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Devon: Now we should probably make some time to get those figures down and back to accounting so we’re not making them wait anymore.

Nate: Sure, I’ll get on top of that.

Billy: Hey, you guys are back. Devon, can I steal you for a minute?

Devon: Uh, we were just about to be in the middle of something. Can it wait?

Billy: I promise, it’ll be brief. I just– I have an exciting proposal that I’d like to get off the ground as soon as we can. I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t important.

Devon: Okay, uh, yeah, sure.

Billy: Great, uh, nate, I promise you, we’ll make this brief.

Nate: Sure.

Devon: He can listen.

Billy: Yeah, with all due respect, this falls outside of nate’s scope.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t mind though, it’s fine. He’s been doing a great job keeping us on track with lily being gone.

Billy: Okay, great. The more buy-in, the better. The faster we can make this happen.

Devon: All right. So, what’s this big idea?

Billy: Well, on one hand, it’s not a massive step. But on the other, it’ll change the face of this company going forward.

Ashley: Worried. Worried. Is she okay? Stop. Poor thing. Shut up! Needs help. Don’t give in. Be strong. Traci? Hello? Diane? Hello?

[ Ashley sobbing ]

Jack: You finished there?

Nikki: Oh, yes, thank you. And thank you for bringing lunch. I didn’t know I was– I was so hungry.

Jack: You know what they say in the program, “halt.”

Nikki: Oh, yes, uh, “never get too hungry, angry–”

Jack: “Lonely–”

Nikki: “Lonely or tired.”

Jack: Right, your basic needs are your top priority right now. And mine.

Victor: Well, well, well. This your job now, jack?

Jack: Hello, victor. Just doing my part as nikki’s sponsor.

Nikki: Hi, darling. I didn’t expect you back this soon. Jack is here to help ease my anxiety.

Victor: I see. And what are you anxious about?

Nikki: Jordan called again.

Victor: How do you know it was her?

Nikki: I spoke to her. And she had a lot to say. As did I.

Victor: Where’s your phone?

Nikki: Right there.

Victor: Is this the number?

Nikki: Yes. What are you going to do?

Victor: I’m gonna call her back.

Jordan: Hello.

Seth: Can I help you?

Jordan: You look like a man who could use another drink. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

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Jordan: I’m sorry. Am I being too forward?

Seth: Depends on what you’re looking for.

Jordan: Oh. A little company. A little conversation.

Seth: Here’s the thing, I’m not really good for either one of those right now. You know, it’s been a long– what time is it, anyway?

Jordan: Still daylight.

[ Seth laughs ]

Seth: I started early.

Jordan: How about I get us a refill?

Seth: Yeah, I’m sorry, I– i just really like to drink alone.

Jordan: Oh, I’m– I’m sorry. I must sound like some pushy stranger. Actually, we do have a friend in common.

Seth: Oh, yeah? Who’s that?

Jordan: Nikki newman.

[ Victor sighs ]

Victor: There’s still no answer. I’ll just have security track the number.

Jack: This woman managed to burn down a prison and escape. I doubt she would use a traceable phone.

Victor: So, let me ask you, what exactly happened? What did you– what did she threaten you with?

Nikki: Actually, I instigated it.

Victor: How?

Nikki: I am sick and tired of her threats. She has made me a prisoner of this house. I had to do something. So, I redialed her call from this morning and… told her that she hasn’t won, and to stay away from my family.

Victor: And this is how you helped. You encouraged her to taunt the woman that nearly killed all of us.

Jack: I found out about this after the fact.

Nikki: It’s true. Jack wasn’t here yet. Lauren was here, and she could see how upset I was. And she urged me not to let jordan intimidate me.

Victor: I thought bringing lauren in to help you at newman media would be a good idea. Obviously, I was wrong.

Nikki: No, victor, it was a good idea.

Victor: Why? She encouraged you to taunt that woman.

Jack: I am the one who suggested lauren, and I stand by it. She understands what nikki is struggling with, she’s there for her as a friend, she’s also a talented businesswoman. Nikki needs support on all those levels.

Victor: How the hell do you think you have helped her ease her anxiety? What kind of a sponsor are you?

Jack: The kind that cares deeply about nikki, not you.

