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Nick: So, the numbers for the real estate division are below target. I think you can safely chalk that up to the price of the newest acquisition. I know that’s not the timeline you were hoping for, but both adam and I feel strongly that it will be profitable by quarter three.

Victor: Yeah, excellent.

Nick: Huh. Now, in the past, you would have given me a much tougher time for a report like that. You would have said I was sugarcoating it.

Victor: Yeah, no, no, I really appreciate the work you’ve done.

Nick: I’m just trying to take some things off your plate, dad. I know you have a lot on your mind.

Victor: Yeah, well, that’s putting it mildly. Never needed you more at newman. That includes your brother.

Nick: Speaking of adam, I know he’s pretty disappointed that you didn’t like his idea of taking on sally’s design company.

Victor: Oh, yeah. A little upset, he’ll get over it.

Nick: Well, you have me curious. Is that a definite no for you?

Chloe: Well, guess what? More great news. The magazine feature on the wilkinson penthouse just got pushed. Again. Now, they’re saying june. I mean, I was really counting on those images to get us more contracts. I saw the photos. They were amazing. Our phone would have been ringing off the hook, but I guess the publisher wants to feature some cousin’s lake house or something, so I– I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I don’t know how we’re gonna hold out till summer. Hello? Did you hear anything I just said?

Sally: Sorry, yeah, yeah. That’s– that’s not good.

Chloe: That’s all you’ve got? I mean, our company is on the line. We need to start making money fast so we can make rent on the office space, let alone pay ourselves.

Sally: Yeah, I know. You’re right. It sucks. And I probably would be more annoyed by it, but I’m just so ticked off at adam. He went behind my back and– and it’s just infuriating.

Chloe: Oh, well, there’s something to cheer me up. Tell me everything. What did he do now to finally make you ditch him?

Adam: Well, thank you for coming over.

Chelsea: You were right. It’s better to talk in private. I’m too upset.

Adam: Yes, the new report from the school psychologist.

Chelsea: It’s a lot to process.

Adam: Yeah, I thought they were gonna be recommending tutoring or learning accommodations, and now she thinks he– ocd?

Chelsea: Well, she’s not sure. That’s why she wants him to see a specialist and order additional testing at an outside facility. I mean, did you see this letter she sent us? It’s overwhelming. I mean, I don’t even know where to begin.

Adam: I mean, chelsea, does she even know what she’s talking about, this doctor? I mean, really, what are we putting connor through with all this?

Nikki: You know it’s all gone. Why bother looking?

[ Distant shuffling ] If you’re out there, jordan, come and get me. Let’s just end this. I will not be your prisoner again.

Sometimes your work shirt

needs to be for more

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… -you got this buddy.

-During an asthma attack,

Nikki: Enough.

[ Thud ] Who’s there? Oh, god. Lauren, thank god.

Jordan: Seth? Here.

Seth: Isabelle.

Jordan: Have a seat, please. Can I get you a drink? My tab’s open.

Seth: No, thanks.

Jordan: I was so glad to get your text. I take it your meeting with nikki went well?

Seth: No, no. I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, she saw me. We talked.

Jordan: Well, I would call that a victory. You should be very proud of yourself.

Seth: I mean, it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did it.

Jordan: It was brave and wonderful.

Seth: I– I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have that little push from you.

Jordan: Oh, no, no, no. All I did was tell you how sorry I was to lose her as a friend. That’s all. You did what I couldn’t do.

Seth: Yeah, well, I’m just saying I appreciate the support.

Jordan: So, how did nikki seem? Stronger? Tell me everything. I’m dying to hear.

Adam: Ocd? That’s out of left field. I mean, I feel like this school is on the wrong track completely.

Chelsea: Well, the teachers did mention he was washing his hands all the time.

Adam: Okay, well, I mean, he’s a conscientious kid. I mean, maybe he doesn’t wanna get sick and miss more classes because he’s already struggling. I mean, how do you go from that to ocd?

Chelsea: Adam, I don’t have any more answers than you do, okay? But we can’t just dismiss the possibility because it scares us. Clearly this psychologist saw behaviors in connor that concern her, so we have to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it.

Adam: Yeah, I know. Of course we do. But, I mean, how are we supposed to do that when we don’t know anything about this disorder? Okay, we need to get some answers of our own.

