises to counteract victor’s ruthless reputation.

Victor: Well, for his sake, I wish that were true, but he did grow up in an orphanage, and family was something that he always yearned for. And now that he has one, he makes damn sure that nothing will happen to any of us, including you.

Claire: Me? After everything I did?

Nikki: As far as he’s concerned, anyone with a drop of newman blood is family, and he will love and protect them forever.

Claire: This doesn’t sound anything like the terrible man I grew up hearing about. When did eve howard come into your lives?

[ Door opens ]

Phyllis: Wait here.

Nick: I plan to.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: Wow. [ Sighs ] Hey, how’s it going? Uh, could I get some food sent up? Yeah, um, let’s go with a couple of cheeseburgers, some fries, uh, onion rings, and mac and cheese. Yeah, two orders of each. Thanks. Bye.

Phyllis: Did you get onion rings or grilled cheese?

Nick: Uh, I got onion rings and mac and cheese, so…

Phyllis: Oh, mac and cheese! Oh, my favorites. Because you know my motto, do you remember? “I never met a carb that I didn’t like.” Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Well, you can go. Yeah, you can go. Thank you for taking care of me for, like, the one-… billionth time that I’m not at my best, so thank you.

Nick: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. You think I’m gonna let you have all this food to yourself? No.

[ Phyllis clears throat ]

Phyllis: Listen, if you could not tell summer or daniel that this happened, I’d really appreciate it. I know that’s a lot to ask, you know, considering, um, my luck these days. I’m not counting on it, but…

Nick: I promise you, neither one of them’s gonna hear a word about this from me.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: Sure.

Phyllis: Do you want a nightcap?

Nick: No, I’m good, thanks.

Phyllis: I mean, do you mind if I make myself one?

Nick: Not at all.

Phyllis: All right. Thank you.

[ Phyllis clears throat ]

Nick: You know, you could just put the drink down, and we could talk about whatever it is that’s bothering you. You could, uh, rant, whatever. Get anything you want off your chest. I’m here to listen.

Phyllis: No judgment?

Nick: I wouldn’t, even if I was thinking it. I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. Do I love speed walking?…

Phyllis: So, um, abby gave me the restaurant, and, I mean, the entire restaurant plus the kitchen because danny was gonna make his pasta recipe. His, um… he makes a special, uh, sauce, and he was gonna make it. Um, so it was just gonna be one last night before he, um, went on tour.

Nick: So danny is leaving town?

Phyllis: Yeah, he’s leaving town.

Nick: Well, I mean, it sounds like you came up with a pretty cool way to say goodbye.

Phyllis: Yeah. It’s very romantic.

Nick: Please tell me he showed up.

Phyllis: Yeah, he showed up. With christine.

Nick: Oh. Ouch.

Phyllis: Ouch.

Nick: Sorry.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was kind of ouch. You know, this time I really felt like danny and i had a chance. I know it sounds weird, but I just felt like, um… that I was being rewarded for changing like I’ve been doing. I’ve been working really hard. And I felt like it– it was fate. They were giving me a do-over. Um… you know, that I was getting a chance to… right so many wrongs from my past. You know. And I felt like, um, danny and I really connected in a different way this time.

Nick: Sounds to me like you did a great job. You know, you might be looking at this the wrong way, though. It’s not a matter of good versus bad. It’s just a human thing, you know, a connection. Danny and christine, they always click.

Phyllis: I click with him, too. I didn’t just imagine that. I mean, it was really there. I guess I’M… just not enough. Wow. How am I not enough?

Nick: You are. You are enough, all right? And you… you will be for… someone else.

Phyllis: Who? Who? Where are they? It’s weird talking about this with you. I can’t talk about this with you. It’s just really hard. Um… I’ve been working so hard at being better. Being better than I was, at least. It’s just difficult trying to be the person that my kids want me to be. And be the person that everybody in this town wants me to be. Every day is hard. And at the end of the day, I just feel alone. That’s all. And lonely.

Claire: Nikki, I’m sorry. That was stupid. Your story’s wonderful, and I shouldn’t have asked about my grandmother. Just skip over the eve howard part. It’s probably the last thing you want to relive right now after the nightmare you’ve been through.

Nikki: Well, you know what? It might be helpful for me to just get it all out. That’s a long, complicated story. Did jordan ever tell you that eve tried to poison victor?

Claire: No. She always made it out like eve was so innocent and loving, that victor betrayed her.

Nikki: She was a menace, just like her sister. She was arrested and taken to a psychiatric facility.

Claire: Oh, like me.

Nikki: No, not like you. Everything she did was of her own free will. And unlike you, she didn’t want to get well. So she just continued on her path of destruction. And then she read in the paper that victor and i were getting married, so she infiltrated our wedding, disguised as a caterer, and tried to stab me.