Nikki: Jack dropped everything to come over here. I– I– I was a wreck. I mean, just hearing jordan’s voice again, all the old feelings came flooding back. And I desperately wanted a drink to calm my nerves. I– I asked lauren to go out to lunch.

Victor: I asked you to stay here, where you’re safe.

Nikki: That is how badly I needed to sneak a drink. But instead, lauren suggested that we invite jack over. It– it’s only because of them that I am sober at this moment.

Victor: All right, I’m glad you didn’t drink. And jack, thank you for coming over in the middle of the workday to help my wife. I think your job is done. You may as well go back and tend to your own affairs.

Jack: Nikki, are you ready for me to leave?

Nikki: I– I do feel much better now. Thank you for everything. But victor’s right. You should go back to your day.

Jack: If you’re sure.

Nikki: I am.

Jack: You can call me.

Nikki: I will.

Jack: Victor, always a pleasure.

Nikki: I know that wasn’t easy, accepting that jack is helping me.

[ Victor sighs ]

Victor: That woman threatens you, and you call jack abbott? I’m your husband!

Nikki: Victor, I am not choosing jack over you. I am choosing my sobriety over drinking. But when you challenge him like that, I get upset.

Victor: If it helps you, then… I continue supporting him as your sponsor.

Nikki: It helps very much. Thank you.

Billy: And just to be clear with, uh– with both of you, that, uh, I’ve discussed this with jill, and she agrees. We feel like it’s time for jill and her abbott name to have more representation within the company.

Devon: Well, we already consult jill on all major issues and, uh, decisions within the company, and she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to be hands-on with our day-to-day issues.

Billy: I’m sorry, I’m not actually– not being very clear. Um, you’re right, 100%. She’s not talking about being more hands-on, I’m actually talking specifically about her name.

Devon: Oh, I don’t– I’m not following.

Billy: Look, I fully appreciate and– and respect the value and the importance of both the chancellor and the winters name, but my mother is half-owner of this merged company and she’s neither a chancellor or a winters.

Devon: Right. And what’s your point?

Billy: Jill and I feel like it’s time to add abbott to the company name. With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,

Devon: I’m going to need you to walk me through your thinking a little bit, billy. Because chancellor industries has always been chancellor, even when jill ran it alone.

Billy: Oh, exactly.

Devon: And then when we merged these companies, I dropped “hamilton” from hamilton winters so we can simplify things.

Billy: Well, and you changed your name to winters, so you’re actually represented on both branches of the family here with your grandmother’s last name and neil’S. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about omitting one of the other names. I’m just simply talking about adding another one. Abbott-chancellor-winters or acw.

Nate: So you get top billing?

Billy: It’s alphabetical order, but of course, it’s open to discussion.

Devon: Well, let’s just– let’s pump the brakes a little bit because I don’t know where this is coming from. ‘Cause jill has never brought up having an issue of wanting her name represented or any of her names.

Billy: Yeah. [ Laughs ] She’s had a few, hasn’t she? But she always reverts to abbott.

Devon: And that’s fine. But when she ran chancellor industries, which is my grandmother’s company, she didn’t bother changing the name then. And then when we merged, she didn’t add “abbott” to chancellor-winters.

Billy: That’s true, but–

Devon: Why is it only an issue now that you’re here?

Ashley: [ Whispers ] Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

[ Door bangs ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, jack.

Jack: I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m sorry.

Ashley: It’s okay. This house is quiet in the day. I wasn’t expecting to see you right now.

Jack: I just– I came home to pick up a file I left behind.

Ashley: Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Don’t let me stop you.

Jack: Hey, where did you go off to earlier?

Ashley: Didn’t you get my text?

Jack: That you were okay? That I shouldn’t worry about you, yeah, but we were in the middle of a very important conversation.

Ashley: I just needed some air, jack, okay? I just needed some air. That’s all.

Jack: Look, I know you’re going through a lot right now.

Ashley: I think I passed the worst of it.

Jack: Okay, if there’s any way I can help, any way at all.

Ashley: Yeah, uh, no. This is something that I have to deal with on my own.

Jack: No, that’s where I disagree with you. Don’t do this, ashley. This is what family is for. I want to be here for you. Don’t shut me out.