Chelsea: Well, I wouldn’t go scrolling the internet. That’s a dangerous rabbit hole.

Adam: I’m not gonna waste my time with that. I’m going straight to the source.

Sally: Adam tried to save our company without consulting me.

Chloe: It’s none of his business.

Sally: Yeah, I know. That’s what I told him.

Chloe: So he thinks he can just swoop in and offer a bunch of cash in exchange for controlling interest, I assume? You know, this is just about him getting back at nick?

Sally: Not exactly. He had a bigger plan. He actually talked to nick about it, which was even more infuriating. Like they need to come up with a plan to rescue me.

Chloe: Well, you know I’m all for nick’s involvement, but when it comes to adam, I don’t want him anywhere near us. So, what was his big idea?

Sally: He tried to convince victor to bring our company into newman.

Chloe: Oh, my god. We’d never. Victor screwed us over the first time, and I bet you he laughed in adam’s face.

Sally: Unclear. I don’t know. According to adam, victor is still considering it.

Chloe: Wait. Wait. This is still on the table?

Sally: Look, as much as I hate that he didn’t come to me first, and I did tell him off, and I’m definitely not done being upset about it, but eventually, I will be. I’ll get over it. And when I do, I have to admit, it’s actually not the worst idea.

Victor: Well, now it sounds like you’re reconsidering adam’s proposal to bail out sally spector’s design company.

Nick: Look, it wasn’t my idea. It was all adam’S. I would never have suggested something like that at a time like this, but I do see the logic in it.

Victor: Is your investment in that much trouble, or…

Nick: Yeah, dad, I’ve got some money there, but that’s not my concern. In fact, I would have invested more if I could. I believe that much in her talent.

Victor: But you know, of course, if newman enterprises does take over sally spector’s design company, then you would have less contact with her.

Nick: So, you believe that’s adam’s motivation, or part of it, to get me out of sally’s life completely?

Victor: Could be. You know, the two of you are working together and I like that. And I don’t like the fact that he could be stirring up trouble. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Nick: Dad, I appreciate you watching out for me, but, uh, cutting my personal ties to sally’s firm, or keeping them for that matter, doesn’t concern me.

Victor: You sure about that?

Nick: I was a silent investor in sally’s company. I have no say in how she runs her business. That was part of the deal.

Victor: And you don’t consider adam’s proposal as a move against you?

Nick: Would adam be happy if I divested myself completely from sally’s business? Of course. But I truly believe he is doing this because he wants what is best for sally, and not to stick it to me.

Victor: And you obviously want what’s best for sally, although she has broken your heart.

Nick: Relationships end, dad. It is what it is. But, uh, I’m not gonna apologize for wanting what’s best for her.

Victor: Well, now, that’s mighty generous of you, son.

Nick: I’ve accepted it, that sally and I weren’t supposed to be together. That person has always been adam. Now, did he pursue her relentlessly while we were together? Yes, he did. But his methods don’t change the reality. They’re supposed to be together.

Victor: Well, well, well. I still don’t see the reason to accept adam’s proposal.

Nick: Do you like seeing me and adam work together?

Victor: Yeah. Proud of it.

Nick: Keeping him happy is part of that dynamic. Because if he doesn’t get his way, there’s a chance he could revert back to his old, devious ways and I can’t have that. He is unpredictable. Now, I don’t like thinking about adam in these terms, but in order for this to work, in order for us to keep working together, this is the way it has to be.

Victor: Makes sense. But make sure that there’s something in it for newman enterprises because business is business.

Nick: Oh, absolutely.

Victor: There’s something else we need to discuss.

Nick: What’s that?

Victor: I’m worried about your mother. That jordan woman keeps on calling her.

Lauren: Okay. Thank you so much. I’ll let nikki know. All right, that was your head of security. He said everyone has reported in. No breach.

Nikki: Thank goodness.

Lauren: Do you want me to call victor?

Nikki: No, he’ll just rush home and double down on security.

Lauren: What about jack?

Nikki: I don’t wanna take him from his day again.

Lauren: All right, so let’s go over a media buy proposal.

Nikki: No, lauren, I can’T. I can’t concentrate. I’m too wound up. Please, take me somewhere. Anywhere.

