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Stefan goes home to the DiMera Mansion, angrily complaining about Harris waking up and nothing going right. Stefan then gets a call from Clyde.

Steve brings Ava home as she complains about wishing she could wake up from this nightmare and have Tripp and Wendy home and that Harris would be fine. Steve says unfortunately this is happening, so they need to stay focused. Steve asks if she called Wendy’s parents yet. Ava says she’s not ready to yet but Steve says they need to know what’s going on and asks if they should do it together. Ava questions what they are supposed to say. Ava then gets an alert on her phone.

Tripp and Wendy remain locked up. They talk about Ava getting the video that they recorded, so at least she will know they are alive.

Sloan goes home with a box and calls out to Eric for help but is shocked by what she sees when she comes in.

Chanel joins Abe in Paulina’s hospital room and asks how Paulina is doing. Abe says she’s taking a nap but Paulina says she was just resting her eyes. Chanel asks how she’s doing. Paulina says she’s fine now that she’s there along with Abe. Chanel tells her that she knows something that will make her feel much better. Chanel then opens the door and brings in Lani and Eli. Lani and Paulina embrace as they reunite while Eli hugs Abe. Paulina can’t believe Lani is really there. Lani tells her that she’s so happy to see her as Lani hugs Abe. Abe comments on the timing of Lani getting released now and calls it great news, saying it’s perfect for all of them. Eli tells Paulina that she looks beautiful as always. Paulina asks where their twins are. Eli says they are with Doug and Julie after a long day of travel. Lani tells Chanel that she heard they missed the wedding of the year. Paulina calls it simple and perfect. Lani asks where Johnny is. Chanel says he went to grab snacks but he’ll be back soon as he has been with them through all of it. Paulina says first it was her surgery, then it was her heart going south on her. Paulina guesses Lani heard about that which she confirms. Paulina states that her heart may be failing, but right now it’s so full to have her two daughters with her.

Sloan is shocked to see the apartment decorated with candles, rose petals in a heart shape on the bed and a bottle of champagne on ice. Eric comes out from the back and asks what she thinks as he wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day, informing her that this is the emergency he had her rush home for. Sloan calls it beautiful and romantic. Eric declares that the decorations are just the beginning as he has very big plans for their special day.

Wendy asks Tripp what to do now. Tripp says he’s taking her to dinner which Wendy calls illogical in their circumstances. Tripp suggests they go to dinner in Paris.

Stefan tells Clyde that he wasn’t expecting to hear from him today. Clyde asks even with the recent turn of events. Stefan says he’s in the middle of a crisis at the restaurant so he needs to get back on the floor but Clyde reveals that he knows Stefan isn’t at work, but he’s at home in his fancy mansion. Stefan questions how the hell and looks around outside. Clyde tells him that he will never see his people. Stefan tells Clyde that he has a lot to focus on right now. Clyde warns Stefan that he should be focusing on his biggest problem, Harris Michaels being awake.

Ava receives the video on her phone so her and Steve watch Tripp reading the statement he was given which is warning Ava not to talk to any law enforcement and to do as she’s told when contacted. Tripp reads that if Ava follows these instructions, he and Wendy can come home but if she doesn’t, she’ll never see them again. Ava asks Steve what to do and worries about being watched. Steve says it could be an empty threat to keep her in line. Ava argues that Clyde doesn’t make empty threats, only promises. Ava points out how exhausted and scared Tripp and Wendy looked, wondering where the hell they are.

Wendy asks Tripp how they make dinner in Paris happen without actually flying there. Tripp reaches in to the big that Officer Goldman left them, revealing they have a bottle of water, protein bars, and chocolate kisses, so he sets up a makeshift dinner setting for them.

Paulina asks when Eli and Lani got in to town. Eli says it was earlier today. Lani says they dropped off their luggage and the kids so they could get here as soon as possible. Paulina says she appreciates that and has difficulty breathing. Abe encourages Paulina to take it easy. Abe sends Chanel to take Eli and Lani to get ice for Paulina. Paulina tells Abe that he didn’t have to send them out of the room because he sensed it was too much excitement for her. Abe says he just thought she might need a little break from company and he wanted them to talk for a moment, just the two of them.

