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Hey, dad. I’m not sure what’s in this box, so I’m just going to put it in your room, okay? Thank you. I wish you’d let me help. I’m the one moving in, and I’m just standing here watching the two of you do all the work. That’s the way it should be, dad. Just sit down and relax. Yeah, I agree with finn on this one. Don’t worry, grandpa. We’ve got you covered. How are you feeling? Any morning sickness? Knock on wood, I feel totally normal, except for the incredible fact that I have a human life growing inside of me. It’s pretty amazing that I got pregnant on the first try. Was like it was meant to be, you know? Like… maybe my purpose was to bring molly and tj’s baby into this world. Well, one thing’s for sure. You’re absolutely glowing. Well, I think that might have something to do with you. I was just so glad when you called. You know, spending time with you, it’s just what I needed today. And I just put ace down for a nap, so we have plenty of time to chat. How is that baby doing? Uh, he seems okay. I’m — I’m worried about the long-term effects of losing his mother and spencer, of course, and then, the long separation from nikolas. But for right now, he seems to be settling in just fine. Good. Glad to hear it. Yeah. Yeah. I know he lived here before, and so you probably have everything you need, but you can never have too many diapers.

[ Chuckles ] No, you really can’t, can you? That’s so thoughtful. Thank you. I’m really glad he has you and kevin to take care of him while nikolas is in prison. You know, losing spencer and nikolas turning himself in has just — everything has been so hard, and… having ace here, you know, it — it really has helped me. Honey, this is about more than dropping off diapers, isn’t it? What’s on your mind? Is it that obvious? Yes. I’m worried about nikolas. Carly: Yeah, just — just let me know if there’s a problem. Okay. Thanks. Bye. Hi, ava. Ava: Hi. Are you looking for me? Yeah. Um, I’ll just be a minute. Thanks. Your assistant told me that you’d be in here. Why are you working in michael’s office? Nina. She made up a story about pipes bursting, and so crimson offices is an off-limit construction zone. She’s trying to make me miss my first deadline as editor in chief, and that’s not going to happen. Ah. That sounds complicated. Nothing I can’t handle. So, what do you want to talk about? Um, it’s about the sleepover that donna and avery have planned for this weekend. Yeah, donna’s super excited about it. I told her we could all make chocolate chip cookies. Aww, that sounds like so much fun. But, um, I’m afraid I have to cancel. Why? It’s not safe for avery to stay over. Where are we going? The pine barrens. I have some business I have to take care of.

[ Knock on door ]Oh, that must be my sister molly, early for our dinner, as usual. Okay. Hi. Hi. I know I’m early, but what can I say? I’m used to it in court. Now it’s just my default setting. Right. Yeah, no, it’s not like you’re at least 15 minutes early to everything in your entire life anyway.