Ashley: Please, jack, okay? I wish there was something you could do for me. I really do, but you can’T. There’s nothing you can do. I’m barely hanging on. I’m barely hanging on right now.

[ Ashley sobbing ]

Victor: Well, clearly, the call to jordan was upsetting to you.

Nikki: Oh, yes, it was. I really let her have it. I told her that she couldn’t beat us, and I challenged her to come after me here at the ranch, give me a reason to cross the line.

Victor: Hm.

Nikki: That woman is a psychopath. We have to stop her.

Victor: Yeah. Certainly do. I’m setting a plan in motion to stop that nightmare once and for all.

Nikki: What is it?

Victor: I have it under control, okay?

Nikki: But, victor–

Victor: Do you trust me?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Victor: I have it under control. All I want you to worry about is to get better. Kerendia presents…

Seth: So, what do I owe you?

Jordan: Oh, it’s on me. One of my favorite things about this place is that happy hour goes from noon to 8:00 P.M.

Seth: Thank you. Did you tell me your name?

Jordan: Isabel.

Seth: Isabel. I’m seth.

Jordan: I know.

Seth: Oh, really? How? And how do you know nikki newman?

Jordan: That’s a bit of a sad story.

Seth: Well, look around. Seems like the place for those.

[ Jordan laughing ]

Jordan: Yeah, nikki and i used to be great friends. I mean, we– we partied together. We– we closed down bars and clubs. Drank for free. Charmed all the bartenders.

Seth: The good old days.

[ Both laughing ]

Jordan: We had fun until we didn’T. I mean, it took a while, but eventually, all the hangovers and the broken relationships took their toll, and, um– yeah, it was hard. And so we both got sober together, and– and it– it changed our friendship. It made it deeper. We went to meetings together. We did the steps together. Nikki was my rock, and I was hers.

Seth: Okay, so– so what happened?

[ Jordan sighs ]

Jordan: That’s the sad part. I stumbled. And I wanted to get sober. Desperately. But nikki cut me off. She felt that I was dangerous for her sobriety.

Seth: Yeah. Must have been hard.

Jordan: Devastating. Look at me now. [ Laughs ] Oh, but don’t get me wrong. I mean, I don’t blame nikki. How could anyone hate nikki newman?

Nikki: Victor, please don’t do that. Don’t keep me in the dark. You have to tell me what you’re planning. Otherwise, I’m going to conjure up all kinds of horrible images in my head.

Victor: I will not be threatened, okay? I’m not in danger. I’m setting a trap.

Nikki: What kind of trap?

Victor: I’m going to convince that woman that I want to make amends for what happened to eve howard.

Nikki: And how do you intend to do that?

Victor: By getting a message to her.

Nikki: Well, I don’t see how. Your security team hasn’t been able to locate her or trace her phone. Victor, you’re not going to use claire as a way to get to jordan, are you?

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Victoria: That’s exactly what dad wants to do, but I’m not going to allow it.

Billy: Look, this is not about a power grab at all. This is a benign proposition where frankly no one loses anything.

Devon: But what you’re suggesting isn’t easy, billy. It’s not like we can go around, and just put “abbott” on all the stationery.

Billy: No, I agree, devon. It’s not trivial at all. This is about adding a name to reflect jill’s role and legacy in building this company to the success that it is today.

Devon: Okay, but you understand that this is going to cost the company money to do a rebrand like this. You have to redesign the logo.

Billy: That’s exactly why we have a marketing department, isn’t it? And if you ask me, it’s a small price to pay because the truth is, without jill abbott, none of us would be sitting here right now.

Nate: Look, I totally get where you’re coming from, billy, and I’m sure devon does as well. Everyone here recognizes jill’s importance to this company.

Devon: Yeah, nobody’s dismissing that at all. Um, how about this, though? How about we get lily on the phone and we discuss it with her?

Billy: That sounds great. Why don’t you set a call, and I’d be happy to pitch it to her.

Devon: That’s not necessary. I have a grasp on what you’re suggesting, I can do it. So we will talk it over with her and we will get back to you about it.

Billy: Okay, then. Well, gents, thank you for your time, and I will, uh, let you two get back to it.

Devon: Thanks. I’m all for protecting jill’s legacy, but I don’t think that’s billy’s motivation at all. But you were pretty quiet, what do you think about all this?