Lauren: Oh, victor was adamant that you stay home.

Nikki: I am crawling in my skin. I am jumping at every tree branch and door slam. How is that healthy?

Lauren: Nikki, you’re safe from jordan here.

Nikki: Lauren, please. I will lose my mind if I don’t have a change of scenery. Take me somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol, okay? And you can watch me like a hawk. You can handcuff me to you. Just get me out of here, please.

[ Lauren sighs ]

Lauren: Okay, fine. But your driver is taking us to crimson lights with security detail. We are having one cup of tea and then we are coming right back here. Please don’t make me regret this.

Adam: Well, we really appreciate this, sharon. I know how busy you are.

Sharon: Of course. Anything for connor. I’m sorry to hear he’s going through a hard time again.

Adam: Well, this time is different and we were hoping that you could help us understand what the hell is going on.

Chelsea: We have so many questions.

Sharon: Okay. Well, what have they told you so far?

Adam: The school thinks that he has, um, ocd.

Chelsea: But that’s not confirmed. That was just one of the possibilities she mentioned. They want him to see a specialist. There’s a list.

Adam: Which is completely out of left field. Okay, I’m worried that they’re labeling him for no reason and they’re freaking him out in the process.

Chelsea: They’re not– they’re not labeling him. If this is ocd that he has, what are we looking at here?

Sharon: I’m not an expert on ocd, but I do know that the issues with the disorder are intrusive and disturbing thoughts. The person creates rituals to try to block them out.

Chelsea: Like hand washing?

Sharon: It could be. Also other things like house cleaning. Checking things over and over again for reassurance. There’s a common misconception that those behaviors are the disease, but actually they’re a coping mechanism. A tool to combat the obsessive thoughts. Those are the real issue.

Adam: Okay, but he hasn’t said anything about obsessive thoughts, and the school has always said that he has withdrawn from certain activities.

Chelsea: And he hasn’t been eating. He’s been throwing away his lunches.

Adam: So, that’s not ocd, right? I mean, it has to be something else?

Sharon: I think you should take the advice of the school psychologist. Have connor evaluated by a specialist. I can look at that list if you would like, see if there’s anyone on it I know, but an expert can give you more insight.

Adam: I– I hate this.

Sharon: The important thing is not to panic.

Adam: How is that possible? We just found out that connor has a serious issue, but yet nobody seems to be able to tell us what it is or how to fix it. I mean, come on. I want answers now.

Mike had a heart

attack a year ago.

Sharon: I get it. It’s scary when your child is hurting.

Adam: I– I just want some answers already.

Sharon: Issues like these can be hard to diagnose. Sometimes, it’s a process of elimination.

Adam: Yeah, I feel like the school is just giving us the runaround. I feel like they’re just wasting our time.

Sharon: Well, you have to take this a step at a time. You have to figure out what’s really going on before you’ll know how to help him. And remember, it might not even be ocd.

Adam: What if it is ocd, sharon?

Sharon: Then, you will work with a doctor who will help you with a treatment plan. Connor is gonna get the care and attention he needs. You two are both wonderful, caring parents. I have no doubt that you’re gonna get him through this.

Adam: I know. You’re– you’re right, sharon. I just–

Sharon: You hate it. I get it. Every moment that you don’t have answers is excruciating. But the best way you can help connor right now is to be a soothing presence for him. Help him get through this step by step and then, find the experts that can help. Um, I’m sorry. I have to get going. I have a meeting.

Adam: Well, thank you for talking us through this. I know you’re very busy.

Sharon: I’m happy to use my training. Connor is a great kid.

Chelsea: Well, it’s been so helpful talking this through with you.

Sharon: Call any time. And send me that list.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Adam: We will.

Chelsea: Well, you were right to call sharon.

Adam: Yup.

Chelsea: But I’m still terrified.

Adam: I know. I am too. But she’s right. Connor needs us. I’m sorry that I panicked.

Chelsea: Don’t apologize.

Adam: I will keep my fears in check. And we’re gonna help him face whatever this is. And get him whatever help he needs.

Nikki: This may be the best cup of tea I’ve ever had. Thank you so much, lauren. I feel like I’ve been sprung from prison.