[ Laughs ] Come in. Blaze, hi! It’s so nice to see you. Are you joining us for dinner? No, I’m sorry. I just didn’t realize the time. I actually have to get going. Oh, yeah? Well, I mean, you could stay if you want. Yes, please stay. The more the merrier. Sure. I’d love to. Great. We can talk about what an amazing singer you are. Tj and i are both such fans. Are you performing live anytime soon? We’re dying to see you. Gosh, that’s so nice. Uh, but no, I’m actually in the recording studio right now working on some new material. Okay. Well, I cannot wait to hear new music from you, but please tell us when you’re performing next. Wouldn’t that be so fun, krissy? Yes. Yeah, that would be so fun. You should definitely do that. I know it was part of my plea agreement that I would testify to everything I witnessed nikolas do while he was holding esme hostage, but I am so afraid of testifying against him. Honey, honey, did nikolas’ lawyer contact you? No. Why? Well, because nikolas chose to plead guilty, so there won’t be a trial. This is the first I’m hearing of this. Yeah, I know, yeah. I’m actually really proud of him. As hard as it is, I — I think that it’s great that my son is finally facing his crimes and he’s accepting the consequences for it. So you don’t need to worry, sweetie. You don’T. Your life is not going to be upended by a constant rehash of all the stuff that happened at wyndemere. Well, I really hope his cooperation helps him at sentencing. Yeah. Okay, selfishly, I’m super relieved. Yes. It’s okay. I am, too. I am, too. I feel like this is really what’s best for everyone. Yeah. Why don’t we come sit? Okay. Oh, I didn’t clean the sofa up. I was so busy earlier. I’m so sorry. Here, let me just move some of this stuff out of the way. Wow, I — I did get the tea made, however. Can I pour for you, dear? I almost forgot — yes, please. I forgot how much stuff a baby needs. I’m really proud of the men my boys are becoming, but I — aw, I miss them being this little. Yeah. Babies have a way of making you smile, don’t they? Uh, and speaking of babies and smiles, kevin and I have decided to legally adopt ace. What? I know. Laura, this is huge news! It is. It’s absolutely huge. I-I mean, obviously, it’s not something that we ever expected to have happen, but, you know, with spencer being gone and we don’t know how many years nikolas will be in prison, we just felt like this was the best solution. Oh, my god. I am so happy for you. Thanks. I know how much you love that little boy. I do. And having legal custody of ace is only going to help protect him. Although it does worry me a little bit with this adoption. It’ll lead to heather becoming even more fixated on kevin. What do you mean? Well, she visited esme’s grave recently. Yeah, kevin told me that you both ran into her there, but he didn’t say anything else. Why? What happened? Well, okay. A-as crazy as she is, she was surprisingly very warm to me because of franco. But she did direct all of her grief and anger at kevin. She blames him for esme’s death. Sonny and i barely got behind cover. We could hear the bullets hitting everywhere. It was really terrifying. I’m just glad that avery was in her room. She missed the whole thing. Uh, not a half hour, an hour before, though, she had been right there on the patio. I told her the noise was fireworks, but she’s smart, you know? And I’m — I’m worried that she can sense that something’s wrong. Okay. I understand. I really do. I know exactly how you feel, but I promise you, avery is safe at my house. No, I know. I think I know. Y-your house is like a fortress, right? It’s — it is. And I-I just really want to keep things normal for avery, because donna loves having her big sister over for sleepovers. Yeah, avery loves it, too. I-I think maybe that I’m overreacting, right? I’m just — I’m worried after everything that happened in puerto rico, so… then why are you out and about? Why don’t you stay home at sonny’s under guard? Yeah. It’s just, it’s hard to stay cooped up at sonny’s penthouse, just me and avery, you know? And he’s got the guard that follows me everywhere when I leave, so I — sounds like you’re as safe as sonny can make you. I think that sonny is hiding it well in front of avery, but… I can tell that he is really on edge. Of course he is. Someone took a shot at him in his own home. Does sonny have any idea who’s behind the attack? Dex: I don’t want to overstep, boss, but did something happen that I don’t know about? Brick brought me some crucial information. A lead on the shooter in puerto rico? Not a lead, a suspect. Are we going to bring him in? Already done.

[ Engine starts ] My rat problem will be over soon.

Whoa, grandpa. How many books do you have? One can never have too much literature, honey. Unless one moves into an apartment that doesn’t have a library, or a study, even. There may not be enough room in here for all those. You can put some of your books in my room if you want. That’s very generous, sweetheart. Although I think your stuffed animal collection might have something to say about that. I can move them. I’m just so happy grandpa’s going to be here all the time. We should have a tea party to celebrate. Come on. Okay.

[ Grunts ] What’s wrong, grandpa? Oh, uh, I just stood up a little too quickly, honey. There’s nothing to worry about. I just need to rest for a minute. But you were just sitting.

[ Chuckles softly ] Grandpa rests a lot. Is he okay? You know what? Let’s give grandpa a minute. I’ll — I’ll help you get everything set up. Violet: Okay. We can’t put it off any longer. We have to let violet know that I’m sick. I haven’t been ice skating in so long. We went to check out that new rink that just opened. It was so fun. But seriously, I forgot how hard ice skating is. Kristina’s just being modest. She was so much better at it than I was. I’m still sore from all the falls I took. Well, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, though. We did. Don’t listen to allie. She’s always way too hard on herself. Allie? Blaze is a stage name. My real name is allison. Wow. I cannot imagine having to change my name for work. I don’t mind it, actually. I feel like a different person when I’m onstage, so it helps me get into the right head space. That makes sense. Speaking of which, I have an early recording session tomorrow, so now I really do need to get going. Aw. Oh. It was so nice to get to know you a little bit better. Uh, I’ll be back. I’m just going to wash my hands. Okay. Bye. Bye. Your sister is really nice.