Eric pours champagne for he and Sloan, informing her that he got her assistant to clear her schedule for the day. Sloan asks if Jude is sleeping. Eric reveals that he’s not there as Marlena is on grand babysitting duties, so they have the place to themselves. Eric says he just wanted to give Sloan a proper Valentine’s Day since he felt bad for falling asleep on her. Sloan calls it the perfect Valentine’s Day do-over and she’s grateful that he did it for her. Eric acknowledges that she’s been working a lot and she’s a new mom, so he knows how tough it can be and he wanted to make sure she knows how important she is to him. They wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day and kiss.

Stefan tells Clyde that he’s well aware that Harris woke up as he was at the hospital when it happened, but Harris doesn’t remember who shot him so he’s in the clear. Clyde laughs off Stefan thinking he’s off the hook with him because Harris doesn’t remember. Stefan asks why it wouldn’t. Clyde reminds Stefan that he told him in no uncertain terms to finish the job. Clyde warns Stefan that unless he wants to disappoint him further, he’s going to finish the job today. Stefan assures that he didn’t forget what he said, but he can’t just walk in to the hospital and shoot Harris. Clyde argues that he doesn’t have a choice. Stefan complains that Clyde knows that Harris is under surveillance 24/7 so he’s untouchable as long as he’s in the hospital. Stefan asks how he’s supposed to kill him. Clyde reveals that he’s already taken care of that and he’s pretty sure that even Stefan can’t screw it up.

Tripp has Wendy close her eyes and imagine them being at a café in Paris.

Paulina tells Abe that she feels so lucky to have her daughters with her along with Abe. Abe responds that they are the lucky ones. Paulina knows Abe is dealing with his own issues, yet in spite of all that, he’s still here for all of them, day and night. Paulina doesn’t know how he does it. Abe says his secret is love. Abe tells Paulina that he loves her and that’s what motivates him. Abe calls their family the most important thing in his life and says she is the most important person in his life as he kisses her.

Chanel tells Eli and Lani that Paulina was so happy to see them both and that they came at exactly the right time, when they needed them the most. Lani says they need Chanel too. Chanel says it’s been tough but Paulina is brave. Eli asks how serious Paulina’s heart attack was. Chanel reveals that it was bad enough that Paulina might need a heart transplant. Chanel says it’s not definite yet, but Kayla says it’s a possibility. Lani says they will deal with that when they know more. Lani questions Chanel getting married in the middle of all of this. Chanel explains that Paulina was feeling down about the wedding possibly being postponed because of her surgery being moved up, so Johnny came up with the idea of just getting married here. Lani is sure Paulina was thrilled. Chanel confirms that she was so excited and that Abe officiated. Eli asks how Chanel is doing. Chanel says she’s doing okay and trying to be brave and stoic like Paulina is. Chanel adds that she’s really grateful Eli and Lani are there. Chanel knows their twins can’t see Paulina right now, but knowing they are close by will lift her spirits. Eli asks if there’s anything they can do now. Chanel says just being there. Lani offers to take turns sitting with Paulina if Chanel and Abe want to come home to shower. Chanel admits that will be super helpful and suggests just keeping positive energy. Lani decides that’s what they will do as a family and says they will get through this as they hug.

Sloan can’t believe how quickly Eric pulled everything together. Eric says he has his ways and he just wanted her to know how much she means to him and how much he loves her and their family. Sloan says she loves him too as they kiss, calling him the best thing that’s ever happened to her along with their son. They kiss on the couch until Eric gets up and presents her with a gift bag, saying he thinks he’s ready for a Valentine’s present. Sloan tells him not to go anywhere as she goes to put it on. Sloan returns, wearing the red lingerie that he got for her and they kiss. Sloan then removes Eric’s shirt and belt as they kiss onto the bed.