Lauren: I can see that. And I’m really glad we have the security detail, but I do not like going against victor’s wishes.

Nikki: Don’t worry about it. I will handle him. I’m just so happy to be out in the world again. I know it hasn’t been that long that I have been stuck at the ranch, but time goes so slowly when I’m there alone.

Lauren: I thought seth came out earlier.

Nikki: Yeah, he did. It wasn’t a very cheerful conversation, though. He’s still drinking.

Lauren: Then, you should have sent him away.

Nikki: No, he’s struggling. That’s what people in the program do. They help each other. That’s how we get sober.

Lauren: It just seems that his visit was very draining on you.

Nikki: Well, he said something that struck me as very odd, and it’s been gnawing away at me. He said that someone from our meetings encouraged him to reach out to me.

Lauren: But isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Nikki: Well, we’re a pretty private group. We don’t really hang out with each other. We don’t go out for coffee afterwards like other groups do. I mean, I really don’t see anyone from the meetings at all. So, I’m just wondering, who would be so bold as to urge him to call me?

Seth: Nikki seems a hell of a lot stronger than me these days.

Jordan: Really? How so?

Seth: Well, she’s sober, you know, and she took one look at me and she realized I was in that stay buzzed all day stage, and really that was just humiliating.

Jordan: No, don’t think that way.

Seth: What am I supposed to think? I mean, I was supposed to be there for her, strong for her and I failed her, and now I’m just clearly a mess, and that’s what she sees.

Jordan: There’s no humiliation in reaching out to a friend. That takes strength. I’m sure nikki knows that.

Seth: Maybe. She did say that we could meet for coffee sometime, but I’m really not so sure.

Jordan: Okay, she’s saying that asking for help is the right thing. You’ll see her again, I’m sure.

Seth: Why do you care so much about this?

Jordan: Well, because it’s very comforting for me to see two friends trying to repair their friendship.

Seth: Well, I just don’t understand why then you don’t reach out to her if she means so much to you.

Jordan: It’s far too late.

Seth: How is it too late? According to you and everything you’re telling me, you have a stronger connection with her than she and I ever had. You have a real history.

Jordan: My hurt runs very deep.

Seth: No. No, you need to take some of your own advice, yeah? Just take a risk. Reach out. You know what? We should all go to a meeting together. Yeah, then you and nikki can reconnect on safe, supportive ground. That would be great.

Jordan: No. No, no, no, no. I– I couldn’t do that.

Seth: Why not? Huh? What aren’t you telling me? We’re travelling all across america,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Chloe: You’re wrong. This is the worst idea ever. And your judgment is being clouded by the mind-boggling fact that you’ve been sucked back in by adam.

Sally: Okay, will you stop?

Chloe: I know you’re thinking, “oh, it’s cool. We have this growing connection and we’ll be working together soon,” but I am here to point out the train wreck ahead.

Sally: Okay, we all know that you do not want me with adam, okay? But this has absolutely nothing to do with our personal relationship. Okay, I was ready to bring my design business into newman before.

Chloe: Yeah, and it was an awful idea then. I mean, victor ripped it out from underneath us at the very last minute. What makes you think that we can trust him again?

Sally: Maybe this is different.

Chloe: No, it is not.

Sally: Okay, are you ready to just give up on everything that we busted our butts for? Our work is great. We built this company up from nothing. And I have zero intention of giving up. Okay, we have 100% success rate.

Chloe: Yes, with our very few clients.

Sally: Exactly. Newman enterprises is a powerhouse. Being a part of that company means we won’t have to hustle for gigs anymore.

Chloe: We are going to lose our autonomy. We’re going to have adam breathing down our necks, offering his guidance and– and suggestions. He will be telling us how to run our company. Is that what you want?

Sally: Adam swore he wouldn’t do any of that.

Chloe: And the second victor is in a mood, he will make sure to get rid of us.

Sally: Okay, well adam said that he would protect us from victor if anything like that happened, okay? But hopefully it won’T.

Chloe: You have to trust me on this. Getting into bed with adam was a huge mistake. Getting into bed with newman enterprises is a bigger one.

Jordan: I’m not hiding anything. I’m just not ready to take the step that you just took.