[ Chuckles ] Text me later? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Bye. Bye. Heather was really brutal with kevin. She blames him for trying to help ryan and accuses him of causing esme’s death. She really lit into him. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Heather likes to lash out at people and say horrible things. But no matter how horrible she was, try not to let that get to you. Really, honey, because she’s in jail. There’s nothing she can do from there. I’m just glad she can’t get to any of you, especially ace. My god, I can’t believe you are adopting that little boy. I’m so happy for you.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you. We’re very excited about having him here full-time, although I can’t say that I ever imagined that I would be raising another child. Yeah, no, I’m — I’m sure. But he couldn’t be in better hands. Oh. And if you ever need a babysitter, it would be my absolute pleasure to watch that sweet boy. Well, I appreciate that, but I don’t think I will be taking up any of what little free time I know you have. It’s very demanding to be the head nurse of G.H. Oh, unlike being mayor?

[ Both laugh ] Yes, I guess. Well, kevin and I both have very busy schedules. But fortunately, we’re at a point in our careers where, you know, we have a little bit of flexibility, and we are both committed to giving ace a happy and a stable home. Alright, well, if you won’t let me volunteer, then aiden loves kids, and he’s been babysitting. Really? Oh, my goodness. Mm-hmm. I will keep that in mind. Actually, if I’m being honest, it’s good to know that there is some sort of a support system there, and it’s not just me and kevin in it all alone. You’re not alone. So you call us if you need anything. We’re family. We have to stick together. You look a little nervous. Are you uncomfortable going to the pine barrens? I am. Okay, what’s going to happen is not going to be easy. It never is when someone you trusted to have your back betrays you. When someone chooses money over their word, they don’t deserve to live. Is that what happened? Was someone in your organization taking bribes? Someone has been secretly working against me for months. That’s unacceptable. Of course. I know how important loyalty is to you. It means everything. I do everything for people. I treat them well. I make sure they’re taken care of. You agree with that? Of course, boss. I’ll never forget when you came back for me in that warehouse. You saved my life. Then you took me into your own home so that I could recover. And I thought that would mean more than just a quick payday. But one thing I learned in this business is loyalty is rare. And people will always disappoint you.

Well, that looks promising. What? You and “allie.” Okay, I know what you’re doing. And we are just friends. Just friends? Come on. Are you really going to tell me you’re not attracted to her? Blaze is hot. That’s not the point. Okay. Well, I think you guys are cute together, and there’s definitely a vibe there.

[ Scoffs ] Do you really not see it? I mean, I-I vibe with a lot of people, molly. Yeah, not like this. You only spent a little bit of time with her. Long enough to see the little looks she’s giving you and the way you make each other laugh. I’m just saying, I know putting yourself out there is hard, but it might be worth it. Okay. I will take that into consideration. Good, because you deserve somebody great. Okay, now you are being just as pushy as our mother. You’re just doing such an incredible thing, being the surrogate for tj and me. I want you to be as happy as we are. Wait, is that why you’re not pursuing things with blaze? Because you don’t want to have to explain that you’re having our baby? No, no, no, she already knows I’m pregnant. We wanted to, uh — to talk to you because… even though I’m very excited about moving in with you and your dad and getting to spend more time with you, uh, we may not be able to play together as much as we would both want. It’s because of your leg? It’s not just my leg. I have an illness. One that isn’t going to go away. Is it contagious? Uh, what grandpa has will only affect him. It’s not like getting a cold. You can’t catch this. Okay. What’s wrong with you? I have something called als. “Als”?

