Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 1, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Danny tells Phyllis that he is leaving on a tour in two weeks, so she persuades him to cook a farewell dinner for her. Phyllis tells Danny she is going to buy out a restaurant so he can make her pasta with his famous pasta sauce.

Nina is in town for a few days and she and Christine meet for coffee and have a long talk about Danny and Phyllis. Nina advises Christine to find something to keep her busy and put some distance between her and Danny so Danny can finally make a choice between her and Phyllis.

Victoria and Cole prepare Claire to handle the press once the story breaks that she is their daughter. Jordan searches the internet and discovers Claire is free from the hospital and is now living with Cole and Victoria.

Seth meets Nikki at Crimson Lights. Seth tells Nikki all about Isabel. Nikki suspects Isabel is Jordan who used Seth to get to her. Nikki asks Seth to keep stringing Isabel along and then call her and tell her what Jordan is planning to do. Seth agrees to help her catch Jordan. Nikki arrives at the ranch and tells everyone she may have a way to catch Jordan.

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