Seth: Yeah, but if you had the friendship with her that you say you have–

Jordan: Well, that’s exactly why. It hurt when she cut me off, even though I understood why she did what she did and I– I haven’t been able to stay sober since then. But you, you, your slip is– is more reasoned. You have hope. You can get back on track.

Seth: Well, I believe you can too. I mean, look, you reached out to me.

Jordan: In a bar. I mean, it’s a big jump to go from talking about nikki newman in a bar to facing her face to face at an aa meeting. I hope you can understand that.

Seth: I don’t know if I can.

Jordan: Seth, all I’m trying to do is to help you two reconnect. That’s all I need today and maybe, in the future, I’ll be able to get there. But in the meantime, understand this is all I can do. But this is what we do, right? We help each other.

Nick: I hate that mom’s so upset knowing jordan’s still out there. How badly are these calls from jordan messing with mom’s sobriety?

Victor: Your mother’s getting better, but… I’m very worried about her, son. Especially now that she wants to set her own trap.

Nick: A trap? That’s a terrible idea. What kind of trap?

Victor: She wants to provoke jordan into coming after her.

Nick: Well, that is too dangerous. We cannot let that happen.

Victor: I totally agree with you, okay? That’s why I have to do everything in my power to get to jordan first. And I think the best way to do that is through claire.

Nick: Isn’t claire staying in a maximum security psychiatric ward? Do you really think jordan can get to her?

Victor: She is. But I’m gonna make access to claire simpler.

Nick: How?

Victor: I’ll pull some strings and then remand claire into victoria’s custody.

Nick: So you want to take her out of the hospital?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Dad, claire’s been through a lot. It’s very early in her treatment. You really think an early release is the best thing for her?

Victor: I talked to the doctors and they think that she’s doing better. And as we speak, she’s creating a bond with your sister.

Nick: Great. I mean, I love hearing that, but why risk a setback?

Victor: Look, to be frank with you, I’ve talked to claire, okay? She wants jordan behind bars as badly as we do. And if anything happens to claire and she feels uncomfortable, she can always go back to the hospital, obviously. But meanwhile, she will provide access to jordan more simply than anyone or anything else.

Adam: Hey.

Chloe: Well, uh, will you look at the time? I’ve got to go.

Adam: Look, I don’t wanna interrupt if you’re meeting.

Sally: No, we’ve covered everything.

Chloe: Yeah, for now. Just no major decisions in the meantime.

Sally: Agreed.

Adam: Do you mind if I join you?

Sally: Now that you’ve scared chloe off?

Adam: I wanted to talk over some things. Unless now’s a bad time?

Sally: Are you okay? Any updates on connor?

Adam: Yeah, we got some. The school is asking for more tests. Hopefully, to rule out some more serious issues.

Sally: The not knowing must be hard.

Adam: Yeah, it’s the worst. You know, not knowing what’s going on with my kid. Not knowing how to help him. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.

Sally: Do you wanna take a walk? Get some air?

Adam: No, I’m okay. He’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this and we’re gonna get him the right help.

Sally: Yeah, of course you will. Connor is a smart and sensitive kid who has a lot going for him, including two parents who adore him.

Adam: Yeah, well, chelsea has been a rock. And I’ve been me, but I’m gonna do better.

Sally: Let’s sit.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: So, I take it chloe’s ticked about my idea to bring your business into newman?

Sally: After I unloaded on her about you going behind my back, yeah. But I mean, it’s no surprise. It’s no secret that she’s not your biggest fan.

Adam: I’m more concerned about where your head is at. Are you still mad? Or do you understand why I went to nick and my dad before I came to you?

Nick: There’s one major flaw with your plan, dad.

Victor: What’s that?

Nick: Vic is never gonna let you use claire as bait, especially if she’s out in the world. It’s too risky.

Victor: Well, all I really want her to do is deliver a message for me.

Nick: What’s the message?

Victor: That I wanna make amends for having done so many horrible things to her sister, eve. Which, according to jordan, led her to become mentally ill.

Nick: And you think jordan’s gonna fall for that? Especially after she heard all those horrible things you said about her sister?

Victor: Well, knowing her, she’s arrogant enough to think that she can pull the wool over my eyes and trick me. And when she thinks she’s successful, I’ll turn the tables on her.

