Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis can see the afterglow on Summer’s face and she figures out Summer and Chance had a sleep over. Phyllis is happy that Chance makes Summer happy.

Billy and Chance have a meeting and Billy explains to Chance that their job at Chancellor-Winters is to protect Jill’s interests in the company. Billy also tells Chance that if he wants what is best for the company he had better align himself with him.

Jordan takes Victor to a cheap motel, has him sit in a chair, and points a gun at him. Jordan tells Victor he will starve to death and die in that room and his family will grieve for him. Jordan tells Victor she had planned to lock both him, and Nikki in that room and starve them to death, but she had to change her plan. Nick arrives and sneaks up behind Jordan and puts a Taser to her neck. Nick arrives. Victor put an unconscious Jordan on the bed. Jordan awakens a short while later and Victor explains to Jordan that he was wearing a tracking device inside his pants. Nick tells Jordan that he never followed Victor’s car. He just took another route to the motel. Victor tells Jordan she should never underestimate him.

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