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Nate: After he brought up the order of names, I figured it was best to keep my mouth shut, because I didn’t want to start an argument. But I am with you.

Devon: Yeah, right, because, like, abbott is just one of jill’s last names and it’s his one and only.

Nate: Yeah, his “no big deal, let’s just change the company’s name to include mine” approach? It feels a little coy.

Devon: Yeah. If he would have just admitted that it’s about him a little bit, it would have been less suspicious.

Nate: Yeah, yeah, and you pushed him on that.

Devon: I tried to, but he wouldn’t budge an inch.

Nate: Maybe he’s testing the waters. Seeing how far he can get, trying to see how much sway he has with you.

Devon: Well, he’s got none in this case because I’m not going to approve it. The fact that jill didn’t come to me herself tells me everything I need to know. This is billy’s power play.

Nate: You know, the other day I was trying to convince aunt mamie that her suspicion that jill was out to get her was wrong, that she’s just being paranoid. And I tried to get billy to back me up.

Devon: And what did he say?

Nate: He turned it around on me. He said aunt mamie was the one to watch out for and warned her not to go after jill. What’s funny is, he said most of it with a smile, but he was dead serious.

Devon: Well, we’re going to need to keep an eye on him.

Billy: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi.

Billy: Hi. Sorry, I’m late. I got held up with devon and nate. So, what’s the update on connor?

Chelsea: Um, well, adam and i have agreed to go with the school’s recommendation, to let him talk to an on-campus therapist instead of somebody here.

Billy: Okay, good. I mean, that’s good, right? They’re the experts and they’re with him every day, so…

Chelsea: Yeah, and– and, um, we spoke to his psychiatrist and we like her. And, um, she said she’s going to order more evaluations. The problem is, she said so many things could be wrong with him, you know? They– they just have to figure out what it is.

Billy: Okay. They give you a timeline?

Chelsea: No, I wish. I mean, she just said that they’d– they’d give us news when they can figure it out.

Billy: Okay. So, we wait.

Chelsea: I mean, I get nervous when he has a sore throat.

Billy: I know.

Chelsea: You know, I– I at least can take him to the doctor and give him medicine, but this? Not knowing what this is, it’s torture.

Billy: Yeah, it’s always the worst when our kids are hurting, but you’re doing the right thing, okay? You gotta know that. And I know this is difficult, but you gotta let go of the anxiety. You know, spinning all those what-ifs, it’s not gonna help. You gotta take care of yourself. Because you need to have the bandwidth to take care of connor when, if, you and adam decide it’s time to step in.

Chelsea: Yeah. I know you’re right. It’s just, um, impossible.

Billy: Hmm. Well, good. Because that’s why I’m here. I’m– I’m here to make the impossible possible.

Chelsea: Well, you always make it better.

Billy: You’ll be all right.

Chelsea: Yeah. Enough about me. You. What’s going on with you? Tell me about your, um, please tell me about your meeting with devon.

Billy: Yeah, my meeting with devon, uh, didn’t go great, but that’s not surprising. Um, I didn’t think he would be very receptive to the idea, you know? Devon doesn’t like change.

Chelsea: So he shut you down?

Billy: Not exactly. He said that he would discuss it, which means he didn’t want to say no to my face. I’m not optimistic.

Chelsea: So, what now?

Billy: Well, I’m not giving up. That’s the right thing to do. Now, I just need to find a way around devon.

Jack: Tell me what you’re feeling. You don’t have to tell me how I can help. We’ll figure that out together.

Ashley: Okay. When I left, um… I had our driver take me for a ride and I just needed some fresh air. Then, we got in an accident.

Jack: Wait. Today?

Ashley: It was a minor accident.

Jack: Did they call an ambulance?

Ashley: No.

Jack: Were the police there?

Ashley: Yeah, the police were called, but just for insurance purposes. I mean, everybody’s fine. Physically.

Jack: And emotionally?

Ashley: It was just very jarring. It was very eye-opening for me. I… I had a lot of feelings come up. A lot of old emotions just came up for me.

Jack: Okay. Tell me about those. Tell me about what– what feelings?

