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Theresa and Brady visit Tate in his juvenile rehab facility. Theresa hugs him and tells him that she missed him so much and loved his letters.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub. She gets another voicemail and says to herself for them to stop calling her. Stephanie meets Steve, who asks how she is feeling. Stephanie feels like she was hit by a truck as she hardly slept and barely knows which way is up. Stephanie complains that two people are telling her two very different things and both sound very convincing, so she questions who to believe. Steve reveals that he did some research because he couldn’t sleep either and he worries about her. Steve assumes she wants to know what he found out.

Everett is in his room at the Salem Inn and leaves a voicemail for Stephanie, saying he doesn’t know what to say but swears he is not Bobby and has never heard of him before. Everett calls it the most absurd thing he’s ever heard in his life as he’s still the man that she fell in love with in Seattle and loves her right now. Everett asks her to please call him and hangs up, questioning what the hell is happening, why Jada thinks he’s Bobby, and why he can’t remember what happened right before the accident. Jada then shows up at his door and tells him that they have a lot to talk about.

Ava goes to the police station and tells Rafe that Tripp is missing and he never showed up for work at the hospital last night. Ava says she’s called his friends and no one has heard anything. Rafe asks about Wendy. Ava reveals that she’s missing too. Ava says she is sure that Clyde Weston has them and tells Rafe that she needs his help in finding them before something realy bad happens.

Tripp and Wendy lay together on the floor of an empty room in an undisclosed location. Wendy mentions falling asleep while Tripp angrily stayed awake all night. Wendy worries that they have to get out of here. Tripp says they will once they figure out how. Wendy assures that they will do that together.

Rafe makes a call about Wendy and then informs Ava that Wendy did not show up for work and her supervisor can’t find her either. Ava worries that she cannot lose her son and tells Rafe he has to do something. Rafe tells Ava to back up and tell him what this has to do with Clyde Weston.

Tripp tells Wendy that they have to try to figure out a plan of action. Wendy recalls they were having a great time at the geocaching event. They flash back to Officer Goldman approaching them, saying she had to get them to safety now. Wendy remarks that this is one hell of a safehouse.

Theresa asks Tate about his group therapy sessions. Tate complains about having to talk about their feelings in front of each other. Theresa brings up Tate’s letters to Brady. Tate gets upset and questions Brady showing his letters to Theresa. Theresa clarifies that he just told her about it. Tate argues that those were private and says he doesn’t like them talking about him. Brady apologizes for sharing some of what was in the letter with Theresa. Brady tells Tate he’s entitled to be upset if he wants to be, but he knows he hasn’t always been around and he can’t change the past but he’s here now.

Stephanie tells Steve that she needs to know what he found out. Steve informs Stephanie that he contacted an old colleague with the Seattle PD and part of what Everett told her checks out. Steve confirms that there was an accident that resulted in a John Doe being sent to the hospital at the same time that Everett stopped contacting her. Steve says he’s not able to access the medical records just yet but based on conversations with his sources, that John Doe was in the hospital for over a year and his release coincides with Everett’s resurgence, so to an extent, he appears to be telling her the truth. Steve then adds that there is bad news.

Everett tells Jada that his name is not Bobby. Jada walks in while Everett complains that he didn’t invite her in. Jada doesn’t know why he’s playing this sick game, but insists that his name is Bobby Stein. Jada presents him with their marriage certificate and a picture from their wedding day. Jada tells him to look how happy he looks and says he must have been faking it then. Everett complains that none of this looks familiar. Everett says he sees the picture but he doesn’t remember any of it. Jada remarks that maybe smacking him upside the head would jog his memory. Jada then tells him to prove it if he’s not Bobby Stein and demands his fingerprints.