[ Chuckles ] Remember when you learned what an abbreviation is? Als isn’t a — isn’t a word. It’s an abbreviation. It’s an abbreviation for a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. That’s hard to say. Als is easier. Yes, it is. Having this disease means that, uh, we may not be able to do some of the things together that we’re used to doing. And sometimes my symptoms may be, uh, very obvious, and I don’t want you to be scared if you see them. Like what? I might have a little trouble catching my breath. It’s like when we play tag at the park, and we chase each other for too long. That’s not scary, right? No, that’s fun.

[ Chuckles ] I may sound a little funny or be clumsy or — or trip or fall. But I-I don’t want you to worry, ’cause I will always have another grown-up around me, so you’ll never have to take care of me. It’s okay. I like taking care of you, grandpa. Thank you, sweetheart. I’m sorry you’re sick. But you can fix him, right, daddy? He doesn’t know who’s trying to kill him. And you know how he hates feeling like he’s on the defensive. I don’t blame sonny for being jumpy. I mean, it’s incredibly unsettling to know that someone took a shot at him, got that close in a place he’s always considered his stronghold. That’s why this is so awful. It just feels like nowhere is safe anymore. And the shooter definitely had information about sonny’s security that only sonny’s people would know. Well, that means sonny was betrayed by someone in his inner circle. That’s something sonny will not tolerate. Hold onto him. W-what are you doing? You think I’m the one who betrayed you? I don’t think. I know.

I’d love to be able to fix grandpa. More than anything in the world. But… it just isn’t that simple. Some things just can’t be fixed, honey. Some things, you just have to learn how to live with. And grandpa can still do so many things with you. But there will be times that he feels a little shaky, and he needs to take a break and rest. That’s okay. My teacher says breaks are good sometimes. Yes, they are. But I hate being sick. I don’t want grandpa to feel bad. Oh, no, no, don’t worry, honey, I’m not any pain. And being around you always makes me feel better. It does? Yes, always. Being with family makes everything better. That’s why grandpa is moving in with us. ‘Cause we’re all going to take care of each other. And I’m going to be here as much as I can to help. ‘Cause that’s what families do. I’m sorry you’re sick, grandpa, but I love you. I love you, too, sweetheart. Oh, hi. Hi. Hi, laura. Hi. I’m sorry to drop by unannounced. I, um — I was hoping to talk to you if I could, but I see that you already have company here, so — no, no, that’s okay. Um, I was just about to leave. You better call me if you need anything. I will. Love you. I love you. Hi. Hi. Um… so I just — I wanted to discuss the gallery’s contribution to the nurses’ ball this year. I know it’s a few months away, but it’s such an important charity, and I want to give as much as we possibly can, but — but the gallery’s getting busy, you know, and I don’t want anything to fall through the cracks. Ava. Hmm? You don’t have to make excuses to come over here. I know that we disagreed about your choice to press charges against esme, but I also understand why you did it. And you are family, so you’re always welcome here. Thank you. Would you like a cup of tea? I would love a cup of tea. You told blaze about the baby? Why? I-I thought we agreed we were going to wait until you were more than three months along. I’m so sorry, molls. Listen, I — I told her about the iui procedure because I didn’t think that I was actually going to get pregnant on the first try. And then I did, and it was a miracle, and I-I felt wrong hiding that from her. And so I told her. But I promise you, she’s not going to say anything to anyone. Something’s not adding up here. You keep saying that you and blaze are just friends, but you haven’t told any of your other friends that you’ve known much longer than blaze. I mean, you two must be really close for you to feel the need to confide only in her. Okay, you can stop interrogating me. Allie and I are dating, alright? There, I said it. It’s out there. I knew something was going on! I’m never wrong. Okay. But it’s new. And — and I-I’m not even sure where it’s going to go yet, so… from the looks of it, it’s going pretty well. You two are clearly into each other. Yeah, um… I really like her. I kind of forgot what that feels like. Yeah, you do look happy. So why did you deny you two were dating when I asked? Oh, it had nothing to do with you, I promise. It was just — look, allie’s family is very religious, and so they don’t know that she’s gay. She’s not out. So I’ve just been, you know, respecting her privacy. Krissy. What? Blaze isn’t out yet. Are you okay with that? Brick: Am I interrupting?