Ashley: I don’t even know where to start, jack. I feel like I’m never going to stop crying and I feel like I want to curl up in a ball. And I feel like I’m going to run away. I’m going to run away and never come back.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. It’s okay. It’s okay. Listen to me. You are not alone. It’s going to be all right. I promise.

Ashley: I don’t know what’s happening.

Jack: I promise.

Victoria: Daddy broached this with claire at the hospital. He wants her to get a message to jordan if she contacts her.

Victor: Well, she’s open to it.

Victoria: Yeah, but I made it very clear to you that I’m opposed to the idea. I spoke with claire after you left.

Victor: What did she say?

Victoria: It doesn’t matter.

Victor: Yes, it does. Because I know that claire wants us to be free of that woman once and for all.

Victoria: Because you made her feel like she owes us for her part in jordan’s scheme.

Nikki: Victor, tell me that you didn’t manipulate her in some way.

Victor: No. I did not. I just know that she wants to be rid of that woman as much as we do.

Victoria: But still, that doesn’t mean that she should do it. Look, I understand your goal. All right? It’s the same as mine. As– as all of ours. Cole and I discussed it, and we very nearly convinced ourselves to let claire go along with your plan. Because getting jordan out of our lives would be good for all of us, but the more I thought about it, I– I just– I cannot let her do it.

Victor: It’s the only way.

Victoria: It can’t be. And I– I can’t believe that you even had me considering letting my very fragile daughter, your granddaughter, be a part in this. I mean, putting her in this situation is just going to undo all of the work that she’s done, all of the therapy, all of the progress that she’s made. That’s not fair to claire. We have to find another way.

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Seth: Okay, so, listen, you still haven’t explained to me how you know my name.

[ Jordan laughs ]

Jordan: Well… I’ve been going in and out of aa meetings ever since I first slipped and um, I mean, sometimes I sneak in and I sit in the back. I’ve heard you share. And I heard enough to realize that you and nikki are friends.

Seth: Mm. Were. Were friends, right? Pa– past tense. And I can relate to your story a lot, you know? So, me and nikki were friends. In fact, I was her sponsor. And– and then I started drinking again, and she was the first one to call me out and cut me off.

Jordan: Stings, doesn’t it?

Seth: Yeah. I mean, I don’t hate her for it, though. I failed her.

Jordan: Oh, don’t say that. I mean, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that self-blame leads to nowhere good.

Seth: Yeah, but how– how can you not? Huh? I mean, I– I feel terrible. She needed me and– and I let her down. And the worst part is– is I– I do– I– I miss her friendship. And I realize now that– that she was probably really there for me way more than I was there for her.

Jordan: Do you want to get sober?

[ Seth laughs ]

Seth: Want to? Sure. Can I? I mean, look at me. Drink in hand. And the first step they teach you is that you have to accept that you’re powerless. Well, here I am. Powerless. I’m the last thing nikki needs right now.

Jordan: What about what you need? Doesn’t that count for something?

Seth: Look, nikki doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, certainly not like this.

Jordan: Oh, seth. Don’t let your pride get in the way of reaching out. I mean, a friendship with nikki newman is a rare and beautiful thing. Don’t throw it away.

Nikki: I agree with victoria. I don’t want claire put at risk.

Victor: Nor do I. What are you thinking? She’s our granddaughter. There’s no way I’d allow any harm to come to her.

Victoria: But you can’t use her as bait.

Victor: Sweetheart, claire’s much stronger than you think she is. One phone call will set things in motion. She’s safe where she is.

Victoria: Jordan has already reached her there. More than once.

Victor: And she will again. This is the only way to deal with this. Trust me.

Nikki: There’s another way to get to jordan.

Victor: And what, pray tell, is that?

Nikki: Through me.

Chelsea: I should head upstairs. I need to get some sketches to summer.

Billy: Okay. Are you sure about that? You don’t really seem like you’re in the right headspace for that.

Chelsea: I’m not in the right headspace, but work doesn’t stop just because I’m a worried mom.

Billy: Well, that’s true, but maybe you, uh, could take a little break, you know? A little self-care like I was talking about.

Chelsea: I don’t really have time in my schedule for a massage today, but I promise you I’ll try to relax.

Billy: What about if i take you for lunch?

Chelsea: Thank you, but I already ate.