Steve offers Stephanie some coffee but she tells him to quit stalling and cut to the chase. Steve presents Stephanie with Robert Stein’s driver’s license photo with a Seattle address. Stephanie argues that it can’t be unless he has a twin but Steve says he checked and there’s no record of a twin. Stephanie asks if Everett is Bobby then. Steve says he’s sorry but it looks like there’s more to him than meets the eye. Stephanie questions if he’s been lying or if he really can’t remember who he is. Steve says he doesn’t know since he was in an accident and could’ve suffered neurological trauma but he doesn’t have the medical records, so that’s just a guess. Stephanie adds that it’s also possible that he could be lying. Steve says the one thing he knows for sure based on the timeline is that Everett was dating Stephanie while married because Robert Stein legally married Jada in Washington. Stephanie notes that Everett said he was missing chunks of time after the accident and the doctors said maybe in time, his memories could come back. Steve points out that doesn’t change the fact that he was married while dating her, just that he doesn’t remember that fact. Stephanie decides she has to go process this. Stephanie thanks Steve for helping her. Steve hugs her and assures that he’s not going to stop looking in to this. Stephanie says she knows and then exits the Pub.

Tate mocks Brady being there for him and remarks that he’s in this halfway house where they should be. Tate complains that he’s not an addict and doesn’t belong here, feeling he’s being punished because of his parents and it’s guilt by association. Theresa reminds him that he’s here because he was found with Holly’s pills in his hand. Tate wishes Holly would just wake up so she could tell everyone that he did nothing wrong. Brady informs him that he’s been texting with Nicole and Holly is doing better and breathing on her own. Tate asks how long until she wakes up. Brady says he’s not sure but she could be home any day now.

Jada takes Everett’s fingerprints, confirming him to be Bobby Stein. Everett says that can’t be right but Jada says fingerprints don’t lie and he is exactly who he’s always been. Jada calls him a slimy, two-faced bastard. Everett responds that he doesn’t remember her. Jada says she sure as hell remembers him in spite of doing everything possible to forget him. Jada says she left her hellish life with him in the rear view and never looked back. Everett insists that he doesn’t remember any of this. Jada calls him a liar throughout their marriage and still a liar now. Jada argues that they have concrete proof of who he is and tells him to just be a man and own up to what he did for once.

Rafe brings Ava in to the interrogation room and says if she wants his help, she needs to level him with no more BS. Rafe asks Ava what Clyde Weston has to do with Tripp and Wendy going missing. Ava says maybe this was a mistake. Rafe warns Ava that if Clyde has taken them, then they are racing against the clock so she needs to tell him the truth. Ava gives in and tells Rafe about the day that she slapped Harris here, revealing that she and Harris made a deal that day which Rafe questions. Ava explains that Harris convinced her that the only way she could save herself and the people she loves was to work with him. Rafe asks if she means save herself from Clyde Weston which Ava confirms. Ava reminds Rafe of when she told him that Clyde tried to kill Tripp and that he told her if she didn’t work with him, he would go through with it. Rafe thought Ava said she talked him out of it and questions what the threat is then. Ava says Clyde is a scary guy so she had no guarantee that Tripp would be safe, so Harris convinced her to work with him to bring Clyde down. Rafe asks how she was going to do that. Ava says she would give intel and keep her ear to the ground. Rafe questions her working as an informant even though she wasn’t working with Clyde. Ava informs Rafe that it backfired because Harris got shot and her son is missing, so she knows Clyde has him.

Wendy doesn’t get why Officer Goldman brought her and Tripp here. They flash back to Officer Goldman bringing them to the “safehouse” and telling them it was a secure location that they would have eyes on at all times. They questioned who had to be safe from. Wendy decided she was going to call Rafe to check in but Officer Goldman pulled her gun on them and said they wouldn’t be calling anyone as she demanded they hand over their phones. Wendy thought Officer Goldman was one of the good guys. Tripp says he thought so too. They then hear noise from outside the door. Officer Goldman enters with her gun raised, warning them not to be stupid. Wendy asks why the hell she is doing this. Tripp says if it’s about money, his family wil pay her whatever she wants which she laughs off. She tossed them a bag and suggested they ration their supplies as she then exited.

