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Zende: Hey, where are you–

Luna: I’m leaving. Now.

Zende: Wait, luna, luna. We’ve gotta talk about this some more.

Luna: Talking won’t fix anything.

Zende: No, it won’t fix what happened between us, no. But look, I realize what you thought.

Luna: I thought that I was with rj, zende. I saw his face. How could I make that up?

Zende: I can’t explain it. But, you do know that what happened between us, what we shared, it was consensual, right? I would never–

Luna: I know that. It doesn’t change how I feel. The shock and– and the horror. I love rj so much and we have something so special. Or we did. But now… what have I done? How could I do this to him?

Brooke: I still can’t get over it. Can you?

Rj: What?

Brooke: Your grandfather’s and donna’s impromptu wedding last night. Well, when I guess it’s right, it’s right. Right? Rj? Are you okay?

Rj: Yeah. Sorry, it’s probably nothing. Um, I just– I called and i texted luna and nothing. She hasn’t– she hasn’t responded to me.

Poppy: I told you, li, stop lecturing me. I don’t need parenting advice from you.

Li: Yes, you do. Or you wouldn’t be living your life this way. You and your special mints. And whatever other recreational drugs you indulge in these days. You’re hardly a shining example of motherhood for your daughter.

Poppy: Like you’ve always been for your son.

Li: No, don’t try to turn this back on me, penelope. I’ve lived a good and decent life.

Poppy: Yeah, but you never let me forget.

Li: In hopes you’d turn your life around.

Poppy: I am sorry that I can’t be a paragon of virtue like you.

Li: Hm… I’m no paragon of virtue. But I would never conduct myself the way you do. You’re a mother. Supposed to set an example. Do you want luna to start taking drugs too?

Poppy: Luna is a grown woman. She’s not a child.

Li: Oh, please. That’s your excuse?

Poppy: What I am doing is not harming me or my daughter. And I wish you’d get that through your skull. All right? I know what I’m doing.

Li: Hm. Really? Does luna? You said she doesn’T. Claimed you kept this part of your life from her.

Poppy: I have.

Li: I hope so. Because if you haven’t, you and your mints will lead to nothing but trouble for that girl, penelope. Big trouble.

Brooke: I know luna went home early last night. You said she was feeling tired.

Rj: Yeah.

Brooke: Maybe she was just under the weather. Slept in.

Rj: Oh, yeah. Maybe. You know, still though, if something’s wrong, I want to help her. I just– I’ve gotten to know luna so well over these last couple months. She’s just like, I respect her so much and I– I love how she lives her life and everything she values. I just can’t imagine anything would come between us.

Luna: I can’t– I can’t stay here. The longer I’m here, the more guilty I feel.

Zende: That’s just it though. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Luna: How can you say that after what– after what we’ve done?

Zende: Can we just sit down and try to talk through this?

Luna: Talking won’t help. Nothing’s gonna help.

Zende: You are upset. You have been through a shock, but I’ll say it again, luna. What we shared, it was so beautiful.

Luna: No, no. Rj’s my boyfriend. And I love him and he trusts me, but now that trust is broken.

Zende: Freaking out like this–

Luna: I woke up thinking that was rj. Only to find out that it was you. My god, zende, what if he…

Zende: He’s not going to find out about this. And we used protection.

Luna: Oh, my god. I can’t– I can’t hear about this right now, okay? I– I need to call a car. I– I need to go home and shower and change. Oh, my god, rj’s been trying to reach me. How will I face him after what I’ve done? (Crowd cheers)

Poppy: You are so quick to judge.

Li: Only where you and your lifestyle choices are concerned.

Poppy: Uh, no. You’ve always been like this. Expecting everyone to meet your insanely rigid standards, okay? And when they don’t or can’t, you turn on them. Like you did with me. Like you’re doing right now.

Li: No, I’m concerned about your daughter. And you would be too if you weren’t so selfish and self-absorbed.

Poppy: Okay. Luna is fine. She’s happy. She’s in love. Do you even know what that is? To truly love someone?

Li: How dare you?

Poppy: How dare you? Saying that my daughter’s in for big trouble because of me. Luna knows how much she means to me.

Li: Really? Just not enough for you to stop popping your precious mints? Penelope, you need to stop taking that stuff before something terrible happens.

Brooke: You never talked much about your love life before.

Rj: Before luna, you mean?

Brooke: I assume you dated quite a bit. You are your father’s son after all.

Rj: Yeah. Well, from what I’ve heard, dad was, uh, popular in his day, wasn’t he?

Brooke: Oh, yes, he was. There wasn’t one girl in town that didn’t want to be seen on ridge forrester’s arm.

Rj: Including you, though.

Brooke: Well, I was a caterer’s daughter, remember? And the odds were astronomical.

Rj: But you did.

Brooke: I did. I ended up with him. We were destined to be together. And the same could be for you and luna. Not that I’m pressing things. Only if it’s meant to be.

Rj: No, it’s– honestly, I’ve– I’ve been thinking that more and more lately. And I– I just wish that she’d respond to me.

Brooke: Well, why don’t you just reach out to her again if you’re so worried?

Zende: Are you sure that I, uh, can’t drive you home?

Luna: My ride will be here soon.

Zende: Okay, but you’re still so upset. Is there nothing I can do for you?

Luna: No.

Zende: I just hate seeing you like this.

[ Phone rings ] Is that…

Luna: Hi.