Billy: Hey, what a nice surprise.

Chelsea: Hi, I’m so glad you’re not in a meeting.

Billy: You okay? Did you get some news on connor?

Chelsea: Yeah. They think he has ocd.

Billy: Ocd? Chelsea, I’m sorry.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, they have to do more tests, but– but that’s what they think it is. I don’t know.

Billy: Yeah, I gotta be honest, I don’t really know much about it besides what I’ve learned in the movies.

Chelsea: Yeah, most people don’T. That’s why sharon just spent a lot of time talking to adam and me about it and explaining it and the way she was discussing it, really, it’s really big. And it’s really scary. And then– and then adam, of course, starts spiraling, and so I have to be the one to remain calm.

Billy: Well, leave it to adam to draw attention.

Chelsea: No, it wasn’t that. I think he’s just terrified. We both are and sharon was great. I mean, she calmed him down, she calmed me down.

[ Chelsea sighs ]

Billy: Okay, well, I’m glad that she was there for you, but it doesn’t really sound like you are sure if it’s ocd.

Chelsea: Yeah, not 100%. We have to get him assessed and hopefully come up with a diagnosis.

Billy: Okay, so for now, we wait?

Chelsea: Yeah. I hate this. I mean, there’s so much to do to try to come up with answers. And I– I can’t think straight because my son is suffering and in pain. I mean, you should have heard him just now on the phone. Connor’s confused and he’s– he’s scared. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him.

Billy: Poor guy.

Chelsea: I know the school doesn’t want us to go there, but after this news, I have to go. I have to. I have to see my son.

Billy: Okay, so we go. We go this weekend. I’ll drive.

Chelsea: No, that’s– I love you for offering that but you’re in the thick of it with work.

Billy: Hey, hey, that doesn’t matter, okay? Like you said, this is big. And you need to be there for connor, which means I need to be there for you. I’m not gonna let you go through this alone.

Upbeat music

Sally: I’m not quite ready to forgive you, if that’s what you’re asking.

Adam: Sally, I swear to you, I was not trying to go behind your back. I just wanted to make sure it was possible before I got your hopes up. You know I would never commit to anything on your behalf. I just, I wanted to create an opening for you.

Sally: But you could see why I was upset, right? Seeming like you wanted to control my company, my future.

Adam: I do now. And that was never my intention. Okay? I’m sorry. I screwed up.

Sally: And I can see your logic. Wanting to get their buy-in before you floated the idea.

Adam: Okay. Well, it sounds like you’re coming around to the idea.

Sally: Having the power of newman enterprises behind us would open a lot of doors.

Adam: Yes. So, are you ready to take the lead?

Sally: First, you tell me. Is it even possible? Has victor made up his mind?

Victor: Sweetheart, I come home and you’re gone. Where the hell have you been? With all due respect, why did you let her leave the house?

Nikki: Don’t blame lauren. She tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted. We simply went to crimson lights for a cup of tea. We were perfectly safe, surrounded by people.

Lauren: I made sure the security detail was with us. They did not let us out of their sight for one minute.

Victor: I know all that. I got the report, all right? You and I had agreed that you will not leave the house.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: Don’t put yourself at risk.

Nikki: I cannot live like a prisoner. Being cooped up here, it makes the urge to drink even stronger. Brings back all those feelings of being locked up at the lake house.

Seth: I appreciate you trying to help me. I just wish I could do the same for you.

Jordan: But you can. You can let me live vicariously through you mending things with nikki. Let that give me the strength and the hope that I can do the same. When are you gonna see her again?

Seth: Uh, I– I don’t know. We don’t have plans.

Jordan: Oh, don’t lose momentum. Invite her out for coffee.

Seth: I really got the sense that she wasn’t ready to leave home. Maybe there were too many temptations or something in the outside world.

Jordan: Oh, oh, I can understand that. But you know she can’t survive living in a glass tower. That isn’t real sobriety. Maybe you can be the one to get nikki out of her shell again. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to help our dear friend nikki?

Victor: I know this is a nightmare for you, okay? That’s why I’m determined to put the second stage of my plan in motion.

Nikki: Good, because I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Victor: I know. It won’t be much longer, I promise you.

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