Tate asks if Holly is okay and says this means that she can tell everyone that he had nothing to do with the drugs and actually told her not to take them, so he can come home. Theresa tells him not to get ahead of himself and that they will take it one step at a times. Brady and Theresa explain that they don’t know what Holly is going to say or if she even remembers. Tate insists that she will tell the truth. Brady warns that they have to prepare for the possibility that Holly may not want to tell the truth.

Everett argues that he would own up to everything if he could remember any of it and asks if that makes sense. Stephanie arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Jada tells her to come in as she needs to see this. Jada shows Stephanie the wedding photo and reveals that she took Everett’s fingerprints, confirming that he is Robert Stein. Stephanie questions Everett being married when they start dating. Everett complains that he doesn’t remember being married or Jada. Stephanie tells Jada that she’s sorry as she didn’t know. Jada says now she knows and she’s said her piece, so she’s leaving. Jada reminds Stephanie that Everett claimed to love her while being married to her, so he’s nothing but a player, a liar, and a cheat. Jada says if she wasn’t Stephanie’s friend, she would say good luck, but because she is her friend, she warns her to get out while she can. Jada adds that she’s not going to stop digging until she gets the whole story on him and people are going to hear about it. Jada suggests maybe she’ll give it to a rival newspaper and storms out of the room.

Rafe asks Ava why she thinks Clyde has Tripp and Wendy. Ava says that’s how he operates, he holds things over people and hurts them in the most painful way possible. Rafe says he’s seen that but questions what he has over Ava. Ava says she was trying to do the right thing and Harris saw how bad the situation was, so she was going to help Harris bring down Clyde but the whole thing backfired. Rafe argues that he needs solid information if he’s going to bring Clyde down. Ava complains that Clyde is untouchable.

Steve finishes a call about Everett and says he knows he will come through for him. Steve says he’ll wait for their text and hangs up. Steve then gets a call from Ava, who says they have a problem and reveals that Tripp is missing. Ava explains that Tripp didn’t show up for his shift at the hospital and no one can reach him, so she’s at the police station and Steve needs to get there now. Steve says he’s on his way. Rafe goes to get the paperwork started and calls Officer Goldman in to the interrogation room, informing her that Ava needs to file a missing persons report on Trip and Wendy.

Tate questions why Holly wouldn’t want to tell the truth. Brady points out that would mean admitting the drugs were Holly’s and she might not want to get in that trouble. Theresa adds that they don’t know what Holly will remember. Brady brings up EJ spinning the narrative that it’s all Tate’s fault so he might convince Holly to stick to that. Tate insists that they are friends and Holly wouldn’t do that to him. Brady says Holly might not want to but she might be scared and do whatever to save herself. Theresa adds that Holly might wake up confused so they want Tate to be prepared. Tate shouts that this is crap because he didn’t do anything wrong and doesn’t know why he tries to do the right thing since he still gets accused and locked up for no reason. Tate complains that he wants out and doesn’t want to be here anymore.

Steve joins Ava at the interrogation room and they talk about Tripp and Wendy both missing. Steve asks when she last saw Tripp. Ava says it was yesterday. Steve mentions that Stephanie saw them at the geocaching fundraiser. Steve asks Ava why their son would be missing and what else she knows about this. Ava claims to know nothing. Steve brings up the last time Tripp went missing, Ava kept half the story from him and they don’t have time for this so he tells Ava to start talking now.

Wendy tells Tripp that she can’t believe Officer Goldman is a dirty cop and she didn’t see it. Tripp says she fooled a lot of smart people. Wendy concludes that Goldman is definitely working for Clyde. Tripp realizes this is why Ava felt she couldn’t go to the police and was hellbent on getting them out of Salem. Wendy asks why they would take them now. Tripp guesses it’s about leverage over Ava as Clyde knows she’ll do whatever to get them out. Wendy is sick of sitting around and wants to find a way out. Tripp points out a latch above and lifts Wendy to reach it.