Rj: Hi. Oh good, you’re alive. ‘Cause I’ve just been calling and, um, texting you.

Luna: Yeah, I’m sorry.

Rj: No, no, no, no, no, no. There’s nothing to be sorry about. I just, uh, I know you were tired last night and you left granddad’s party early, so I just– I just wanted to make sure you’re– you’re all right. Hey, luna, you still there?

Luna: Mm-hmm.

Rj: Are you all right?

Luna: Um, no, not really. I, um, I don’t really feel like myself.

Rj: Okay. Um, well, maybe I can come over, bring you whatever you want.

Luna: That’s really sweet, rj. Um, and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Um, I– I– I gotta go.

Zende: It kills me to see you like this.

Luna: I don’t understand what happened last night. It was rj. I swear to god, I thought it was rj. My life is full of questions…

Brooke: So, is luna okay? Is she sick?

Rj: Um, I’m not sure.

Brooke: She didn’t say?

Rj: No, not really. She said that she, uh, she wasn’t feeling like herself.

Brooke: Well, I heard you offer to go over there and help her in any way that you can. That was sweet of you.

Rj: Yeah, luna said that too.

Brooke: Well, if you want to head out…

Rj: No, I– it’s, I don’t think I should.

Brooke: Why?

Rj: I– I don’t know. It’s just– I was on the call with her and she said that she was really sorry. And then– and then she, like, hung up really fast.

Brooke: Maybe she just prefers to be alone right now.

Rj: Maybe you’re– maybe she’s just sick. She’s not feeling well. She prefers to be alone. Honestly, I’m the same way. I– I get that. Yeah.

Brooke: But you still can’t help worrying about her.

Rj: Well, I mean, you know, poppy’s with her. She’s got her mom to take care of her. Obviously, she’s fine there. It’s just– I don’t know. I kind of feel like something’s off.

[ Zende sobbing ]

Poppy: Hey, there she is. I was wondering when you’d get home. So, I want all the details. How was the party? How was the soiree at eric’s? Who was there? What happened after you left? I mean, I can probably guess what happened. Rj drove you to malibu and you had the most romantic time, just the two of you. Oh, baby, I am so happy for you… honey, what’s wrong? What happened? Did you and rj have a fight? Did you guys break up? Talk to me. Tell me what happened.

Luna: We’re still together. For now.

Poppy: For now? Okay, then why are you so upset?

Luna: Because I’m scared. I just ruined everything.

Poppy: Oh, honey, I’m sure that’s not true.

Luna: I’m still just trying to wrap my head around how something like that could happen. It’s not what you think, mom. I didn’t– I didn’t wake up in rj’s bed this morning. I woke up in zende’S. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Brooke: It’s amazing how fast things change, right? Think, just a year ago you were traveling the world and now you’re here. Working in the family business.Ha a place of your own, and you have a girlfriend that you’re crazy about.

Rj: No, you’re right. My life definitely has changed a lot in a very short amount of time.

Brooke: Yeah, I’m sure that luna feels like that, too. A lot’s changed for her. For the better. Especially your relationship.

Rj: You know, I know you’re probably getting tired of me saying it, but she– she really is, she’s just– she’s smart. And she’s beautiful. She’s– she’s funny. She really loves me.

Brooke: Well, of course. I mean, how could she not? Look at you. You’re absolutely gorgeous. And you’re– you’re sweet. You’re kind. You’re caring.

Rj: Thank you, mom. I just hope she’s doing okay.

Brooke: Honey, she i and she’s got her mom there taking care of her, right?

Rj: Right, yes. Poppy’s taking great care of her, of course.

Poppy: You were with zende? Zende forrester?

Luna: Yeah, he was at the party last night.

Poppy: And?

Luna: And, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t know where I was. I thought I was at the beach house with rj.

Poppy: But you were really with zende? My god, honey. What in the world happened to you last night?

Luna: I don’t know. I mean, I’m still so confused about it.

Poppy: You don’t remember anything? Anything at all?

Luna: No. I just know that I wasn’t myself.

Poppy: Well, of course, you weren’t yourself. You don’t wind up in other men’s beds. The only guy you’ve been with is rj.

Luna: Not anymore. Hi, you.

Zende: You’re here…

Luna: Waiting for you. I mean, it was consensual, but I was so sure that it was rj. I mean, I literally saw his face, mom. He was right there. I know how it sounds, and I– I can’t explain it. I wish I could, but I can’T. And– and zende didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, this isn’t his fault. It’s mine.

Poppy: Hey, sweetheart. Hey, listen to me. Whatever happened, however–

Luna: I– I know it sounds crazy, but there has to be some sort of explanation, right? So please just help me figure this out.

Poppy: Oh, honey, I wish I could.

Luna: Maybe, maybe, I don’t know. I must have be oe who’been drugged? Do you think that could be it?

Poppy: Could someone have drugged you?

Luna: I don’t know. I mean, I was at the forrester house, not a club. I wasn’t covering my drink like I would do at a bar, but why would I?

Poppy: Exactly. You were with people that you like and respect and who like and respect you.

Luna: Yeah, including zende. And no one in that house would do anything to hurt me. It just– it makes no sense. Like, I didn’t even have that much to drink. I had, like, I don’t know, like a couple drinks, a couple glasses.

Poppy: How much did you have to eat?

Luna: I don’t know. Like, barely anything. Probably had more mints than anything else.

Poppy: Mints?

Luna: I’ve never felt this way before, mom. Why is this happening to me, mom? Why?

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