Claire: What? Knives and the disguises and the poison, it’s– it’s just like jordan. I didn’t know any of this.

Nikki: Well, no, of course not. She couldn’t tell you the truth about these things and still pretend to be righteous. I didn’t tell you this to upset you. I’m so sorry if I did. I just think that you deserve to know the truth about both sides of your family.

Claire: I do, yeah. Thank you for telling me. It’s just… it makes me think.

Nikki: About what?

Claire: Everything I did. The lies, the deception, the drugging, the alcohol in your iv.

Nikki: Honey, that was all jordan’s influence.

Claire: But still, I’m the one who did those things. What if their madness is in me?

Michael: For pete’s sake, the offer’s on the table. Take it or leave it.

Victor: Now, jordan, you know that your sister eve would not want you to spend the rest of your life in prison just to avenge her.

Jordan: Of course she wouldn’T. So what’s the catch?

Victor: Nothing. No catch.

Jordan: Really?

Victor: No.

Jordan: So what’s to stop you from calling the authorities and informing them about my new identity and then having them arrest me at the airport before I even board the plane? Or perhaps, perhaps, you’ve already rigged that lovely chateau in france to go boom the minute that I show up. I’m not an idiot, victor.

Michael: Neither is victor. He antic– he anticipated that you’d think that.

Victor: I have a solution. I will assure you that this won’t happen.

Jordan: I can’t wait to hear it.

Victor: You take me… as your hostage. Breathing claritin clear is like…

Jordan: So take you as my hostage?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Tell me how that would work.

Victor: Very simple. You take me to a hideaway that only you know about. You lock me up… until you have made your escape. Then you call my lawyer. Tell him where he can find me.

Jordan: What if I should decide to just leave you there to rot?

Michael: Then I will personally see to it that your $10 million… bank account vanishes into thin air and your location and new identity is reported to interpol.

Victor: Think about it. Dream of your new life, a beautiful country, beautiful mansion, swimming pool, more money than you can ever dream of. And all shattered… because of you.

Nikki: You are nothing like your grandmother and your aunt. I won’t even let you think such a thing. The fact that you were able to change so dramatically after all those miserable years with jordan, I mean, that just proves what a kind and decent person you are.

Claire: Your opinion of my mental state… of my decency, really… it’s what I’ve feared the most, so… thank you for saying that.

Nikki: I’m not just saying it. I mean it. Jordan tried to destroy both of us. But look at us now. And if victor is right, things may take a turn tonight, and we will be rid of jordan forever.

Claire: How? What’s happening tonight?

Nick: Phyllis, no.

[ Phyllis moans ] No. No.

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: All right? This is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s not. Name one reason.

Nick: Stop. Stop it. All right? For one, you’re not thinking clearly right now, and I’m a gentleman. All right? And… we both know where this goes from here. We cannot go back to that.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, I’m gonna propose this. How about this? No strings. No strings. All right? Just two… lonely people… who love each other very much.

Nick: I’M… I never said anything about being lonely.

Phyllis: Yes, you are. Yes, you are lonely. Yes, you are. I could see it. Sally dumped you for adam.

Nick: Okay. Now we brought up adam. That’s like an instant cold shoulder.

[ Knocking on door ] Food’s here. All right, perfect. Let’s get some carbs in you asap. Hey, how’s it going? Thank you so much. All right, here you go. Thank you. Appreciate you.

Bellhop: Sir.

Phyllis: I know you love me just a little. ()

Nick: I mean, we’ve talked about this many times, phyllis. We will always be woven into each other’s lives. And it’s not just because of summer. It’s also because of our, uh… amazing history. Which includes a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes. But I hope you know, no matter how tough times get, you can always count on me. Just like I know I can always count on you. Well, I mean, usually.

Phyllis: Always. You can always count on me. I love talking to you. I love listening to you. We could have done this in bed.

Nick: Yeah, we could have. You would have regretted that.

Phyllis: No, I wouldn’T.

Nick: Oh, phyllis. I’m gonna go. Yeah, I’m gonna go. Are you okay?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, I’m fine. Thank you, thank you for everything tonight.

Nick: Glad I could help.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: Thank you. I mean it. Thank you.

Nick: Anytime.

Nikki: All I know is that jordan reached out to victor tonight and they made plans to meet. Aside from that, I’m as much in the dark as you are.

Claire: God, I hope he’s okay.

Nikki: Just don’t lose sight of the fact that if victor’s plan works tonight, we have you to thank.

Claire: No. Not me at all.

Nikki: Yes, you. You had the strength to reach out to a woman who terrifies you, all for the good of your new family. The courage that it took for you to set tonight in motion, that’s the newman side of you. You have proven that deep in your soul, you are a newman.

Victor: So what is it going to be? A life of wealth? And freedom that you could never have imagined? Or the life you have today? Alone. Despised. Hunted like an animal. Do we have a deal?

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