Stephanie tells Everett that his real life with his wife Jada is all here. Stephanie asks if she should call him Bobby. Everett insists that she knows him. Stephanie responds that she clearly does not. Stephanie brings up the night that Everett rented them a cottage and he told her that he had never been in love before and she was the missing piece in his life. Stephanie recalls talking about moving in and wanting a family, but now none of it was real. Everett assures that every single moment he’s had with her is real. Stephanie complains that she was just his mistress and side piece, but he’s not the first man to hide his wife. Everett shouts that he’s not hiding anything as he doesn’t remember being married. Stephanie argues that it doesn’t make sense because his accident happened after all of that. Stephanie says if he developed amnesia, it came after them, so she asks if he’s a lying dirtbag or some kind of sociopath. Stephanie asks who the hell he is.

Brady and Theresa tell Tate that they know he shouldn’t be here but they don’t want him to get his hopes up when it comes to Holly and take things one step at a time. Theresa points out that at least Tate is in a safe place here to self reflect and get stronger while learning about addiction. Tate responds that he’s not a drug addict as he doesn’t do drugs and just because they ruined their lives with drugs does not mean they can pass that guilt trip onto him.

Wendy and Tripp have no luck with the latch. Wendy figures that they must have figured out they are missing by now. Tripp guesses Ava is freaking out by now but their phones are destroyed by now. Wendy asks what Tripp remembers about getting there. Tripp says they were put in a van with no windows. Wendy says Goldman played it so well. Tripp admits he bought that she was taking them to a secure location. They figure they drove for about half an hour. Tripp asks Wendy if she remembers anything from getting out of the van. Wendy recalls the parking lot, hearing a plane and smelling gas. They wonder if they are near the airport.

Ava tells Steve that Clyde Weston has been using the Bistro as a front for drug operations. Steve questions how she got mixed up in that mess. Ava responds that Clyde was blackmailing her by threatening to kill Tripp, so everything she’s been doing has been trying to keep him safe but it doesn’t matter since it all came to this. Ava knows that Clyde was behind shooting Harris, the fire at the Horton House, and he has now taken Tripp and Wendy. Ava tells Steve that he has to help and begs him to find their son.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s not a sociopath or a cheater and he’s still the same man that envisioned spending his life with her. Everett shouts that he doesn’t know what the hell is happening. Stephanie remarks that reality is hitting him in the face. Everett calls it like a nightmare he can’t wake up from and he feels like everyone is coming for him. Everett then faints.

Steve tells Ava that she doesn’t have to beg him to save his own son and he doesn’t have time to play the blame game. Steve declares that he’s going to find Tripp and Wendy, bring them home, and then Ava will turn herself into the police and make a full confession about her involvement in this mess.

Jada goes to the police station and tells Rafe that she needs to talk to him. Rafe asks what’s going on. Jada informs Rafe that she ran Everett Lynch’s prints, confirming that he is Bobby Stein, her ex-husband. Rafe is shocked and says he’s so sorry. Jada can’t believe that lying son of a bitch winded up in Salem. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada responds that she’s mostly just angry as she thought she put all the crap with him behind her but as soon as she saw his face, all these feelings came rushing back. Rafe asks if she needs to go home but Jada insists on staying. Rafe says he wants to hear more about this later but he has stuff to catch her up on. Jada asks if it’s Harris. Rafe says no and reveals that Tripp and Wendy are missing.

Everett regains consciousness. Stephanie asks if he’s okay. Everett insists that he’s okay. Stephanie notes him looking pale and says she’s taking him to the hospital but Everett says he’s good.

Tripp tries to find a way out. Wendy wonders if they will be here for awhile. Tripp brings up Goldman telling them to ration the protein bars and water. They notice a vent upstairs and realize if the vents close, they’re dead. Tripp feels if they wanted them dead, they’d be dead already. Tripp says they aren’t going to stick around to find out. Wendy agrees to find a way to get the hell out of here.

Brady tells Tate that they don’t deserve that. Tate wants them both to leave. Theresa says no and they are going to talk this out but Tate says no. Tate tells them that they aren’t in charge here and he’s not required to allow visitors, so he tells them to get out now. Brady doesn’t want to end the visit this way. Theresa says they love him. Tate calls that their problem because he hates them both as he then exits the room, leaving Brady and Theresa in shock.

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