[ Gasps ] You are, but that’s okay, because it’s always so great to see you. Not as great as it is to see you. How you doing? I’m good. What are you doing here? Well, excuse me. I went by the crimson offices ’cause I wanted to congratulate you on being named editor in chief. Next thing I know, I see a construction crew and found out you were here. Yeah. Redecorating? Not exactly. Don’t tell me. Nina? But that’s not important. I want to talk to you about sonny, so come in. Okay. Okay, so, what have you found out about the attempted shooting on sonny’s island? You heard about that, huh? I did. Can’t say I’m surprised, but you know I can’t tell you anything. I know, but ava was just here, and she implied that there’s a traitor in sonny’s organization. I need to know how that affects my kids. He’s handling the situation as we speak. It’ll all be over soon. Boss, you got the wrong guy. Every second we’re here — stop lying to me! You’re not leaving this place. So it can be quick and easy or slow and painful. That’s up to you. I wasn’t working with the shooter on the island. I’m the one who alerted you when the shooting started. Maybe that was your plan all along. You wanted it both ways. You took the money to betray me, and then you used the shooting so you could play the hero. What money? Is this how you stay in touch with my enemy? Now you — you realizing that you screwed up and got caught? You got this all wrong. No, I don’t! Brick found two payments that were untraceable from a shell corporation that coincided with the two attacks on me. Which tells me that you betrayed me. No, I didn’T. This is not what it looks like. Then what is the second phone for?! I can’t tell you that. Well, you got a few minutes to survive, so you better unlock this phone and let me see for myself, ’cause I want to know who’s paying you to spy on me. Okay, when you turn around, you’re gonna see someone.

Do you have any more questions, sweetheart? No, I don’t think so. Well, if you think of any, you can always ask us. Anytime. Absolutely. You can talk to us about anything. Okay. But I think I need to go process this. Okay, I-I understand. Would you like to, uh, go in your room and play? And we’ll be right here if you need us. Okay. That was rough. Gregory: Do you think we overwhelmed her? I mean, that — that kind of thing is hard enough for adults to process, let alone a kid. I think violet handled it okay, actually. I do, too. You know, I know violet doesn’t know exactly what als is or that it’S… terminal, but I think it was a good first step in preparing her for what’s going to happen. You know, she’s, um… she’s a really smart kid, and… she sees so much more than we realize. And I think she was just looking for some explanation for what’s been going on. I know you’re right.

