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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin asked Xander how he was doing. Xander said he was okay. He asked Sarah about the Horton house. Sarah told him what happened when the police searched the apartment. Xander told Justin that he was innocent. While they were talking, Rafe came in the interrogation room. Xander said he didn’t know Harris or the person who shot him. Rafe said there was $50,000 in his bank account. Clyde called Stefan and told him to meet with him. Stefan didn’t think it was a good idea, but Clyde said it was an order. Konstantin went to see Steve. Steve wanted to know what he wanted. Konstantin talked about Tripp being missing. Steve wanted to know what he wanted. Konstantin told him it was karma if something happened to Tripp since he watched his daughter get killed. The officer guarding Harris’ room told Ava about being by Harris’ room. Ava told him Harris helped her son, so she needed to be there. She asked him to bend the rules. He said he couldn’t do it. When she threatened to tell Rafe on him, Godfrey said Rafe told him not to let her see Harris. Xander denied having money in his account. Justin said Xander was innocent. Rafe didn’t believe what they were saying. Xander asked if he had any proof. Rafe said there was a witness. Konstantin reminded Steve the pawn killed his daughter in cold blood. Steve asked if he had proof that the pawn killed his daughter. Rafe told Xander the witness said he looked like he was in a hurry. Xander said he was running. Rafe showed him a picture of a person wearing a track suit standing by Harris’ body. Xander said everyone had that suit. Justin said you couldn’t see Xander’s face in the picture. Stefan went to see Clyde. Clyde said he was ordered to shoot and kill Harris, but he was still alive. He said there were going to be consequences. Stefan said he did what he was supposed to do. Clyde said dressing up like Xander and sending him a text was child’s play. Stefan flashed back to shooting Harris. He said he shot Harris twice and didn’t know Ava was going to show up. Clyde told him next time shoot him in the head. Stefan said there wasn’t going to be a next time. Clyde warned him that Gabi wouldn’t be safe.

Xander denied being at the scene. Justin told Rafe there were other forces at play. Rafe asked who would frame Xander and why. Xander said one of the DiMeras could have done it. He said he received a phone call from someone and went to the DiMera mansion. Rafe didn’t understand why Xander would go to the DiMeras instead of the police. Xander said he didn’t know why. Konstantin told Steve he was unconscious when he saw Katrina dead. Steve asked how he knew it was the pawn if he didn’t see the killer. Konstantin said they were the only ones there. He said Steve knew everything he said was true. Steve said he and John were innocent. Konstantin said he knew in his heart that John was guilty. Steve said it was a lie. Konstantin said he swore he would get revenge for Katrina’s death. While they were talking, John came in and wanted to know what was going on. Justin left Xander and Sarah alone to talk. Sarah said Rafe would realize Xander was being framed. Xander wasn’t sure if Rafe was making them think he was on their side. He talked about turning his life around. Xander thought changing didn’t do any good. He said it was coming back to haunt him. Xander said he would understand if she wanted to take Victoria away from him. Rafe went to see Harris. He told Harris he would find out who shot him. When he left Harris’ room, he told Ava that she shouldn’t be there. She wanted to know why he was keeping her from Harris. Rafe said it was for her own good. She apologized for Harris being shot. Rafe said it wasn’t her fault since he was trying to protect her son. Ava asked to see Harris. Rafe let her see Harris. Stefan asked Clyde not to hurt Gabi. Clyde said Gabi would be fine as long as he follows his orders. Stefan asked about Tripp. Clyde said Ava had herself to blame for what happened to Tripp. John asked Konstantin what was going on. Konstantin reminded him about his daughter. John said he didn’t know anything about his daughter. Konstantin said he would know if good time. He told Steve he hoped his son was found before someone hurt him. Steve warned him not to threaten his son. Stefan told Clyde that Ava was loyal to him. Clyde told him to make sure Ava kept her mouth shut and stayed loyal. He said if Harris survived, he better finish the job. Ava told Harris she couldn’t lose him. After she kissed him, he woke up. When Konstantin left, John asked Steve why he was there. Steve said he didn’t know. He said Konstantin was trying to distract them from keeping him from Maggie. John told Steve the information he had about Tripp and Wendy. Konstantin said he would get his revenge on Steve, but he had to deal with John first. Sarah told Xander that there was a time she would have thought he was guilty, but the Xander she knows today wouldn’t hurt anyone. Xander said he didn’t do anything. She said she believed him, and they were going to find a way out of it. When Stefan went to the hospital, Ava told him Harris opened his eyes.

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