Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Abby tells Tucker to stop playing games with Ashley and leave town because nobody wants him in Genoa City. Abby also tells Tucker that, if he hurts anyone in her family, she will make him pay.

Ashley tells Jack she knows that she should forgive Tucker and reconcile with him. Ashley tells Jack that she also knows she should stay away from Tucker. Ashley continues to hear the voices she hears in her head. Ashley goes to the Athletic club and sends Tucker a text message telling him she will wait on him in the dining room.

Victoria is devastated as she watches her house burn. The firefighter tells her that the house can’t be saved.

Nikki really wants a drink and Claire tells her that she likes being around children because they give her hope. Nikki thinks that after this ordeal is over she should consider a job working with children.

Victor intends to draw Jordan out and, if his plan works, Jordan will soon be in jail.

Nikki calls Jack and asks him to come to the ranch because she needs his help.

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