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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada went to Everett’s room to talk. Ava arrived at the station to let Rafe know that Tripp and Wendy were missing. She thought Clyde was responsible. Ava wanted him to help before something bad happened. Tripp and Wendy were trapped somewhere. Wendy was afraid and wanted to get out of there. Tripp was determined to get them out. Rafe checked around to find Wendy. He let Ava know that Wendy didn’t go to work and her boss couldn’t get in touch with her. He wanted to know why Clyde was involved. Steve told Stephanie that Everett told her the truth. He had bad news for her too. Everett told Jada that his name wasn’t Bobby. She walked in the room. Jada didn’t understand why he was playing games. She showed him the proof, but he didn’t remember anything. Jada wanted him to prove that he wasn’t Bobby Stein. She wanted his fingerprints. Steve showed Stephanie a copy of Robert’s driver’s license. It proved that Everett was Bobby. Steve told her that Bobby was dating her while he was married. Stephanie said that Everett lost chunks of time because he had amnesia. Steve reminded her that he dated her while he was married to Jada. He just didn’t remember it. Steve was determined to keep digging into Everett’s past. Jada tested Everett’s fingerprints and he turned out to be Bobby. He said he didn’t remember her. Jada told him that she left him and moved on with her life. She thought he was a liar and wanted him to own up to what he did. Rafe wanted Ava to level with him and tell him what Clyde had to do with Tripp and Wendy being missing. She realized she made a mistake going to him. He said they were racing against time and wanted her to tell him the truth. Ava told Rafe what happened. Wendy thought about Goldman taking her and Tripp to the safe house. She thought Goldman was one of the good guys until she put them in the tank.

Goldman pulled her gun on Wendy and Tripp. She gave them food to eat. Stephanie showed up while Jada yelled at Everett. She showed Stephanie their wedding picture. Stephanie said she didn’t know he was married. Jada told her that Everett dated her while they were married. She advised her to run away from him. Jada planned to reveal the type of man he is to a rival newspaper. Rafe wanted to know why Ava thought Clyde took Tripp and Wendy. He wanted to know what he had over her. Ava explained that she was going to help Harris bring Clyde down. She told him that Clyde was untouchable. Ava called Steve to tell him that Tripp was missing. She wanted him to meet her at the station. Stephanie couldn’t believe that Everett was Jada’s ex. Everett said she knew him, but she didn’t know him. She didn’t think any of their time together was real. He said it was real. She said she was his mistress. Everett said he didn’t remember getting married. Stephanie reminded him that he got in his accident after everything happened. She thought he should have remembered his past with Jada. Stephanie thought he was a pathological liar and demanded to know who he was. Ava told Steve that Clyde took Tripp. She explained why he took her. Ava begged him to help her find their son. Everett felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake from. He fainted while he was talking to Stephanie. Steve was determined to find their son, but he wanted Ava to admit what she did. Jada told Rafe that Everett was her ex-husband.

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