[ Voice breaking ] But I — I hate this. I hate knowing I’m not going to be here to see violet grow up, that her last memories of me are going to be of me sick and in pain. And it’s — it’s not fair. I-I was hoping for — …that I’d have more time with her. And you will, dad. I know this is hard, but you’ve got a lot of life left. Look, you shouldn’t have to hide your relationship. You deserve to be with someone who is excited to fully commit to you, not somebody who’s going to treat you like their dirty little secret. Whoa. Molly, that is not what’s going on here. Look, coming out is an incredibly personal decision. And — and allie has to do it when she’s ready. I know, I’m sorry, I — I really cannot imagine what blaze is going through. I mean, I’m lucky I don’t live in a time where I’d have to hide my relationship with tj. That wasn’t always the case. No, it wasn’T. And if people didn’t approve of your relationship, what? Would you just give up on him? No, of course not. I’m just worried about you. You’re not exactly one to hide her feelings. I mean, are you going to be okay pretending to be just friends with blaze? I don’t know. But right now, things are — you know, it’s casual. And — and if it does get more serious, then we’ll figure it out. But, you know, blaze is taking a risk, too. How so? Because she’s never had a girlfriend before. She’s actually — she’s never really even been in a serious relationship. She’s just always been so happy to focus on her career. And now she’s really happy with me, and she wants to take a chance and have a relationship. And she knows that if she wants to pursue this with me, that she has to make some changes. Changes how? I mean, are you going to have to pretend to be just blaze’s friend every time her family visits? I just — I can’t imagine you happy like that. I don’t know. But for right now, we’re happy, and we’re sorting through things. And — and at this moment, I am fine to hold her secret. And I hope you can do the same. Yes. Of course. No, I would never out her. But I do have to tell tj. How have you been? Uh — I know this is a tough time, and I’m here to talk if you want to vent or complain or scream or throw something. Thank you. Thank you, but I’m okay. You know, having ace here keeps me really busy, so that kind of forces me into the present moment. You know, if he were not here, I might actually get lost in my grief over spencer’s death. Trina is handling it as best she can. But she’s having a really hard time. And for me, seeing her grieve so deeply, it takes me back to how I felt when kiki died. How angry I was. How lost. I’ve been thinking a lot about kiki lately. I understand. You know, you never get over the loss of a child. The pain gets duller, I think, but it’s always there. I had kiki longer than you had spencer, but… it was not long enough. You know, a hundred years more wouldn’t have been enough. I keep expecting him to walk through the door. Yeah, I bet. You know that spencer and i had our problems. But I-I was starting to see him through trina’s eyes. And I could tell that he — that he was getting his life back on track. Yeah. I thought so, too. That’s really generous of you to say, especially after everything that spencer put you through. I know he shares some of the blame for your marriage falling apart. Mnh, mnh, he was just a hurt kid lashing out at — at his father and me. I’m just — I’m sorry that I won’t get to see the man he was becoming. Me, too. It’s twisted, isn’t it? All this pain goes back to that one family. Ryan took kiki from me. Esme took spencer from you. I think ryan played a very big part in making esme who she was. The man was evil. I’m glad he’s dead. God help me, I am, too. I always feel better knowing that sonny has you watching his back. My pleasure.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, sorry. -It’s alright. -I’m sorry. I know you’re busy. I’ll just let you get back to work — wha– uh — uh, where’s sonny right now? Sonny’s just out taking care of some business. But I promise you, everything’s under control, seriously. Okay, wait. Wait, wait. What — what is sonny gonna do? Don’t worry. You’re not in any danger. Sonny will always do whatever it takes to take care of his family, no matter how much it hurts. Does sonny think dex is the traitor? What’s the password? It’s a password/touch I.D. Combo.

[ Cellphone beeps ] What’d you do to the phone? I activated a kill switch and wiped the phone. There’s nothing left on it. So you just proved that you’re more loyal to the bank roller instead of me. That’s not what this is about. I haven’t betrayed you. Then why’d you wipe the phone?! What are you hiding? The person who’s paying me is not out to hurt you. Alright. Tell me his name. It’s better for you not to know. Why? I like having a lot of friends.

[ Snaps fingers ] Give me his name. Now.

I have to tell tj that blaze knows you’re pregnant. No, you’re right. Uh… I-I didn’t really think this through. Of course, I-I should have checked with you and tj before talking to allie about this. It’s your baby, and you guys deserve to make these decisions for yourselves. It’s our baby, yes, but it is your body. And I completely understand you needing somebody else to talk to other than me about this pregnancy. Just — just know that neither tj nor i will tell anybody that blaze is gay. I do know that. I just — I hope that blaze realizes she can trust you and tj the same way that you guys are trusting her to keep quiet about the baby. I’m sure she will. I get that you have to tell tj, okay? All I’m asking is that you just give me a chance to tell allie first. Thank you for listening, laura. I didn’t come here planning to unload on you, but I-I feel so much better after talking. Yeah. Well, I hope you know that you are always welcome here, and not just when you’re upset, ’cause I want to share the good times, too. Oh, well, let’s hope the good times get here real quickly. I couldn’t agree more. Been a lot of darkness lately. Chase: Oh, I know what this means. Would you like me to read you a bedtime story? Actually, I’m going to read grandpa one, like daddy always reads to me when I’m sick. And you can use my favorite blanket. It always makes me feel better. Sonny, please call me the second you get this. And don’t do anything until you talk to me first. Okay, look, he’s not picking up. Where is sonny right now? He’s probably a little preoccupied. Oh, my god. Look, I know this is going to be hard at first. Josslyn, she was so close to dex. We have to stop this. We have to stop this. Dex had a side hustle going on, carly. I saw the proof myself. Okay, look, you have to trust me. You have to tell me where sonny is right now before he makes a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. Sonny: All I want from you is the name of the person who convinced you to rat on me. Telling you that will only hurt you. Wrong answer. I can’t tell you who it is. So do what you got to do.

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