Chanel returns to Paulina’s room with ice chips for her. Paulina asks where Lani and Eli are. Chanel says they are checking in on the twins with Julie. Abe decides to go get a cup of coffee and exits the room. Chanel talks to Paulina about Lani being back which Paulina calls a miracle. Paulina can’t wait to cook them all a big family dinner but Chanel says not to get ahead of herself as she needs to be feeling better before that. Eli comes back in and jokes that if anyone’s cooking a dinner, it will be him as he’s been working on some recipes. Paulina tells Eli that just seeing him and Lani was so good for her soul. Paulina says having Chanel, Abe, and Johnny has been wonderful, but now it feels complete. Paulina says it already feels like her heart is getting stronger because it’s so filled with love.

Clyde informs Stefan that a package will be arriving shortly and inside, he’ll find a vial and syringe. Clye instructs him to inject the contents of the vial in to Harris’ IV bag and he will then suffer what will appear to be a fatal heart attack and that will be that. Stefan asks Clyde if they are square when this is done. Clyde says he’s smarter than that and orders him to just do the job and not screw it up as they then hang up.

Ava asks Steve if he’s found anything yet. Steve says he just needs to study the video more closely as there must be something to give them a clue as to where they took Tripp and Wendy. Steve says he will take it apart frame by frame.

Wendy and Tripp continue to imagine they are on a date in Paris as they kiss.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera Mansion so Stefan answers it to find the package which he then brings in to the living room and opens.

Eric and Sloan lay in bed after having sex. They wish each other a Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Sloan asks Eric to promise they don’t go this long again without some time for them. Eric thinks he can convince Marlena to do more babysitting. Sloan suggests some sleepover time too. Eric says it’s something they can work on and suggests focusing on them. They kiss until Eric’s phone rings, interrupting them and disappointing Sloan again.

Abe joins Lani at the coffee. Lani tells Abe that she’s so glad to have a moment alone with him and hugs him. Abe says he’s so happy to have her home. Lani cries that she’s really worried about Paulina. Abe says they all are, but she’s still strong and they are trying to be positive and optimistic. Lani asks how Abe is doing. Abe assumes she wants to know if he remembers his past, but he still doesn’t. Abe adds that one thing he does know is that he’s so lucky to be her father. Lani calls him the best father anyone could ask for. Abe says that means so much to him. Abe asks Lani where Eli is. Lani says he’s with Paulina to show her pictures of the babies. Abe asks if they are planning on staying in Salem for awhile. Lani confirms that’s the plan right now, but notes that Eli is being considered for a new job in DC that would be really great opportunity, though they both have mixed feelings about not being in Salem. Lani decides right now, she wants to focus on Paulina and being there for Abe and Chanel as they hug. Abe encourages her that Paulina is going to make it as she has to.

Eric says on the phone that this is the best news ever and asks if tomorrow would be too soon or if he can come by. Eric assures that he will be there. Eric says he’s so happy and will see them then. Eric then hangs up and tells Sloan that he’s so sorry but that was Nicole and that Holly is awake. Sloan calls that great news. Eric calls it a miracle while Sloan looks annoyed.

Stefan removes the vial and syringe from the box and declares that this is how it ends, neat, clean, and easy, then it will be curtains down for Harris Michaels.

Ava tells Steve that Tripp is the most important person in her life and she’s so proud of the man he has become. Ava calls Tripp a good person which he gets from Steve. Steve acknowledges that he gets a lot from her too including some of his strength. Ava wishes she felt strong now. Steve encourages that they will find their son and Wendy and bring them home.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s trying so hard to be positive but they are still stuck in this tank. Wendy wonders if they will ever get out. Tripp assures that they will be found and rescued but they just have to be patient. Tripp tells Wendy that he loves her and can’t wait to take her to Paris for real which he promises to do as they hug.

Eli shows Paulina pictures of his kids. Lani and Abe return to the room. Paulina talks about treasuring the moments. Chanel encourages that they are all going to have a lot of time together. Abe adds that Lani is home and God will answer more of their prayers. Lani tells Paulina that they need her to stick around for a long time. Paulina says she loves them. Chanel and Lani then hug Paulina together.

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