Billy: What about a walk in the park? We could make a snowman.

[ Chelsea chuckles ] Watch a movie. Anything.

Chelsea: You’re very sweet for trying to distract me.

Billy: I’m not trying to distract you. I’m just trying to take away that look that’s in your eye right now, even if it’s for a minute. All that stress. You gotta know that the hard days, they don’t last forever. Okay? And you’ll find those moments of peace. They’re there. You just gotta search for them.

Chelsea: I know you’re right. I’m just not sure how to be gentle with myself right now.

Billy: Let me show you. Before my doctor and I chose breztri for my copd,

Chelsea: You’re really lovely, you know that?

Billy: Who, me?

Chelsea: You’re my, um, my moment of peace. And so much more.

Billy: It’s nice to hear because you’re mine.

Chelsea: Oh, I wish we could just stay here all day.

Billy: We can.

Chelsea: No.

Billy: We definitely can. No, we can’T. Can we?

Chelsea: No. No, we can’T. I have to get back to work.

Billy: Yeah. I should get back to the office. Although, it’s just so warm and cozy in here with you.

Chelsea: Go. Go. I say so. You know, I, um… I know you’re gonna achieve all your goals. I just feel it.

Billy: If I do, it’ll be because of the confidence you give me.

Chelsea: Can i admit something?

Billy: Of course.

Chelsea: I feel guilty. Like, how am I allowed to feel such… happiness when my son is hurting?

Billy: Well, you have to. That’s the balance. The good days help you get through the tough ones. You’re an amazing mother, chelsea. Connor’s very lucky to have you. So am I.

Jack: Oh, I wish I could take this pain away. It’s gonna be all right. I promise. You’re gonna find your way to the other side of this. You’re gonna be all right.

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. I’m better.

Jack: Hey, you don’t have to pretend for me.

Ashley: I’m not. I’m not. You’re right. I’m gonna get through this. I’m a lot stronger than tucker thinks I am.

Jack: You’re damn right.

Ashley: I’m gonna be fine.

Jack: You’re sure about that?

Ashley: Yeah. Thank you again for your wise words. I definitely see things more clearly.

Jack: I don’t know that i said anything that healing. I–

Ashley: Then maybe it was your hugs. Your hugs are miracle workers. Give me another one.

Seth: You know, you have a lot of really strong feelings for nikki newman.

Jordan: Well, as I told you, we were very close.

Seth: Well, why don’t you take your own advice and you call her?

Jordan: No, it’s too late. I lost my chance.

Seth: So why do you care what I do?

Jordan: Well, because maybe i see a bit of myself in you. I know how much it cost me to watch that friendship die and I don’t want that to happen to you.

Seth: No, no. It’s– it’s– it’s too late for me too. Okay? I blew it. I blew it. I can’t be her sponsor anymore. And even if I could, you know what they say. You can’t be somebody’s sponsor until you’ve had at least one year sober. Right? Right?

Jordan: I’m not talking about being her sponsor. I’m talking about saving your friendship. Now listen to me. Saving your friendship with nikki could change your world.

Victor: I will not use you to lure jordan.

Nikki: She’s already coming for me. She made that very clear.

Victoria: Wait. You spoke with her?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Yes. And it was a terrifying conversation. She is by no means done with us.

Victoria: Oh, my god. This is such a nightmare.

Nikki: No. It gives us the power.

Victoria: How do you figure that?

Nikki: She’s fixated with me. I will keep taunting her until she makes a move, and we will be ready for her.

Victor: How are you going to do that if we can’t reach her?

Nikki: She’s going to keep contacting me. She can’t help herself. She wants to get under my skin. I won’t let her do that. I will turn the tables on her.

Victor: And push her buttons? Is that it?

Nikki: Yes, I will push her buttons until she makes a mistake. A fatal mistake.

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Devon: I’m still sorry to tell you that we’re going to be keeping the name, chancellor-winters, as is.

Amanda: Well, jill will be very sorry to hear that.

Ashley: I’m worried. Shut up! Shut up!

Nikki: I’ll tell the security guard that I’m expecting you.

Jordan: Where are you meeting her?

Seth: At the– at the newman ranch.

Jordan: Oh. Well, this just keeps getting better and better.

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