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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Steve’s plan went underway. The alarm went off in the prison. Abe told Lani and Chanel that Paulina wasn’t doing well. He said there was no change and no update on a heart transplant. Lani and Chanel told him to get rest, but he refused to leave. He said he wanted to be there when Paulina woke up. Abe said Paulina was running out of time. Chanel and Lani said they weren’t giving up hope. Tripp tried to keep Wendy calm when she thought they were going to die. Wendy said she wasn’t scared because she was with the man she loved. He said he never loved her more than he did now. Steve and John went to Clyde’s cell. Paulina woke up. She asked about her grandchildren. Lani said they would be there to see her tomorrow. Paulina asked Chanel about her kids. She wanted Chanel to tell the kids about her if she didn’t make it. While Tripp and Wendy talked about religion, he blamed himself for her not being in China. She said she would always pick him. He said he wouldn’t trade knowing her. She said they should write letters to their families. Clyde told John and Steve that their plan was brilliant. They left the cell.

Paulina told Lani and Chanel that she needed to talk to Abe. She said she felt herself slipping away. Abe told her she couldn’t say that. She thanked him for giving her the best years of his life. He said he loved her. She wanted him to promise her that he would take care of her girls. He agreed to do it. She said she was tired. Tripp and Wendy talked about the things they have taken for granted. Wendy assured him that he was a good brother and son. He said he could have done better. She said she could have done better by her parents. Wendy told Tripp that she wanted to be a wife and mother, but she wasn’t going to get the chance. Tripp asked her to marry him. John and Steve brought Clyde to the airfield. Ava asked Clyde where her son was. Clyde didn’t tell them. Ava pulled out a gun. Her goons showed up with guns. Ava said they were going to do things her way. Chanel and Lani talked about Paulina. Lani said Paulina was a survivor. She talked about the way she treated Paulina when she found out she was her biological mother. They talked about their kids not knowing Paulina. Ava told John and Steve they were done. She wanted her guys to take them back to Salem. When they left, Ava asked Clyde where her son was. Clyde said that was an ace move. He said he didn’t trust her. She said there was nothing she could do. He said when he was in the air, he would tell her where Tripp and Wendy were. Abe told Paulina that they needed more time. John and Steve talked about Ava double crossing them. Clyde told Ava that she would never find her son if she killed him. Ava said she wasn’t going to kill him. She asked where her son was. Clyde said he was halfway to heaven. Goldman showed up and took the gun from Ava. There was a white light shining on Paulina. Someone stood over Paulina’s bed. Paulina let Abe know the person was standing there. Ava was tied up. Goldman and Clyde kissed each other. Clyde told Ava that he and Goldman were going to leave. Ava said she would do whatever he wanted. Clyde wouldn’t tell her. Ava threatened to kill Clyde. When he walked off, Goldman told Ava that she made sure her son was good and dead.

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